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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 127

Chapter 127 - Clash

Huyan Xiong shifted his gaze between Ye Zong and Yang Xin, and understood something. If Nie Li was an ordinary genius that gained some attention, even if Ye Zong wouldn’t kill him, but he would at least teach him a lesson for being so arrogant. After all, an arrogant genius is nothing more than a nuisance. However, not only did Ye Zong not taking any disciplinary action, he even protected Nie Li. This caused Huyan Xiong to feel a little incomprehensive. Not only that, even Yang Xin spoke out.

It seems that aside from having extraordinary talent, Nie Li also has something that’s worthy enough for him to be noticed. Thinking about all the events that recently happened in Glory City, Huyan Xiong was able to figure out a little of the truth. No wonder his daughter didn’t have her eyes on Ye Han and was firmly fixed on Nie Li. The daughter of my Huyan Family will definitely not make a mistake at seeing the worth of someone.

Shen Hong had a solemn expression and did not speak a word.

All the youngsters in the hall were looking at each other.

They never imagined that the outcome would be like this.

Even though he was acting so arrogantly, Ye Zong did not only not punish him, he even protected Nie Li. What does this mean exactly?

That loud declaration from Nie Li before, he said that it’d only be Ye Han’s turn if Nie Li doesn’t want to be the City Lord anymore, does that mean that the City Lord has already made the decision to pass the City Lord’s position to Nie Li? This is, without a doubt, an explosive news. Everyone looked between Nie Li and Ye Han, and tried to see something out of them.

At this moment, Ye Zong felt a little depressed. He understood that his actions today has created an obstruction between him and Ye Han.

The action from before, aside from targeting the Sacred Family, Nie Li is also deterring Ye Han.

Although Ye Han did not show any expression on his face, a layer of darkness covered his heart. Ever since he entered the City Lord’s Mansion, and became the foster son of Ye Zong, he understood that he only has one path in front of him and that is to constantly train and eventually take over as the next City Lord. If he failed and Ye Ziyun or someone else took over the City Lord’s position, his position within the Snow Wind Family would be very awkward. Furthermore, he can feel that aside from his master, all of the elders of the Snow Wind Family are very cautious against him.

Moreover, when Nie Li declared that he wants to fight for the City Lord’s position, Ye Zong did not only not teach him a lesson, he even took action to stop Shen Hong. The meaning behind that is extremely obvious. Ye Zong will protect Nie Li! Could it be that Ye Zong has the intention to let Nie Li take over the City Lord’s position?

Nie Li is an outsider and not even a member of the Snow Wind Family. However, Ye Han understands that with Ye Zong’s impartial character, if that particular person has the capability to lead Glory City, even if he’s not of the Snow Wind Family, Ye Zong will push him up to the seat. This is exactly what Ye Zong has been doing for him!

Ye Han felt threatened by Nie Li.

Seeing how overbearing and arrogant Nie Li is, and yet acting so easy and casual, Huyan Lanruo’s eyes sparkled. She’s wondering how was Nie Li able to accomplish such feat. She simply wants to worship Nie Li. Ever since she was young, she had always been a trouble maker. After she caused some trouble, it’s inevitable for her to be punished by the adults. However, even though Nie Li has caused some trouble, no one dares to reprimand him and he continues to have that dominate look on his face. Nie Li’s level of causing trouble is simply a level above her!

‘He truly is worthy of being the man I like.’ Huyan Lanruo proudly thought.

Nie Li’s gaze swept across everyone. Shen Fei and his bunch don’t even dare to look him in the eyes, and kept their heads down. Seeing Nie Li acting so arrogantly, they know they already lost in terms of appearance. He dared to be arrogant in the City Lord’s Mansion’s banquet and cracked the floor, would anyone else dare to do it?

Aside from Chen Linjian, Ye Han, Huyan Lanruo and few others, the rest had weaker impressions compared to Nie Li’s imposing manner.

Chen Linjian laughed. He never thought that Nie Li would be so interesting. He’s exactly like his type of friend.

“Brat, you’ve got guts!”

Chen Linjian made an eye signal towards Nie Li. With his eyes, how can he not see that Nie Li did all of this on purpose. The reaction of everyone in the hall is just as Nie Li expected.

Ye Han calmly smiled and said, “I never thought about fighting for the City Lord’s seat. I feel that little sis Ziyun is more worthy of being the next candidate for City Lord. If little sis Ziyun becomes the next City Lord, I will do my best to assist her, even if it means my death. However, if an outsider were to become the City Lord, I doubt that even the Snow Wind family and all the other various families of Glory City will agree to it!”

What a nice move!

Nie Li’s brows twitched. This Ye Han is indeed formidable. The chain of events that Nie Li just did did not seem to cause any ripples in his emotions. This guy has been able to plan it up to this point.

Nie Li placed both hands behind his head and casually said, “Aha, if Ziyun becomes the next City Lord, I’ll naturally have nothing to say about it. However, if someone else becomes the City Lord, I will definitely wreck the City Lord’s Mansion.”

