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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 12

Chapter 12 - Soul Realm

Nie Li put it this way, if Sacred family were to go after Nie Li, wouldn’t that indicate that the Sacred family is a villainous bunch?

No matter if it’s Shen Xiu or Shen Yue, both were angered to the point they almost vomited blood.

Ye Ziyun couldn’t help but to look at Nie Li again, never did she think that Nie Li is so daring to actually offend the Sacred family, one of the three major family in Glory City. Recently, Nie Li’s actions made her unable to ignore his existence. Curiosity rose from Ye Ziyun’s heart, what kind of person is Nie Li actually?

As for Xiao Ning’er, hearing how Nie Li uses his sharp words to attack the weak spot of Sacred family, she couldn’t help but to feel happy. Her family has always been wanting to marry her off to the Sacred family, but in her heart she is conflicted. From the start her impression towards the Sacred family hasn’t been good. Hearing how Nie Li subdued ShenXue and Shen Yue with his words to the point that they are speechless all while playing a rascal, she couldn’t help laughing. At the same time her heart is deeply filled with adoration for Nie Li. How profound must one’s knowledge need to be in order to tell the source of Scarlet Sunburst inscription pattern with just a glance? So while these people are busy wasting their time, Nie Li has been reading books all along.

At this moment outside the classroom, Lu Ye hastily ran towards the grey robed elder and the vice principal’s direction and passed the Book of Divine Lightning Fire to the grey robed elder.

Vice-Principal Ye Sheng repeatedly directed his attention to the grey robed elder’s expression.

The grey robed elder flipped the Book of Divine Lightning Fire to page 30, diagram six. Seeing the Lightning Fire Inscription Pattern on the book, then comparing it with Scarlet Sunburst Inscription Pattern, his face became sullen and did not say anything.

Ye Sheng dared not speak. This truly is a scandal of the Sacred family. This matter involved the upper level of Glory City, therefore on this matter he dared not say anything.

Grey robed elder looked at the Book of Divine Lightning Fire. The words on it are very complex, even he only recognizes small part of the words. Nie Li actually had such profound knowledge, causing him to be astonished. He remained silent for a moment before saying ,"This student, how is the innate talent 0f Nie Li?"

Ye Sheng looked at Lu Ye. Regarding such nameless student, the Vice-Principal wouldn’t know much about the student.

Lu Ye hastily reply "I just looked him, he only has a red soul realm."

Grey robed elder nodded his head "Such a pity, this child is so well educated. A pity that his innate talent is only this much, otherwise his future would be promising. Lu Sheng, arrange for him a library clerk position!"

"Yes!" Lu Sheng hastily nodded his head, he knew of grey robed elder’s love for talented individuals. Although Nie Li’s innate talent is poor, he is knowledgeable and could even read the Book of Divine Lightning Fire. By becoming a library clerk, he could also research and study more books like these. Everyone in Glory City has their priority on training their cultivation. Very few would research and study these kind of ancient books. This arrangement of the grey robed elder is in order to protect Nie Li. After all, the job of library clerk is to work inside the school, this way Sacred family wouldn’t be able to suppress Nie Li.

But, would Nie Li fear the suppression of Sacred family? If it was in the past life, Nie Li would definitely have his tail between his legs, fearing Sacred family to the extreme. But in this life Nie Li definitely wouldn’t swallow his grievances.

This resentment , Nie Li has kept tabs on it all and still has to repay the Sacred family!

Shen Xiu looked at Nie Li with enmity. Her hatred for Nie Li has reached the limit, coldly saying, "Today’s matters, I will remember it!" Shen Xiu is a vindictive person, and, as Nie Li’s teacher, she naturally had a lot of ways to cause trouble for Nie Li.

Heh heh, Nie Li sneered incessantly. As a teacher, she actually threatened a student in her class, so shameless! Even if Sacred family doesn’t look to trouble him, he will take initiative to trouble the Sacred family!

This is still the first battle, Nie Li still has a lot of tactics to deploy. However, he didn’t want to reveal his hand at the moment as his current strength is still not enough. He couldn’t offend the Sacred family too much, after all they are still one of the major family of Glory City. Nie Li clearly understands that he desperately needs to enhance his strength.

After that, Shen Xiu didn’t have the mood to continue the lecture, and hastily ended the lesson.

The things that happened in the lesson spread quickly among the students, passing from one to another. The usually lofty Sacred family, no matter how much they try to cover it, this kind of action violates the demon spiritist’s code of conduct and thus would be disdained by all demon spiritist. Sacred family can only see Nie Li as the thorn in their side, but can’t do anything to Nie Li. On the contrary, if anything were to happen to Nie Li, everyone would suspect the Sacred family. Such a blatant action, even the Sacred family couldn’t dare do it, after all Sacred family couldn’t hide the truth from the masses.

After this incident, Sacred family’s prestige was greatly affected. It’s said that the house master of the Sacred family tried to visit Ye Ziyun’s father, the city lord of Glory City, but was rejected.

For Nie Li, this is something to be happy about.

Although he doesn’t know how to get near to Ye Ziyun, if he could destroy the marriage between Shen Yue and Ye Ziyun, then it’s something to be happy about.

After today’s incident, Ye Ziyun’s image of Shen Yue was reduced by quite a bit.

Vice-Principal’s office.

Shen Xiu’s sharp voice sounded.

"Vice-Principal Ye Sheng, this student Nie Li has no respect for his elders. He openly contradicts his teacher in class. Simply, nasty to no extent. I request the approval of vice principal to have him expelled from school!" Shen Xiu said emotionally.

