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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 140

Chapter 140 - Demon Lord?

Not knowing what’s in Nie Li’s mind, they did not say anything further and continued forward.

In the ash grey sky, flocks of birds would occasionally fly past them. High-pitched screams added a strange atmosphere in the night. However, these birds are only the size of a palm, compared to the gigantic airborne demon beast earlier, the difference is too big.

Du Ze, Lu Piao and bunch followed behind, being extremely careful. This place is full of hidden dangers, they have no choice but to be careful.

“What is that?” Du Ze knitted his brows, pointing towards the distant wilderness.

Nie Li looked at the direction that Du Ze is pointing at. He could vaguely see, in the distant wilderness, a gigantic monument standing tall.

With a sudden idea, Nie Li said, “We’ll go have a look.”

The group moved towards the direction of the gigantic monument. As they were getting closer to it, they could feel a pressure blowing towards them, making it difficult to breathe.

“What exactly is that thing?” Lu Piao is very curious about it. Although the pressure was getting heavier and heavier, they still continued to move forward.

Several Scarlet Ghosts tailed Nie Li’s group. However, after feeling that pressure, they immediately scattered and began running. That gigantic monument obviously has a bigger effect on those Scarlet Ghosts.

“You guys remain here, I’ll go take a look.” Nie Li said. In order to be more careful, he merged with the Shadow Devil demon spirit and gradually approached the gigantic monument.

“Be careful.” Xiao Ning’er and bunch said, remaining at their location.

When he was several meters away, Nie Li raised his head got a clear view of the gigantic monument. The height of the gigantic monument is roughly dozens meters tall, besides having ash grey tone, Nie Li has no idea what the monument is made of.

The huge monument is carved with six types of ancient text. Nie Li could roughly make out one of them.

“Those who follows me, shall be honoured. Those who oppose me, shall perish. In the lifetime, gifted with extraordinary talent. Started to comprehend at the age of ten, splitting mountains and scattering stones. Comprehended the gentle realm at the age of thirteen, drying a river at the wave of a hand. At the age of sixteen, comprehended the profound of the demon spirits, and broke through the Legend rank realm. At the age of thirty, no one under the sky can withstand three of my strikes, battling all supreme experts around the world and have never tasted defeat. Comprehended the realm of man at the age of forty, opened the wisdom, knowing the past and present. At the age of fifty, sensed a calamity arriving, abandoned the throne and left. Leaving behind ten words, to pass down to the next generation......”

Reading the words on the gigantic monument, Nie Li was shocked. He never thought that this ancient monument would be left behind by Emperor Kong Ming. From this monument, Nie Li could feel that Emperor Kong Ming must be an extremely gifted person during his lifetime.

What caused Nie Li to be shocked is that Emperor Kong Ming could comprehend the realm of man at the age of forty, and was able the know the past and present. However, what does this past and present mean?

Nie Li could vaguely feel that this Emperor Kong Ming has a close link to the Temporal Demon Spirit Book. Perhaps this Emperor Kong Ming is the key to unlocking all of its secrets.

The ten word chant that Emperor Kong Ming left behind...

Nie Li’s gaze landed on the bottom of the ancient monument. However, there are scrape marks on the ancient monument that appeared to be done by some sharp object, making the words blurred beyond recognition.

“What chant did Emperor Kong Ming leave behind? Why is it scraped off?” Nie Li’s brows tightly knitted together. Could it be that someone came here before him? After that person looked at the ten word chant, in order to prevent someone from seeing it, he scraped it off?

After Nie Li pondered for a long while, both the Ancient Orchid City Ruins and this wilderness, there are things that Emperor Kong Ming left behind. Just exactly what is Emperor Kong Ming trying to do?

After searching the side of the ancient monument for a while, and discovering nothing else, an idea flashed in his mind. His hand touched the scrape marks and mysterious inscription pattern slowly spread out onto the ancient monument.

“Never thought that Emperor Kong Ming already surpassed Legend rank when he set this monument. When he carved those words, he left his intent within it. Although someone scraped the words off, it’s not possible to scrape the intent left behind by Emperor Kong Ming.” Scenes flashed one after another within Nie Li’s mind.

It was as though he was in the distant sky. A white robed middle aged man quietly stood there.

“Who am I? Where did I originate from and where am I to go? In my eyes, countless living beings are declining, countless lives are being born. Every living creature struggles in the cycle of reincarnation. However, generations of bloodlines shall continue to be inherited. Mankind constantly chases after the path of the supreme. Where is the end of the Dao?” The white robed man let out a sigh, “What is the Dao?”

“What is the Dao?” Nie Li lightly smiled in his heart. This is something that people are trapped in after breaking through to the realm higher than Legend rank, “The presence of Dao.”

