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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Testing the Innate Talent!

"Everyone take one soul crystal. These primary soul crystals are to be well kept. Before reaching a soul force of 500, this primary soul crystal can be used to check the level of your soul force. Once your soul force passes 500, you will need to get intermediate soul crystal!" Nie Li said as he distributed the soul crystals to everyone.

Seeing Nie Li passing the soul crystals to them, Wei Nan, Zhu Xiangjun and Zhang Ming expressions were terrified.

"How can we take such expensive stuff?" Wei Nan said. One primary soul crystal was worth a thousands demon spirit coins; their living expenses for two years wouldn’t even reach that much and Nie Li was actually gifting them a soul crystal.

"Yeah, we can’t accept this!" Zhu Xiangjun quickly added.

Zhang Ming also did the same. They are all commoner students, when had they had such an expensive things before?

"It’s given by Nie Li, take it! Unless, you don’t consider us as brothers?" Du Ze spoke in a deep voice as he frowned his brows.

Although Du Ze is a commoner, he still has prestige. The trio looked at each other for awhile and nodded their heads. Taking the soul crystal from Nie Li’s hand their hearts are filled with gratitude.

"Nie Li, thanks, from now on you will be our boss. If there’s anything just order us to do it." the trio said. They have already approved of Nie Li in their hearts and decided to follow Nie Li.

Hearing the trio’s words, Nie Li slightly smiled. Having these brothers, the things Nie Li plans to do would have its’ workload reduced by half!

"Du Ze, you’ll test first!" Nie Li looked at Du Ze saying "Just do the same thing like what you did during enrollment!"

"Right," Du Ze nodded his head. Lifting the primary soul crystal, he slowly injecting soul force into the it. The soul crystal gradually started to shine. Getting brighter and brighter, shining on Du Ze’s tender yet slightly matured face, speckles began appearing dancing around inside the soul crystal. Judging from this level of brightness, there is still quite a distance until reaching 1-star bronze demon spiritist.

The rest swept their gaze across it and are able to tell the the approximate number of dots in the speckle, every single dot represent one soul force.

"Du Ze, you improved very fast. You already have soul force of 52!" Lu Piao said excitedly, with soul force of 52, Du Ze would probably be the first among them to have his soul force to reach 100 first, becoming a 1-star demon spiritist.

Du Ze looked at Nie Li. Nie Li is currently concentrating on watching the soul crystal.

In Nie Li’s view, the amount of soul force doesn’t matter, be it tens or hundreds doesn’t mean a thing, the most important thing would be the attributes and the form.

Within the soul crystal there are some dots of white light, glittering with reddish grey rays of light occasionally coming together changing into various shapes, just like a cloud.

Seeing this scene, Nie Li showed surprised over his face, speechlessly said "It’s actually Lightning Fire attribute and it’s also Heavenly Thundercloud form." No wonder Du Ze’s cultivation training speed is so fast. With Heavenly Thundercloud form along with the Lightning Fire attribute simply made a perfect match. It was a pity that in the previous life Du Ze practised the Sacred Flame inscription pattern, so upon reaching 1-star gold rank demon spiritist he had already had reached his limit. But in this life, with Nie Li, Du Ze would have great changes.

"Lightning Fire attribute, Heavenly Thundercloud form?" Everyone present was puzzled by what Nie Li just said.

"In this world, there are no crippled soul realms. Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, azure, and indigo are the seven colour types of soul realm. Each represents a person’s unique personality and talents. Due to various reason, some soul realms are more easy to train, but that doesn’t mean that red soul realms are crippled. If you find the right cultivation technique to train with, even with red soul realm, you can also unleash powerful strength. For those who grade the soul realm into different grades, in terms of soul force cultivation, they are a bunch of amateurs!" Nie Li faintly smiled as he said those stuff.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, for Du Ze, Lu Piao and the rest were thunderstruck This is too shocking, since the beginning of Glory City, those legend rank experts told them that the soul realm are graded. Orange is stronger than red, yellow is stronger than orange... didn’t he say that those of legend rank experts were just a bunch of amateurs?

In the understanding on soul realm, even legend rank experts are not at the same level as Nie Li, Nie Li can contest any legend rank expert in soul realm knowledge. Because in his previous life, Nie Li reached a level above legend rank; a rank that is unimaginable for them.

Nie Li continued saying, “Once you find a suitable cultivation technique, any colour of soul realm can also reach the legend rank! Du Ze has a yellow soul realm with Lightning Fire attribute and the Heavenly Thundercloud form. With a suitable cultivation technique, inscription pattern and a Heavenly Thunder Demon Beast for his Lightning Fire attribute, his achievements will be shocking. Comparatively, his power would drop if he practiced other things, not to mention his cultivation would progress a lot slower."

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Du Ze showed a distress look on his face, saying "Unfortunately, the Lightning Fire cultivation techniques in Glory City are incomplete. Even if they are recorded in ancient books, the language of the words would be from ancient times as well-" Half way through speaking Du Ze suddenly had a thought. Nie Li could even read the Book of Divine Lightning Fire. He looked towards Nie Li with hope filled eyes.

At this moment, Nie Li revealed a smile as though he had a card up his sleeve. He said, "With me here, there is nothing to worry about. It’s just Lightning Fire cultivation techniques, nothing too difficult for me. I have with me the 69 strongest Lightning Fire cultivation techniques, which one do you want to practice?"

