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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 120

Chapter 120 - A pretty good young man

The Demon Spiritualist was plunged into deep despair. Even if he uses his secret technique to get rid of the Flaming Snake’s restraints, he’ll be completely exhausted afterwards. There are dozens of Black Gold rank demon spirits waiting for him within the surrounding area, there’s no way he can escape!

His heart was filled with regret. Who would have thought that a 5-star Silver rank ant would actually be a threat to him? If he knew earlier, even if he had to exhaust all of his methods, he’d absolutely not let Nie Li escape from him!

But now, it’s already too late!

The blazing flames were constantly bursting out from the Flaming Snake, and the constriction was getting tighter and tighter. The Demon Spiritualist felt like he was suffocating, nearly fainting from the pressure.

“Berserker’s Heart!” The Demon Spiritualist roared. The fur on his body stood up, and began to emit a crimson luster. His sharp claws slashed out rays of cold light, furiously tearing at the Flaming Snake.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Flaming Snake was under a heavy attack, and was constantly struggling with its body. Its tails were whipping everywhere.

In the world of demon spirits, Meerkat is the natural predator of the snake species. When the Flaming Snake suffered the attack, it immediately slither to one side.

“Berserker’s Heart. Able to surge your fighting capabilities several fold; however, the duration is extremely short, you also lose your sanity easily after going berserk and will become exhausted. However, with just the Berserker’s Heart, it’s absolutely impossible to break through this Tai Yi Killing Array!”

Nie Lie wasn’t surprised to seeing the Flaming Snake retreat. He was planning for this to happen. He made use of the Flaming Snake to force this Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist to use his maximum combat ability, and make him lose his sanity.

“Abyss Bear, go!”

The Abyss Bear furiously roared, and pounded towards the Demon Spiritualist.

When the demon spiritualist executed the Berserker’s Heart, both of his eyes turned crimson red, like a beast that has lost its sanity. He didn’t care about if his strength could beat the Abyss Bear and rushed towards the Abyss Bear.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Qi waves were bursting out in all directions, causing the surroundings to crack.

“Even though he is just a 2-star Black Gold rank, he’s able to let out such a frightening power after executing the Berserker’s Heart. This is a little surprising; however, even if you’ve executed the Berserker’s Heart, it’s impossible to escape!”

Under Nie Li’s control, the Abyss Bear unleashed a storm of attacks against that Demon Spiritualist.

The Abyss Bear has extremely tough skin and flesh, making it a Defense-type demon spirit. It’s not afraid, even when it faces other demon beasts that are ranked higher than it. Whereas the Meerkat is an Agile-type demon spirit, excelling in agility. If he wished to escape, even the Abyss Bear would have a hard time catching up; however, at this moment, the Demon Spiritualist has completely entered into the berserk state, and doesn’t have any thoughts of escape anymore.

Although the Meerkat’s attacks are pretty decent when in berserk state, they didn’t even cause the Abyss Bear’s body to itch when they landed on it.

The Abyss Bear swung his palm, and heavily slammed the Meerkat’s head.


The Demon Spiritualist was slammed into the ground, creating a huge crater in the process.

The Demon Spiritualist continued struggling and roared in a rage, trying to get up. However, the Abyss Bear stomped on his back.

The whole ground trembled, blood was spurting out from the Demon Spiritualist’s mouth. The Meerkat’s characteristics were slowly retracting back from his body, and he turned back into his human form. He was laying on the ground, unable to move. Apparently, he has already fainted.

Suddenly, several figures arrived, it’s Gong Liangshu and the bunch from earlier.

Gong Liangshu and bunch were indescribably depressed. They were chasing after the Dark Guild intruders all around and did not capture a single one. The opponent’s strength was too strong; furthermore, they were extremely cautious with their actions, giving them no chance to counterattack. Thereafter, they felt an intense fight breaking out over here, so they came over.

Before they even arrived, the battle had already come to an end.

Seeing the arrival of Gong Liangshu and bunch, Nie Li slowly floated down. He looked at Gong Liangshu and bunch, cupped his hands and said, “Senior Gong Liangshu, this is a Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist from the Dark Guild. He has yet to die, however, his soul force has already been depleted. Please escort him to the City Lord’s Mansion’s prison!”

A Dark Guild’s Black Gold rank expert definitely knows a lot of secrets about the Dark Guild. Therefore, they are quite valuable.

Up till today, Glory City has yet to capture any Black Gold rank experts that are from Dark Guild!

Gong Liangshu was a little depressed. Until now, they have yet to capture anyone from the Dark Guild. Now, a 5-star Silver rank like Nie Li was able to catch a big fish! They did not have any complaints; after all, he has made a huge contribution to Glory City!

Gong Liangchu solemnly said, “Escort him to the prison! Be careful, he mustn’t escape!”

The several Black Gold rank Fighters standing behind Gong Liangshu immediately went up and tied the Demon Spiritualist from Dark Guild up.

“Thanks for your hard work.”

When they finished speaking to him, Nie Li immediately leaped towards the side, and was getting ready to activate the Tai Yi Killing Array and search for his next target.

