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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 145

Chapter 145 - Gold rank

In Nie Li’s view, Bronze and Silver rank are very easy to breakthrough. It is slightly more difficult to breakthrough into Gold rank. However, it’s not an unbreakable door. With Xiao Ning’er and the rest’s cultivation techniques, breaking through into Gold rank is extremely easy. All they need to do is to accumulate their soul force and they can breakthrough.

As for Nie Li himself, due to the fact that he is practising the [Heavenly God] technique, the difficulty for him to breakthrough is several folds harder than others. Although the difficulty has been increased by several folds, it’s not too difficult.

He was absorbing the soul force in the Blood Crystals and then refined it to his own, which allowed his soul realm to constantly expand, and was giving him a swelling feeling.

However, Nie Li did not immediately attempt to breakthrough into Gold rank. Instead, he compressed the soul force in his soul realm. He compressed it to a small area and absorbed even more soul force from the Blood Crystals.

One fold of soul force, two folds of soul force, three folds of soul force......

He spent dozens of Blood Crystals until his soul force accommodated a total of seven folds of soul force. His soul realm had finally reached the limit.

“Done.” Nie Li suddenly opened his eyes, the soul force within his soul realm began to surge. It was frantically rushing towards hundreds of meridian points in his body.


It was surging like an uncontrollable tide.

The aura on Nie Li’s body suddenly grew several times stronger as he reached 1-star Gold rank. Although Nie Li is only 1-star Gold rank, but an ordinary Gold rank expert wouldn’t be able to be his opponent since he has his combat abilities from his previous life.

Feeling the soul force within his body, Nie Li could see that the bud in the depths of his soul realm was slowly growing, turning into a long vine. The vine split into two and connected themselves to the Fanged Panda and the Shadow Devil demon spirits respectively. The Fanged Panda and Shadow Devil demon spirits slowly curled up, like two fruits on a vine, and were being nurtured by the vine.

Nie Li could feel that the Fanged Panda and the Shadow Devil demon spirits are currently undergoing a strange transformation.

This kind of strange transformation made even Nie Li feel amazed. For the first time, he found out that the soul force in his soul realm could actually change into such a form.

It seems that his understanding towards soul force is still incomplete!

Nie Li quickly hid the aura emitting from his body. Although he has reached 1-star Gold rank, the aura he was emitting from his body felt like it belonged to a Silver rank. With Nie Li’s hiding abilities, even Sikong Yi might not be able to find out Nie Li’s real strength.

It took ten days for Nie Li to finish adjusting his aura and Duan Jian’s screaming voice also slowly died down and finally, not a sound came from him.

Nie Li and the group appeared one after another, and quietly looked at the lying Duan Jian.

“What’s wrong with him?” Du Ze and the rest could feel that the aura coming from Duan Jian’s body was gradually getting weaker.

Xiao Ning’er, Lu Piao and bunch had frantic expressions. Duan Jian couldn’t have died like this, right?

Only Nie Li, stood still, very calmly, and look at the lying Duan Jian. If Duan Jian could survive this, then he would have his chance to become a supreme expert. If he couldn’t endure it, then......

After a long while, the aura coming from Duan Jian’s body felt like it was dying off.


“Thump! Thump!......”

A deep sound was coming from Duan Jian’s body. This deep sound, is the sound of his beating heart. That strong reverberation of the beating felt strong enough to bring down the nearby walls.

Thereafter, a majestic aura burst out from Duan Jian’s body, that was continuously expanding to the surroundings.

This aura gave Xiao Ning’er and the rest a feeling of pressure.

Such powerful energy!

Nie Li could feel the powerful energy circulating in Duan Jian’s body. The wings behind his back grew even stronger. With a snap, the black chains binding Dian Jian’s body shattered.


Duan Jian released a furious roar that sounded similar to an actual dragon roar.

“Such a terrifying monster.” Lu Piao looked at Duan Jian with fear. He never thought that the dying Duan Jian would suddenly become so power-ful.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

An aura wave was released from Duan Jian’s body. His body slowly floated into the air and was shrouded in a faint black light. The expression on his face had a noble air to it, as though he’s overseeing all the lives. After a while, he suddenly opened his eyes.

After he saw Nie Li and the group, he slowly landed onto the ground.

The power of the dragon bloodline is indeed powerful. It’s able to make Duan Jian’s physical body reach such a frightening stage. Experts below Legend rank, wouldn’t be able to cause any damage to him.

Duan Jian’s figure is slightly taller than Nie Li and the rest’s. He had an unwavering expression with a sharp piercing gaze. Although his hair is a little messy, it’s not able to cover up his outstanding temperament.

His originally mudded eyes gradually became sharp and clear. The current him seems to have realised the transformation his body had underwent. His eyes flashed a hint of surprise as he stared at Nie Li.


