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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 112

Chapter 112 - Talk with me

Hearing Nie Li’s speech, Ye Zong’s face turned green. Speaking bad about him when he’s not around is bad enough, but he actually still bluffed the innocent Ziyun. This is simply devoid of conscience and sanity! If he didn’t need Nie Li to help him lay down the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array, he would have already shown himself and teach Nie Li a harsh lesson.

Ye Ziyun had a sad expression on her face and said to Nie Li, “Nie Li, don’t misunderstand my father. My father is actually a very good person. I know he wishes to spend more time with me, however, he is afterall, the City Lord. He’s shouldering the lives and deaths of many within Glory City and doesn’t dare to slack for a moment. Although he doesn’t spend much time with me, he’s still my most respected, most admired person. I only hate myself for being too weak, and being unable to share his burdens......”

After hearing Ye Ziyun’s words, Ye Zong, who had been hiding at a corner, entered into long silence. His nose felt slightly sour. In front of his daughter, he’s always been a strict father. He knows that what he has done is far from enough. He feels that he owes Ye Ziyun too much. When he heard of Ye Ziyun’s words today, his heart was unable to calm down for a long time. So this is Ye Ziyun’s true thoughts.

“Nie Li, I originally thought that with my talent...I feared that I wouldn’t be able to reach my father’s height. When you imparted the cultivation technique to me and gave me a Snow Queen demon spirit, my strength underwent a drastic transformation, allowing me to achieve my dreams. Although my father will never agree for us to be together, in order to repay you, I will agree to three of your requests. No matter what request it is, as long as it’s something I can accomplish, I will not deny it.” Ye Ziyun suddenly realised something, making her cheeks flush red. However, she proudly stuck her chest out, her clear eyes were filled with firmness.

Since young, her father has taught her that in life, grace must be repaid. Furthermore, they must also have good faith and do whatever they’ve promised.

Ye Zong frowned his brows. His heart was moved. So the reason for Yun Er’s cultivation rising so fast is because of Nie Li’s guidance. This caused his view of Nie Li to change a little. It seems that Nie Li still treats Yun Er quite well.

“Really? No matter what the request is, you’ll won’t reject it?” Nie Li suddenly revealed an evil smile and walked towards Ye Ziyun.

Seeing the full of meaning smile of Nie Li’s, and walking towards herself, Ye Ziyun inexplicably took a step back in panic. Her cheeks turned even more red. What is Nie Li going to do? Scenes emerged within her brain. But she realised something, she raised her chest. Since she has promised to fulfil three of Nie Li’s requests, she have to keep her promise. Otherwise, she’ll be looked down on by others.

Nie Li walked, step by step, to the side of Ye Ziyun and lowered his head to look at Ye Ziyun. Ye Ziyun, at this moment, was charmingly shy. Those slightly pursed lips, crystal sparkling nose, and smart eyes are particularly attractive. Like ripe grapes that made others want to bite into them.

She wore a white dress, and her chest was bundled with a white ribbon, revealing that lovely figure of hers. Her skirt fluttered in the wind, like a fairy in the night, while a girl’s fragrance blew over.

She is an extremely charming girl!

Scenes of his previous life slowly emerged within Nie Li’s brain, causing him to feel tender in his heart. At this moment, he really wanted to embrace this jade figure!

Feeling Nie Li’s closing, and that unique atmosphere, Ye Ziyun became even more flustered. Her heart was beating even faster, even that jade-like white neck had a touch of red.

A hint of a charming atmosphere surrounded the two people.

The night, at this moment is simply wonderful!

Ye Zong, who was within the darkness, was watching Nie Li approach Ye Ziyun with that frivolous expression, caused all those change of views he had of Nie Li to instantly turn to nothing. Veins popped from his arms. If Nie Li were to lay a finger on Yun Er, he will not hesitate to beat Nie Li up to the point that even his mother wouldn’t be able to recognize him!

Nie Li greedily inhaled the breath of Ye Ziyun’s body. His eyes flashed with a hint of loneliness and sadness. Many times, he would worry that everything in front of him at the moment was only a dream. Every night, he would often be woken by nightmares. The scenes of Ye Ziyun dying, soaked his pillow with tears of regret.

Ye Ziyun will never know how eternal Nie Li’s love for her is. His countless encounters with death and those hundreds of years of loneliness. Only recalling Ye Ziyun would make him feel warmth within his heart. That kind of feelings, is deep in the bone marrow.

Upon returning back, he felt blessed; but at the same time, he’s afraid of losing everything before him. Which is why he couldn’t stop raising his own strength, as well as those by his side. It’s all in order for them to have the power to protect themselves when the crisis arrives.

No matter what, he will definitely not let these people before him vanish.

Standing so close to Ye Ziyun, he could truly feel her existence. Nie Li yearns to embrace her, to talk their hearts out with each other. However, after he let out a deep sigh from within his heart, he kept all those feelings back. If he were to embrace Ye Ziyun at this moment, he’ll definitely scare the heck out of her, right?