Countless experts bitterly searched, but nothing was found. The Dao is within one’s heart. Emperor Kong Ming should have comprehended the meaning of Dao in this location and left this ancient monument. What caused Nie Li to feel strange is that, after countless years, there wasn’t any documentation of the Emperor Kong Ming being an existence that far surpassed Legend rank.

Could it be that after Emperor Kong Ming comprehended everything, he went to another area and did not stay on this piece of land?

“A mysterious person, someone that surpassed Legend rank before me and then went missing.” Nie Li mumbled.

“Infinity has no beginning, no beginning can have no end.” the white robed man sighed, and then moved backwards.

Nei Li felt the ten word chant left behind by Emperor Kong Ming and was startled. When he was in the Temporal Demon Spirit Book, he had seen this ten word chant before. This ten word chant was written on a piece of paper, it’s extremely profound. Nie Li never imagined that this is something that Emperor Kong Ming had comprehended.

Back then, Nie Li thought it was left behind by some peerless expert. At that time, Nie Li had already reached a realm that even Legend rank experts could not imagine. However, back then, even he couldn’t comprehend the ten word chant. Nie Li never thought that this ten word chant was left behind by Emperor Kong Ming when he broke through Legend rank.

Recalling his previous life, Nie Li suddenly had some profound understanding towards these words. This ten word chant meant the truth of life. The heritage of life is endless. Nie Li has only been able to partially comprehend the entire sentence.

Suddenly, Nie Li felt his soul realm surging, his soul force was frantically expanding and was flooding into the Shadow Devil demon spirit and Fanged Panda demon spirit. Both demon spirits underwent their first evolution and mutation.

Although Nie Li only comprehended a little of it, he could already feel how powerful this ten word chant is.

“Even though he was just at Legend rank, he already had such a level of understanding towards the martial path. He’s definitely not an ordinary person. Why didn’t I meet such a shockingly strong expert in my previous life?” Nie Li went silent, “However, among the tens of thousands of worlds, I’ve only been to a corner of this vast world. There are wider worlds out there. Perhaps Emperor Kong Ming went to even more distant worlds.”

Nie Li focused on the blurred figure of Emperor Kong Ming.

“Using the Great Change Heavenly Calculation Technique, I’ve calculated that there are five people that are able to obtain this ten word chant of mine. Everyone of them are extremely gifted and have unique understanding towards this ten word chant. The five people will kill one another, the last one will devour the other four’s understanding towards this ten word chant and meet with me.” Emperor Kong Ming’s leisure voice drifted.

Nie Li is shocked, so he himself is within the calculation of Emperor Kong Ming.

Just what kind of figure is this Emperor Kong Ming, exactly?

Emperor Kong Ming calculated that there will be five people who are able to obtain this ten word chant. These five people will then kill one another, and obtain the other’s understanding towards this ten word chant. But, where are the other four people? Nie Li suddenly had a strong sense of urgency. Perhaps the other four are also looking for him.

While Nie Li was bewildered, another scene flashed within his mind.

One person came flying and stopped in front of this ancient monument. He mumbled to himself, “I never thought that there would be such an area in Glory City. Seems like this trip was worthwhile. Those who follows me, shall be honoured. Those who oppose me, shall perish? Hmph hmph, such big words. Who is this Emperor Kong Ming to actually be so arrogant.”

This person looked at the ancient monument for a long time, his brows were tightly knitted together, “Infinity has no beginning, no beginning can have no end. What shit is this? What masterpiece cultivation can be hidden in just these ten words? This Emperor Kong Ming fella is really ridiculous!”

This person no longer seems to have any interest towards this ancient monument, turned around and was preparing to leave. However, after pondering for a moment, he turned back around.

“Since even me, the Demon Lord is unable to comprehend it, others can give up on getting it.” The self-proclaimed Demon Lord took out a dagger and scraped the ancient monument and cleanly scraped the ten words away, “Haha, now it’s clean.”

Suddenly, the Demon Lord suddenly frowned his brows, “Eh? What was the ten word chant again? Why can’t I recall it?”

The Demon Lord scratched his head, then no longer pondered about it. What exactly is the ten word chant? He roughly had a feeling that the ten word chant is something extraordinary. However, he had already scrapped it away. He regretfully looked at the ancient monument, revealing a fearful expression on his face.

The person that left behind the ancient monument must be an extraordinary supreme expert.

The Demon Lord looked at the ancient monument and pondered for a moment before leaving. He understands that he’s not fated to know the ten word chant.

Nie Li suddenly woke up, there was someone before this ancient monument?

“Seems like the action of this Demon Lord has been recorded in this ancient monument and was seen by me. Who is this Demon Lord? He was actually here before me. Infinity has no beginning, no beginning can have no end.” Nie Li murmured, engraving this ten word chant into his heart.