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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 14

Chapter 14 - Heavenly God Cultivation Technique

After injecting soul force into the soul crystal, a few bright spots appeared floating around in the soul crystal, but the soul crystal is basically dark.

"I suddenly feel relieved, Nie Li’s soul force is a lot weaker than mine!" Lu Piao blinked his eyes as he laughed.

Du Ze gave Lu Piao a hard look.

Nie Li didn’t mind. The amount of soul force doesn’t matter much to him, at this moment Nie Li paid attention to the soul realm.

Red soul realm, fragmented and disordered forms with no attributes.

“Attributeless with a disordered soul realm,” Nie Li smiled bitterly. “All soul realms are very strong, but if I were to say which kind of soul realm was the weakest, it would be the non-attributed soul realm. This is because it doesn’t have any characteristic at all and the soul realm form is not condensed. Originally, my starting soul realm was like this but after practising various other cultivation techniques that caused it to become even more unruly.”

“No wonder after spending a long amount of time practicing inside the Temporal Demon Spirit Book, I was still unable to breakthrough. So the root of the issue was this.”

Attributeless soul realms are the most unstable and are the most likely to be changed.

Nie Li submerged deep into his thoughts. If there were any cultivation techniques suitable for attributeless soul realms, then there would only be three options: Heavenly God cultivation technique, War God cultivation technique, and Void God cultivation technique. Among these the Heavenly God technique was the most profound, the War God technique was the most overbearing, and the Void God technique was the most secretive. Based on future potential, the Heavenly God technique had the highest potential, but Heavenly God technique was also the hardest to practice.

With an attributeless soul realm, practising any kind of cultivation technique will be much slower than others. But if one is able to practice with the Heavenly God technique, it would be the strongest overall cultivation technique, since it shares various properties similar to attributeless soul realms. Once one succeeds in practicing with the Heavenly God cultivation technique, one would be able to practice all kinds of cultivation technique from all the different attributes, resulting in one having supreme power and being able to create their own path.

Practicing normal cultivation techniques, the soul realm would only be able to contain one demon spirit. If you get a stronger demon spirit then the previous spirit would need to be replaced. But with the Heavenly God cultivation technique, one can contain seven different demon spirits, each with a different attribute. Every time one integrated a demon spirit, one’s strength would surge by a fold. Gathering seven powerful demon spirit can cause the cultivation and combat abilities to reach an alarming unimaginable level.

He was hesitant for quite awhile. Although the training speed isn’t fast, much slower compared to Du Ze’s, Lu Piao’s and the trio’s, once training and cultivation is successfully completed, then Heavenly God cultivation technique is without a doubt the strongest!

Nie Li mediated the chants, and began the most basic practice. In the future he may need the support of large amount of elixirs, but for now he would only need to practice the basic fundamentals.

Seeing as Nie Li begin his training, Du Ze, Pu Liao and the rest that were present in the room also began to practice their own cultivation techniques and began to absorb the energy from heaven and earth to strengthen their soul realms. The more they practice, the more they realise how mysterious and profound those cultivation techniques were.

Six people had their six soul realm rapidly rotating, surging up and expanding.

Whether it’s Du Ze, Lu Piao, or the 3 commoner students, their soul force begin to significantly enhance.

The process of enhancing is simply astonishingly fast. After all, the cultivation technique given to them by Nie Li are all earth-shatteringly powerful techniques, that once started, the speed of practicing with it compared to normal cultivation techniques are ten or even more than hundred times faster.

Nie Li was practicing the Heavenly God technique, currently he doesn’t seek fast cultivating, but prefered steadily laying the his foundation one step at a time. His soul realm was like the sea surging, constantly changing it’s shape. Portions of soul force ebbing and flowing, Nie Li felt that his soul force already had been significantly strengthen.

The first stage of soul force practice is to reach the level of heart and soul as one. With the continuous enhancing of soul force, the soul realm began to surge over and over, gradually releasing cyan glow.

Nie Li and his group remained in the library devoting themselves into practice.

One day, two days... Over time, Nie Li’s soul force rose from 5 to over 30.

This speed was simply amazing. If Shen Xiu were to know of Nie Li’s cultivation speed reaching such frightening speed, what kind thoughts would she have.

Nie Li’s speed, however, is considered slow. Du Ze’s, Lu Piao’s, and the trio’s cultivation speeds were even faster than Nie Li’s. Especially Du Ze, perhaps it wouldn’t be long until he reach the 1-star bronze rank.

One can only imagine, after finishing a stage of their cultivation, how far would their soul force have risen?

Reaching 1-star bronze rank in two months, for Nie Li this isn’t anything. Nie Li might even be able to reach 2-star or 3-star within this two months! During test in two months, what would Shen Xiu’s expression be like?

At this moment, in the fighter apprentice class.

For the last couple of days, Nie Li and his group’s seats were empty, no one knows where have they gone.

“Soon it’ll be the 3rd night, Nie Li wouldn’t have forgotten would he?” Xiao Ning’er looked forward for the arrival of night in her heart. Thinking of the things that happened on that day, the quietly sitting down Xiao Ning’er slightly blushed. Her face had a gentle pure smile, beautiful and attractive, causing the surrounding boys to become dumbfounded.

Ye Ziyun is very puzzled inside her heart. Recently Xiao Ning’er often was blankly lost in thought, causing her to have some curiosity over it. What actually happened causing Xiao Ning’er to be so preoccupied in thought. “Xiao Ning’er wouldn’t have a crush on Nie Li, right?” Ye Ziyun didn’t understand, “what’s so good about that kid called Nie Li, to actually have made a prideful girl like Xiao Ning’er to fall for him?”

