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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 128

Chapter 128 - Biological?

The corner of Shen Fei’s mouth couldn’t help stop twitching. He really didn’t have the guts to fight Nie Li. He had already been miserably defeated during the tournament battle. Not to mention that Nie Li has become even stronger since then.

Shen Fei raised his head to look at the upper section far away, hoping to get some support from his father. However, Shen Hong’s face was dark and looked like he did not care about what was happening here.

Seeing Shen Fei’s action, Nie Li chuckled in his heart. Shen Fei, you coward, haven’t you noticed yet? Ye Zong trapped Shen Hong with his words. If he took action, that would be considered bullying. How can Shen Hong have the face to still take action?

Nie Li was acting arrogant and rude from the moment he entered this hall. Every action he took is meant to step on Shen Fei and also to show his hatred towards the Sacred Family. He deliberately showed his strength as a warning. The more he provokes the Sacred Family, the deeper the hatred Sacred Family has for him and this will cause them to act against him, hence they will leak their flaws.

The reason why Glory City fell so quickly in his previous life is because it was collapsing from the inside. The Sacred Family is like a timebomb in Glory City. He has to remove them! Both the Alchemist Association and the Snow Wind Family have already begun to take precautions against the Sacred Family. It was now time to provoke the Sacred Family a little more.

Ye Han coldly snorted, “Nie Li, Shen Fei is the guest of my City Lord’s Mansion. Just what, exactly, is the impression that you are giving my City Lord’s Mansion by being like this?”

“I don’t give a damn if he’s your guest or not. I want him to scram; otherwise, I’ll beat him up until he does!” Nie Li angrily stared at Ye Han, “If you must intervene in this matter, then be prepared to bear the consequences!”

That arrogant look of Nie Li’s caused Ye Han to be a little furious. However, Ye Han had returned not long ago, so he is unable to understand Nie Li’s identity nor why even Ye Zong would be so afraid to act. In the end, he decided to swallow this anger.

Ye Han shrugged his shoulders and stood to one side.

Even Ye Han was backing off? Suddenly, Shen Fei felt a little afraid.

When he saw Ye Han back off, Nie Li’s gaze swept back onto Shen Fei and said, “You’re still here?”

“Remember this, I’ll get you back sooner or later!” Shen Fei coldly snorted and walked towards the exit of the hall.

Shen Fei is really leaving?

Everyone was stunned. He was participating in the City Lord’s banquet and then he was chased out. This is simply too embarrassing......The other people felt embarrassed for associating with Shen Fei. Isn’t he a little too cowardly?

Nie Li’s gaze retracted from Shen Fei’s leaving figure and swept across Ye Han. This Ye Han is simply too cunning. He knows when to retreat and when to advance. He is the hardest type of person to deal with! As for the reason why Ye Ziyun was unwilling to mention about Ye Han in his previous life, Nie Li has already understood a portion of it. However, Nie Li still has to determine one other thing. Ye Han is already a 3-star Gold rank Demon Spiritualist. By right, he should have joined in that battle in his previous life, so why didn’t Nie Li hear any news about Ye Han’s death in battle?

He is a mystery!

No matter how deep you hide your true self, I will dig him out one day and look at your bottomline.

When he saw Shen Fei being chased away by Nie Li, Shen Hong suddenly stood up. In front of all these Patriarchs, his face was almost completely thrown away. Shen Fei, that bastard, so what if he’s beaten up by Nie Li? At most, that simply means that you’re not as good as the others. Nie Li wouldn’t even be able to kill you in front of so many witnesses. In the end, he told you to scram and you actually complied? You really are a coward!

“City Lord, since the City Lord’s Mansion doesn’t welcome my Sacred Family, we’ll leave!” Shen Hong coldly snorted and walked towards the exit.

Ye Zong naturally knew that Shen Hong doesn’t have enough face to remain here any longer. He politely said, “Brother Shen, why are you being like this? It’s just the youngsters fighting, there’s no need to put it to heart. Since brother Shen insists on leaving, I won’t retain you any further. I’ll let Ye Xiu to send you off!”

“No need.” Shen Hong tossed his sleeves, turned around and left.

Shen Fei and Shen Hong walked out of the City Lord’s Mansion’s Reception Hall with one at the back and one at the front.

Various Patriarchs seemed to have realised something. Shen Hong left fuming and Ye Zong did not sound like he wanted to retain him. There seems to be something wrong with this matter. The various Patriarchs made up their minds. It’s best that they disassociate themselves from the Sacred Family.

All of Nie Li’s motives here have been accomplished. He turned his head around and Huyan Lanruo’s face was shining with worship. He screamed ‘Shit!’ in his heart.

Nie Li turned around, looked at Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er, and said, “This banquet doesn’t seem to have any meaning. Ziyun, Ning’er, let’s leave!”

“Okay.” Ye Ziyun nodded her head. She, personally, doesn’t like these kinds of events.

Naturally, Xiao Ning’er also left with Nie Li.

Huyan Lanruo faced Nie Li’s back and shouted, “Oh, Nie Li, you’re leaving already?”

Hearing Huyan Lanruo’s voice, Nie Li swiftly ran away. Damn! With a demoness like you here, if I don’t leave now, when will I?

Huyan Lanruo originally wanted to chase after him, but because of how she was dressed up, she couldn’t run at all, which made her madly stomp her feet.

After causing such a scene in the City Lord’s Mansion’s banquet, he ran away like this. Almost everyone was feeling rather dull, only those with excellent minds could see the meaning behind this. Especially Chen Linjian and bunch. they all had amused expressions.

