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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 109

Chapter 109 - Not a chance

Nie Li has entered the Heavenly Sacred Border before!

Could it be that at that time, Nie Li brought Ancestral Founder Ye Yan out of the Heavenly Sacred Border?

Ancestral Founder Ye Yan is in soul form. his soul wouldn’t disperse as long as he is within the Heavenly Sacred Border.

However, Nie Li created a Soul Puppet and sealed Ancestral Founder Ye Yan’s soul within the Soul Puppet. This is simply a great offense! But what caused them to be puzzled, is that Ancestral Founder Ye Yan actually said that he willingly allowed to have his soul sealed within the Soul Puppet!

What exactly is going on?

Although Ancestral Founder Ye Yan was sealed into the Soul Puppet, in Ye Zong and Ye Xiu’s heart, he had an irreplaceable spot.

“Descendent Ye Zong, pays respects to Lord Ancestral Founder.” Ye Zong slightly bowed.

“Descendent Ye Xiu, pays respects to Lord Ancestral Founder.” Ye Xiu also has his manners.

If it wasn’t for Ancestral Founder Ye Yan giving guidance to the next generation, Glory City would have already fallen. Not only is Ye Yan their ancestor, but also their master. How dare they be disrespectful?

“Lord Ancestral Founder, if Nie Li forced you, we’ll kill that brat immediately and save your soul.” Ye Zong furiously stared at Nie Li, his body had a terrible pressure.

However, at this moment, Nie Li’s cultivation had already increased greatly compared to previously. Furthermore, he has the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword, he is already not like the past. He only felt a little pressure from Ye Zong.

Ancestral Founder Ye Yan calmly said, “I willingly let my soul be sealed within the Soul Puppet. If you both still treat me as your ancestor, from today onwards, treat Nie Li like how you treat me!”

Ye Yan doesn’t know of the relationship between Nie Li and Ye Zong. That vast knowledge of Nie Li’s and that mysteriously powerful soul already has him thoroughly impressed. In his eyes, Nie Li is not a small kid, but a mysterious supreme expert. Therefore, at this moment, Ye Yan naturally spoke up for Nie Li.

Treat Nie Li as how they treat Ancestral Founder Ye Yan?

After hearing this, Ye Zong felt like eating flies. That terrible, uncomfortable feeling went throughout his body. One must know that the darned brat in front of him is the one that took liberties of his daughter. Furthermore, he still wants to live together with Ye Ziyun. Him not tearing Nie Li apart is already very polite and he still wants him to treat Nie Li as an important guest?

Not a chance!

However, the one standing behind Nie Li is an Ancestral Founder! Speaking of origins, everyone in the Snow Wind Family are the descendants of Ancestral Founder Ye Yan. Although there are ups and downs in between, the link between the bloodlines is undeniable. No matter what, Ye Yan is their ancestor. If he disobeyed Ancestral Founder Ye Yan, that would be defying his forefathers!

Seeing Nie Li’s sloppy look, Ye Zong was simply going to explode but was unable to let it out.

Originally, Ye Zong came here to criticise Nie Li for his offence. However, once Ancestral Founder Ye Yan appeared, how can he still going to criticise Nie Li?

“Lord Ancestral Founder, I have other matters at hand, I’ll be leaving first!” Ye Zong coldly snorted after taking a glance at Nie Li. He swept his sleeves, turned around and left.

What’s the point of remaining when he’s unable to find Nie Li for his offense? Waiting to be mocked by Nie Li?

Just when Ye Zong turned around, Nie Li smilingly said, “Father-in-law is leaving so fast. Please walk carefully, don’t fall down!”

Just when Ye Zong about to step out of the threshold, he suddenly heard Nie Li’s speech. Below his foot blanked, nearly tripping on the threshold. Firming his steps, Ye Zong’s chest inflated and deflated. He’s simply going hysterical. If he knew about this, he would have just slapped Nie Li to death on the wall earlier.

However, there isn’t any regret pill in the world to eat.

Ye Zong let out two breaths and stormed out.

Looking from Nie Li and to Ye Zong’s back figure, Ye Xiu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. With Ye Zong’s self-constraint, he wouldn’t be angry about small matters. It’s just that Nie Li is just too provoking. However, Ye Zong also couldn’t do anything to Nie Li.

With Ye Zong’s temper, whether it’s the City Lord’s Mansion or the entire Glory City, his orders were absolute. There isn’t anyone that dared to contradict him. Aside from Lord Ye Mo, no one could subdue him. However, it just so happens that Nie Li suddenly jumped out, and tightly suppressing Ye Zong.

It is indeed, one subdues the other in this world.

Even Ye Xiu secretly finds it funny. At the same time, a thought appeared in his heart. Nie Li is a little premature, however, whether it’s his nature or talent, he is also second to none in the entire Glory City. Adding on to having Ancestral Founder Ye Yan as the matchmaker, he’s still quite the good fit for Ye Ziyun.

However, the marrying of their daughters is an extremely cruel matter for a father to say. Ye Zong having that reaction is also normal. Furthermore, Nie Li gave Ye Zong a bad impression from the start.

Truth is, Nie Li only teased Ye Zong a little. Even if he had decided to have Ye Ziyun as his wife, he still decided to grow up slowly beside Ye Ziyun.

As for Ye Zong...