Even without the elder’s words, with Nie Li’s profound knowledge, even if he couldn’t become a powerful demon spiritist in the future, he could still become an important individual of some powerful demon spiritist, how could Ye Sheng expel such a student? Moreover Nie Li had the appreciation of that elder. But after all, Shen Xiu is a member of Sacred family, he still needs to give her some face, smiling as he reply "I will consider this matter. To let a student be expelled from school would still have great impact."

"Vice-Principal Ye Sheng, there’s nothing to consider. I request the immediate expulsion of Nie Li, otherwise I will not teach the class!!" Shen Xiu said angrily.

Ye Sheng’s eye flashed, Shen Xiu this woman doesn’t know when to stop. Putting on a smiling face, he said "That being the case, how about I transfer you to other class then?"

Shen Xiu slightly hesitated, she thought that Ye Sheng would give some face to the Sacred family, but in his words, Shen Xiu heard some meaning, Ye Sheng has firmly decided to protect Nie Li. If she was transferred to other class, she wouldn’t have any way to trouble Nie Li. Shen Xiu cursed Ye Sheng in her heart, and swallowed this feeling and said, "No need then. Let’s forget today’s matter. Two months later there’ll be the apprentice fighter test. If he’s ranked in the the last three in the fighter apprentice class, then vice-principal Ye Sheng would have nothing else to say right? According to the rules of Holy Orchid Institute, being ranked in the last three would require them to be expelled from the school!"

"No problem with that!" Ye Sheng laughed.

Shen Xiu lets out a grunt, turned around walking towards the door.

Seeing Shen Xiu leaving, Ye Sheng’s eye flashed a hint of chill. Shen Xiu relied on being a member of the Sacred family and was a little too arrogant and domineering. Ye Sheng thought again, even if Nie Li’s results are poor, with his profound knowledge, he wouldn’t be in the bottom three. Even if he is in the bottom three and is expelled from school, that elder would probably reach out to recruit Nie Li.

At this moment in the school library’s 3rd floor, there’s a lot of small rooms Originally meant as Holy Orchid Institute’s student reading rooms, but at this moment, they became the base of Nie Li and his group because Nie Li has been hired by Holy Orchid Institute to be a library clerk. Being a clerk doesn’t require one to do anything and would receive three hundred demon spirit coin every month, getting these kind of benefits who wouldn’t agree?

The action of Holy Orchid Institute hiring Nie Li is very strange, but once giving it a little thought for a moment, Nie Li understood why. The higher level of Holy Orchid Institute did this to protect Nie Li from the suppression of Sacred family! Although the position of library clerk isn’t big, but is still a clerk of Holy Orchid Institute, even if it’s Sacred family, would still worry about repercussions.

In this matter, Nie Li is grateful towards Holy Orchid Institute.

Vice-Principal Ye Sheng doesn’t know that, because of the elder’s words that caused Nie Li to be hired as a library clerk, Holy Orchid Institute would greatly benefit in the near future.

"Nie Li, offending Sacred family like this, wouldn’t it be bad?" Du Ze spoke after being silent for a momen. He’s more of a cautious man.

"Who cares if it’s good or not, it’s fine as long as it feels great." Lu Piao curled his lips. Seeing Shen Xiu’s face become distorted from anger, he felt great about it. In any case he had been unhappy about this woman.

Nie Li looked towards Du Ze nodding his head "I know! In the last few days we haven’t gone to class, Shen Xiu is probably anxious."

Since Nie Li already put it this way, Du Ze also didn’t say anything else.

At this moment beside Nie Li,Du Ze, and Lu Piao, there are still three more commoner students. They were the ones who stood at the back of the class with Nie Li. Their innate talent wasn’t that good as well, only having red soul realm. As for these three commoner, their names are, Wei Nan, Zhu Xiangjun and Zhang Ming. Nie Li still trusts them, in the previous life they were all Du Ze’s direct subordinates, their relations with Nie Li couldn’t be considered good but they were all loyal towards Du Ze. In the battle with the demon beast before Glory City was destroyed, they defended the city to their last breath and died in the battle with Du Ze, are all blood brothers!

And in this life, the small group of them are being led by Nie Li.

"I just spent more than six thousand demon spirit coins to purchase six primary soul crystals. I want to test your aptitude!" Nie Li said while looking at them.

"Test aptitude? Didn’t we already have our aptitude tested when we enrolled into school?" Du Ze asked feeling puzzled.

Nie Li mysteriously smiled saying "My test are different from that one!"

Everyone in the room had their doubts. Ever since the establishment of Glory City, they have been always using the usual method. Their soul force has already been determined, what does Nie Li want to test? One primary soul crystal cost one thousand demon spirit coin and Nie Li actually brought six in one go! Although they had some doubts regarding Nie Li’s words, due to the profound knowledge that Nie Li showed earlier on, they were convinced in Nie Li’s words without any discussion.

"Generally, unused soul crystals are the most sensitive. If it is used to test a person’s soul realm they will be extremely accurate. But once there is more than one person who has used the same soul crystal, the soul crystal will have interference and can barely test the soul realm’s type and the strength of the soul force," Nie Li said, laughing.

"Other than soul realm’s type and the strength of the soul force, what else can be tested?" Lu Piao asked curiously.

"The attributes and form of the soul realm!" Nie Li answered with a smile.

Du Ze, Lu Piao and the rest all looked at each other, what Nie Li just said sounds very profound.