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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 146

Chapter 146 - Lei Zhuo

“Don’t hit my grandfather!” A fifteen-sixteen year old kid wearing a shabby clothes was shielding the old man.

“Little bastard, you’re seeking death!” The whip holding youth coldly snorted. He waved the whip and ruthlessly lashed the kid.

“Pa...!” blood splashed out from the kid’s back.

Although he had suffered a whipping, this kid was strangely determined. He silently endured and muffled his cries.

“Kid, don’t bother about me!” The old man’s voice was hoarse, his eyes clouded by tears as he tried to push the kid away.

“No!” The kid firmly shook his head.

“What tough bones you have there!” a trace of malevolence flashed across the guard’s eyes. He coldly smiled and once again, raised his whip up.

Sikong Hongyue only gave a glance in that direction, but did not bother about it anymore.

Nie Li frowned his brows a little. Members of the Silver Winged Family are really inhumane. They would even hit a fifteen-sixteen year old child and an old man.

Seeing the youth’s whip about to lash once again, Nie Li suddenly rushed forward and grabbed onto it.

The youth tried to pull the whip back but could not do so. He coldly swept his eyes at Nie Li, “Who are you? Get lost!”

Nie Li is still well dressed. Before he could verify Nie Li’s identity, he doesn’t dare to act rashly.

“My name is Lei Zhuo, guest of the Silver Winged Family. They’re only an old man and a kid, why are you getting so angry?” Nie Li looked at the grandpa grandson duo and lightly knitted his brows.

“Lei Zhuo?” The youth suddenly had a little impression of who this person is. He threw a glance at Sikong Hongyue and saw that she is currently walking in his direction. The both of them made eye contact.

“Mister Lei, I’m Sikong Shou from the branch family of the Silver Winged Family. Regarding this matter, I recommend that you don’t barge in.” Sikong Shou coldly snorted.

“Sikong Shou, you can’t be rude. Mister Lei is a valued guest of our Silver Winged Family.” said Sikong Hongyue, solemnly.

“Yes!” Sikong Shou lightly bowed and moved to aside.

“Nice to see you again, Miss Hongyue.” Nie Li greeted. However, within his heart, he only felt disgust.

Sikong Hongyue glanced at Nie Li and said, “Mister Lei, this is the Blood Crystal mine, it’s important territory of my Silver Winged Family. If you were to delay the acquisition, it wouldn’t be good. These people are just some lowly slaves. Why is Mister Lei standing up for them?” When Sikong Hongyue spoke, her tone did not carry a trace of emotion.

This girl is simply inhumane, why didn’t he see that earlier?

“Miss Hongyue, is it possible for me to bring this kid away?” Nie Li asked, looking at Sikong Hongyue.

Sikong Hongyue frowned her brows a while, then shook her head, “All the people in this mine have been marked with a slave imprint. If they move a kilometer out of this mine, they’ll die. These people came from enemy families, how can my Silver Winged Family not take precautions against them?”

Blood imprint? Nie Li’s heart chilled. He never thought that the Silver Winged Family would have such a cruel method. Once the Blood imprint is placed onto a person, unless that person breaks through into Gold rank, it’s impossible to remove it. Every night, they would suffer from its torture and if they were to move a kilometer away from the caster, they would immediately die.

Looking at the grandpa and grandson duo on the ground, Nie Li sighed in his heart. Kid, I’m afraid that I’m not able to help you.

The corner of Sikong Hongyue’s mouth curled, feeling disdain for Nie Li’s compassion.

Nie Li strode towards the grandpa grandson duo and squatted down before them.

The kid raised his head. Although his clothes are shabby and his face is covered in dirt, his appearance is still quite handsome. His eyes were filled with anger and determination.

“What’s your name?” Nie Li asked, looking at him.

Seeing Nie Li’s luxurious clothes, the kid snorted and turned his head away. Although Nie Li stopped the youth from whipping him, in the view of the kid, Nie Li is in cahoots with the Silver Winged Family.

Seeing the stubborn kid, Nie Li’s right hand accumulated a small amount of soul force, then swiftly pointed to the middle of the kid’s eyebrows and sighed in his heart. There’s no way for me to save you, everything depends on you now. Hope that this bitterness that you are suffering from motivates you.

After Nie Li implanted the soul force into the kid’s eyebrow, he stood up. Although Sikong Hongyue and the rest saw Nie Li’s action, they did not understand what Nie Li was doing.

In that short moment, Nie Li imprinted a cultivation technique in between the kid’s eyebrows. As for how the future of this kid will be, it’s not something he can control.

Nie Li looked at Sikong Shou and said, “Regarding the matter earlier, I hope you’ll forgive me for offending. These elixirs are for you, I wish that brother does not make things difficult for this grandpa grandson duo in the future.”

Sikong Shou never thought that Nie Li would took the initiative to apologise. After he took the elixirs from Nie Li, he gave one a sniff and his eyes immediately lit up, “Mister Lei, you’re too polite. Since Mister Lei has already said so, then I won’t make things difficult for them!”

“Then, I’ll take my leave first.” Nie Li said, lightly cupping his hands. There are too many injustices under the sky and Nie Li alone couldn’t be bothered with every single one of them. He could only sigh and take his leave.

