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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 11

Chapter 11 - Threatened

Seeing how furious Shen Xiu was, Nie Li chuckled lightly and said, "Teacher Shen Xiu is so knowledgeable, saying the book doesn’t exist because you’ve never seen it before. Does that mean that teacher Shen Xiu has read all the books in the world?"

In his previous life, Shen Xiu was also unreasonable.

"Book of Divine Lightning Fire? Oh I remembered, I think I’ve borrowed such a book from the library!" a commoner student suddenly said in a frightened voice. He borrowed three books, one of them was the Book of Divine Lightning Fire. However, the content inside the Book of Divine Lightning Fire was too profound. He couldn’t understand any of it. He forgot to return the book back after he looked in it.

The voice of this commoner student caused Shen Xiu’s face to darken. This commoner student flipped the Book of Divine Lightning Fire open. This book is a copied version, not the original copy. It was written with words that belonged to the language of Snow Wind Empire. The first volume was translated but not the other volumes. The language written in the Snow Wind Empire’s age is very obscure Ordinary people couldn’t understand it.

Never expecting that this book actually existed, even Vice-Principal Ye Sheng and Lu Ye looked at each other with surprise. Although they are the Vice-Principal and professor of Holy Orchid Institute, the amount of books in the library easily numbered hundred thousands and 90% of them were left behind from the ancient times. Even they couldn’t say the names of every single book. There are also many books that even they couldn’t translate.

During his roaming on the continent during his previous life, Nie Li was proficient with seven languages. Upon reaching Legend rank, he read various books and never forgot their content. Not to mention, in his previous life, Nie Li stayed in the stationary space-time realm within the Temporal Demon Spirit Book for hundreds of years, reading millions of books while he’s inside.

There isn’t any obstacles in reading the words written by the language of Snow Wind Empire for Nie Li.

Even the grey robe elder sitting beside Ye Sheng and Lu Ye had his face coloured with surprise. Even he has never read the Book of Divine Lightning Fire before.

"Ye Sheng, send someone to the library to retrieve the Book of Divine Lightning Fire!" the grey robed elder ordered.

"Yes!" Ye Sheng looked at Lu Ye beside him. Lu Ye dared not to neglect and quickly bolted away.

Every student in the class focused their eyes on the Book of Divine Lightning Fire that the commoner student was holding. Both Ye Ziyun and Shen Yue were also very surprised. Being a member of the three major families, they also read a lot of books, but they didn’t know that such a book called the Book of Divine Lightning Fire existed. This book is too side door, therefore very few would take the initiative to learn from it.

Within Glory City, there are three types of inscription patterns that are more complete which are the Snow Wind, Sacred Flame, and War Prime. Almost everyone practices these three types of inscription patterns. Since Lightning Fire inscription patterns have been long lost during the Age of Darkness, there were only a few books, such as the Book of Divine Lightning Fire, lying around. All of these were untranslated, so they were shelved. Occasionally, there would be some students borrowing them, but after realising that they couldn’t understand the content, they would immediately put them back.

"Let me see, Book of Divine Lightning Fire volume seven."

The commoner student immediately began rummaging through the book. This Book of Divine Lightning Fire was several hundred pages thick. Inside, the book was filled with illustrations, text, and Lightning Fire inscription pattern diagrams. There was no translation for it after the first volume. The complex, ancient words caused many people to have a headache just by looking at it. After turning to volume seven, the commoner student realized that this volume alone had hundreds of inscription patterns. He started comparing them one by one with the one on the board, searching for the one that looked similar to the Scarlet Sunburst inscription pattern.

Everyone in the class was getting impatient. When is the search going to end?

Shen Xiu’s face frosted coldly and said, "You probably found this book in some corner of the library and don’t even know what was written in it. Yet, you say that the Scarlet Sunburst originated from that book! Arrogant child, you dare defile the ancestors of my Sacred family! If you can’t find the inscription pattern, I’ll go to the Saint Judgement Hall to sue you for defiling my ancestors!"

Nie Li laughed loudly and said, "Teacher Shen Xiu, it’s still too early to say this kind of stuff. This book was left over during the Snow Wind Empire’s time, existing over a few thousand years. The timing of its creation is far longer than the creation of the Sacred family, right?"

"Correct!" answered Shen Xiu nodding her head. This was a hard fact that she couldn’t deny.

"Then, it’s simple." Nie Li looked at the commoner student and said, "Flip thirty pages backwards from volume seven. The sixth diagram in page thirty. Compare it with the Scarlet Sunburst inscription pattern."

Seeing Nie Li’s face full of confidence, Shen Xiu’s heart sank. If Nie Li were to find out the origin of Scarlet Sunburst inscription pattern, it would be the stain of Sacred family. Because Sacred family had publicly announced that the Scarlet Sunburst inscription pattern, as well as 16 other inscription patterns, were self-created by the first generation house master of the Sacred family. This caused a huge increase in the Sacred family’s reputation. If the public were to find out that Sacred family’s inscription patterns were plagiarized from the ancient book, then the reputation of the Sacred family would be greatly affected.

Seeing Shen Xiu’s face show traces of fear, Nie Li secretly smiled. The Sacred family’s fame mostly came from being the bearer of the Sacred Flame inscription patterns, which was claimed by many past house masters, to have been self-created inscription patterns. Their extraordinary talent is what saved the Glory City from distress. However, truth is, the Sacred family is just a bunch of hypocrites!