The corner of Nie Li’s mouth slightly upturned. He went up close to Ye Ziyun’s ear and slowly said, “My first request is, I want you......” When Nie Li said ‘you’, he purposely dragged it.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Ye Ziyun’s body shivered, both of her hands were trembling. She guessed that Nie Li would definitely mention that kind of request. Although it’s not allowed morally, but since Nie Li graced her with so much, and she said that she’ll fulfil three of Nie Li’s requests; naturally, she’ll not reject it.

If it’s Nie Li, she wouldn’t find it hard to accept it within her heart too.

Although she thought this way, her heart was in a whirl.

“Small beast, let’s see if I don’t put you to waste!” Ye Zong’s fists were gripped to the point that they were crackling. He was simply going to explode. His Black Gold rank aura was emitting out from his body, ready to explode at any moment. If a Black Gold rank expert were to take any action, this entire yard would be leveled!

Ye Ziyun’s slender white hands were on her chest, trembling. Her heart was also beating wildly. Her cheeks were blushing red, making her to look even more charming. Her heart was filled with contradictions and struggles.

Feeling Ye Zong’s violent aura, Nie Li knew that this is far enough. If he were to continue, Ye Zong would explode.

Nie Li stretched his waist and smilingly said, “I want you......to talk with me.”

“Talk with you?” Ye Ziyun’s right hand stopped within the air. She was dumbfoundedly looking at Nie Li.

“What do you want me to do otherwise?” Nie Li asked, his gaze fell onto Ye Ziyun’s blushing cheeks. He opened his mouth and looked at Ye Ziyun in shock, “Could it be that you thought I would want to do that with you? Do I look like an indecent person?”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Ye Ziyun simply wanted to dig a hole and throw herself in it. She originally thought that Nie Li would make an inappropriate intention to her, wanting to......ever since she was born into the Snow Wind Family, she has seen many things that have happened between families. Thirteen years old is already at the marriageable age. Therefore, she naturally had knowledge regarding those matters.

If Nie Li is a decent person, then is she not one? Nie Li is definitely making her misunderstand on purpose!

“Nie Li, I hate you!” Ye Ziyun then understood, she was fooled by Nie Li. Out of resentfulness, she mercilessly stepped on Nie Li’s foot then turned around and ran away. Nie Li is simply too irritating, he definitely did that on purpose.

Thinking back of all those messed up thoughts within her heart, Ye Ziyun’s heart was disorderly fluttered.

“Owwww!” Although it doesn’t hurt, Nie Li still held onto his leg and screamed. Looking at Ye Ziyun’s fleeing figure, he shouted, “Hey, didn’t you say that you’ll fulfil my request? Why are you not having a talk with me and running away?”

“Talk to yourself!” Ye Ziyun snorted and her voice sounded. She had already entered into her building.

Seeing Ye Ziyun’s delicate back figure disappear at the door, Nie Li’s mood went up, and he happily whistled.

Ye Zong, who was at the corner, was already on the verge of bursting out. But after seeing the current situation, he was stunned for a good while and kept his violent aura back. If Nie Li were to do anything bad towards Ye Ziyun, he would definitely take action. But now, he doesn’t even have the reason to take action. Only now did he realise that he was also fooled by Nie Li! Seeing the far away whistling Nie Li, he felt powerless.

Nie Li is simply unable to be measured with common sense.

What kind of person is Nie Li? Even he couldn’t figure it out.

One must know that Nie Li is only a thirteen-fourteen year old brat, how hard is it to figure him out?

Thinking back, although Nie Li was a little public with his actions, and was out of the line, in terms of character, he’s still not that bad.

But even so, he’s still a little worried. Ye Ziyun is usually pure hearted, spirited, and smarter than many others. But now, she was completely teased by Nie Li. He still has to observe for sometime before he knows if Nie Li has any bad intentions.

Ye Zong’s figure slowly disappeared into the darkness.

Feeling Ye Zong’s aura disappear, the corner of Nie Li’s lips lightly smiled. He is only teasing Ye Zong a little. This father-in-law who’s always had that one stern face is too boring. Being in the City Lord’s Mansion, focusing on training, occasionally teasing Ye Ziyun and irritating Ye Zong is still interesting.

Since Ye Zong has already left, then he’ll begin his training.

Nie Li thought within his heart, found a stone and sat down. Nie Li’s aura was blending in with the darkness. The Fanged Panda and The Shadow Devil demon spirit are within Nie Li’s soul realm, constantly huffing. Nie Li’s thoughts were connected with the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword.

The Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword was flashing with lightning. That lightning looked soft and gentle, but in fact, it contained a violent raging power. Once Nie Li uses the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword to attack, that power would be extremely terrifying.

If Ye Zong were to feel that aura on Nie Li, he will definitely be inexplicably shocked because Nie Li’s current soul force has already thoroughly surpassed the achievement limits of his age. However, Nie Li hid his soul aura. Even if it’s the Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist like Ye Zong, he would have a difficult time detecting it.

Gradually, Nie Li entered into the selfless realm of training.