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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 137

Chapter 137 - Yin-Yang Blast x2

A huge demon beast slowly showed itself within the dark night. Its body’s as tall as a mountain, giving others a suffocating feeling. It has a huge head that appeared to be extremely horrifying. Its huge mouth is large enough to swallow a small mountain. Within its large mouth, there are thousands of scarlet tongues. These tongues can shoot out quickly, coil around its prey and feed on them. Although these tongues are only as thick as an arm, they are extremely tough, making them hard to cut. Even if they are chopped off, the Netherlamp Behemoth can grow out countless tongues in an instant.

Nie Li and the rest were holding their breaths and were quietly standing still, not daring to move. Even though there are one or two Scarlet Ghosts in front of them, they’re still afraid to move.

The Scarlet Ghosts were quickly coiled up by the tongues and then swallowed by the Netherlamp Behemoth.

The Scarlet Ghosts are the prey of the Netherlamp Behemoth.

The Scarlet Ghosts scattered in all directions. Suddenly, someone screamed. Xiao Xue was captured by one of those tongues.

“Xiao Xue!” exclaimed Lu Piao, immediately getting anxious. He quickly merged with the Scarlet Demonic Leopard, furiously roared and charged towards Xiao Xue.

Nie Li felt something was about to go wrong, so he quickly merged with the Fanged Panda. His body underwent rapid a transformation.

“Lu Piao!” Xiao Xue anxiously shouted. The sticky long tongues firmly coiled onto her right arm and chest, causing her to feel a little suffocated. A rancid smell blew towards Xiao Xue, causing her eyes to turn a little dull. This smell seems to be mixed with some sort of hallucinatory substance. Xiao Xue struggled a little, then felt her body weaken.

The Scarlet Demonic Leopard’s sharp claws slashed the tongue that was wrapping Xiao Xue. Lu Piao grabbed ahold of Xiao Xue and leaped down.

The Netherlamp Behemoth furiously roared, and thousands of tongues quickly shot towards Nie Li’s group.

“Lu Piao, you leave with her first. Leave this thing to us!” Nie Li widened his mouth and spat out a Yin-Yang Blast. The black sphere and white sphere flew towards the Netherlamp Behemoth.


The two spheres exploded inside the Netherlamp Behemoth’s mouth, turning countless tongues into fragments that dropped to the ground.

Du Ze and bunch were constantly slashing the tongues that were coming towards them, and then followed behind Lu Piao.

Wei Nan was suddenly captured by the long tongues, but was soon saved by Du Ze.

“Thanks.” Fear was lingering within Wei Nan. Luckily Du Ze’s actions were quick; otherwise, he’d be doomed.

Du Ze rapidly said, “Everyone, be careful and support one another! Don’t let anyone be separated!”

With so many people together, even if one were to be captured by those tongues, the rest can quickly provide support. If one person were to be separated, then it’d be troublesome.

Then everyone frantically ran, and eventually got out of the attack range of the Netherlamp Behemoth.

Nie Li, who is currently merged with his Fanged Panda, and Xiao Ning’er, who is currently merged with her Heavenly Lightning Sparrow, were covering the rear. Nie Li was frantically spitting out Yin-Yang Blasts. The explosions caused by the Yin-Yang Blasts destroyed a lot of the long tongues. If it wasn’t for Nie Li’s Yin-Yang Blast, they would probably be captured by the Netherlamp Behemoth by now.

Xiao Ning’er is surrounded by lightning. The endless bolts of light turned into sharp blades that continuously chopped down on the long tongues, turning them into small pieces of meat.

Du Ze, Lu Piao and bunch were the first to get out of the Netherlamp Behemoth’s attack range.

Suddenly, a long tongue grabbed onto Xiao Ning’er’s leg, sending her high into the air. Xiao Ning’er was shocked, and immediately shot out a bolt of lightning that turned the long tongue into pieces. However, that moment of pause allowed more of those long tongues to coil around her.

Xiao Ning’er felt a strong sense of suffocation from her legs, tights, wrist, arms, waist and chest. She could feel her body gradually getting weak. The Heavenly Lightning Sparrow transformation was also gradually disappearing. Her body was rolling towards the mouth of the Netherlamp Behemoth.

“Am I going to die?” Xiao Ning’er lightly sighed. Images flashed within her mind. They were from when she’s able to understand what was going on around her, her constant fight against the marriage and never being able to experience happiness before. And then the appearance of Nie Li, who allowed her to understand the meaning to live on.

Her mind flashed with scenes of her and Nie Li. Xiao Ning’er closed her eyes, a faint smile formed onto her mouth. Even though her happiness was short, she’s satisfied with it and held no regrets.

“Ning’er, careful!”

Seeing Xiao Ning’er being grabbed, Nie Li immediately rushed towards her direction.

“Nie Li......” Du Ze and bunch who had just stepped out of the attack range of the Netherlamp Behemoth were about to charge back in.

Nie Li hurriedly said, “Don’t come any closer, wait for me out there! I’m fine!”

