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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 134

Chapter 134 - Xiao Xue

Ye Han’s dagger’s sharp blade was on Shen Xiu’s neck. His voice was cold, chillin straight into the bones, “Do you believe... if I were to lightly draw on your neck, you’ll be dead.”

“Ye Han, you wouldn’t treat your old friend like this.” Shen Xiu did not mind what Ye Han did and laughed, “I’ll bet that you won’t kill me. Because I know exactly what kind of person you are.”

“What kind of person am I then?” asked Ye Han, word by word, and his ferocious eyes up close to Shen Xiu’s neck.

“You’re someone that has extraordinary talent; however, you’re also someone that would do anything to get to your target. From the start, you understand that if you want to become the City Lord, you’ll face unimaginable rejection. Aside from Ye Zong and a few others, the entire Snow Wind Family is your enemy. Only my Sacred Family can help you get the City Lord’s seat.” Shen Xiu did not bother with the dagger on her neck in the slightest, and held a profound smile that was hanging on her face.

Ye Han said, coldly smiling, “You want to oppose the Snow Wind Family with only your Sacred Family?”

Shen Xiu’s brows twitched. “What about... Adding the Dark Guild into the mix?”

“So your Sacred Family are in collusion with the Dark Guild.” Ye Han’s tone was chilled to the extreme, “You’re not afraid that I’ll tell this information to my foster father?”

Shen Xiu fearlessly said, “Haha, so what? Ye Han, you wouldn’t be so childish. The Snow Wind Family is well aware of my Sacred Family’s connection with the Dark Guild. They’re only unable to find any solid evidence to take actions against my Sacred Family. If the Snow Wind Family were to annihilate the Sacred Family based on some groundless accusations, how would they be able to convince the masses?”

Ye Han coldly snorted and said, “If I’m the City Lord, I’ll annihilate the Sacred Family before speaking about convincing the masses.”

Shen Xiu said, sneering, “That’s only if you are; however, you’re still not the City Lord. What’s the point in using empty threats? Before you’re the City Lord, not to mention the Snow Wind Family, there aren’t that many people who think highly of you even in my Sacred Family.”

Ye Han paused for a moment, his eyes shot out a faint light as he lowered the dagger in his hand.

“I like your character. I’m a little interested in your plan now. How do you want me to work with you?”

The current him, is the same as Sacred Family. He doesn’t have any other choice.

Shen Xiu already predicted that Ye Han would agree to her terms.

“This is not the place to speak, follow me,” said Shen Xiu, bolting away.

Ye Han pondered awhile and then followed her. The two of them hastily disappeared from the end of the forest.

The border of the City Lord’s Mansion

Here stands an old construct. The erosion from the rain, left mottled traces on the walls here.

These huge dome-like constructs don’t go well with the constructs of Glory City.

In the Age of Darkness, Glory City once had many inhabitants. However, during the mad frenzy by the demon beasts, many of them were killed. Even their corpses were missing, no one knows exactly what kind of history Glory City has.

The five Legend rank ancestors brought hundreds of thousands of people here as they battled and retreated into the St. Ancestral Mountains. They retreated into Glory City and from there, they began to rebuild the city.

Thereafter, Glory City experienced countless destruction. However, the ancestors rebuilt it again and again, which is why many families managed to pass down till now.

However, the original history of Glory City has been destroyed in the long passage of time. The majority of Glory City’s constructs were all rebuilt, only these constructs remained till today. These dome-like constructs were enveloped in a faint white luster, even Legend rank Demon Spiritualists are unable to penetrate through it.

This should be a giant ancient array, filled with mystery.

On the walls of those dome-like constructs, there are many profound inscriptions carved on them that would occasionally emit a lustrous shine.

In his previous life, right before the destruction of Glory City, Lord Ye Mo was able to figure out how to break this array. However, before he even had the time to solve mystery, disaster fell upon Glory City. Nie Li pondered, what did Lord Ye Mo discover in this ancient array that resulted in the attention of the Dark Guild?

Nie Li and the rest all appeared here. Before they arrived, Nie Li merged with the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit and confirmed several times that they weren’t being followed. Once he was sure, he felt relieved.

Lu Piao curiously asked, “Nie Li, what are we doing here?”

Regarding this place, he had been here before when he was young. He had played around here with his friends. However, the center of this construct was shrouded by a barrier, which made them unable to enter.

“You guys will know in a while.”

Although Nie Li only had a rough description about this ancient array from Ye Ziyun, he still understood many things about it as well as knowing the breaking method of this ancient array.

After all, Nie Li’s knowledge has reached an unimaginable level.

Du Ze thought about what Nie Li said and asked, “Could it be that you have the method to break this outer barrier?”

Wei Nan and bunch also looked at Nie Li. They are also familiar with this location. However, they heard from the adults that even the Legend rank Demon Spiritualist, Lord Ye Mo, couldn’t break the outer layer of this barrier. What methods could Nie Li have?

“Follow me,” Nie Li said, walking towards the ancient array.

