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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 138

Chapter 138 - Village?

Du Ze, Lu Piao and bunch looked into the distant void. A huge shadow was slowly moving overhead, its figure gradually becoming more and more visible. This is a huge airborne demon beast. It’s as big as an enormous floating fortress.

Even the Netherlamp Behemoth seemed negligible compared to it.

Seeing the airborne demon beast gradually getting closer, Du Ze, Lu Piao and bunch’s state of mind were getting extremely tense. This demon beast is most likely an even more horrifying existence compared to the Netherlamp Behemoth. Even if they want to run away now, it’s already too late.

But...Nie Li is still in there!

Facing the threat of death, they were stunned, unable to move at all.

“Even if I die, I have to save Nie Li!” Du Ze’s eyes flashed with unquestionable firmness, and rushed towards where the Netherlamp Behemoth is.

Lu Piao glanced at Xiao Xue and was stunned for a moment. However, the next moment, he followed behind Du Ze, with Xiao Xue in his arms. Although he’s unsure if Xiao Xue will blame him for such an action, he can’t give up on a brother like Nie Li.

Wei Nan, Zhu Xiangjun and Zhang Ming also followed closely behind, and started searching for Nie Li in every direction.

Nie Li lightly gasped for air. Luckily, the Netherlamp Behemoth did not continue attacking him, otherwise, it’d be extremely troublesome. Seems that the Temporal Demon Spirit Book remnant page really damaged the Netherlamp Behemoth.

“Hiss Hiss.” The shadow in the sky slowly got closer. This thing is absolutely monstrous. Before it, the Netherlamp Behemoth seemed like a little puppy.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

A thread net shot out of the gigantic creature, and wrapped around the Netherlamp Behemoth.

The Netherlamp Behemoth wailed as it struggled, however, it was unable to break free from the net.

As the gigantic creature slowly descended, it threw its forelimbs forward, pierced the body of the Netherlamp Behemoth and carried it up while flying away.

It’s size is extremely large. The Netherlamp Behemoth that was brutally slaughtering the Scarlet Ghost earlier just became prey. It was captured by the huge creature. The Netherlamp Behemoth wailed as the lamp on its forehead slowly dimmed and ultimately, died.

The Netherlamp Behemoth is killed just like that?

That huge airborne creature did not even take a glance at Du Ze, Lu Piao and bunch when it flew away. Perhaps in the eyes of this gigantic creature, Du Ze, Lu Piao and bunch were nothing more than dust, and were unable to attract its attention.

“Nie Li, Nie Li!” Du Ze, Lu Piao and bunch constantly yelled while searching for Nie Li.

However, aside from the mountainous pile of scattered tongues, there wasn’t anyone there, not even the figures of Nie Li and Xiao Ning’er. Did Nie Li and Xiao Ning’er get devoured by the Netherlamp Behemoth?

Du Ze, Lu Piao and bunch’s tears fell.

“He’ll be fine!”

“If you die like this, I won’t forgive you for my entire life. Nie Li, come out!” Lu Piao carried Xiao Xue with one hand and the other frantically digging out the scattered long tongues.

“Nie Li, you won’t die!” Du Ze and the rest were also frantically digging, searching for traces of Nie Li.

They continued to search, only until they dug out a tiny hill size of long tongues, they finally found Nie Li. The katars on Nie Li’s hands were still in a defensive stance as he gasped for air. He seems to be out of breath. Even Xiao Ning’er is in a strange posture, tightly clinging onto Nie Li.

“I knew it! You have a tough life!” Lu Piao madly laughed, traces of tears still flashed in his eyes.

“Damn, you guys actually curse me dead? It’s not damn easy to come back, how could I be dead?” Nie Li breathed out in relief and looked at the surrounding area. After confirming that the Netherlamp Behemoth was no longer a threat, he felt relieved.

Although they couldn’t get what Nie Li was talking about in the second sentence, Du Ze and the rest were all laughing in relief.

Suddenly, they seem to have noticed something. They looked at Nie Li with a strange gaze. Nie Li is half squatting with Xiao Ning’er tightly attached to his body. That posture is simply ambiguous no matter how you look at it.

“I didn’t see anything.” Du Ze shrugged.

Lu Piao looked at Nie Li with disdain, shook his head and said with an ashamed expression, “Nie Li, say, what have you done to Goddess Ning’er?”

He forgot that he’s still carrying Xiao Xue in his arms.

Wei Nan and the rest of the trio also laughed and turned their heads away.

Nie Li bitterly smiled incessantly. The Netherlamp Behemoth’s saliva and tongues contain hallucinogenic substances. Once someone is caught and carelessly inhales those substances, the victims will be thrown into a half conscious state. He’s unaware of Ning’er was dreaming of in her semi-conscious state, however, it was to the point that she was tightly clinging onto Nie Li. Even when he used brute strength, Nie Li could not break free from Xiao Ning’er.

Seeing Wei Nan and bunch turning their heads away, Nie Li retrieved some clothing from his interspatial ring and wrapped Ning’er with it and quietly waited for her to wake.

A moment later, Xiao Xue woke up first.

