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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 149

Chapter 149 - Blizzard Spiritual Gem

Nie Li stood there and didn’t utter a sound. In his previous life, he too has suffered from the pain of losing his loved one. Therefore, he felt empathy for Duan Jian.

Duan Jian is still quite strong. A moment later, he wiped the tears from his face and stood up. He knelt on one knee in front of Nie Li, firmly looked at him and said, “Duan Jian is at the disposal of master at anytime.”

His thoughts are very simple. Nie Li gave him hope for revenge; therefore, from today onwards, Nie Li is his god. No matter what Nie Li requires him to do, he will definitely not take a step back.

Nie Li searched the surrounding area for a while and found an interspatial ring and gave it a sweep. Inside the interspatial ring, aside from the fifty Stones of Light, there is a variety of weapons, armours and herbs. What caused Nie Li to be a little surprised is that there is enough food inside that ring to last several years.

With these Stones of Light, they can leave this place at anytime. He then searched the interspatial rings of the other Gold rank experts. Although the items inside wasn’t as wealthy as Sikong Jue, they were still worth something.

“Ten days from now, we’ll cause a huge ruckus at the Silver Winged Family and then retrieve Xiao Ning’er, Lu Piao and the rest.” Nie Li look at the mountain far into the wilderness and said, “Duan Jian, do you know the situation of the individual families in the mountain?”

“Respects to master, there are a total of thirteen families. Their relationship is very complicated. Among the families, some of them have made an alliance, while others hold grudges and fend for themselves. The strongest three are the Silver Winged Family, the Divine Flames Family and the Ash Wolves Family. These three families have a Legend rank expert, while the rest mostly have Black Gold rank experts. However, since they are able to survive in this mountain for so long, they definitely have some methods up their sleeves. Aside from the thirteen families, there are also many villages within the mountain and their strongest is usually only Gold rank. These villages often have to offer some sort of tribute; otherwise, they’ll be captured by one of the thirteen families and become their slaves.” explained Duan Jian.

Three Legend rank experts and a large amount of Black Gold rank experts, Nie Li never thought that there would be so many experts in this world. However, because of the lacking of demon spirits, it’s extremely hard to find a suitable demon spirit for these Legend rank experts. Therefore, most of them are just Legend rank fighters and not Demon Spiritualists, their strengths are certainly a lot weaker compared to Ye Mo.

These families claimed the mountain and made all kinds of self-proclamations without anyone objecting their rule; therefore, it’s certain that they will abuse their powers. Nie Li looked at Duan Jian and asked, “Among these thirteen families, which family is the most righteous?”

“Respects to master, among the thirteen families, the most righteous would be the Divine Flames Family. Their strength is only second to the Silver Winged Family. Due to the Silver Winged Family always trying to swallow up the other families, the Divine Flames Family gathered four other families to fight against them which is the reason why the Silver Winged Family still doesn’t dare to take any action. In addition, the thirteen families also have a trading town, but due to the fact that it’s unattended, it has became extremely chaotic. That old bastard, Sikong Yi, has been wanting to get jurisdiction of the town. However, eleven other families agreed to let the Divine Flames Family have jurisdiction. The other eleven families believed that only the Divine Flames Family could achieve fairness.” Duan Jian continued.

“Town?” Nie Li’s brows twitched and said, “Since there are still ten days till the promised day, we’ll go have a look. We might even make a discovery.”

Duan Jian hurriedly said, “Absolutely not. There are a lot of eyes and ears of other families at that location, there would also be a lot of men from the Silver Winged Family. If we were to appear there, it wouldn’t be long before the news reached that old bastard, Sikong Yi.”

“Regarding this, there’s nothing to worry about.” Nie Li smiled and took out a small container and smeared the contents on his face. Very quickly, his face turned into someone else’s.

Duan Jian shockingly look at Nie Li, who now had an absolutely different appearance, and was dumbfounded for a long time.

“You try it too.” said Nie Li, tossing the specially formulated cloud paste over to Duan Jian.

Duan Jian tried it and his face quickly changed into an ugly fellow.

“Haha.” Seeing Duan Jian’s appearance, Nie Li couldn’t help finding it funny. This is the first time Duan Jian used this cloud paste, and is not very familiar with it. However, it’s still acceptable.

Duan Jian, looking somewhat awkward and stiff, hastily disposed of the five Silver Winged Family’s corpses.

“Woosh~Woosh~Woosh~” The two of them flew with Nie Li being guided by Duan Jian and landed directly into the trading town of the thirteen families.

It’s hard to imagine that in this mountain forest raging with demon beasts, there would actually be such a bustling city. This market stretched for miles, many of the buildings here are made from thick woods and there is even a defense post. Most of the people wore plain clothes and had set their stores up on the ground, trading various items with voices of negotiation that can easily be heard.

Aside from the thirteen families, there are also villagers that came from various villages. The people in the town look thin and malnourished.