Just when they’re about to enter this ancient array, a figure flashed towards their direction from far away.

“Lu Piao, remain where you are!”

That voice was loud and clear.

Hearing this voice, Lu Piao felt a chill all over. He winced his eyes and hurriedly said to Nie Li, “Nie Li, I’ll take my leave first. You’ll say that I’m not around.”

After addressing, Lu Piao leaped, intending to run away.

The moment Lu Piao leaped, Nie Li stretched his hands out and grabbed onto Lu Piao’s clothes. When Lu Piao leaped, he was caught off guard by Nie Li and was pulled back down and fell on his butt.

“Nie Li, what are you doing?!” exclaimed Lu Piao, depressingly looking at Nie Li.

Nie Li opened his mouth and said, while looking innocent, “Nothing much, I just wanted to ask, where are you going?”

“I can’t talk about it. I have to scram first, it concerns life and death!” Lu Piao had a funeral mood on his face as he hastily got up and once again leaped.

Nie Li suddenly took a step forward. Just when Lu Piao leaped, he was tripped by Nie Li and fell back to the ground. Lu Piao is on the verge of crying and said, “Nie Li, can we still be good friends?”

“You’re too careless. First say, where you are going. Only after knowing, we’ll feel relieved.” said Nei Li, taking his own sweet time.

“I’ll tell you guys about it once I return.”

Just when Lu Piao was about to leap, he suddenly turned his head, stared at Nie Li and said, “Don’t hinder me anymore!”

“I’m not hindering you. First tell us why you’re running?”

The truth is, Nie Li couldn’t control his laughter. When he heard that familiar voice earlier, he already knew what’s going on. He pulled Lu Piao back to delay him.

“If you pull me again, we’re done being friends.”

After being asked by Nie Li so many times, Lu Piao was simply going to explode.

Nie Li raised both his hands and said, “Okay, I’ll not pull you. You can go.”

Just when Lu Piao was about to leap, a clear and loud voice shouted, “Lu Piao, if you run again, don’t come looking for me anymore in this lifetime!”

Hearing this voice, Lu Piao, who had already leaped several meters out, paused for a moment and came back with his head hung low. That face of his is indescribably depressed.

Nie Li turned his head and look towards the side. A teen girl was standing there, wearing a set of fiery red training clothes. Both of her hands were on her hips, having an indescribable domineering aura. This girl, is Xiao Xue.

Seeing this angrily staring red clothed little chili, Nie Li couldn’t help recalling his previous life. Lu Piao and Xiao Xue can be considered a pair of quarrelsome lovers.

When they were young, Lu Piao and Xiao Xue were very good childhood friends and have always been in love with each other. They were never able to break through that window between them as they grew up.

The difference between their cultivation was too large. Xiao Xue had extraordinary talent and is very hard working, her cultivation improved extremely fast. However, Lu Piao was never serious, and did not put any effort into his training and so the cultivation between them was pulled further and further apart. Lu Piao had peeked at Xiao Xue bathing many times and was chased by the Xiao Family’s people with rods. With Xiao Xue’s cultivation, if it wasn’t for her conniving Lu Piao, he wouldn’t be able to peek at Xiao Xue as she bathed at all.

There were lots of tragedies in life. Due to Xiao Family’s disapproval, Xiao Xue was married to a young master of the Lu Family. The two lovers were eventually dismantled. As for Lu Piao, he lived in misery regarding this matter.

The moment the Glory City’s walls were penetrated and the demon beasts went into a frenzy in the city, Lu Piao went frantically searching for Xiao Xue. When the disaster arrived, the two people became married under the witness of Nie Li and Du Ze. However, they were only married for several hours before Xiao Xue died, protecting Glory City. Lu Piao refused to follow the escapees to leave and, in the end, walked towards his death.

Nie Li still vaguely remembered Lu Piao’s calm smile. At that time, Nie Li cried like a kid.

Although Lu Piao doesn’t have any restraints, his love towards Xiao Xue is true. However, he’s afraid to confess the truth from his heart. In the end of his previous life, Xiao Xue was married to someone else under the arrangement of her family. All these are from Lu Piao’s sense of inferiority and cowardice. If Lu Piao fought for it and dared to fight for it, Xiao Xue might have also fought back. However, Lu Piao did not give Xiao Xue any answers and even dodged it which caused Xiao Xue to be disheartened.

In the tragedies of his previous life, Lu Piao had committed many wrongs. Looking at Lu Piao obediently walking back with his head hung low, the corner of Nie Li’s mouth smiled and hiddenly thought, ‘Brother Lu Piao, I can only help you up here.’

Perhaps in this lifetime, the fate between Lu Piao and Xiao Xue will also change with the appearance of Nie Li.

Xiao Xue looked at Nie Li, Du Ze and bunch. She slightly paused and asked, “You’re all Lu Piao’s friends?”


Other than Nie Li, Du Ze and bunch were all looking at Xiao Xue with weird gazes.