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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 141

Chapter 141 - Silver Winged Family

That Demon Lord actually has no memory of the ten word chant after scraping them off. From there, one can see how powerful the intent of Emperor Kong Ming really is.

The ones who can remember the ten word chant are naturally those inheritors sought after by Emperor Kong Ming.

Between the five inheritors, only one can emerge victorious.

Nie Li calmed his heart awhile and thought, no matter who he’ll meet in the future, he must not let them know that he comprehended the ten word chant. Even if it’s Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er, he can’t even let them know about it. If Ye Ziyun or Xiao Ning’er accidentally leaked it out, it could lead to a disaster.

Right now, Nie Li is still not strong enough. He doesn’t know what kind of existence the other four inheritors are.

When Nie Li silently said the ten word chant, he could feel his soul realm surging. This resulted in a mysterious bud growing in his soul realm.

It’s like a seed, growing as Nie Li’s soul realm gets stronger.

Nie Li could feel that this thing has been hiding in the depths of his soul realm. When he comprehended some of the ten word chant, this bud started to grow.

What exactly is this thing?

Du Ze, Lu Piao and bunch has been waiting for a long time. Nie Li only returned now.

“Have you discovered anything at the ancient monument?” Du Ze looked at Nie Li and ask because he saw Nie Li standing in front of the ancient monument for a long time.

“There were some discoveries; however, the clues are not connected yet. We’ll continue our search for the Stones of Light!” said Nie Li.

“Okay,” Although Du Ze was a little confused, he did not ask any further.

The group continued moving towards the distant mountain.

Nie Li looked at Wei Nan and said, “Wei Nan, merge with your demon spirit and search the surrounding area and see if there’s any similar ancient monuments. However, safety comes first, don’t stop in one place.”

Wei Nan has integrated with a god attribute demon spirit, a Wind spirit beast. After he merges with it, his physical size will be smaller and not easy to notice. At the same time, he has high speed, so an ordinary demon beast wouldn’t be able to catch up to him.

“Okay, I understand.” Wei Nan said, nodding his head. He quickly merged with his demon spirit, his limbs became particularly strong and then he bolted away like the wind.

Wei Nan followed the ground, but maintained a distance of roughly a thousand meters while searching the parameters; however, there wasn’t anything to discover.

Gradually, they reached the foot of the mountain. The lights that were halfway up the mountain are very close to them now.

“I’ll go have a look.” Nie Li said, quickly merging with the Shadow Devil demon spirit. His figure was complete hidden in the darkness as he skimmed.

It’s just as Nie Li thought, this is a village. However, what makes this village different from others is that the houses here are built on top of the towering trees. Some places were open platforms, with huge Thunderbird demon beasts quietly standing there.

On the head of the Thunderbirds, there’s a crown-like item glowing in the darkness.

The light that shot into the sky must have come from these Thunderbirds.

This place should be a huge village with tens of thousands of residents living here. Furthermore, from the location that he’s standing, there are even more lights in the mountains. Seems like the settlements here are not only one.

Some of the grey leather armour guards were holding sharp spears, standing on the branches of some of the huge trees. Not far from his current location, knocking sounds could be heard on top of the mountainside, they seem to be digging something.

“You dare slack off?! You’re simply seeking death!” One of the guards spoke in the Woodland Empire’s language. He’s mercilessly whipping the miners.

Some of the miners couldn’t withstand the chores and fell to the ground. The guards seem to have no compassion and continued whipping them, until one of the miners stopped breathing, he then coldly barked, “Drag him away and clean the area!”

The ore that they are mining is the raw stone of the Blood Crystal!

The usage of the Blood Crystal is doubtless. Although only one Blood Crystal could be refined from a few hundred pounds of the raw stone, it’s already significant. Nie Li never imagined that there would be a Blood Crystal mine here!

Just when Nie Li was preparing to investigate further, he suddenly felt a killing intent. He immediately wielded the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword in his hand and cautiously looked at the grass at his side.

The grass moved, a figure slowly appeared before his eyes.

“Who are you?” A tribal girl, wielding on a long sword appeared from the grass. She was warily looking at Nie Li, filled with hostility.

Nie Li took a look at her. She looked different from an ordinary human. She has a pair of silver coloured wings growing from her back. These wings are not from merging with a demon spirit, but something that is growing on her body. She’s wearing silver armour, and those green eyes of hers were emitting a faint light in the darkness.

Nie Li suddenly realized who they are, this is the Silver Winged tribe from the Woodland Empire era!

The first generation Patriarch of the Silver Winged tribe implanted the wings of a Silver Winged Thunderbird into his body and passed to his direct descendents. Only the most noble descendents are able to have the silver wings in the Silver Winged Family.

She’s at least a 5-star Gold rank expert!

