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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 142

Chapter 142 - Sikong Yi

Nie Li glanced at the youth that was tied to the pillar. Although he was outrageously tortured, Nie Li could still vaguely feel his unyielding eyes, and determined expression. That pair of black eyes were filled with hatred under his long hair.

Those dark gold coloured wings of his are in fact, dragon wings that have undergone evolution by the Black Dragon bloodline. It’s much stronger than Silver Wings.

However, his cultivation is only 3-star Gold rank.

In Nie Li’s view, there’s no right or wrong between the hatred of two families. However, causing such torture to a youth is a little too inhumane. Nie Li and the youth’s eyes made contact, he retracted them and followed behind Sikong Hongyue.

Above the hall, a fat middle-aged man was sitting on his tall throne with his eyes half closed. He has a gloomy facial expression filled with chills. The luxurious robe gave him a little more of a noble aura. There are three beautiful girls by the side, helping him massage his legs and back. These three girls wore revealing clothing, their curvaceous bodies could be vaguely seen.

Nie Li could see the middle aged man’s deep eyes with a glance. His eyes had a hint of ash grey in it. Feeling the aura emitting from the man, Nie Li was slightly shocked. The man should be a Legend rank expert. However, from the looks of it, he doesn’t have much time left and was barely continuing his life with elixirs.

This man is the Patriarch of the Silver Winged Family, Sikong Yi.

Listening to the footsteps of Sikong Hongyue and Nie Li, he opened his eyes wide and looked towards Nie Li and Sikong Hongyue.

“Hongyue, who is he?” Sikong Yi solemnly said. His gaze carried a hint of murderous intent at Nie Li.

“Respects to Father, he’s called Lei Zhuo, a descendent of the Silverlit Family and accidentally came here.” Sikong Hongyue reported, bowing.

“Silverlit Family?” Sikong Hongyue was stunned for a moment and then laughed, “The Silverlit Family has already perished within the hordes of the demon beasts, how can they have descendents?” Sikong Yi’s gaze suddenly turned murderous as they fell on Nie Li’s body, “Who exactly are you? Are you a spy from one of the other families?”

After listening to her father, Sikong Hongyue also frowned. Her cold gaze also fell on Nie Li.

Facing Sikong Yi’s murderous intent, Nie Li calmly said, “Respects to Lord Patriarch, I am indeed a descendent of the Silverlit Family. Although the main Silverlit Family is gone, two branches of the family managed to survive.”

“Rubbish.” Sikong Yi coldly snorted, “This person is definitely a spy from one of the other families, drag him out and execute him!”

Several Gold rank guards waved their spears, pointing at Nie Li. If Sikong Yi were to issue an order, Nie Li would be immediately decapitated.

Nie Li could naturally see that Sikong Yi is testing him and proudly said, “Lord Patriarch, if you were to execute me without hearing me out, I wouldn’t be convinced!”

“Hmph, you still have some guts. If you don’t spill the beans, don’t blame me for being impolite.” Sikong Yi said, coldly snorting.

“First, I’m not someone from this world, I come from the outside world. I can prove this!” Nie Li quickly merged with the Shadow Devil demon spirit, and his body quickly underwent some changes.

Seeing Nie Li’s transformation, Sikong Yi’s expression slightly changed. The Shadow Devil demon spirit is not a demon beast belonging to this area. In a usual case, a demon spirit can only be preserved for six hundred years. As for those demon spirits that were previously stored were either used up, or destroyed.

Nie Li has merge with a demon spirit that he has never been seen before; therefore, it’s highly possible that it’s from the outside world.

“Even if this demon spirit is from the outside world, it’s also unable to prove that you’re not from the other families.” Sikong Yi was still unconvinced. His expression was gloomy, making it impossible to see what he is thinking.

Nie Li lightly smiled and said, “I’m unable to prove any further; however, Lord Patriarch, the Silver Winged Family has a very big secret. When the Silver Winged Family’s members obtain the wings of the Silver Winged Thunderbird, their body’s will reject as they grow older. Generally, members of the Silver Winged Family couldn’t live for more than sixty years. Isn’t that true?”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Sikong Yi’s eyes filled with a chilling light as he stared at Nie Li, “Who exactly are you, brat? Are you aware of what you’re saying?”

“I am a descendent of the Silverlit Family. Regarding this matter, I’ve heard about it from my elders. Even I don’t know if this is true or not. I’m aware that once I say this, Lord Patriarch will not allow me to leave; but what if I were to say that I have the solution to it? Will Lord Patriarch think about it?” Nie Li look at Sikong Yi with a calm expression. In his mind, Sikong Yi will definitely not refuse such a temptation.

“Solution? Haha, you joke!” Sikong Yi madly laughed. However, his laughter was slightly trembling. From that, Nie Li can see that he doesn’t entirely disregard death, “The sickness of my Silver Winged Family is unresolvable.”