If Du Ze and the rest were to enter and fall into danger, Nie Li wouldn’t have enough hands to save them.

Out of his trust for Nie Li, Du Ze pondered for a moment and then waved his hands, “We’ll go prepare to reinforce Nie Li!”

Looking at Nie Li’s back figure, Du Ze prayed in his heart, hoping Nie Li will be fine.

“Bastard, if you want to harm Ning’er, ask if I agree to it first!” Nie Li’s eyes flashed with a chilling ray. The soul force within his body surged up, waves of soul force gathered together into one point. Thereafter, a black sphere and white sphere formed in his mouth. However, the two spheres are twice the size from usual.

Yin-Yang Blast x2!

Nie Li furiously roared, the two spheres rotated between each other and flew.


The Yin-Yang Blast exploded in the Netherlamp Behemoth’s mouth. The light sphere and dark sphere were twice the size from usual, the might and power up to four times from the usual one. When it exploded within the mouth of the Netherlamp Behemoth, the might was simply frightening.


The Netherlamp Behemoth wailed as its body shook a little. If the Yin-Yang Blast exploded on it’s skin, it wouldn’t be able to cause any substantial damage to it. However, since the explosion occurred within its mouth, the damage was much greater.

Taking advantage of the explosion, the Katar within Nie Li’s hands slashed the long tongues, grabbed ahold of Xiao Ning’er and ran as fast as he could.

Even though the Netherlamp Behemoth suffered such a heavy attack, it didn’t want to give up. Its tongues constantly grew and flew towards Nie Li, who was carrying Xiao Ning’er. They were nearly surrounded by the flying tongues.

In misty state, Xiao Ning’er felt a warm hug, and she subconsciously hugged Nie Li tighter. When she was wrapped by those tongues, there were a lot damages to her clothes, giving her a different kind of charm. Her soft parts were tightly stuck to Nie Li’s chest, having him feel the fulfilling and soft texture. Her whole body was like an octopus that was tightly attached to Nie Li.

Nie Li opened his mouth in surprise. This position is a little too embarrassing. Xiao Ning’er was probably smoked by the Netherlamp Behemoth’s saliva, causing her to be delirious. Otherwise, she would not commit such an act.

Hugging onto Ning’er, Nie Li frantically ran and constantly fought off the Netherlamp Behemoth’s tongues. Nie Li was feeling somewhat tired. After all, he had just released a Yin-Yang Blast x2. It had exhausted a large amount of his soul force.

“Enn.” Xiao Ning’er moaned, twisting her body in Nie Li’s embrace, changing her position.

That sexy figure and lady fragrance would cause others to be enchanted. Helplessly, Nie Li could only hug Xiao Ning’er, in case she struggled and got out.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Countless tongues were falling down like a rain of arrows, bombarding the ground, destroying it beyond recognition.

Nie Li’s heart was slightly chilled. Although these tongues seem soft, when they attacked at high speeds, they were as hard as iron.

Tens of thousands of tongues came from all directions, and were moving towards Nie Li.

Suddenly, the Temporal Demon Spirit Book’s remnant page in Nie Li’s chest released a gentle energy, causing Nie Li’s frantically surging soul realm to calm down. Nie Li’s heart slightly moved, his soul felt like he had returned to the past, back into the time with Temporal Demon Spirit Book.

I understand!

An idea flashed in Nie Li’s mind. He took out the Temporal Demon Spirit Book’s remnant page. The remnant page was quietly suspended in the air. The soul force constantly gathered in Nie Li’s right pointer finger and flew towards the remnant page.


A gust of powerful force, with the remnant page as its core, spread out in all directions. Thereafter, eight golden inscription patterns appeared on top of the remnant page. One of the golden inscription patterns were enlarged.

The Temporal Demon Spirit Book requires soul force in order to unleash it’s power.

Every single one of these inscription patterns contained a different power. With Nie Li’s current soul force, he could only resonate with one of the golden inscription patterns.

The golden inscription pattern that Nie Li’s soul force had resonance with suddenly burst out with a dazzling light. Thereafter, with a loud boom, the inscription pattern shot out a thick golden light pillar and shot towards the Netherlamp Behemoth.


The Netherlamp Behemoth was penetrated by the light pillar. A miserable shriek came from it.

What terrifying energy! Nie Li could feel that his soul force was hollowed out by the remnant page. He only had a little bit left. He gasped for air as his eyes turned a little blurry.

Looks like the power on the Temporal Demon Spirit Book’s remnant page is not something he can control at the moment.

Nie Li gasped for breath and stopped moving. He lifted up the katar into a defensive position and consumed an elixir, recovering his soul force.

The Netherlamp Behemoth suffered a heavy attack, and stopped its attacks. After being penetrated by the power released from the Temporal Demon Spirit Book’s remnant page, even the Netherlamp Behemoth itself couldn’t recover in such a short amount of time.

What exactly happened? Du Ze and bunch, who were waiting outside, revealed frightened expressions as they stared at the darkness.