Nie Li immediately stood straight, slightly bowed, and spoke in the standard Woodland Empire’s language, “Your honorable highness, nice to meet you. I am a traveler who is passing by, and accidentally came here. If I have offended you in anyway, I hope you’ll understand.”

Hearing Nie Li speak with the standard Woodland Empire’s language, a hint of doubt flashed within this girl’s eyes and she solemnly asked, “Who are you, where have you come from?”

Nie Li guessed that the Silver Winged Family must have moved in here during the Age of Darkness. Because the Woodland Empire’s era is already in the same timeline as the Age of Darkness, and drowned in the endless horde of demon beasts.

Nie Li thought of his lines quickly and said, “My ancestors are from the Silverlit Family. Thereafter, during the long Age of Darkness, we continued to run and luckily survived. I broke into your territory by accident.”

“Silverlit Family?” The Silver Winged Family’s girl was stunned for a moment and revealed a slightly excited expression. During the era of the Woodland Empire, the Silverlit Family was one of Silver Winged Family’s allies, both sides had a close relationship. They also had many marriages between each other; therefore, their relationship is extremely close.

The Silver Winged Family’s girl pondered for a moment and said, “Ever since my ancestors moved here, we have not had any contact with the outside world. We was no longer able to return to the original mainland and could only live in this dark world. I welcome your presence here, I’ll immediately inform my father about it. Follow me!”

Nie Li pondered for a moment, then nodded his head and said, “Okay.”

Nie Li followed behind the girl, walking inwards.

The girl looked at Nie Li, sizing him up and said, “My name is Hongyue, what’s your name?”

“I’m Lei Zhuo.” replied Nie Li.

The girl slightly nodded. She was a little suspicious about Nie Li’s identity, but once she heard his surname, she no longer had any suspicions. The Silverlit Family are indeed surnamed Lei. During the long years of the Age of Darkness, the glory of the Silverlit Family no longer remained. At best, only one or two branches successfully escaped. However, through time, there’s not many that could remember that the surname Lei, is the surname of the Silverlit Family.

“Your highness Hong Yue, I would like to ask, are you from the Silver Winged Family?” Nie Li pretended to be cautious and tried asking.

“Yes.” Hongyue nodded her head.

“Isn’t the Silver Winged Family surnamed Sikong?” Nie Li asked again.

“Correct. My name is Sikong Hongyue.” Hongyue said, nodding her head. Her suspicion towards Nie Li has lessened even more. Seems like Nie Li has already known that she’s from the Silver Winged Family.

Sikong Hongyue wore silver armour, her entire body was emitting an able and vigorous aura. Her slender long legs were filled with power. Nie Li could feel that although she’s a girl, her physical power is extremely powerful.

“Fortunately, the place that you’ve come to is the territory of our Silver Winged Family. In the stretch of this mountain, there are thirteen families. These families all came from the Age of Darkness. They are from the variously destroyed empires. There are five families that are the enemies of my Silver Winged Family. If they are aware that you’re from the Silverlit Family, you’ll be dead for sure.” said Sikong Hongyue, jumping into the forest.

“So that’s the case.” said Nie Li, nodding his head. He never thought that there would be so many survivors from the Age of Darkness. If Nie Li had entered another territory, he’d naturally have another stageline.

After a moment later, a magnificent palace attracted Nie Li’s attention.

This palace is held up by several huge trees. The walls of the palace reached a height of dozens of meters, the towering structure gave off a heavy pressure.

Nie Li followed behind Sikong Hongyue and entered the palace. After passing through many corridors, they finally entered into one of the spacious halls.

Pa! Pa! Pa!

Crisp clear sounds of whipping could be heard.

After entering the hall, the first thing that Nie Li saw were two huge pillars. One of the huge pillars had a robust youth tied to it. His body is filled with bloodstains left behind from the whipping, none of the skin on his body was intact.

This youth also had a pair of wings on his back. However, they’re dark gold in colour, different from the other members of the Silver Winged Family.

Two guards that wore leather armour continuously waved their whips, lashing the youth. Although the pain caused his face to be twisted, the youth still bit his teeth and did not issue even a hum of pain. His eyes were unyielding.

Nie Li looked at Sikong Hongyue and curiously asked, “Your highness Hongyue, he is...?”

“Hmph, a cheap bastard!” Sikong Hongyue snorted, “His mother was a member of my Silver Winged Family but had a relationship with our enemy, the Black Dragon Family, and bore him. After being found out by us, his parents were pursued and killed by us, leaving behind this bastard. Funny that those cheapskates begged us to let him off. Ridiculous! We’ll slowly torture him to death!”

Sikong Hongyue’s voice was extremely chilling. In her view, this kind of scum of the family must be killed.