After a long moment, the kid realised what Nie Li gave him. When Nie Li was apologising to Sikong Shou before leaving and also giving Sikong Shou elixirs, he finally understood what’s going on. When he raised his head, Nie Li’s back figure was already far away. He carefully recalled Nie Li’s appearance when he spoke with him and imprinted Nie Li’s face in the depths of his heart.

When Nie Li was far enough away, he threw a heavy punch on a three trunk. There’s a surge of indescribable anger in his heart. Although he wanted to do something, the current him still doesn’t have sufficient strength.

A ray of killing intent flashed in Nie Li’s eyes. “There is almost no reason for the Silver Winged Family to remain anymore!”

Nie Li walked to the front of the tree and took out a bottle of demon beast blood from within his interspatial ring and swiftly drew a complicated inscription pattern. After the inscription pattern was formed, it quickly hid within the tree. Even if some expert were to come over, they wouldn’t be able to discover that something was done to this tree trunk.

While he was blindly strolling around in the territory of the Silver Winged Family, Nie Li would swiftly leave an inscription pattern on the tree trunk whenever there was no one within the surrounding area.

For ten days, Nie Li continued to leave inscription patterns all around the territory of the Silver Winged Family.

One day, the garden of the courtyard.

“Nie Li, I’ve been able to practise the [Lightning Dragon] technique till here, what does this ‘Death of the Dragon Roar’ mean?” Xiao Ning’er asked with a serious face as she sat on top of a stone. A few Blood Crystals were floating around her as she absorbed the soul force from them.

She was wearing skin-tight training clothes that made her look even more charming.

“The Death of the Dragon Roar is talking about six meridian points in the body. These points are hidden under the normal meridians, and are extremely hard to notice.” said Nie Li.

“The six hidden meridian points? Where are they?” Confusion was written all over Xiao Ning’er’s face. She hadn’t heard about the six hidden meridian points before.

“The position of these six meridians, even if I were to tell you, it’ll be hard to find them. I’ll point them out for you!” Nie Li walked to Xiao Ning’er’s front, gathered a small amount of soul force and pointed at Xiao Ning’er’s head. The soul force penetrated through her body, “Ling Ting, about an inch below the Shen Ting meridian point......”

Nie Li slowly explained it to her.

Xiao Ning’er raised her head and then look at Nie Li. She could feel the soul force within her body moving, which caused her to be a little absent-minded. Hearing Nie Li slowly explaining this to her, made her feel blessed. Xiao Ning’er’s face became a sheet of redness, making her even more attractive.

“Shen Fu, an inch to the side from Tian Fu......” Nie Li’s gaze fell onto Xiao Ning’er’s chest area, suddenly, the atmosphere became a little awkward.

“Where is that?” Xiao Ning’er’s cheek flushed red, her voice was soft.

“A little lower from the spot where I used the Daoyin technique previously......” Nie Li said, scratching his head.

Xiao Ning’er did not say anything. The atmosphere between them was turning a little warm. They both subconsciously recalled the incident from back then.

Just then, Lu Piao hastily ran in.

“Nie Li......Nie......” Seeing the scene in front of him, Lu Piao became stunned for a while and quickly said, “Never mind, I’ll take my leave first. You guys can continue.”

Nie Li immediately called out, “Lu Piao, what’s wrong?”

In his heart, he was relieved.

“Sikong Yi sent someone to tell you that the Stones of Light have all been collected.” Lu Piao chuckled. Although he doesn’t know what Nie Li and Xiao Ning’er were doing, after seeing Xiao Ning’er’s shy expression, he guessed that Nie Li was probably about to play the rogue on Xiao Ning’er.

Bravo, Lu Piao inwardly gave Nie Li a thumbs up.

Lu Piao must have thought about it wrong. Nie Li pretended to have seen nothing and said, “You guys remain here, I’ll go take a look.”

With the Stones of Light, they’ll be able to leave this place at anytime.

In the hall

Sikong Yi’s laughter broke out, “Nephew, I’ve helped you gather over sixty Stones of Light.”

Help me? Aren’t you helping yourself? Nie Li thought inwardly to himself and laughed, “Uncle must have worked hard. With these Stones of Light, we’ll be able to go to the outside world. Once we find the other herbs, I’ll be able to refine the medicine for you!”

Sikong Yi’s eyeball turned and said, “Why don’t nephew tell me where to we can search for the herbs? I’ll send someone to look for them. After nephew cures me of my sickness, I’ll send nephew off, how about it? That is, of course, unless you wish to remain with my Silver Winged Family. Although my Hongyue is older than you by three years, her appearance is outstanding. She is also gentle and dignified. Even her talent is pretty good. If Hongyue were to marry you, it’d also fulfill my wishes.”

Outstanding appearance? Gentle and dignified? Nie Li coldly laughed inwardly. Such a girl, even if she were to be gifted to him, he wouldn’t want her. He knows that that old fox, Sikong Yi, wouldn’t let him go that easily. Sikong Yi definitely understands that if Nie Li were to leave this realm, he can forget about searching for him again.