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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 143

Chapter 143 - The outside world

“Thank you, uncle.” said Nie Li, nodding his head. The corner of his mouth curled into a light smile. This old fox must have thought that he had earned this. True, the Tianfang grass doesn’t have any toxicity. However, after using them, the consumer will start to be dependant on it. Which also means, once the Tianfang grass is finished, Sikong Yi will care for nothing else and desperately search for more Tianfang grass.

Nie Li does have the method to cure Sikong Yi; however, Nie Li understands that such a brutal person like Sikong Yi, before his illness is cured, he’ll be afraid of Nie Li. Once his illness is cured, Nie Li will lose the cards to control him.

Sikong Yi loudly said, “Men! Set the banquet, I want to host a feast to welcome nephew Lei Zhuo.”

A thought moved in Nie Li’s mind. Ning’er, Lu Piao and the rest are still outside, how should he contact them? If Ning’er and the rest don’t see him return after so long, they’ll search the mountains, and probably meet misfortune. Nie Li’s aware that if the amount of people arriving is too much, it wouldn’t be good; however, Nie Li still decided to bring them over. At best, he just need to find another method to deal with Sikong Yi.

Nie Li said towards Sikong Yi, “Lord Patriarch, I still have to make a trip down the mountains. My friends are waiting for me down below.”

“Oh? Friends?” Sikong Yi’s brows twitched as he thought of something and said, “Friends of nephew are our friends. I will send some of my people over bring them here!”

“I must make the trip myself. If my friends were to start a conflict with uncle’s men, it’d be troublesome.” said Nie Li.

“Sure, let Hongyue go with you.” said Sikong Yi. With Hongyue’s strength, she can easily suppress a 5-star silver rank like Nie Li.

With the accompany of Hongyue, Nie Li went down the mountain and met up with Ning’er and the rest.

Lu Piao exhaled in relief and said, “Nie Li, you’re finally back. You’ve been gone for so long. We’re worried sick and were preparing to look for you up the mountains.”

Nie Li and Xiao Ning’er’s eyes made contact, then he said, “After going up the mountain, I met up with an uncle. He’s from the Silver Winged Family who has connections with our Silverlit Family before the Age of Darkness!”

Since when did Nie Li became a member of the Silverlit Family? Du Ze glanced at the girl standing behind Nie Li and understood what is going on.

Xiao Ning’er and the rest soon understood Nie Li’’s meaning; after all, they are smart people and could definitely tell that Nie Li is hinting at them.

The one that everyone was worried about now is Lu Piao.

Sikong Hongyue’s faint eyes were observing the reaction of Du Ze and the rest. Her gaze fell onto Lu Piao as his reaction was a little strange.

Lu Piao was obviously stunned while he looked at Sikong Hongyue. Xiao Xue bumped Lu Piao with her arm and Lu Piao’s looked as though he had just woken up. His eyes lit up and said, “Nie Li, who’s this girl? This figure of hers, powerful!”

So the stunning-state earlier was to look at her pervertedly. Sikong Hongyue slightly frowned her brows.

“Lu Piao, keep your shit, this is my sister!” Nie Li immediately said, feeling relieved in his heart.

“Hehe, sorry about that, I’ve lost my composure. Sister, what’s your name?” Lu Piao stared at Sikong Yi pervertedly, pretending to be a pervert is also showing his normal character. He did not have any flaws.

“Sikong Hongyue.”she said with a cold expression. If it wasn’t because the Silver Winged Family needed something from Nie Li, she’d demand a tribute for even associating with this guy.

“Li Piao, you dare to flirt in front of me? Are you seeking death?!”

With a bang, Xiao Xue gave Lu Piao a beating. Lu Piao wailed as the beating continued and squatted with his hands clutching his head.

Sikong Hongyue totally ignored their actions, turned around and said, “Let’s go.”

The group followed behind Sikong Hongyue. Nie Li purposely slowed his step and used his gaze to interact with the group. If he were to lower his voice and say something, it won’t escape the ears of a 5-star Gold rank like Sikong Hongyue.

Silver Winged Family, the palace on the huge tree

The hall sat several hundreds of people who were wine toasting against one another.

“My nephew, come, I’ll toast you a cup.” Sikong Yi took the cup and said in a loud voice, “This is nephew Lei Zhuo of the Silverlit Family, a valued guest. In the future, no matter where he goes to in my Silver Winged Family’s territory, no one is to hinder him! If he has any requests, do your best to fulfil them!”

After hearing Sikong Yi’s words, members of the Silver Winged Family all looked at each other. They then looked at Nie Li and wondered who exactly he is for him to receive such attention from the Patriarch.

Sikong Yi’s gaze swept pass Du Ze and the rest who couldn’t help feeling some of the pressure. After reaching this place, they got some information from Nie Li and fear roused from their hearts, for Sikong Yi is a Legend rank expert.

“You are all Nephew Lei Zhuo’s good friends and are naturally my Silver Winged Family’s valued guests. Treat this like your home, no need to hesitate!” Sikong Yi said, laughing loudly.