Just when Gong Liangshu and bunch were about to escort the Demon Spiritualist from Dark Guild, a figure that was wearing a white robe flew over. This person is Ye Zong. He looked at the unconscious Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist and then looked at Nie Li. He never thought that Nie Li had been able to use the Tai Yi Killing Array to capture an expert of the Dark Guild.

Ye Zong had received news from Ye Ziyun, which is why he came looking for Nie Li. However, he never imagined that Nie Li had already captured an expert of the Dark Guild.

Nie Li and Ye Zong’s gazes met each other, both of them remained silent for a moment.

“This is the imprint for Tai Yi Killing Array and Divine Thunder Killing Array. After you refined it, you’ll be able to control the two great Killing Arrays.”

Nie Li swung his right hand, throwing out two seal stones with inscription pattern on them.

Ye Zong’s right hand reached out and grabbed the two stone. He looked at Nie Li with surprise and said, “You’re willing to let me gain control over the two great Killing Arrays? You’re not going to talk terms with me?”

“Hmph, if the City Lord’s Mansion wasn’t under attack......Consider yourself getting it cheap today!”

Nie Li turned his head around. In his previous life, Ye Ziyun has told him many things about Ye Zong. He knows that Ye Zong is an extremely overbearing father. This caused Nie Li to have some views about him. This is also why he wanted to diminish some of Ye Zong’s prestige in this life.

However, Nie Li isn’t someone that wouldn’t give considerations for the general interest. Now that the City Lord’s Mansion is under attack, the two Killing Arrays are needed to kill the enemies. With the general interest at stake, all of those individual conflicts became water under the bridge. Nie Li also wasn’t prepared to haggle over this with Ye Zong.

“I’ll leave this place to you. I’m heading over the Divine Thunder Killing Array.”

Nie Li sprang up and bolted away.

Looking at Nie Li’s bolting figure, and the two seal stones in his hand, Ye Zong’s face revealed a gratified smile.


He crushed the two seal stones. The inscription patterns on the seal stones slowly floated up, unleashing a dazzling light. Ye Zong refined the two seal stones quickly.

Gong Liangshu hasn’t seen Nie Li before, so he opened his mouth and asked, “City Lord, who is he?” .

Ye Zong took a glimpse of the distant figure, smiled and said, “A pretty good young man, the hope of Glory City’s future. The young will replace the old. Old things like us will soon have to step aside and pass it over to the capable youngsters.”

Gong Liangshu looked at Ye Zong and nodded his head, lost within his thoughts.

What reaction would Nie Li have if he were to hear Ye Zong’s assessment of him?

The City Lord’s Mansion is still in the midst of battle. The Abyss Demon, and those little flame demons that were summoned, had already killed who knows how many guards. Although Ye Xiu had been operating the Divine Thunder Killing Array, he barely managed to hold the Abyss Demon back.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Bolts of heavenly lightning landed on the Abyss Demon’s body. The skies above the City Lord’s Mansion’s were filled with the furious roars of the Abyss Demon.

Aside from that, another area of the City Lord’s Mansion was also under attack. Quite a number of Silver and Gold rank experts were slain.

At this moment, in every corner of the Glory City

Divine Family

The Divine Family’s specialty was communicating through soul force.

“Patriarch, the City Lord’s Mansion is under attack!”

At this moment, the grey robed Divine Family’s Patriarch is standing on top of a towering building, looking at the blazing City Lord’s Mansion.

“Patriarch, what should we do?”

The Divine Family’s Patriarch, Chen Zhenlong, solemnly said, “No matter what, we of the Divine Family are always the solid backing of the Snow Wind Family. Chen Fei, bring three Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists to assist the City Lord’s Mansion. The rest are to keep close surveillance of other areas within Glory City, in case the Dark Guild attacks!”


Three Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists leaped, and headed towards the City Lord’s Mansion.

Aside from the Divine Family, seven Noble families and twenty Aristocratic families also dispatched people to reinforce the City Lord’s Mansion.

Sacred Family

A black clothed person whispered to Shen Hong, “Patriarch, they are currently attacking the City Lord’s Mansion. What should we do?” .

Shen Hong stared far away, coldly snorting and said, “Long Sha bypassed me and acted solo. Aside from keeping us from being exposed, I didn’t want us to intervene in this matter. Since he doesn’t wish for our help, why should I barge into this matter? However, since the other families have dispatched reinforcements to Glory City, we of the Sacred Family can’t be doing nothing. Bring two Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists with you and go. Remember, just put up an act. There’s no need to take any real action!”

“Yes, I understand.”

The black clothed man leaped out. Soon, three figures bolted towards the direction of the City Lord’s Mansion.

City Lord’s Mansion

The majority of the Snow Wind Family’s experts coordinated with the Divine Thunder Killing Array to restrain the Abyss Demon. As for the Silver and Gold rank guards, they were all battling the little flame demons. The entire scene could only be described as chaotic.

The Abyss Demon was restrained for the moment; however, the little flame demons were extremely arrogant. They were constantly slaughtering the guards, causing bursts of miserable screaming.

Suddenly, even Ye Xiu was becoming a little panicked. If he waited until they kill the Abyss Demon, they would suffer a major lost by then. These Silver and Gold rank guards are the most elite members of the several army that is under the Snow Wind Family. If there are many casualties among them, it would have extremely great impact.