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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 113

Chapter 113 - Of course it was on purpose

Time flew by, Nie Li has been staying in Ye Ziyun’s yard for seven days now. During these seven days, aside from training and laying down the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array, he’d occasionally talk with Ye Ziyun. Nothing special happened.

Nie Li’s cultivation has also leveled out at 5-star Silver rank. A 5-star Silver rank breaking through to Gold rank is an extremely difficult process. Ordinary people would need the perfect opportunity in order to make a breakthrough. However, for Nie Li, Ye Ziyun, and the rest it’s just a matter of time.

The yard is filled with bird chippings and fragrant flowers. The environment is extremely beautiful and secluded.

In order to guard against Nie Li, Ye Zong was forced to move his office to this yard. Although he’s busy everyday, Ye Zong would occasionally use his soul force to sweep through the entire yard, making sure that Nie Li did not do anything outrageous.

Although Ye Zong felt a little mentally exhausted from handling official matters and guarding against Nie Li, he did not relax a bit.

Ye Xiu suddenly rushed in.

“City Lord, President Gu Yan seeks an audience,” Ye Xiu said, bowing his body.

“Oh? President Gu Yan is here? Hurry and bring him in,” Ye Zong immediately said. Although the Alchemist Association of the past was also highly valued, they did not have any high positions. However, because of the new few elixirs, President Gu Yan’s position in Glory City doesn’t have much difference from Ye Zong.

A moment later, President Gu Yan, wearing a grey robe, walked in. He raised his head and looked at Ye Zong, slightly bowed and said, “Respects to the City Lord.”

“President Gu Yan, no need to be so polite. In here, treat it as your home,” Ye Zong said, smiling. His gaze swept passed Gu Yan’s face and surprisingly asked, “President Gu Yan, you seem to have something important to say. I wonder, what matter brings your trip here?”

Gu Yan glanced the surroundings, appearing to be extremely cautious.

“President Gu Yan, rest assured. Everyone here is one of us. Even Black Gold rank experts wouldn’t be able to get here.” Ye Zong’s heart slightly chilled. President Gu Yan seems to be so cautious, fearing that something big has happened.

Gu Yan’s expression went solemn and he looked at Ye Zong. After being silent for a moment, he said, “I’m not sure if these words should he said, but if it’s not said, I fear that the consequences will be severe.”

“President Gu Yan, there’s no harm in speaking the truth.”

President Gu Yan nodded his head and said, “Previously, my Alchemist Association has been suspecting that the Sacred Family has forbidden secrets with the Dark Guild. Some time ago, the Main Affairs Elder of the Sacred Family, Shen Ming, lead some people to assault Nie Li but was captured. Under our Alchemist Association’s interrogation, he confessed some of the Sacred Family’s acts.”

“Something like this happened?” Ye Zong’s brows locked tight, “With just Shen Ming’s testimony alone, I’m afraid that it’s not enough to determine whether if there is collusion between the Sacred Family and Dark Guild. There has to be solid evidence!”

Gu Yan raised his head, looking stern, and said, “After Shen Ming confessed this, we understood that it’s not enough without any evidence. Thereafter, the Sacred Family suddenly purchased a huge amount of pills from us. Within the batch of pills, we placed a Soul Tracking Pill and sent someone with the Three-headed hound demon beast to track them. In the end, we confirmed that these elixirs are going towards the Dark Guild.”

If that’s the case, then the Sacred Family won’t be able to escape suspicion.

“The Sacred Family’s forces are deeply rooted in Glory City, just confirming these are useless. Even if Shen Ming were to testify, it also wouldn’t be able to shake the Sacred Family’s position.” Ye Zong went silent for a moment. President Gu Yan wouldn’t come and slander the Sacred Family for no reason, “I will send someone to investigate this matter.”

Ye Zong looked at Ye Xiu and said, “Ye Xiu, you are in charge of this matter.”

“Yes!” Ye Xiu immediately nodded his head and replied.

Gu Yan said with a little worry, “Previously, when we investigated the Sacred Family, we had already aroused their attention. Lord Ye Xiu, you have to be careful.”

“I understand.” Ye Xiu nodded. The Sacred Family already has three Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists. Not to mention there’s still a more powerful, hidden Dark Guild. Even he did not dare to be careless in this matter.

After talking awhile, Gu Yan left.

“Ye Xiu, I’m sorry that I have to trouble you with this matter.” Ye Zong slightly sighed, “Now, there isn’t many people that can be trusted and used within Glory City. In the recent years, the rise of the walls in Glory City are getting higher and higher. However, the rise in geniuses are becoming less and less. Just the walls alone, it wont be able to defend us from the demon beasts.”

“City Lord doesn’t have to worry. There’s still younger generations like Yun’er and Nie Li, they will certainly become the main pillars of Glory City.” Ye Xiu said in relief.

“With only that, we don’t know how long we’d have to wait for that time to come,” Ye Zong said, bitterly shaking his head. He is very well aware of the current situation of Glory City. Now, even one of the three major families, the Sacred Family, is also going to betray Glory City. Who will know how the future turn out?

Ye Xiu was also slightly sad. He’s often travelled outside together with Ye Mo, so he naturally knows that the amount of Snow Wind beasts around Glory City were becoming more and more, stronger and stronger. Who will know when the demon beast horde arrives?