As Shen Xiu is teaching in the class, her gaze swept past the 6 empty seats, sneered in her heart. “Nie Li’s probably bitterly practising right? Even so, so what? Nie Li thought that if he were to bitterly practice, he would be able to rise his soul force from 5 to 100 in just two months frame of time? This is absolutely impossible!”

If Nie Li had green soul realm or above, then he might have the chance to accomplish it. But Nie Li has a red soul realm! In her view, Nie Li is bound to lose! Nie Li actually dared to contradict her in class publicly, this would be the price!

She can only imagine, after being expelled how pitiful Nie Li’s situation would be!

Shen Xiu revealed a faint sneer on her face as she continued to tirelessly lecturing "Red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, azure, and indigo are the seven different soul realms, with red as the lowest grade. Within the hundreds years of Glory City history, only a few managed to practice up to silver rank demon spiritist level. Unless having some fortuitous circumstances, red soul realms have a limit for the soul force it can contain, which is 600, the higher it goes, the harder it is!"

Hearing Shen Xiu’s words, the crowd of commoner students below the stage revealed disappointed expressions on their face. Soul force could only reach a maximum of 600, which means that unless one to have good fortune , the maximum they can reach is just the 5-star bronze rank.

Those students with red soul realm couldn’t help to complain at the injustice, why do they only have red soul realm.

"There are some things that are decided by heavens upon birth, we have to succumb to our fate. Some people would be sheltered upon birth, and some would be an inferior commoner upon birth!" Shen Xiu laughed a cry.

Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er frowned their brows in disgust upon hearing Shen Xiu’s words. They didn’t like Shen Xiu since the beginning, and the words Shen Xiu spoke were too much. With Glory City under the threats of demon beast, Shen Xiu still continued to try and stir up conflicts between commoners and nobles, simply disregarding the situation.

Listening Shen Xiu’s words, those commoner students tightly clenched their fist, blood almost oozed out from their palms. Although they were very angry about what Shen Xiu said, but most of them still endured it. Not everyone had the courage to contradict the teacher with withdrawing from school as a bet.

They wouldn’t and didn’t dare to do it, and because of that, they had deep admiration for Nie Li in their heart.

What Nie Li didn’t know that the constant mocking of the commoner students by Shen Xiu actually became the spiritual motivation for the commoner students. Almost every single commoner student wished Nie Li to win, chasing this vicious Shen Xiu away. The recent action of Nie Li won the hearts of these commoner students.

As time went on, the incident of Nie Li giving sacred family a hard slap in their face and his bet with Shen Xiu soon became well known, almost everyone throughout Holy Orchid Institute were discussing about this matter.

"He actually said that he’ll raise his soul force from 5 to 100 in two months! He simply doesn’t know his place!"

"Yeah, even a cyan soul realm super genius might not be able to accomplish it!"

"I hope Nie Li would win, really hate that mean woman."

"Me too, although his chances of winning is very slim." 70% of the students in Holy Orchid Institute are commoners. Nie Li offended Shen Xiu and the Sacred family for standing up for them causing them to support Nie Li in their heart.

A lot of people didn’t like the Sacred family, some of the noble children still disapprove of Nie Li.

Even if Sacred family was in the wrong, Sacred family are still one of the 3 major family in Glory City. Nie Li’s action is offending his superiors, it showed contempt for authority! They even look at Nie Li as the scum within nobles.

"Some people just like to stand together with commoners, what can you do about it?" they were ridiculing Nie Li.

Late in the afternoon.

Majority of the students in Holy Orchid Institute all went to eat. The library was exceedingly quiet, Nie Li and the group of people ate together and went back to the library to continue their practice.

"Nie Li, my soul force is already 89! With the current speed, I would be able to breakthrough into 1-star bronze rank in a week!" Du Ze whispered, his voice had unquenchable excitement in it. This speed of cultivation in his view is impossible to imagine!

"Not bad" Nie Li chuckled, this speed is within Nie Li’s expectation.

Not just Du Ze, Lu Piao and the others were also in ecstasy and excitement, their soul force also made great progress. With the current speed, even for them to reach 1-star bronze rank in two months would be possible.

They strengthen of soul force is too fast. So fast, that it was to the point that it was no longer a lofty goal. It was just like living within a dream!

"We need to get some elixirs, with elixirs only then will our cultivation speed be faster!" Nie Li said.

Listening to Nie Li’s words, Du Ze and the group of people were shocked. Yeah, they hadn’t taken any elixirs and their cultivation speed was already this fast. If they were to consume some elixirs, how fast would their cultivation speed become?

But. where would they find elixirs?

Elixirs that could enhance cultivation, could cost tens of thousands of demon spirit coins!

Although they earned roughly 16 thousands demon spirit coin from killing horned sheep, buying the soul crystals alone spent quite a lot of it leaving them with barely 10 thousand demon spirit coins.

"You guys continue training in the library, I have some matters to attend to tonight. I need to find a way to make more money with the remaining 10 thousand demon spirit coins!" Nie Li said laughing. With more money, they can purchase the elixirs that enhance the cultivation.

They didn’t know what Nie Li planned to do, but since Nie Li already had his plan, they wouldn’t ask much about it.

Tonight, Nie Li and Xiao Ning’er had promised to meet! If Nie Li helped Xiao Ning’er to rid her of her illness, that can also be considered a good deed.

Du Ze, Lu Piao and the trio did not think that the reason Nie Li left was to go meet with Goddess Xiao Ning’er. If they were to know, they would definitely be depressed, Nie Li preferred girls over his friends!