Heavenly Scarlet Lightning technique? No, this technique is too overbearing, especially once training reaches the ending, it can easy to damage one’s meridians. Heavenly Qilin technique? This technique is indeed suitable for Du Ze’s physique. This Heavenly Qilin technique doesn’t have any issue with it but there isn’t anyone that has tried practising it before, including the creator of this technique. But in Nie Li’s view, the first 9 stages of this technique are very safe, and only the last 3 stages would have some difficulties.

The strength of Heavenly Qilin technique needs no mention. Practising up to the 9th stage is already shocking and amazing. As for the last 3 stages, that would depend on Du Ze’s fate.

"You’ll practice Heavenly Qilin technique, one of the three strongest Lightning Flame cultivation techniques. I will impart you with the chants for the technique and I’ll also make a copy of the various martial arts for it in the future!" Nie Li soon imparted the chant for the technique to Du Ze. Heavenly Qilin technique’s chant isn’t too cryptic, so Du Ze remembered it very quickly.

Softly contemplating the chant inwards, Du Ze was extremely shocked by it. The Heavenly Qilin technique is definitely stronger than any other cultivation technique that he had seen in the past! Just by chanting, Du Ze already felt his soul realm frantically surging; his soul force also had obvious signs of strengthening. He has yet to begin training and his soul force already began to expand and increase!

It’s foreseeable that after practising this Heavenly Qilin cultivation technique, Du Ze will have all kinds of leaps and bounds with his soul force!

All this time, Du Ze has been struggling with the bleak fate of his family. His dream is to change the fate of his parents and family, but he clearly knew that this goal was too far away. But at this moment, Du Ze felt that by diligently practising the Heavenly Qilin cultivation technique, all of this wouldn’t pose a problem! All of this is given to him by Nie Li!

"I will record for you all the details of the cultivation technique in a few days!" Nie Li said as he faintly smiled.

Du Ze is filled with gratitude for Nie Li. His eye redden, solemnly saying, "The kindness of imparting Heavenly Qilin technique to me, I appreciate it. If you have anything I could be of help to you in the future, even if it’s to hike the blade mountains or to enter the sea of flames, if I, Du Ze were to slightly hesitate, I’ll be willing to die by the curse of heavens!"

(TLN: "Hike the blade mountains or to enter the sea of flames" actually means that no matter what he will still do it even if it means death."

"Don’t put it this way, we’re good brothers! It’s just a cultivation technique!" Nie Li slightly smiled as he patted on Du Ze’s back.

To Nie Li, this is just a piece of cultivation technique, but for Du Ze to say, the significance of it would be different!

At this moment, Lu Piao already couldn’t wait anymore from the excitement, saying at the side "You guys talk too mushy, as brothers we should share the blessings and the misfortune together! Nie Li, I’m just a red soul realm, am I also suitable to train soul force?"

"Of course, everyone can train in soul force, even if it’s red soul realm, except there’s a difference in the cultivation technique that is suited for red soul realm!" Nie Li said, smiling.

Lu Piao began injecting his soul force into the soul crystal. Quickly, the soul crystal began to glimmer. A dozen dots of lights carrying a little redness spun within the crystal. The brightness of the glow was smaller than Du Ze’s by a lot! Seeing this scene, Lu Piao’s face turned red. His soul force was simply too low.

"Red soul realm, with Chaos Attribute and the Scarlet Sun form!" Nie Li frowned his brows for a moment, "Scarlet Sun soul form, although is considered common, but it actually Chaos attributed which is surprisingly rare, there wouldn’t be one Chaos attribute in hundreds of thousands of people. Why not practice the Holy Primal Chaos technique?"

"Holy Primal Chaos technique? Is it strong?" Lu Piao asked excitedly, as it sounded powerful from the name itself.

"Of course, Holy Primal Chaos technique isn’t in any way inferior to Heavenly Qilin technique. As it doesn’t require much practice, only the need to foster the Chaos Qi in your body, it suits you." Nie Li said, laughing, "It will depends on your luck as for training to the highest level."

Listening Nie Li’s words, Lu Piao’s eyes instantly shined. This piece of cultivation technique is too suitable for him. He chuckled as he said, "I don’t need to practice to the highest level, I will be satisfied as long as I can reach 1-star silver rank demon spiritist."

1-star silver rank demon spiritist... If the creator of Holy Primal Chaos technique knew how "big" Lu Piao’s ideal was the creator would have choked at the thought.

"1-star silver rank..." Nie Li is speechless. He estimated that before long Lu Piao will realise how laughable his dream is. Practising Holy Primal Chaos cultivation technique, it would be impossible to stabilize in 1-star silver rank. As the Chaos Qi accumulates in his body, Lu Piao’s cultivation will also advance by leaps and bounds reaching a frightening level!

Nie Li also began to test Wei Nan, Zhu Xiangjun, Zhang Ming and gift them each with a set of powerful cultivation techniques. Although it can’t be compare with Holy Primal Chaos or Heavenly Qilin technique,they are still cultivation techniques that no other technique in Glory City can be compared to. Not to mention the cultivation techniques were also the best suited to their aptitudes and soul realms, their future practice would also be more effective!

Wait till reaching 5-star bronze rank and find a suitable demon spirit, then their combat capabilities would also rapidly increase!

Glancing at the the piece of soul crystal in his hand, Nie Li prepared to test his own innate talent. Due to various reasons in his previous life, Nie Li took a lot of detours and the cultivation techniques he practised were very messy. This resulted in him lacking strength at the end of his training. Therefore in this life, he wanted to find the most suitable cultivation technique for himself!