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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 115

Chapter 115 - Dirty old man

This’s going too far, nevertheless, I’m still a City Lord!

And actually......

Ye Zong could no longer endure it. *Roar!* His body enlarged, got free of the Flaming Snake’s restraints and threw a punch on the Abyss Bear, knocking the Abyss Bear dozens of meters away.

Nie Li immediately commanded the other demon spirits to charge at Ye Zong. Although Ye Zong executed some sort of secret technique to have his strength surge, wanting to kill so many demon spirits, is still a difficult matter. Unless Ye Zong is able to breakthrough to Legend rank, it’s impossible to break the array.

Ye Xiu walked to Nie Li, slightly embarrassed, and said, “Nie Li, why don’t you let it go? If this continues, the City Lord won’t have much face. Why don’t you take a step back?”

“How can that do. I still had a bet with him. If he could break the Tai Yi Killing Array, then I won’t be able to see Ziyun anymore in the future! I’ll stop if he admits defeat!” Nie Li said, curling his lips.

Why are these two fellas so stubborn?

One wants face no matter what, and is suffering. Another one won’t let it go no matter what. If these two come together, there’ll be lots of suffering in the future.

While Ye Xiu was depressingly attempting to convince Nie Li, Nie Li suddenly said, “There’s no use in convincing me. A son-in-law and father-in-law are always enemies.”

Hearing what Nie Li said, Ye Xiu staggered, nearly falling down. What is this? Did Ye Zong agree to marry Ye Ziyun to you? Even if Ye Zong agreed, Ziyun still hasn’t!

This shamelessness is simply unrivaled.

Ye Zong exerted his full strength, causing the Black Scaled Earth Dragon to become extremely violent. Huge craters were created in the surrounding grounds from the attacks. But even so, it still couldn’t do anything to those Black Gold rank demon spirits, not to mention breaking the Tai Yi Killing Array.

Ye Zong’s strength has already reached the peak of Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist, a step from reaching Legend rank. Furthemore, Nie Li did not execute any killing techniques. If it were some ordinary enemy Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist instead, even if they have five or six people, they would still be killed. They’d be dissolved by venom and turned into a pool of mud.

A full two hours have passed, Ye Zong has already reached his combat limit.

At this moment, Ye Zong truly understands how powerful the Tai Yi Killing Array is and knows that Nie Li was secretly lenient to him. If this is an actual life and death battle, he would have already been killed.

However, he’s not willing to admit defeat. Once he admits defeat, he won’t be able to interfere with Nie Li and Ye Ziyun’s matter anymore. Even if he gets Yun’er to stay away from Nie Li, would she be able to guard against Nie Li as he plays rogue? Even he, himself, suffered under Nie Li, let alone the inexperienced Yun’er!

Who knows when Yun’er will be coaxed by Nie Li and end up......

Thinking about it, Ye Zong felt depressed. He obviously knows that Nie Li has evil intentions for his own daughter, but there’s nothing he can do to Nie Li!


Ye Zong was knocked back, flying from the Abyss Bear’s punch, laying on the ground breathing heavily. Ever since he reached Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist, when has he lost so badly before? His body was shrinking, the features of the Black Scaled Earth Dragon on his body slowly calmed, turning back into his original human state.

He has lost.

“How was it? City Lord, you’ve lost.” Nie Li had both of his hands on his hips, looking down on Ye Zong.

Hmph hmph, so what if it’s Glory City’s City Lord?! He’s still far from being able to play with me!

Ye Zong is simply furious from looking at Nie Li’s complacent look. From the start, this kid had it all planned, to let himself jump into his trap. Having this kind of look after winning, this is simply asking to be beaten up!

Ye Zong suddenly leaped, grabbing onto Nie Li’s leg and raised him up, turning Nie Li upside down.

“Stinking brat, not only did you have intentions for my daughter, you also tricked me with a trap. You think that I can’t deal with you?” Ye Zong is extremely furious. Today, is the first time that he’s so furious before!

“Bitch! You’re a City Lord, how could you go back on your words! That’s shameless of you!” Although Nie Li is a 5-star Silver rank, when facing a Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist, even if the Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist had just experienced a grand fight, they’ll still have enough strength to suppress him.

Nie Li can’t possibly execute a secret technique to perish together with him, right?

“You still dare to swear? So what if I’m shameless? I just realised that I won’t be able to deal with you without being shameless!” Ye Zong suddenly smacked Nie Li on his butt, having a *Pa* sound.

“Darn! Can be killed, but not humiliated! Based on what are you hitting my butt?!”

“Base on what? Base on the fact that I’m Ye Ziyun’s father. Bitch, let’s see if you’ll still dare to have any intentions of Yun’er. See how I’ll deal with you!” Profanity bursted out of Ye Zong’s mouth while throwing another slap, heavily smacking on Nie Li’s butt.

“Screw you, do you know who you’re hitting?! If I’m angry, the consequences will be heavy!” Nie Li tried to break free from Ye Zong’s grab, however, Ye Zong’s hand was like an iron hook, tightly hooking on his calf.

“Still angry and the consequences will be heavy? Bitch, your daddy I’m more angry! You’re still reasoning?” Ye Zong threw another smack onto Nie Li’s butt, creating a clear crisp sound.

“Playing rascal when you can’t beat me? Dirty old man!”

“So what if I’m dirty old man?”