“Who says that it’s unresolvable? When my Silverlit Family was aware of this problem faced by the Silver Winged Family, we had been looking for the solution for a long time. One day, we found the solution; however, we didn’t have the enough time to let Silver Winged Family know about it before the Age of Darkness arrived, and hordes of demon beasts destroying the Silverlit Family. However, the solution has been passed down, waiting for our members to find the Silver Winged Family in order to fulfil my ancestor’s wish.”

Although Nie Li completely fabricated this, he appeared to be serious.

With his profound knowledge, Nie Li can easily find the weaknesses of the other party and launch an attack. From Sikong Yi’s reaction, Nie Li know that he has already won.

“Since that’s the case, give me the solution!” Sikong Yi calmly sat on his throne, look at Nie Li with his hawk-like eyes.

“Originally, I had respects for Lord Patriarch and intended to give the solution to Lord Patriarch. However, Lord Patriarch has treated me like this. I have no choice but to think for my own safety, I seek the forgiveness of Lord Patriarch.” said Nie Li, lightly cupping his hands.

Sikong Hongyue had her brows tightly knitted together. She felt that something wasn’t right but she couldn’t point it out.

“Rubbish. You think that based on your words, I’d believe you?” Sikong Yi said, coldly laughing.

“I know that Patriarch Sikong might not believe me, but I have the method to prove it. The sickness of the Silver Winged Family requires seventy-six different types of herbs to refine and must be consumed for forty-nine days in order for it to have an effect. The rejection of the body is extremely painful, I have the easing method here. Patriarch Sikong can give it a try!” Nie Li’s right hand moved, and took out a bunch of herbal grass from his interspatial ring, “This is the Tianfang herb. I believe that Patriarch Sikong also knows of it. It doesn’t have any poisonous substances. It can subside the pain of Lord Patriarch. Patriarch Sikong can give it a try!”

Nie Li tossed the herbal grass over.

Sikong Yi extended his right hand, catching the herbal grass. He lowered his head took a look at it. It’s indeed the Tianfang herb. There isn’t any Tianfang herb growing in this realm. When the Silver Winged Family moved into this space, they brought many medical books along with them. Within the medical books, there are records of the Tianfang herb.

If Nie Li took out an unknown herb, he’d definitely not try it. However, this is the Tianfang grass that he knows. It doesn’t have any poison.

Seeing Sikong Yi hesitating, Nie Li added oil into the fire and said, “From the looks of Patriarch Sikong’s face, you should be nearing your end. So what if you have a Legend rank cultivation? When you’re dead, you’ll be nothing but bones.”

Sikong Yi coldly snorted, waved his hand, got someone to boil the medicine and said, “If you’re unable to cure my illness, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

A moment later, the boiled medicine was given to him by a servant. After he received it, he drank it. Suddenly, Sikong Yi’s face turned ugly.

“Father!” Sikong Hongyue anxiously shouted. A killing intent burst from her body. The long sword on her hand was placed on Nie Li’s neck, “If anything happens to my father, I’ll have you buried together with him!”

After a moment, Sikong Yi exhaled a long breath. He could feel his body was much more comfortable. The pain that has been with him for so long has been relieved by a lot. He never imagined that the Tianfang grass would have such an effect.

Sikong Yi waved his hand and said, “Hongyue, stand down!”

Sikong Hongyue looked at Sikong Yi, dropped her long sword to her side and backed off.

Sikong Yi coldly said, “Since you have the solution, hand it over immediately and I will spare your death.”

Hearing Sikong Yi’s words, Nie Li laughed and said, “Since Lord Patriarch now knows the benefits of the Tianfang grass, you should believe me now. A gentleman will never stand under a wall. Lord Patriarch can’t be thinking that I’ll hand the solution over, right? If Lord Patriarch were to go back on his words, wouldn’t I be dead? Furthermore, there are many herbs in the prescription that can only be obtained in the outside world in order for it to work.”

“Young man, are you sure you want to go against me?” Sikong Yi coldly looked at Nis Li, “I have thousands of methods to torture you with that will make you spit out the solution.”

Nie Li laughed, “Lord Patriarch, you’re old. At most, we’ll both die. If you were to force me, I could to change it a little. You think that with your age, you can survive?”

Nie Li coldly made eye contact with Sikong Yi.

After a moment, Sikong Yi suddenly laughed and said, “Nephew Lei Zhuo is gutsy, I’m just testing you. You’re indeed worthy of being a descendent of the Silverlit Family. I’m happy to see that the Silverlit Family has a worthy successor!”

Hearing Sikong Yi’s words, Nie Li scolded “old fox” in his heart. However, he kept a smile on his face and said, “Lord Uncle is very flattering. Isn’t it for Silver Winged Family that my Silverlit Family was researching the solution? In order to cure Uncle of his illness, I’m willing to die a million times without any hesitation. This is all the Tianfang grass I have, it could ease uncle of his pain for several months.” Nie Li’s right hand waved, tossing a bunch of Tianfang grass over.

Sikong Yi received the Tianfang grass, nodded his head and said, “Nephew is thoughtful. In the future, the Silver Winged Family’s territory will be nephew’s home. You can go wherever you like. No one will stop you! If nephew has any needs, just speak!”