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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 117

Chapter 117 - Abyss Demon

Other than the Tai Yi Killing Array, Nie Li quickly laid down the Divine Thunder Killing Array. These two Killing Arrays were enough to cover a fifth of the City Lord’s Mansion. Nie Li also left the control imprint in Ye Ziyun’s and Ye Xiu’s soul force. Therefore, aside from Nie Li, Ye Ziyun and Ye Xiu can also use the two great Killing Arrays.

“Nie Li, give the imprint for control of the two great Killing Arrays to the City Lord.” Ye Xiu said to Nie Li, bitterly smiling. Afterall, Ye Zong is the real owner of the City Lord’s Mansion.

“Hmph hmph, passing it to someone like him that doesn’t keep his promises at all, unless he comes to beg me, fat chance!” Nie Li snorted.

Ye Xiu understands that it’s not an easy matter for Nie Li and Ye Zong to reconcile. How is this matter going to be resolved? Ye Xiu is also a little worried. Afterall, it’s impossible for Ye Zong to pull down his face to beg Nie Li. But since he already got an answer from Nie Li, he can go back to report his job.

After Ye Xiu left, Nie Li continued to train in the yard.

The night gradually deepened.

The entire City Lord’s Mansion fell into a dead silence, aside from the footsteps of the patrolling guards and the flapping of wings from the birds.

As Nie Li was practising his [Heavenly God] technique and absorbing soul force. Within the night, the wave of the aura was like a whirlpool, revolving around and into Nie Li’s body. Nie Li’s cultivation speed is simply shocking. It was as though Nie Li, at this moment, merged with the darkness.

At this moment, at a corner within the City Lord’s Mansion, figures appeared one after another. They were all clothed in black, completely hidden in the darkness.

“Have you guys finished investigating? What are those pillars used for?”

“We’re still unsure of that. We only know that that youngster activated the pillars and smashed Ye Zong to the ground.”

“A youngster activated the pillars and actually defeated a Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist like Ye Zong? How is that possible?”

“I saw it with my own eyes!”

“No wonder Long Sha wants us to come and probe the City Lord’s Mansion.”

“With our current Dark Guild’s strength, as well as grasping some extraordinary techniques, eradicating Glory City isn’t a difficult matter. Why is the Demon Lord still not going to take any action?”

“It’s not difficult to eradicate Glory City? You’re belittling Glory City too much! Those families of Glory City have been passed down for so long, how could they not have some counter methods? Three Major Families, seven Noble Families as well as some declining families. If it’s really in danger of their clan’s destruction, the power that they’ll burst forth is not to be underestimated! This time, we seven brought men over to attack the City Lord’s Mansion, you guys have to be extremely careful and not be careless!” The leading black clothed man snorted, “Aside from destroying that Array, we must also capture that kid!”

“Big Bro doesn’t have to worry. With the strength of us seven, even those Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists won’t be able to stop us.”

The seven black clothed men had their bodies undergo some transformations. Black Fox, Flaming Tiger, Meerkat, Scarlet Snake, Snow Bear and Snow Wind Corpse Worm. After their bodies had the features of these demon spirits, they hid within the darkness.

At this moment, in a Southern piece of land over at the City Lord’s Mansion, this is the part of City Lord’s Mansion that has the weakest defense. It’s the City Lord Mansion’s Martial Arts Field. Usually in the day, there would be many Fighters training here. At night, it’s an empty space. Adding on to the fact that there’s no buildings here, there isn’t much need to protect it.

Right now, there are sixty black clothed people gathering together, forming a circumference of dozens of meters in the central area. Over at the central area, it was carved with one complex inscription pattern after another.

These inscription patterns were shining with a type of strange blue light. It’s extremely eye-catching in the night.

The sixty people were chanting a complex spell, making the inscription patterns light up one after another.

At this time, three patrolling guards walked over. They passed the corridor far away, saw the blue light and came here to check it.

“Who are you people, what are you people doing here?” The three guards weren’t very alert. In their view, the City Lord’s Mansion is an absolutely safe place. who would dare to cause trouble in the City Lord’s Mansion?

Suddenly, three figures appeared at their backs. *Puff puff* Fresh blood splattered all over.

These three guards were only Silver rank and those that assassinated them were all at least Gold rank experts. They were caught off guard. Not even a sound was made and they fell into a pool of blood.

Those sixty people reacted as though nothing had happened, and continued chanting the spell.

Hong! Boom! Boom!

The ground was constantly cracking.

“Release! Abyss Demon!” One of the leading men shouted, his voice was nearly frantic. That blue light shined on his face, causing his face to look especially sinister.

The grey robes on those sixty black clothed people fluttered without any wind, their bodies floated in midair.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The surface of the Martial Arts Field was full of cracks. Vaguely, lava emerged from the ground. A huge head rose up from the burning lava. The lava was tumbling, many small lava drops splashed onto the ground some distance away and turned into small fiery demons. Those little fiery demons roared, running in all directions. The places they ran passed made the ground burn.

A giant demon that was dozen meters in height rose from the lava like an awakened giant. A huge set of wings grew on its back. Its hand was holding onto a giant flaming sword.

