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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 151

Chapter 151 - Exchange

The well dressed youth looked at Nie Li in shock. This guy is going to buy these scrolls to study them? Right now, Inscription Masters are extremely rare, not to mention Inscription Masters that are able to understand Legend rank inscription patterns.

The youth lightly smiled and forthrightly said, “Since you like them, I’ll give them to you as a gift.”

Nie Li took a look at the other party. This youth is worthy of being raised in a powerful family, his methods are much higher, when compared to Li Fu. If Nie Li were to accept these inscription scrolls, the well dressed youth could mention any request, and it’d be hard for him to reject it. Nie Li shook his head and said, “Nothing comes free. I do want it, but I won’t take it for granted.”

With a wave of the right hand, a bottle of elixir was taken out from his interspatial ring. This is a bottle containing Soul Tempering Pills. They are graded higher than the Soul Concentrating Pills. He placed the bottle onto the table.

“How about this bottle of elixirs in exchange?” said Nie Li, calmly looking at the well dressed youth.

The well dressed youth took the bottle and gave it a sniff. Immediately, his face changed. He originally thought that no matter what item Nie Li took out, he would reject it. This way, Nie Li will owe him a favour, he would then say his request. He never imagined that Nie Li would take out a bottle of such great elixirs.

This bottle of elixirs is way more valuable than the one Li Fu received. The meaning of this bottle of elixirs is too important for the family, he could not refuse.

The well dressed youth lightly muttered, “Since you insist, then I’ll not refuse.”

He then swiped the bottle of elixirs.

Nie Li then grabbed the seven inscription scrolls that held the seven Legend rank Forbidden Spells, lightly smiled and said, “If I see anything else I like here, I’ll exchange it with elixirs. The Divine Flames family wouldn’t decline, right?”

“Definitely not. Feel free to pick from the treasures here.” said the well dressed youth, nodding his head. If he were to decline, he’d be an idiot. After having contact with Nie Li, he understood that this guy isn’t easy to control. For an alchemist to be so calm in this Abyss Prison realm, he must have some methods up his sleeves. The Divine Flames Family must establish a good relationship with Nie Li.

Elixirs are consumable items. So it’s definitely good to have more of them.

As of now, Nie Li doesn’t intend to have too much contact with the Divine Flames Family. After all, he still doesn’t have enough capital to speak on the same level with a family that has a Legend rank expert. Establishing a primary contact with them would be sufficient.

After storing the Legend rank inscription scrolls, Nie Li continued to browse the other treasures. Another item attracted Nie Li’s attention.

‘Among so many treasures, I’ve been able to find an Attributeless item!’ Nie Li thought inwardly to himself. Chaos and Attributeless items are the hardest to find. He was surprised to finally find one. This is the three sparkling flying knife set.

Nie Li doesn’t know who made this masterpiece, but it has a complicated inscription pattern carved on each knife. These flying knives should’ve been made from Divine Crystals. (Divine Crystal is an attributeless type of ore) Their lethality is extremely high. They can easily break through the opponent’s defenses. This item set can only be operated by someone who has attributeless soul force. Once the soul force is injected into the flying knives, they will turn invisible. It will also be hard for someone to track them with soul force. Even Legend rank experts could be killed, if they were careless.

This item is definitely good for surprise assaults!

“What’s the price of this knife set?” asked Nie Li, looking at the well dressed youth.

Hesitation emerged on the face of the well dressed youth before he said, “This flying knife set has been passed down since ancient times. It’s might is extremely powerful. Till this day, no one has been able to control them. Even so, my Divine Flames Family will not easily sell them.”

It’s extremely normal for others to be unable to control an attributeless item with their soul force; after all, the treasure will choose its owner.

Since the well dressed youth said that he’s reluctant to sell it, it’s probably just the matter of price.

“How about ten bottles of Soul Tempering Pills?” Nie Li said, looking at the well dressed youth. He has plenty of elixirs, not mentioning ten bottles, even if it’s a hundred bottles, Nie Li wouldn’t feel any heartaches from losing them.

The well dressed youth shook his head and said, “I’m afraid that I’ll have to make you disappointed.”

Nie Li frowned his brows for a moment. Could it be that the Divine Flames Family is really not intending for this set to be sold? Ten bottles of Soul Tempering Pill is a huge temptation.

Nie Li lightly smiled while shaking his head and said, “Truth be told, this flying knife set was made from some Divine Crystals. I do not dare to confirm that it’s an item that’s been passed down since ancient times; however, Divine Crystal has only one feature. It can only be used by an attributeless person. Furthermore, the inscription patterns on it is extremely complex, only those who are able to understand the complicated inscription patterns are able to control the flying knives. A person with an attributeless attribute is extremely rare, one in a thousand. And to understand such complicated inscription patterns, it’s even more rare, one in ten thousand. Therefore, it’s completely useless for you to keep this flying knife set. I’m afraid that even after a few hundred years, there would hardly be anyone suitable for them.”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, the well dressed youth was slightly stunned. He never thought that Nie Li would be so knowledgeable. He was actually able to determine the material that made this flying knife set in a single glance and its requirements.

“Divine Crystal?” The well dressed youth lightly knitted his brows. He has also heard of Divine Crystal before, it is exactly as Nie Li described. He has only heard from the people in his family that these three flying knives were passed down since ancient times. As to their verification, he also couldn’t confirm it. If they really are as Nie Li described them, then the flying knife set is completely useless in their hands.