“Thanks Lord Patriarch.” Du Ze and the rest immediately raised their cups up.

The only one that is able to remain calm under the glaze of Sikong Yi is probably only Nie Li. Even Xiao Ning’er had a slightly nervous look on her face.

Nie Li squeezed Xiao Ning’er’s hand a little, hinting her to relax.

Suddenly, a series of whipping sounds were heard, grabbing everyone’s attention to the corner of the hall. On the stone pillar, was a youth tied to it. That youth has been tortured till now, and the majority of the people in the hall seem to be used to it. They softly chuckled and did not bother with it.

Xiao Ning’er couldn’t bear it any longer and asked Nie Li, “Who is he?”

“A member of the Silver Winged Family.”

Nie Li told Xiao Ning’er the birth and details.

Xiao Ning’er lowered her head and mumbled in a soft voice, “Both of his parents died? And he himself has been tortured and lashed all this time? So pitiful!”

Nie Li looked at the far distance. The youth’s eyes, were filled with an unyielding will and hatred. The dark gold wings on his back were tied by chains. The youth’s talent should be pretty good. However, if Nie Li were to save him, he might have to bear a great risk. Afterall, that youth is the thorn in the flesh in Sikong Yi’s eyes.

Suddenly, an idea flashed within Nie Li’s mind.

After several cups of wine, Nie Li said to the tipsy Sikong Yi, “Uncle, I have a request. I wonder if uncle could agree to it?”

“What is it? Nephew can just speak it.” Sikong Yi said, laughing.

Nie Li pointed to the chained youth far away and said, “I want that person.”

“What do you want that person for?” inquired Sikong Yi as a sharp ray of light shot out of his eyes. That youth is the traitor of the Silver Winged Family!

Nie Li faced Sikong Yi’s glance, did not show any fear, lightly smiled and said, “I know that that person is a thorn in the eyes of uncle, and the traitor of Silver Winged Family, and want to remove him quickly. However, uncle has him tied there and continuously lashed him. This is to serve as a warning for the other members of the family. However, I have a better idea!”

“What kind of idea?” Sikong Yi calmly drank a cup of wine.

“Testing the medicine.” Nie Li said, “Although I have a certain amount of confidence to cure uncle of your illness, some of the herbs are, after all, insufficient. Many of the herbs have to be found outside. If one or two of the herbs are used incorrectly, I’ll be unable to cure uncle of your illness. I’m afraid that I’ll be unable to bear this kind of responsibility. Therefore, I want to find someone to test the medicine. Let him make a last contribution to the Silver Winged Family.

Sikong Yi looked at Nie Li, trying to see if he’s lying while Nie Li calmly drank a cup of wine, pretending not to be bothered by it.

“Okay, let him test the medicine for nephew.” Sikong Yi lightly said. In this territory of the Silver Winged Family, he doesn’t believe that Nie Li can run away!

“Aside from that, I have another matter.” Nie Li lightly smiled and said, “However, it’s something of a selfish motive of mine. I realised that in uncle’s territory, there is a Blood Crystal Mine. Is it possible for me to have some Blood Crystals.”

“It’s just Blood Crystals, I have plenty of that. Nephew can just take them.” Sikong Yi’s right hand knocked on the surface of the table, “If nephew is unable to refine the medicine out in one or two months......”

“To refine the medicine in one or two months is absolutely impossible to do; however, I’m able to refine some medicine that could ease the illness.” Nie Li immediately followed up, “It can also restore uncle’s cultivation and ease the pain from the illness.”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Sikong Yi felt a little furious, but knew there’s nothing he could do. Trying to make Nie Li come up with the medicine in such short amount of time was not realistic. But to be able to ease the pain, that’s still acceptable. After all, Sikong Yi’s cultivation is the biggest reliance of Silver Winged Family. Recently, Sikong Yi’s illness had worsened and several enemy families have made some movements on their side.

Sikong Yi nodded his head and said, “Okay then, I’ll have nephew do this.”

The corner of Nie Li’s mouth rose to a smile. It’s impossible for Sikong Yi to get him to hand out the entire medicine, he’ll most likely not let Nie Li in one piece anyways. However, now Nie Li has the method to control Sikong Yi; therefore, he doesn’t have to worry. Nie Li continued, “Uncle, if I am to refine the full medicine, I’ll probably need to leave this realm and go to the outside world.”

“Outside world?” Sikong Yi showed a hint of hesitation.

“It’s not necessary to move the entire family, sending a few people to gather the medicine is good enough.” said Nie Li.

Sikong Yi replied, “But we don’t know how to leave this space. Ever since our ancestors came here, we were never able to leave.”

“In the distant wilderness, there is a teleportation array. However, to activate the array, twenty-three Stones of Light are needed. Once the Stones of Light are found, we’ll be able to get out.” Nie Li said, throwing the task of searching for Stones of Light to Sikong Yi. In order to cure the illness, Sikong Yi probably won’t decline.

After hearing Nie Li’s words, Sikong Yi pondered for a moment. Even if he opened the teleportation array, they can destroy it at anytime. Sikong Yi nodded, “Okay, leave this matter to me.”