Duan Jian stood in front of Nie Li, then knelt down to one knee and solemnly said, “Thanks to the grace that master has shown me, from today onwards, the life of Duan Jian will belong to master. If master wants me to live, I’ll live, if master wants me to die, I’ll die!”

Duan Jian’s voice was firm but still. There wasn’t even a hint of hesitation in his tone.

In fact, with Duan Jian’s current strength, he could easily go back on his words. He could easily escape from the Silver Winged Family; however, Duan Jian did not chose to escape. Instead, he bowed his proud head.

From the moment of the death of his parents, Duan Jian has been living in pain, tortured beyond recognition by Silver Winged Family. It was Nie Li that allowed him to become an expert, and saved him from the sea of suffer. At the same time, he gave him hope, the hope to avenge his parents. Nie Li’s grace is the same as granting him a new life!

‘I was not mistaken about him,’ Nie Li thought inwardly to himself. Duan Jian is someone who is true to his nature. From the start, Nie Li already knew that Duan Jian truly swore allegiance to him.

“The strength of your physical body is not beneath that of Legend rank experts. However, you’re still not an opponent for an authentic legend rank expert, yet. Therefore, your strength mustn’t be exposed!” Nie Li looked at Duan Jian and said, “Tie the black chains back up!”

“Yes, master.” Duan Jian nodded his head. Within his gaze, fury flashed across. In his lifetime, he must take the head of that old rogue, Sikong Yi! However, he understands that he still has to endure. Since he has already endured for so long, a little longer doesn’t matter.

Nie Li look at Duan Jian’s abdomen. The seal on his abdomen is completely broken. Nie Li gathered a trace of soul force with both of his hands and pointed to Duan Jian’s abdomen. This caused another seal to form on his abdomen and bound him up with a new black chain.

Although Duan Jian is tightly bound, if there’s an emergency situation, Duan Jian can easily shatter the chains.

There is no doubt in Duan Jian’s loyalty. Having such a fierce and brave general like Duan Jian as his underling, Nie Li is also very happy about it. Aside from the strength of the physical body, Duan Jian’s strength should be close to a Black Gold rank expert after invoking the Dragon blood.

While Nie Li, Du Ze, Lu Piao and the bunch were chatting, Duan Jian sat in a corner and quietly practised.

“Nie Li, after refining so many Blood Crystals, we have already reached Gold rank.” said Du Ze. The process of breakthrough was easier than they had imagined.

“Okay, you guys continue practising and consolidate your cultivation. I’ll go out, have a walk and observe the Silver Winged Family a little. When the Stones of Light are in our hands, we’ll leave.” said Nie Li. Right now, everything has been prepared. They only have to wait for the Stones of Light from Sikong Yi.

“Okay.” Du Ze nodded his head.

“Nie Li, do you want me to go with you?” asked Xiao Ning’er, looking at nie Li.

“No need, it’s best if you stay here. Having too many people along wouldn’t be convenient.” Nie Li said, shaking his head.

“Okay,” Xiao Ning’er nodded her head. Although she was a little worried, she still chose to listen to Nie Li.

Duan Jian sent Nie Li off with his gaze. He understood that with Nie Li’s current position in the Silver Winged Family, as long as he is within the territory of Silver Winged Family, Nie Li wouldn’t have to worry about getting into danger.

All of the Silver Winged Family’s constructs were hidden within the huge trees. Furthermore, they are keeping a lot of Thunderbirds, making the territory very heavily guarded. Although there are airborne demon beasts that would attack the territory, they would be chased away by arrows.

One can see that the Silver Winged Family isn’t living too comfortably in this realm, since they are constantly living with the daily threat of demon beasts.

When Nie Li moved around in the territory of Silver Winged Family, there would be several Gold rank guards tailing him from far away. Although Nie Li is unhappy about that, he can only bear it down. After all, this is their territory. Gradually, Nie Li walked to the Blood Crystal mine.

There were slaves chained up everywhere, wearing worn out clothes and were currently mining the raw form of the Blood Crystals. Whenever there’s a slightly delay in the movements, there would be guards ruthlessly lashing their whips.

On top of a stone, wearing a tightly fitted armour, the voluptuous Sikong Hongyue was standing there with a whip in her hand. Her gaze was filled with a chill. She seems to be accustomed to the scene in front of her.

Not far away, there’s a tall and bulky youth that wore golden armour that would look at Sikong Hongyue occasionally.

Suddenly, a frail old man fell in front of the tall youth due to insufficient physical strength. The tall youth’s face immediately went dull.

“Rubbish, can’t you do such simple task?!” The tall youth waved his whip, ruthlessly lashing down the old man.

*PA* A trace of blood appeared on the body of the old man. The old man painfully shrieked, forcing himself to get up. Just when he managed to climb up halfway, because of his weak physical body, he fell to the ground again.

“Useless old trash!” The youth lashed again.