Ye Zong ragingly smacked on Nie Li’s butt, causing Nie Li to scream in pain.

Seeing this scene, Ye Xiu didn’t know whether to cry or smile. Just exactly what situation is this? This is too different from the usual Ye Zong. The usual Ye Zong wouldn’t show any expression on his face, and at this moment, he doesn’t have any City Lord’s majesty and grandeur at all. That unreasoning posture is just like a father teaching his unfilial son a lesson.

Seeing Nie Li’s face full of expression, Ye Xiu knew that Ye Zong did not have any heavy hands and therefore, he was rest assured.

“Boy, do you surrender?” Ye Zong snorted as his brows jumped.

“You’re playing rascal, I won’t surrender!”

“If you don’t surrender, I’ll continue to smack. Smack till you surrender. I’ll see if you dare to have intentions for my daughter again!”

“You went back on your words! You still fancy yourself a City Lord? You’re just an old rascal!”

“So what if I’m an old rascal?” Ye Zong is satisfied from the smacking, all that pent up emotion from earlier was swept away. This kid, simply needs some beatings!

The sky’s getting darker, a day has passed just like that.

Nie Li limped back to Ye Ziyun’s yard, depressingly. He originally plotted against Ye Zong, getting the Abyss Bear to sit on Ye Zong’s face to have his revenge before and won the bet. In the end, that old rascal, Ye Zong went against his words and also gave him a good smacking.

“This City Lord is too much! Damn!” Nie Li hissed from the pain and quickly grabbed onto his butt. This beating was to miserable, “I’ll get you back sooner of later. Hisss.”

At another part of City Lord’s Mansion

Ye Xiu had a strange expression as he followed behind Ye Zong.

“City Lord, this Tai Yi Killing Array......” Just when Ye Xiu is about to mention the Tai Yi Killing Array, he was suddenly interrupted by a burst of laughter.

“Hahaha......” Ye Zong suddenly couldn’t hold it back any longer and madly laughed, causing the surrounding walls to tremble. Thinking about Nie Li’s limping scene from earlier, his heart felt great!

“Uh......” Ye Xiu looked at Ye Zong who just suddenly lost his composure. He couldn’t quite adept to it. In the past, Ye Zong had always been very calm. But what’s going on today?

Ye Zong held his laughter back and immediately waved his hands and said, “Excuse me. Ye Xiu, continue talking.”

“This Tai Yi Killing Array......” Just when Ye Zong was about to continue speaking, he was interrupted again, by a burst of laughter.

“Hahaha......This laughter is killing me. This kid actually wants to be unreasonable with me, see if I don’t bash him!” Ye Zong couldn’t stop from madly laughing, holding onto his stomach and his face was completely red.

Ye Xiu was just dumbfoundedly looking at the totally lost posture Ye Zong. He didn’t know what to say and also forgot the question that he’s about to ask, “City Lord, let’s talk after you finish laughing.”

“Hahaha......This City Lord’s Mansion is my territory. Even if I go back against my words, what can you do to me?”

The entire City Lord’s Mansion was echoing with Ye Zong’s laughter.

The guards that are in charge of guarding and patrolling were all looking at each other from hearing Ye Zong’s laughter, wondering what’s going on with the City Lord today. They had never seen him losing his composure like that before. Could it be that some good news caused him to be so happy?

All these years, they have never seen Ye Zong’s smile before. Ye Zong was gold to everyone, with majesty and grandeur emitting from his body and caused them to be nervous when looking at Ye Zong. This caused his proud laughter today to be a little too weird.

Ye Xiu on the other hand, understood why Ye Zong would be like this. All these years, for Glory City’s safety, Ye Zong sacrificed too much by seating this City Lord’s position. He normally had a stern face all day long. Even his closest daughter didn’t have much contact with him. Ye Zong, when he’s young, wasn’t like this.

Only until he was provoked by Nie Li again and again, did he released his true nature.

‘Perhaps, this kind of state is good for Ye Zong.’ Ye Xiu secretly thought to himself.

Ye Ziyun’s yard

Nie Li entered the yard limping. Suddenly, a lovable and frail shadow was running towards him, it’s Nie Li’s sister, Xiao Yu.

“Big brother Nie Li, where have you been? I couldn’t find you for half a day!” Nie Yu blinked her eyes, that two pigtail of hers made her look extraordinarily cute.

Nie Li patted on Nie Yu’s head, lightly smiled and said, “I went out for a bit.”

“Nie Li,” A crisp voice sounded from the side.

Nie Li turned his head, and saw Xiao Ning’er enchantingly standing by the side. At this moment, she wore a training outfit, outlining her body even more exquisitely. A charming temperament was emitting from her body.

“Ning’er, why have you come?” Nie Li said, smilingly.

Xiao Ning’er pouted, her eyes carried a hint of resentment and said, “I went to your original yard to look for you and couldn’t find you. I was worried that something had happened to you and so I came to look for Ye Ziyun. I later learnt that you have moved here.”

Xiao Ning’er still has that little grievance in her heart. Not knowing when, Nie Li’s figure has already been imprinted in her heart. It’s no longer able to go away. Every day at night, she would recall of the events happened at the training ground. She would feel shy, but still reminisce over it.

She wished that her illness couldn’t be healed so fast. This way, she would be able to let Nie Li help her treat it. However, whenever she thought about this, she would feel a little disappointment and frustration. Because the one Nie Li likes is Ye Ziyun.