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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 111

Chapter 111 - This is what youve said

Nie Li began giving a layout regarding the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array. After receiving Nie Li’s instructions, Ye Xiu began preparing the variety of materials needed. The City Lord’s Mansion became very busy. Some of the places were torn down, others had bricks laid down, and some places had inscription pattern drawn on them.

Aside from Ye Zong, Ye Xiu and a small amount of people, everyone else didn’t even know what was going on in the City Lord’s Mansion.

As the sky began to darken. The moon and the stars began to brightly shine.

Nie Li was strolling within the garden. Looking from afar, he could see a white dressed girl within the mercury moonlight, like a moonlit fairy. She stood still, and was shrouded in a white mist. Within the white mist, was a vague form of a humanoid demon spirit. That demon spirit wore white. It was extremely elegant and wore a crown on her head, like a queen.

This is Ye Ziyun’s Snow Queen demon spirit!

As one who devoured countless demon spirits and reached a God level growth rate, the Snow Queen’s strength is extremely frightening. The yard was shrouded in a chilling air.

Although this chilled air seemed gentle, if Ye Ziyun attacks, this chilled air will form into biting cold ice blades.

Seeing this scene, Nie Li lightly smiled. The merging between Ye Ziyun and the Snow Queen was getting better and better. From the aura within the chilled wind, Nie Li can feel that Ye Ziyun has mastered at least two combat abilities. With those two combat abilities, plus her own cultivation, even a 3-star Gold rank Demon Spiritualist couldn’t be her opponent.

Nie Li walked towards Ye Ziyun, feeling the soul force changes from Ye Ziyun.

At the corner of another small building, a figure was standing still. The moonlight was shining on his face. That person is Ye Ziyun’s father, Ye Zong.

Ye Zong, at the moment, was unable to calm his surging emotions for a long time.

Previously, he felt that Ye Ziyun’s cultivation was raised by a whole lot; furthermore, he didn’t know where she got a Snow Queen demon spirit from. He never imagined that Ye Ziyun’s cultivation would improve so rapidly. In the past, Ye Ziyun had always been letting him down. She did not inherit his powerful cultivation talent. She had so much training resources and yet, she was still unable to reach 1-star Bronze rank. Although she excelled a lot more compared to her peers, as the City Lord’s daughter, it’s far from enough.

But now, Ye Ziyun’s cultivation speed is a little too frightening. From her soul force, Ye Zong can tell that Ye Ziyun’s cultivation has already reached 5-star Silver rank. Furthermore, the Snow Queen that Ye Ziyun has integrated with, seems to be several times stronger than an ordinary Snow Queen demon spirit. If she were to engage in battle, even 1-star Gold rank Demon Spiritualists couldn’t be her opponent!

Ye Zong is very confused. Although he’s very busy and unable to even meet with his daughter for months due to work, he is still very concerned about Ye Ziyun. He’s been well informed of her cultivation speed by Aunt Xue, who is in charge of taking care of Ye Ziyun. Sometime ago, she hadn’t even reach 1-star Bronze rank. How is it that in just such a short amount of time, her cultivation already reached 5-star Silver rank?

This is simply challenging his cognitive limit!

Such a talent even caused him to be ashamed. When he, himself, got from 1-star Bronze rank to 5-star Silver rank, it took several years time!

What makes him even more shocked is that, among many demon spirits, the Snow Queen demon spirit is extremely powerful and rare. Within the entire Glory City, there are only a few dozen of them. Not to mention that Ye Ziyun’s Snow Queen is very special. The chance of meeting such a powerful demon spirit is one in a million.

At the same time of feeling shocked, he’s also pleased with Ye Ziyun. No one other than him understands the situation of Glory City. Every moment, every second, there are dangers of destruction of the city. Continuously thinking of Glory City’s situation caused him to unable to sleep soundly. He was contributing without limit to Glory City, just to let his family and all the citizens of Glory City feel safe. As the daughter of the City Lord, there are many who will protect her, but she can only be truly safe when her cultivation is stronger.

He’s also extremely happy that Ye Ziyun’s cultivation rose so fast. He recalled her mother, those wrinkled eyes of his flashed with a few tears.

After Nie Li’s previous matter, the awkwardness between father and daughter has yet to be resolved. They have already not spoken for a long time. He’s prepared to take the initiative to have a chat with Ye Ziyun, to know more about his own daughter’s heart matters. Just when he was about to step out, a figure entered his sight. That figure, is the currently walking Nie Li. Ye Zong’s face immediately darkened and he snorted.

Nie Li was butt naked in Ye Ziyun’s room at that time, that’s simply unforgivable. If it wasn’t for the person behind Nie Li, Ye Zong could slap Nie Li dead to the wall. In the end, not even a few days had passed before he was blackmailed by Nie Li with the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array.

For the overall benefit of Glory City, Ye Zong had no choice but to take a step back and let Nie Li live here. However, in order to be assured he won’t do anything to her, Ye Zong decided to move here to monitor him. He’s itching to kick Nie Li far away. Even though he’s furious, he can only endure it. Afterall, Nie Li still needs to lay down the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array!

‘I’ll see what you are planning. If you dare to do anything to Ziyun, even at the risk not having the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array, I’ll have to fix you!’ Ye Zong fiercely thought.

Ye Ziyun doesn’t seem to have noticed Ye Zong’s presence. Afterall, Ye Zong is a Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist. With his intention to conceal himself, it’s extremely hard to be detected.