From the mouth of Duan Jian, Nie Li found out that the food here is very lacking. The thirteen families are considered better off, even though they could barely manage their food and clothing. As for the villagers, it was more depressing for them. The majority of the demon beasts’ meat in this world carried a weird sour stench and taste, making them inedible. Only a small minority of the beasts could be eaten; however, they have been hunted to the point that their population is very small now. Their food mainly came from the mountain berries, fruits and mushrooms.

Food is the most valuable thing here!

Regarding food, Nie Li doesn’t have any interest in it at all. Although Glory City was surrounded by demon beasts, the amount of demon beasts that were killed on a daily basis was more than enough to feed everyone. Furthermore, there is a large amount of land within Glory City that is meant to be a plantation. Before coming to this world, Nie Li had already prepared sufficient food for two years. If he adds the interspatial rings that he obtained from the five Gold rank experts, he has more than enough food with him.

Aside from food, some other stuff made Nie Li tremble in his heart.

An unrefined Blood Crystal would actually only cost a small piece of meat. A Dragon’s Soul Stone only cost a small bag of food. Do they even know how valuable those items are?

Leaving the Blood Crystal aside, a Dragon’s Soul Stone can be embedded into weapons, causing the combat ability of the weapon to surge several times!

These items are extremely rare in the outside world, but in this world, they are everywhere. He has already seen several stores that mainly trades these items.

Seeing Nie Li holding onto the Dragon’s Soul Stone excitedly, Duan Jian said, “In this mountain, there are a lot of mines that produce a variety of ores. Ores like these are very common.”

These ores are very common? Nie Li took a piece of the Dragon’s Soul Stone and asked, “Do you know how to use this stone?”

“If these ores are refined and made into arrowheads, they could have a high lethality against the demon beasts. The arrowheads on all of the families arrows were made using this ore.” Duan Jian said, “However, when these arrowheads are shot into the body of a demon beast, they melt into their body. Therefore, the consumption is very high.”

Made into arrowheads? Used as a disposable item? Nie Li doesn’t even know what to say. This is simply throwing away a valuable item!

“Duan Jian, exchange a thousand Blood Crystals, a thousand Dragon’s Soul Stones and some of these stones.” Nie Li took out an interspatial ring filled with food and passed it over to Duan Jian, getting him to exchange them.

Nie Li was in the mood for hunting novelty items and looked around. His gaze continued to search, until it landed on one of the items.

This is a strange item. It’s a spherical object, somewhat similar to a soul puppet. It has a complex metallic structure. From the looks of it, Nie Li could tell that it originates from the hand of a grand master. However, as for the usage of this item, not even Nie Li could tell.

The one selling this is an old man that wore tattered clothes. His appearance was thin and weak, his clouded eyes don’t even have a trace of clearance and his booth only had a few items.

Nie Li extended his hand and picked up the spherical object. Inside the metallic structure, was a sparkling crystal. Within the crystal, there are strands of a blizzard that was constantly changing it’s shape.

When Nie Li saw this scene, he was utterly shocked. This should be the legendary Blizzard Spiritual Gem.

“This young master over here, this is the treasure that has been passed down in my family for over five hundred years. If it wasn’t for the fact that the family is declining now, I wouldn’t even be willing to take it out and sell it.” said the old man, in a hoarse and feeble voice.

“What’s your price for this?” asked Nie Li as he opened his mouth.

“Five bags of food and I’ll sell it to you.” said the old man after pondering for a while.

“What? Five bags of food?” Nie Li’s voice shot up. Is this some kind of a joke? Five bags of food could buy a Blizzard Spirit Gem? This is a Blizzard Spirit Gem, one of the nine great spirit gems! With the Blizzard Spirit Gem, a Snow Wind attribute Demon Spiritualist would be able to have their soul force grow several times more than their original amount. Furthermore, all their Snow Wind attribute combat abilities would experience an increase in power!

This is simply a god-like item!

“Is five bags of food too expensive? Then how about three bags?” The old man look at Nie Li timidly, frightened by Nie Li’s expression.

“Cough cough.” Nie Li dry coughed. After giving a thought about it, he eventually understood. During the Age of Darkness, the usage of many treasures has been long lost. Although this item has been passed down by their ancestor, this old man probably doesn’t even know what the Blizzard Spiritual Gem is nor its worth. If they can be satisfied with their meal, then what’s the point of protecting an item that’s been passed down by their ancestor?

The old man helplessly look at Nie Li and said, “Then two bags, nothing less than that.”

Nie Li looked at the old man. Regarding valuable items, there’s no practical usage for the old man. What they need the most is food.

“Twenty bags of food and five pounds of meat, all yours!” Nie Li’s right hand waved, retrieving the items. If he were to offer too much, the old man probably wouldn’t be able to carry them back.

Looking at all of this food, the old man submerged into a long dumbfound thought. Thereafter, tears were falling down his face as he kowtowed towards Nie Li.