In Nie Li’s previous life, during the destruction of Glory City, every family was fighting for the survival of the city. The Sacred family was supposed to guard the west gate of the Glory City, but during the outbreak of the war, in order to save their own strength, they got every single one of the family’s experts to enter into the St. Ancestral Mountain. This caused the west gate to be breached, and allowed the Snow Wind demon beasts to march into the city. Nie Li still remembers the horrifying scene caused by the demon beasts massacre.

Nie Li and the rest had no choice but to leave leaving Glory City! After his rebirth, Nie Li didn’t have any good impressions towards the Sacred family.

‘In this life, I will let this hypocratic family be removed from Glory City!’

If he wanted to have the Sacred family to be disdained by all the citizens in Glory City, then he will need to reveal the true nature of this hypocratic family, first!

"Page thirty, sixth diagram?" The commoner student murmured. After being guided, he found the Lightning Fire inscription pattern.


The crowd of students let out a sound of surprise. The Lightning Fire Inscription Pattern consisted of two-parts. with one part looking exactly like the Scarlet Sunburst inscription pattern. The Scarlet Sunburst inscription pattern was much more simple compared to the Lightning Fire inscription pattern, which was the same as cutting out half of it.

Nie Li is actually correct!

Shen Xiu clenched her fist tightly, her fingers turned white. When Shen Yue who was among the crowd of student, looked towards Nie Li, his eyes became full of hatred. Nie Li is discrediting their Sacred family!

Nie Li, naturally, noticed both Shen Xiu and Shen Yue’s hostile look and coldly laughed in his heart. Sacred family are all exactly the same. When they didn’t find the reason out themselves, they will push the blame onto others. ff it wasn’t their own flaws, why would they worry about other people exposing them?

"So what if the first generation house master of my Sacred family took it from the Book of Divine Lightning Fire?" Shen Xiu coldly replied.

Nie Li laughed, "Teacher Shen Yue, looks like you’re not familiar with the Demon Spiritist code of conduct. Do you want me to explain it to you? The Demon Spiritist code of conduct has been around for three thousands years. Almost every demon spiritist follows the code of conduct. Demon Spiritist code of conduct article 161: taking inscription patterns or copying inscription patterns from other demon spiritists must indicate their source and cannot claim them to be self-created. This is the ethics of Demon Spiritists!"

"You....you......" Shen Xiu trembled from the anger. Nie Li’s words directly hit on the weak spot. He directly said that Sacred family did not follow the Demon Spiritist’s ethics, but even so, she couldn’t refute Nie Li’s statement.

"If they were learning from the Lightning Flame inscription patterns in order to create their own inscription pattern, then it’s fine. However, the Sacred family’s first generation house master directly took half of it and claimed it to be his own. Isn’t it a little too..... absurd? Could the first generation house master of the Sacred family have some unspeakable difficulties?" Nie Li blinked his eyes aws he talked innocently.

Nie Li’s sharp words were directed at the Sacred family’s weak spot, and still pretended to look innocent. This caused Shen Xiu and Shen Yue to want to kill someone.

The students all whispered their discussions.

"So the first generation house master of Sacred family is such a person."

"It’s said that, although the first house master of the Sacred family was only a gold rank demon spiritist, in the studies of inscription patterns, he was a great master who self-created several Sacred Flame inscription patterns. Has the Sacred family always been the torch bearers of the Sacred Flame Inscriptions?"

"Never thought that the Scarlet Sunburst is actually copied from an ancient book."

"I looked at the Snow Wind inscription pattern’s record. The inscriptions inside has been reproduced or taken from ancient books but they always indicated their source. They never claimed it to be self-created."

"This is the ethics of Demon Spiritists. Every noble demon spiritist would do the same!"

A group of students began to wondered, could the great master of inscription patterns in their hearts be nothing more than someone who’s fishing for compliments?

Listening to the discussions of the students, Shen Yue’s heart became even more unhappy, he already saw Nie Li as an enemy.

With his face ashened, he stood up from his seat and said, "Nie Li, my Sacred family has been passed down for three hundred years. We are one of the three major families in Glory City. We aren’t something someone like you, who’s from an ordinary noble family, can criticize! This Scarlet Sunburst is written in the first house master’s notes. Originally, it was not publicly announced. We younger generations found it when we were arranging the first house master’s notes. So we thought that it was created by him. That’s normal."

Nie Li looked at Shen Yue. He was indeed a member of the Sacred family. He made an excuse of this to wash the responsibility off!

Shen Yue deepened his voice when he mentioned "Major Family", and pointed out Nie Li as a member of the ordinary noble family, making his words very clear. If Nie Li were to pursue it further, then, as the Sacred family, being one of the major families definitely wouldn’t let him off.

As for Shen Yue, Nie Li also disdained him. Before Shen Yue and Ye Ziyun’s marriage, the war began, and Shen Yue immediately ran away. Hearing Shen Yue’s words, Nie Li became even more unhappy.

"Student Shen Yue is an arrogant bully. Ah, fortunately there’s a strict law in Glory City. Otherwise, I’d really be worried that the Sacred family would....." Nie Li being like a pig who’s unafraid of the boiling water, blinked his eyes and said "Believe that a big family like the Sacred Family would protect my safety. If anything were to happen to me, I’m afraid the Sacred family wouldn’t be able to wipe that stain off."