Seeing the well dressed youth hesitating, Nie Li lightly smiled and said, “In this Abyss Prison realm, dangers are everywhere. Even if it’s the Divine Flames Family, you encounter unimaginable dangers at anytime. Rather than leaving a useless weapon in your hands, why not exchange it for these Soul Tempering Pills? It’s more practical.”

The well dressed youth lightly smiled and said, “Even if I want to sell this flying knife set, ten bottles of Soul Tempering Pills is far from enough. They’re unable to match it’s worth.”

Nie Li has to admit that ten bottles of Soul Tempering Pills is not able to match the worth of the flying knife set. Just the amount of Divine Crystals needed to craft one knife is easily the price of hundred bottles of Soul Tempering Pills.

However, the price can’t be calculated this way. The Divine Flames Family doesn’t know of the real worth of this flying knife set, but the Soul Tempering Pill is what the Divine Flames Family needs. Nie Li lightly smiled and said, “I wonder how much is the Divine Flames Family willing to exchange for them?”

After pondering for a moment, the well dressed youth said, “How about a hundred bottles of Soul Tempering Pill?”

“A hundred bottles of Soul Tempering Pills......” Nie Li pretended to be in a tough position. Truth is, Nie Li doesn’t have to think about this amount, even for a little bit. He would gladly make the exchange;however, if he agreed too easily, the Divine Flames Family might think that the Soul Tempering Pill is an ordinary product.

After a moment, he said “A hundred bottles of Soul Tempering Pills is too much. I don’t have that many bottles of Soul Tempering Pills with me.”

He doesn’t have that much? The well dressed youth thought inwardly to himself. It’s perfectly normal not to have so many bottles of Soul Tempering Pills. After all, the ingredients for Soul Tempering Pills are extremely valuable. Even in the entire Abyss Prison realm, there isn’t that much of those ingredients.

The well dressed youth calmly said, “Then how many Soul Tempering Pills are you willing to part with?”

“I can only part with fifty bottles, at most.” said Nie Li, lightly smiling.

“Fifty bottles is way too little.” said the well dressed youth, shaking his head. Since he’s determined to do this deal, he’ll have to fight for the best price.

“I only have fifty bottles of Soul Tempering Pills with me.” said Nie Li, stretching his hands out helplessly.

“Then use other elixirs as replacements. At least enough that are worth eighty bottles of Soul Tempering Pills. Only then will we be willing to sell this flying knife set.” The youth firmly said. Among so many treasures, Nie Li only picked this attributeless flying knife set. This proves that Nie Li’s soul realm is likely to be attributeless. Since that’s the case, he can’t be blamed for slaughtering a profit.

In this well dressed youth’s eyes, he’s stealing from Nie Li. But in Nie Li’s view, this is too good of a deal.

“I have another type of elixir here, it’s the Scarlet Body Enhancing Pill. How about two bottles of Scarlet Body Enhancing Pills for one bottle of Soul Tempering Pills?” negotiated Nie Li.

Scarlet Body Enhancing Pills? The well dressed youth’s eyes lit up. The Scarlet Body Enhancing Pill is also an extremely rare elixir. It can greatly increase the strength of the physical body. It has great benefits towards raising a Fighter’s cultivation.

“This Scarlet Body Enhancing Pill isn’t as effective as the Soul Tempering Pill. At least three bottles of Scarlet Body Enhancing Pills for one bottle of Soul Tempering Pills.” said the well dressed youth.

Nie Li had his brows tightly locked together, pretending to be unwilling. He looked at the flying knife set again and said, “Three bottles of Scarlet Body Enhancing Pills for one bottle of Soul Tempering Pills then. Who can I blame for having my eyes on this flying knife set?”

With a wave of his right hand, he took out fifty bottles of Soul Tempering Pills and ninety bottles of Scarlet Body Enhancing Pills and passed them over to the well dressed youth.

“Here is the flying knife set, please use them well.” The well dressed youth passed the three flying knives over to Nie Li.

Nie Li slightly nodded and stored the three flying knives inside his interspatial ring.

The well dressed youth rejoiced inwardly in his heart. He made a huge profit in this deal. With these elixirs, they can help the family increase its strength, his position within the family will also increase because of this deal. In addition to him being a direct descendent, he would become the best choice as the next successor to the family.

The well dressed youth thought that he had earned a lot from this profit, meeting an easy alchemist master; however, the one that has benefited the most is Nie Li. He only spent a small amount of elixirs in exchange for three flying knives that were made from Divine Crystals.

The well dressed youth smiled and said, “My name is Li Heng. I wonder, how is brother addressed? If you still want to buy anything, you can come here and get Li Fu to find me.”

“Brother Li Heng can call me Nie Li.” said Nie Li, lightly smiling.

“Nie Li?” Li Heng looked at Nie Li, wondering if the name Nie Li is authentic or just a fake name.

“I will come again.” Nie Li lightly smiled, cupped his hands and said, “I’ll have to take my leave first.”

“Okay.” Li Heng nodded his head. Nie Li should still be a little wary towards them, if Li Heng is too forceful and makes Nie Li remain, that could make Nie Li be filled with doubts instead.

Li Heng walked Nie Li all the way to the entrance before going back to his station.

“Master, we’ve used so many precious elixirs to exchange for these items. Wasn’t it a loss?” Duan Jian said to Nie Li. After all, in this Abyss Prison realm, elixirs are extremely valuable. They can be used to buy many treasures, but not the other way round as elixirs are something that raise the strength of the consumer.

“Loss?” repeated Nie Li, smiling. He passed an interspatial ring over to Duan Jian and said, “There are a thousand bottles of every elixir in there. You can use them as you like. You can ask me for more once you’ve finished!”