Feeling that someone was approaching, Ye Ziyun’s eyelashes slightly moved and opened her eyes.

“It’s you......” Seeing Nie Li, not knowing why, she felt some panic in her heart. Her cheeks flashed a hint of red. That shy look of hers made her even more charming.

“Good evening.” Nie Li chuckled, winking towards Ye Ziyun.

“Why have you come.....” Ye Ziyun lowered her head to avoid Nie Li’s gaze. She unconsciously took a step back. Nie Li’s presence made her nervous. Afterall, it’s night and a boy and girl are alone in the yard. Ye Ziyun doesn’t dare to stay in her building in case Nie Li slips in. In contrast, staying in the yard to practise allowed her to be a little at ease.

Nie Li stopped his tracks at roughly around three meters from Ye Ziyun. His keen sense felt an aura at the corner of the yard. The corner of his mouth couldn’t help smiling. Even though Ye Zong can fool Ye Ziyun by hiding his aura, he can’t escape from Nie Li!

“I just finished my meal, came out for a walk and saw you here training, so I came over.” Nie Li said, smiling.

Ye Ziyun raised her head, looked at Nie Li and then lowered her head again. She sorrowly sighed and said, “Nie Li, I don’t know what method you used to convince Uncle Ye Xiu to bring you here. But no matter what, lets not meet anymore in the future.”

“What......You don’t want to see me?” Nie Li’s face had a heartbroken expression, “Indeed, children of families like yours are indeed unwilling to be friends with commoners like me.”

“That’s not that case.......” Seeing Nie Li’s expression, Ye Ziyun immediately waved her hands and explained. She’s kind hearted, naturally, she isn’t willing to let Nie Li be heartbroken, “Nie Li, although you’re a little weird and a little.......too straightforward. I know that you’re a kind person, whether to me or your other friends. Otherwise, you wouldn’t help me like this. Although you would often come and bother me, I don’t find you hateful at all. It’s the opposite. I wished that you’d come and bother me. Because in this huge City Lord’s Mansion, I would often feel a deep loneliness. Only Aunt Xue could talk to me. I once had a good friend, and that’s Ning’er. But after that, she never came here anymore. Aside from her, you’re my second good friend.”

“But you understand this. My father will definitely not let us be together.” Ye Ziyun sadly said.

Nie Li’s eyes took a glance at the corner far away, coldly snorted and said, “I have to say, Ye Zong is not qualified to be a father. He puts you alone in this yard, makes you live alone and not even lets you have a friend to speak with. He doesn’t deserve to be a father!”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Ye Zong, who is standing in the shadow, wasn’t even a bit furious. Had a deep sadness and pain showing in his eyes.

“Nie Li, I forbid you to say that about my father. He had no choice. As the City Lord of Glory City, his every decision concerns the safety of Glory City. He’s also busy with many matters daily, therefore, he was unable to care for me. I have to train diligently, and become a powerful Demon Spiritualist to help Lord Father to share his burden. In the past, no matter how hard I tried, my cultivation would only slowly improve. Thanks to you......” Ye Ziyun gratefully looked at Nie Li. Nie Li’s grace to her, she’ll use everything to return them.

Feeling that Ye Ziyun was about to say something she wasn’t supposed to say, Nie Li waved his hand and said, “Let’s not mention this anymore. Ye Zong is your father, naturally, you’ll listen to him. Earlier on, he injured me. I still have to settle it with him! Giving you face, I shall not pursue about that.”

Ye Zong was choked with emotion after hearing what Ye Ziyun just said, but after hearing Nie Li’s words, he immediately went furious. Who exactly is going to settle with who? You were in my daughter’s room butt naked. You still have something to settle with me?

Ye Zong could be considered to have experienced how shameless Nie Li was!

Nie Li smiled and said, “I’ll be staying here awhile. Don’t worry, your father won’t do anything to me. He still needs me to help him lay down the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array. For the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array, he has already sold you to me.”

“Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array, what’s that?” Ye Ziyun widened her bright eyes.

Nie Li said, “The Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array is made from ten thousand Black Gold rank demon spirits and various inscription patterns. Once the lay down is complete, when it’s activated, the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array, will be able to stop even dozens of Legend rank Demon Spiritualists from attacking.”

“So that’s the case.” Ye Ziyun stunned for a moment and said, “No wonder why my father agreed......”

“You’ve now seen your father’s real face. For Glory City, he’s willing to give up anything.” Nie Li of course, did not forget to agitate the currently hidden Ye Zong a little and wickedly smiled within his heart.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, anxiousness immediately covered Ye Zong’s face. He naturally wouldn’t sell his daughter just for a Ten Thousands Demonic Beast Array. He was just about to show himself and explain to Ye Ziyun, but then he saw Ye Ziyun’s expression went stern. She raised her head and seriously, solemnly said, “Nie Li, if you are really able to lay down the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array for Glory City’s safety, your contribution would be limitless. Even if my father......I’ll also have no complaints. Not to mention staying in my yard, if......if this means making me your girlfriend, I’ll also agree.” Ye Ziyun’s cheeks slightly reddened, but had a firm look on her face.

Nie Li looked at Ye Ziyun. his heart was filled with softness. Like father like daughter. For Glory City, they are willing to sacrifice themselves. He chuckled and said, “This is what you said, you can’t go back on your words.”