“Hahaha, wreak havoc! Abyss Demon!” The leading black clothed man madly laughed.

At this moment, the Abyss Demon suddenly opened those bell-like eyes of his. The giant flaming sword in his hand swung out. The leading black clothed men instantly perished within the flames, there wasn’t even a scream.

Seeing this scene, the remaining fifty people were scared out of their wits, and immediately

bolted outside.

After this Abyss Demon was summoned, there wasn’t any way to distinguish enemies and allies. Everything in his eyes, will be destroy without hesitation!

Boom! boom! boom!

A fire was raging. The southern side of the City Lord’s Mansion was completely thrown into chaos.

Nie Li, who currently training in Ye Ziyun’s yard, suddenly opened his eyes when he felt the commotion over at the southern area. He looked towards the south. Over there, a fire radiated in all directions, shouts filled the skies. It seems to be in a middle of a battle.

Nie Li’s heart felt a chill. Someone attacked the City Lord’s Mansion? And even caused such a huge commotion?

“Nie Li, what happened?” Ye Ziyun ran out of her building. Looking at the fire radiance scene far away, she was surprised. The City Lord’s Mansion is under attack?

Nie Li slightly knitted his brows. In his previous life, until the demon beasts attacked the City Lord’s Mansion, the City Lord’s Mansion did not experience any attacks. It seems that after his rebirth, it caused a butterfly effect which led to this event. Although the guards over at the Southern area are extremely weak, there isn’t any important place over there. There isn’t a meaning to attack that area!

The only explanation is that they are creating a diversion!

They are trying to attack the Southern area to lure the attention of the guards.

Then the real motive is......

Nie Li’s eyes shined. The opponent’s target, is without a doubt, him! In this period of time, the talent that he has shown is enough to catch the attention of the Dark Guild. Aside from the Dark Guild, the Sacred Family also has thoughts about killing him all this time!

‘Hmph! Never imagined that the Dark Guild would be so willing to spend so much. They’re willing to even attack the City Lord’s Mansion to capture me!’ Nie Li thought within his heart. He looked at Ye Ziyun and Nie Yu by the side and said, “Ziyun, help me bring Xiao Yu to the secret chamber and hide!”

“No!” Ye Ziyun firmly said. How can she do nothing when the City Lord’s Mansion is under attack?

“You’re only at 5-star Silver rank, not the opponent of these guys!”

“What about you?” Ye Ziyun said, anxiously.

“They are after me. However, I have methods to protect myself. I will lure them into the Tai Yi Killing Array and the Divine Thunder Killing Array and strive to kill a few of them!” Nie Li lightly smiled and said, “In this period of time, you should know the power of the Tai Yi Killing Array and Divine Thunder Killing Array. Even your father was smashed to the floor by me!”

Ye Ziyun remained silence for a moment.

“Big brother Nie Li, I’m going with you!” On Nie Yu’s tender face, had an unquestionable firmness.

“Xiao Yu, be good. You will not be of help to me if you follow me, you will drag me down! You first follow Big sister Ziyun. When Big brother Nie Li is done with them, I’ll immediately come looking for you!” Nie Li looked at Ye Ziyun and said, “Ziyun, I’ll leave Xiao Yu to you!”

Ye Ziyun looked at Xiao Yu and nodded with difficulty. She then brought Xiao Yu and ran towards the secret chamber in the yard.

As the daughter of the City Lord, Ye Ziyun’s yard had a complete set of countermeasures. The secret chamber at the yard leads to Ye Zong’s living area. Ye Ziyun understands that she couldn’t be of help to Nie Li, and can only seek for reinforcements from her father.

Nie Li took a glimpse at Ye Ziyun and Nie Yu’s back figures, then immediately merged with the Shadow Devil demon spirit. His body rapidly transformed, blending into the darkness.

The dark night is simply the world of the Shadow Devil demon spirit!

At this time, over at the southern area, a large number of guards gathered. They were swinging their weapons, charging at those little flaming demons and soon entered into close combat battle. A large amount of these guards were all Fighters. Demon Spiritualists only took up a tenth of the numbers. However, those Demon Spiritualists rapidly merged with their demon spirits and became the main force in the battle.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Flames flew all around, weapons were colliding.

The most fearful is naturally, the most powerful Abyss Demon! The Abyss Demon doesn’t distinguish friends and foes. It raised its giant flaming sword and chopped down. A tall tower collapsed. Guards that were wielding bows and crossbows screamed as the tower fell.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

A dense cloud of arrows flew towards the Abyss Demon from all direction.

The whole area was extremely chaotic.

Together with Ye Xiu, three Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists already arrived in the area, merged with their own demon spirits and were ready to join the battle.

One of the Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists looked at Ye Xiu and asked, “Ye Xiu, what should we do?”

This Abyss Demon is an existence that was not beneath a Legend rank Demon Spiritualist. If it wasn’t for the fact that the Abyss Demon is slow, he would have already leveled the City Lord’s Mansion!

Ye Xiu said, after being in silence for a moment, “Lead it towards the west! We’ll kill it with the Divine Thunder Killing Array!”

This is the only method, otherwise, the Abyss Demon will definitely destroy the entire City Lord’s Mansion!