Nie Li is not boasting, he indeed has the ability to do it.

Various Patriarchs naturally heard heard Nie Li’s declaration and looked towards Ye Zong; however, Ye Zong remained silent.

Truth is, Ye Zong was bitterly smiling in his heart. In the early days, Ye Han was always known to have extraordinary talent among the juniors, being the most promising one. He had always nurtured Ye Han to be the next City Lord. Ye Han also probably understood his intentions and has been practising very hard.

However, Nie Li appeared out of nowhere, having an unrivalled talent. He has the support of the Alchemist Association and also a supreme expert backing him. Aside from that, if the City Lord’s Mansion has the intention of completely laying down the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array, they’ll have to depend on Nie Li to finish the job.

One can say that with Nie Li’s help, Glory City can definitely reach a new height. They don’t even need to be afraid of the threat of demon beasts. If they were to fall out with Nie Li, he might really wreck the City Lord’s Mansion.

Glory City can do without Ye Han, but it can absolutely not do without Nie Li. This is Nie Li’s capital, which is more than enough to suppress Ye Han.

However, Ye Han is the foster son of Ye Zong. After being together for so many years, they had built a deep relationship. If he were to suddenly tell Ye Han that he no longer has any hope of becoming the City Lord, how would he feel? Would he be resentful?

Various Patriarchs understood the discerning words and body language. They all understood one thing from the silence of Ye Zong. Ye Han probably has no more hope to be the successor.

The situation has changed so quickly!

Not only was Nie Li unharmed for causing a scene in the City Lord’s Mansion’s Reception Hall, he was also being protected by both Ye Zong and the Alchemist Association. This caused various families re-evaluate Nie Li’s position.

Ye Ziyun looked at Nie Li with a little sadness in her eyes but did not refute his words. Although Ye Ziyun doesn’t want to fight for anything, she felt some bitterness in some of Ye Zong’s actions. Ever since she was young, Ye Ziyun would always hear about how grand Ye Han’s cultivation progress was from Ye Zong’s mouth. The time Ye Zong spent to teach Ye Han far surpassed the time he would spend to teach her.

In Ye Ziyun’s heart, Ye Han was someone that snatched her father’s love away from her. Although she had told herself countless times to not mind it, whenever she hears about Ye Zong not caring about the opposition of the majority of the Snow Wind Family’s elders and insisting on passing the City Lord’s seat over to Ye Han, her fretful heart couldn’t calm down. It’s not that Ye Ziyun wishes to become the City Lord, it’s just that Ye Zong gave the best to Ye Han, even though she is his biological daughter!

Ye Ziyun could see that the reason why Nie Li caused such a scene in the reception hall is probably because he noticed something. Although she doesn’t wish for the scene to be so stiff, when Nie Li actually did it, she actually felt at ease in her heart.

Sometimes, emotions that have been repressed for so long needed to be relieved.

Being together with Nie Li, Ye Ziyun realised that she became more happy. Although she would get angry at Nie Li for bullying her, but when they are outside with Nie Li acted like her guardian, she didn’t have to worry about being at a disadvantage. Nie Li isn’t even willing to be in a bit of a disadvantage. If someone were to go against him, they were simply signing their own death certificates. Thinking about when Shen Yue and Shen Fei were once overbearing in public and were now scared out of their wits by Nie Li to the point of not even daring to raise their heads, she couldn’t help smiling.

Nie Li is simply the devil’s reincarnation.

Xiao Ning’er looked at Nie Li’s back figure, her eyes were glowing. This guy in front of her is the man she admires. When he speaks, the entire world will be silent for him. There’s nothing he can’t accomplish in this world. Under his wings, Xiao Ning’er felt at ease and had a sense of security.

No one gave her such a feeling before.

Xiao Ning’er originally thought that she would be forced to marry into the Sacred Family. Due to this matter, she had fallen into anxiety and panic, and even had thoughts of suicide. The only reason why she trained so hard was to shake off that horrifying fate. However, all of this changed due to the Nie Li’s appearance. In the future, no one will request her to be marry into the Sacred Family anymore. Under Nie Li’s gaze, Shen Fei doesn’t even dare to make a noise. Even the Patriarch of Sacred Family was unable to cover Nie Li’s sharp edge.

Nie Li no longer bothered himself with Ye Han. His gaze landed on Shen Fei and snorted, “Shen Fei, do you know where you are? Is the City Lord’s Mansion’s banquet something you can attend? Get the hell out of here; otherwise, don’t blame me for what I’ll do to you!”

Shen Fei’s originally weakened appearance thought that he had already avoided Nie Li’s sharp edge. However, he never expected for Nie Li to go this far. He raised head, angrily stared at Nie Li and said, “Nie Li, don’t go too far!”

“So you, young master Shen, can bully others, but I’m not allowed to bully? If you still dare to remain here, I’ll have you taste my Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword!” Nie Li snorted. A huge boom was heard and the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword was halfway into the ground, causing spiderweb like cracks to rapidly appear and expand.