Everyone became submerged in their own thoughts. Although such an event occurred in the middle of the banquet, it continued on. Ye Zong pulled several higher ups from various families and started discussing with them, it was late night when the banquet ended.

In the dead of night

Sacred Family’s Hall

A slapping sound was heard. Shen Fei was slapped so hard by Shen Hong that he fell to the ground and was left with an extremely red palm mark on his face.

“Father......” Shen Fei looked at Shen Hong in fear. Ever since he was young, Shen Hong had never hit him like this before.

Shen Hong furiously scolded, “Rubbish! Why don’t you just go and die? He told you to scram and you really left? You’ve thrown away the Sacred Family’s face!”

“Father, you didn’t say a word, so I thought you......”

“You thought what! Is your brain blank? In that kind of situation, how can I take any action? Damn!” Shen Hong was extremely furious. “Why does my Sacred Family have rubbish like you?!”

Shen Fei was lambasted by Shen Hong, and he was simply depressed to the point of having intentions to commit suicide. He simply hated Nie Li to the bones for causing this to happen. In front of Shen Hong, Shen Fei didn’t even dare to take in a heavy breath. No matter what Shen Hong said, he could only quietly endure it.

Shen Hong swept his gaze at Shen Fei, and was sighing in his heart. His Sacred Family has flourished, but there isn’t a proper successor among his descendents. If he wasn’t able to consolidate the position of the Sacred Family in his lifetime, the Sacred Family will definitely decline. At that time, the Sacred Family will no longer be one of the three Major families.

“Forget it. Listen closely. In this period of time, I forbid you from going out. The Snow Wind Family will surely keep a close eye on us. I want you to quiet down, do you understand?!” Shen Hong said, furiously staring at Shen Fei.

“Yes.” said Shen Fei, hurriedly nodding his head. His eyes flashed with a faint chill. Xiao Ning’er and Nie Li, wait till I take over the Patriarch’s position. I’ll torture the both of you!

Shen Hong tightly knitted his brows. Being under the surveillance of the Snow Wind Family is definitely not good. Originally, he was able to quietly lay everything out and by the time the Snow Wind Family reacted, it would have already been too late. But now, all of this was ruined by that brat, Nie Li. This was causing him to have the intention to vomit blood and he has no choice but to delay some of his plans.

Nie Li couldn’t have done all of this on purpose, right? Shen Hong’s heart shook. Previously, Nie Li won so much money from the Sacred Family and caused the Sacred Family to experience financial difficulties for a period of time, was that all planned as well? If that’s the case, that brat’s too cunning. He’ll need to take precautions!

City Lord’s Mansion, Ye Ziyun’s yard.

Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er have already fallen asleep. Nie Li stood alone at the garden, training his soul force.

Soul force was merging with the heavens and the earth. His soul realm was gradually being nurtured.

After training for a moment, Nie Li felt a rise in his soul force. Compared to other powerful cultivation techniques, the cultivation speed of the [Heavenly God] technique is indeed a little slower. However, compared to those garbage cultivation techniques, the [Heavenly God] cultivation technique is several folds faster.

Nie Li slowly released a breath, looked at the side bush and said, “Since you’ve been there for so long, why don’t you come out?”

A figure slowly appeared from the bush, it’s Ye Zong.

“So you’re really able to perceive my aura!” Ye Zong felt depressed. He’s a Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist and yet he was detected by a 5-star Silver rank Demon Spiritualist. Doesn’t that mean that when he was monitoring Nie Li, Nie Li was aware of him?

Nie Li is really good at giving others a headache.

Nie Li curled his lips in disdain and said, “You’re just a Black Gold rank, and yet you want to hide your aura from me?”

What? Just a Black Gold rank?

Does Nie Li know what kind of existence Black Gold rank is? In all of Glory City, Ye Zong is only second to the Legend rank Demon Spiritualist Ye Mo!

“Since you’ve come, what do you want to talk about?” Nie Li shrugged his shoulders.

“Although Ye Han scheming runs deep, his character is not bad. I wish that you two can get along in the future. As for the City Lord’s position, I’ve decided to pass it over to Yun’er!” said Ye Zong. This was the best choice that he could think of. If he passed the seat over to Ye Han, Nie Li would probably cause a scene. If he passed the seat over to Nie Li, the Snow Wind Family’s elders would definitely not agree to it. Only by handing it to Yun’er can everything be settled. However, if there were any contradictions in the future, it would be inevitable.

“That’s right. I wanted to ask, City Lord, is Ziyun really your biological daughter?” asked Nie Li, looked at Ye Zong.

Ye Zong furiously looked at Nie Li and said, “Of course she’s my biological daughter!”

“Could it be that Ye Han is your illegitimate child?” Nie Li continued to ask.

“What rubbish are you talking about?”

Ye Zong was furious. Nie Li simply doesn’t have any control over what he says!

“Since Ziyun is your biological child and Ye Han is not your illegitimate child, why were you unwilling to pass your City Lord position over to Ziyun?” Snorted Nie Li, twitching his brows.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Ye Zong fell into a long silence. After a long while, he sighed, shook his head and said, “You wouldn’t be able to understand. This is the difficulties of a parent!”

“Oh? What difficulties? I would appreciate it if you could provide me with more details,” asked Nie Li, his heart slightly trembled. After all, he doesn’t normally have many conversations with Ye Zong. He only heard about Ye Zong from the mouth of Ye Ziyun; therefore, he is naturally curious about him.