Ye Zong thought of something and said, slightly smiling, “In the next few days, Han Er will be back. Two years ago, he was already a 1-star Gold rank Demon Spiritualist. I wonder what his current cultivation is?”

Ye Han is Ye Zong’s adopted son. His talent is extraordinary, having a cyan soul realm, and received Ye Zong’s attention. He’s twenty years old now, and has been following a grand elder of the family out to train, experiencing life and death. Ye Han has been making Ye Zong proud to the point of thinking of nurturing him to become the next City Lord.

Ye Xiu has been maintaining his silence. Ye Zong has been treating Ye Han as his own child. But, after all, he’s not a member of the Snow Wind Family. In his view, the position of City Lord can only be passed down to a direct descendent of the Snow Wind Family, Ye Zong’s daughter, Ye Ziyun. In the past, it’s fine since Ye Ziyun’s cultivation wasn’t able to catch up. But now, Ye Ziyun displayed extraordinary cultivating talent. The spot of City Lord will have to be reconsidered now.

Anyway, Ye Xiu doesn’t have any good impression of the outsider Ye Han.

Ye Xiu thought of something and asked Ye Zong, “I’ve heard that a portion of the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array has been laid down, and can already have part of its strength displayed. Does the City Lord want to take a look?”

Previously, Nie Li told Ye Xiu that the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array is made from eight small arrays. The power of these eight small arrays are also quite good. After the eight arrays combined together, it’s power is even more shocking. Now that Nie Li has already laid down one of the small arrays, it could already have part of it’s power demonstrated.

Ye Zong’s brows slightly twitched. Previously, he had doubts on what Nie Li said about the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array. Is Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array as strong as how Nie Li described it? The entire Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array costed a fortune. If it wasn’t as strong as Nie Li described, then the loss is extremely huge.

Ye Zong originally thought that the power of the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array can only be known after it’s completely laid down. He never thought that it could already be tested. He couldn’t wait to test it out!

“Let’s go have a look!” Ye Zong said, deciding on the spot.

City Lord’s Mansion, Eastern Region

This area used to have a huge and grand construct. However, for the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array, the entire area was leveled to ground, becoming a huge open space. In the middle of this open space are dozens of gigantic and tall stone pillars. These stone pillars were carved with all kinds of mysterious inscription patterns, virtual images of demon beasts were circling within.

Every one of these demon beasts are Black Gold rank. Their bodies are covered with inscriptions that would occasionally emit a golden luster.

This was one of Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array’s eight great Killing Arrays, the Tai Yi Killing Array!

Nie Li and bunch were current standing in front of the Tai Yi Killing Array. A majestic power was surging within, giving off a kind of heavens piercing aura.

Although Nie Li wants to hide the aura of the Tai Yi Killing Array, due to the power of the Tai Yi Killing Array being too obvious, he is simply unable to hide it. Not to mention that every stone pillar is so gigantic and towering, it has probably attracted the attention of those attentive people.

However, the Tai Yi Killing Array has seventy two kinds of killing techniques within. Aside from Nie Li, who is able to use a special method to control it, no one else is unable to approach it. Unless they dispatch Legend rank experts, it’s impossible to destroy the Tai Yi Killing Array.

“This is the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array that you laid?”

Ye Zong raised his head and looked at it. Although he was shocked by it, he still didn’t show any expression on his face.

“This is not the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array. It’s only a small portion of the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array.” Nie Li didn’t show any weakness when facing Ye Zong. He crossed his arms and lightly said, “However, even if it’s a small portion of it, killing several Black Gold rank dregs is still not a problem.”

Nie Li purposely provoked Ye Zong.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, the corner of Ye Xiu’s and Ye Zong’s faces twitched.

Black Gold rank dregs?

In Glory City, aside from Nie Li, who would dare to call Black Gold rank super experts this way?

One must know that Black Gold rank is a presence only below Legend rank!

Ye Zong’s anger surged. Nie Li actually contemplated the Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists this way. It’s simply provoking the dignity of Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists. He let out a snort, “Just this array can kill a Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists? Do you know how powerful the strength of a Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist?”

Ye Xiu bitterly smiled incessantly in his heart. He doesn’t know what the matter is with Nie Li and Ye Zong. Every time the two of them are together, they are like a couple of powder kegs, the slightest fire would cause an explosion. Ye Zong’s position is high. As the City Lord, he has a kind of fierce prestige. Ordinary kids would have their legs feeling weak from just the look of him. However, Nie Li wasn’t afraid of him one bit, he’d still occasionally tease Ye Zong. This caused Ye Xiu to be very helpless.

“City Lord, I don’t think Nie Li purposely meant it this way. He is only trying to describe the power of this killing array. As a Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist, how could we lose so easily......?” Seeing Ye Zong’s furious look, Ye Xiu immediately tried to be the peacemaker.

“Of course I said it on purpose.” Nie Li upturned his face, look into Ye Zong and snorted, “Don’t think that you’re very great as a Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist. You guys have not see a real supreme expert before. You’re just a bunch of frogs in the well. In my eyes, Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists are just dregs. City Lord, since you say that my Tai Yi Killing Array couldn’t kill a Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist, do you want to try it?”