In his previous life, when Nie Li saw Ye Zong from afar, he would he scared to the point of having both of his legs trembling. In this life, there’s some respect that was lacking within his heart. Even if Ye Zong made countless contributions for Glory City until he died in battle, but he wasn’t a good father towards Ye Ziyun. Therefore, teasing him a little is also something interesting.

“Nie Li......” Just when Ye Xiu was preparing to speak.

Nie Li’s face went stern and said, “I only have those terms. If he’s unable to agree to it, then forget it. Not that I have any loss in it. If Ye Xiu still wishes to persuade me, then talk to Ancestral Founder Ye Yan.”

“Ancestral Founder Ye Yan, the matter concerning the Ten Thousands Demonic Beast Array......” Ye Xiu looked at the Soul Puppet in embarrassment, trying to get Ancestral Ye Yan to persuade Nie Li.

Ancestral Founder Ye Yan turned his head and said, “I don’t know how to lay the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array, what’s the use of confiding to me?”

Ye Xiu froze on the spot, bitterly smiling incessantly. He immediately turned around and chased after Ye Zong. No matter what, he has to persuade Ye Zong. Afterall, the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array is too important to Glory City.

Ye Zong is extremely furious. His powerful soul force swept out, making two trees beside the path whither from the pressure.

Ye Xiu hasn’t seen Ye Zong so angry before, he immediately went up.

“Lord Ye Zong......”

“Don’t bother me!” Ye Zong furiously roared, “I have to kill that kid today. I will cut his body into pieces, don’t stop me!”

Ye Xiu mumbled within his heart. If you really want to kill Nie Li, you would have already done so. Why wait till now? He even got Ancestral Founder Ye Yan out, what else can you do?

Ye Zong stared at Ye Xiu, roared loudly, “Ye Xiu, you think that I don’t dare to kill that kid? Even if he brought Ancestral Founder Ye Yan out, he thinks I’ll be afraid of him.”

Ye Yan hurriedly said, “Lord Ye Zong please pacify. With Lord Ye Zong’s strength, killing Nie Li is easy. Except that you are someone with a big heart to not be bothering with him.”

“Hmph.” Ye Zong snorted, “That kid dares to have crooked ideas towards my daughter. He’s simply a toad craving for swan flesh, not a chance! If he still has any intentions towards my daughter, I’ll make him regret being born on this world!”

Although Ye Xiu is bitterly smiling in his heart, he still did not show it on his face. He rolled his eyes and said, “Lord Ye Zong, why don’t we give up. We don’t need that Ten Thousands Demonic Beast Array anymore!”

Hearing Ye Xiu’s words, Ye Zong’s expression stunned. If Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array does have such a big effect, it could absolutely save the entire Glory City in crucial moments. If they don’t need it anymore, isn’t it a little pity? Although Nie Li has improper intentions towards Ye Ziyun, causing Ye Zong furious, but his words still have high credibility.

Ye Xiu sighed and said, “It’s a pity that I only have an unfilial son. If I had a daughter, I could help Lord Ye Zong split his worries!”

Ye Zong’s facial colour changed. He coldly snorted and said, “No matter what, I will definitely not send my daughter to him with my own hands!”

“Actually, Lord Ye Zong doesn’t have to worry. I have a solution to that.”

“Oh? What do you mean?”

Ye Xiu immediately whispered in Ye Zong’s ears. Ye Zong’s tightened brows slowly released. He lightly nodded his head and said, “That’s a good idea. We’ll do it that way.”

Ye Xiu grinned seeing that and immediately walked towards Nie Li’s yard.

Nie Li looked at Ye Xiu, lightly smiled and said, “City Lord has agreed?”

Ye Xiu stunned for a moment. Nie Li seems to have predicted that he would come back and Ye Zong would agree to it. He air coughed and said, “Lord Ye Zong has indeed agreed to it.”

Nie Li nodded his head and said to Nie Yu, “Xiao Yu, let’s go. We’re moving to your sister-in-law’s yard.”

“Okay,” Nie Yu nodded, already carrying a big bag of luggage.

Nie Li is already prepared?

Ye Xiu was dumbfounded. He felt that there’s an issue somewhere but was unable to say it out. Looking at Nie Li and Nie Yu walking towards Ye Ziyun’s yard, he immediately quickened his steps and followed them.

Ye Ziyun’s yard

At this moment, the long haired Ye Ziyun is quietly sitting on a big stone by the pond. Her silk clothing made her more charming. Those clear eyes of hers had a hint of sulk and sadness within. Looking at the pond, she let out a soft sigh. Her thoughts were in a mess.

The thought of Nie Li always teasing her whenever he’s in front of her, always caused her to be angry, yet she couldn’t help recalling him. He caused others to hate him, but when he’s gone, her heart felt as though something was missing. The times when she was together with Nie Li, is very happy.

She then recalled her father. Is father still be mad about that day? If Nie Li continues to provoke her father, she’s worried her father will be cruel to Nie Li......

She did not dare to think of the scene after that and sadly sighed. She has already decided not to see Nie Li again. Perhaps she’s doomed to have no friends in her entire life. The friends by her side always leaves one by one.

Just when she’s thinking that, the pond suddenly showed a figure. That funny face of his was staring at her eyes.

Ye Ziyun shook her head and muttered, “I must have not slept well last night, I’m hallucinating.”