“Lu Piao, you’re taking advantage of me again!”

Xiao Xue is still in a slightly confused state. After seeing Lu Piao, her eyes stared at him and she started to give him a beating. She has, once again, returned to her little chilli state.

Lu Piao had a bitter face and said, “Xue’er, I saved you!”

Xiao Xue finally recalled what happened earlier. She recalled that Lu Piao did indeed save her and Du Ze and bunch were currently staring at her with their mouths wide open. She immediately returned to her lady-like appearance. Both of her hands clung onto Lu Piao’s arm and said, “Lu Piao, thanks for saving me. You’re too awesome, I worship you so much.”

Hearing Xiao Xue’s sweet and gentle voice, without knowing why, made Du Ze and bunch shudder.

This woman changes too fast......

Indeed, women are extremely terrifying living organisms.

“No......No need for thanks.” Lu Piao said, his voice trembling. He doesn’t know why, but Xiao Xue’s sweet and gentle appearance gave him goosebumps. He would prefer seeing the usual Xiao Xue instead.

Everyone is currently in a state of high alert. After experiencing that battle, the surrounding demon beasts didn’t dare to approach them anymore, which allowed them to take a rare rest.

Xiao Xue seems to have noticed something, stared at Nie Li and Xiao Ning’er who were in a strange posture together and went silent for a moment. So, so Xiao Ning’er and Nie Li......

“En.” Xiao Ning’er moaned, waking up. When she saw her posture, her face turned extremely red.

Nie Li embarrassedly smiled and said, “The situation before was too dangerous, I......”

“I understand.” Xiao Ning’er said in a soft voice, lowering her head, looking a little shy, “Thanks,”

“Uh, you’re welcome. That’s what I should do.”

Nie Li placed Xiao Ning’er down.

Xiao Ning’er realised that there were many tears in her clothes and she had an intimate contact with Nie Li earlier. Thinking about this was turning her face red again. She already understood what’s going on. Most likely, when she was grabbed by the Netherlamp Behemoth and was about to die, Nie Li desperately rushed to her rescue. Thinking about it now, Xiao Ning’er was feeling sweet in her heart.

The clothing that she was wrapped in still lingered with Nie Li’s scent. Xiao Ning’er wore the clothes, although they’re a little wide.

Nie Li stood up, and stretched his body. He then looked at Du Ze and bunch and said, “I felt earlier that the Netherlamp Behemoth was attacked. However, the bottom was too dark, I couldn’t see what was going on. So what exactly happened?”

Du Ze and Lu Piao glanced at each other. After calming down the shock he felt in his heart, Du Ze said, “Just now, a huge airborne creature appeared in the sky. It’s appearance looked like a strange fish with wings growing on it. Furthermore, it also has many sharp claws that spat out thread-like substances. After it trapped the Netherlamp Behemoth, it took the Netherlamp Behemoth away.”

“I’ve never seen such a huge demon beast before. Heavens! It was the size of at least half of Glory City!” Lu Piao said, exaggerating a little.

Hearing what Lu Piao and the others said, Xiao Xue and Xiao Ning’er, who had fainted before, widened their eyes. This is simply a little too shocking. Were Du Ze and Lu Piao joking? That Netherlamp Behemoth is already frightening large and now there’s an airborne creature that’s even larger than the Netherlamp Behemoth and took it away?

In this empty land, the Netherlamp Behemoth has indeed disappeared. It seems that Du Ze and Lu Piao were not lying.

“What Demon Beast is that exactly?” Nie Li frowned his brows, looking at the dark sky. Something that can capture the Netherlamp Behemoth so easily, Nie Li couldn’t think of anything at the moment. Although Nie Li is very knowledgeable, he’s not omniscient.

In this world, there are too many unknowns. Even he himself felt there were many mysteries here, including this secretive space.

Whether it’s this secretive space or the Temporal Demon Spirit Book, he felt that these things did not come from this world.

After surviving through a disaster, Lu Piao and bunch’s emotion slightly calmed down. Although they still have a little fear, they felt a little excited at the same time. In Glory City, a demon beast is hardly seen, not to mention encountering such mysterious ones.

No matter if it’s the Scarlet Ghost, Netherlamp Behemoth or that frightening airborne creature, they all gave them a faint, fresh feeling.

Du Ze looked at Nie Li and asked, “Nie Li, where are we off to next?”

“We’ll continue exploring deeper. We have to search for the twenty-three Stones of Light to activate the teleportation array to return.” Nie Li said. They can’t be trapped here for long. Although they have sufficient food in their interspatial rings to stay here for one or two years, Nie Li isn’t willing to continue staying.

In his previous life, Lord Ye Mo spent half a month here before returning. Therefore, he can be sure that there are Stones of Light in this realm.

Right now, everyone looked towards the distant mountain. On the hillside, there seems to be little lights flashing.

“It couldn’t be the Netherlamp Behemoth again, right?” Lu Piao’s face changed.

“It’s not Netherlamp Behemoth.” Nie Li shook his head. The little lights on the mountains seems like the lights of a village. There couldn’t be people living here, right?