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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 152

Chapter 152 - Old man

A thousand bottles?

Duan Jian was dumbfounded. How does Nie Li have so many precious elixirs?

Nie Li glanced at Duan Jian’s dumbfounded expression. He couldn’t help smiling and walked to the front.

They found a hotel in the town and paid the price for eight days, which was a total of six bags of food.

Now, they only have to wait for the promised time and then, they can go cause a ruckus in the Silver Winged Family’s territory.

Nie Li stayed in his own room and took out the two items that he brought, the seven inscription scrolls with Legend rank forbidden spells and the three flying daggers.

He opened one of the Legend rank forbidden spell inscription patterns. The inscription, written with demon blood, was really smudgy. However, it still emitted a powerful energy. The inscription pattern on this scroll is very dense and extremely complicated. An ordinary person wouldn’t be able to understand it; however, it’s not very difficulty for Nie Li.

“It’s actually a summoning-type Legend rank forbidden spell.” Nie Li was shocked, even he has no idea what creature this will summon.

In fact, most of the people don’t realise that the world they reside in is vast and without boundaries. The place that Nie Li and his bunch are from is called the Divine Continent. It’s one of the six continents that belongs to the main world. And within the main world, there are many subsidiary realms like the Abyss Prison realm.

The Abyss Prison realm should be a relatively small subsidiary realm. Some subsidiary realms are very vast, but also filled with danger. The Abyss Demon that attacked the City Lord’s Mansion came from the Abyss Realm. The Abyss realm is one of the few most terrifying and dangerous subsidiary realms.

Aside from the Abyss Realm, there’s the Blizzard Realm, the Bolt Realm, the Infernal Realm and many more.

The door of subsidiary is placed in the main world so that people can go in and out of the main world and into the subsidiary realms.

Summoning spells are used to summon powerful life forms from these subsidiary realms. Most of the life forms heed to the summoner’s orders; however, there are some that don’t. And that would cause a huge disaster, just like with what happened with the Abyss Demon.

Nie Li carefully wiped the dust off that was on this Legend rank inscription scroll. He then got several herbs, refined them and then slowly applied the solution onto the inscription pattern.

The solution that Nie Li is using is called the Clearance potion. It can awaken the demon blood that was used on the Legend rank scroll, allowing it to release its power once again.

After a moment, the legend rank Inscription Scroll was returned to its pristine condition and was filled with power.

This Inscription Scroll’s strength has been fully restored. Nie Li continued to handle the other Legend rank Inscription Scrolls the same way. There was only one summoning scroll, the rest are all elemental-based or functional-based Legend rank forbidden spells. After he’s done handling all the inscription scrolls, Nie Li lightly smiled.

Even if it’s a Legend rank expert, if he doesn’t have any guard towards Nie Li, Nie Li can make his opponent suffer a loss.

After he stored the Inscription Scrolls, Nie Li proceeded to the three flying knives.

‘These inscription patterns on them are indeed very old, at least ten thousand years old.’ Nie Li thought inwardly to himself. He injected a small amount of his soul force into one of the flying knives. The inscriptions on the flying knife quickly lit up. Energy was constantly flowing within the flying knife, giving off some fiery flames.

When the power in the flying knife was awakened by him, two ancient letters gradually appeared on the flying knife.

“Scarlet Flame?” Nie Li was able to recognize the two ancient words. After all, the words of the Divine Continent were passed down for a very long time. Even if it’s words that Nie Li has never seen before, he can still get the rough meaning of them. This flying knife is called Scarlet Flame?

Nie Li injected his soul force into the two other flying knives.

“Scarlet Chill, Scarlet Void.” Nie Li read the names of the two other flying knives. So every knife has a different name.

The Scarlet Flame contains extremely hot Fire energy, as for the Scarlet Chill, it’s contains chilling Frost energy. As for the Scarlet Void, it’s the most mysterious among them. After its power was awakened, it was covered in a indistinct black fog.

‘These three flying knives have different attributes. I wonder which master made this.’ Nie Li thought inwardly to himself. These three flying knives can be claimed as a treasure within the Legend realm.

They’re different from the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword. The Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword isn’t an object of this world. These three flying knives should’ve been made by an expert from this world. At the current moment, Nie Li can barely utilize one-ten thousandth of the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword’s power. As for the flying knives, he can at least utilize sixty percent of their power.

I finally have something I can use casually. Nie Li thought inwardly to himself as he sat down cross-legged and began practising the [Heavenly God] cultivation technique. The three flying knives were floating around Nie Li while he practiced. The aura they were emitting was also getting similar to Nie Li’s aura.

As days passed by, Nie Li consolidated his cultivation at 1-star Gold rank. He continued to constantly refine and absorb the soul force from the Blood Crystals, as he slowly approached 2-star Gold rank.

As for Duan Jian, he’s in the room beside Nie Li and was also focusing in his training. After every training session, he would open his eyes and, only after sensing Nie Li’a aura, he would close his eyes and continue to practise. With the awaken of his Dragon Blood, as well as the Blood Crystals and Soul Soul Tempering Pills, his cultivation has increased to soaring heights and was soon approaching Black Gold rank.

The strength of Duan Jian’s physical body is already comparable to that of Legend rank experts. Those who want to kill him would need to spend some time in order to do it. If his cultivation reaches Black Gold rank, he will be able to threaten even Legend rank experts.

All of this was given to him by Nie Li.

In Duan Jian’s life, he’s only had two objectives. One is to seek revenge, another is to repay Nie Li’s grace!

Regarding Duan Jian’s every action, Nie Li can feel them with his keen soul force. To Nie Li, if Duan Jian is genuine about following him, he will provide Duan Jian with a big opportunity, and great fortune. If Duan Jian leaves, Nie Li won’t say anything.

In his previous life, he battled against the Sage Emperor and six Deity rank demon beasts and ended up dying from exhaustion, making Nie Li understand one thing. In many times, although one possess powerful strength, there’s no way to turn the tide all by himself. Therefore, in this life, because Nie Li understands this point, he is nurturing his own team.

Lu Piao and Du Ze, these two brothers from his previous life, Nie Li understands their character well; therefore, Nie Li has trust towards them. As for Duan Jian, he is a stranger that he saved. In Nie Li’s heart, he, more or less, has his guard against him. However, from the looks of it, there isn’t any problems in Duan Jian’s loyalty.

If Duan Jian is willing to loyally serve him, Nie Li will naturally nurture him well. But if Duan Jian wants to leave, Nie Li will also not retain him.

Nie Li looked towards the distance. After experiencing two lives, Nie Li gradually came to some understanding. The world that he is in contact with and his understanding from his previous life is only a small portion of the wide and vast world. All that stuff that Emperor Kong Ming left behind caused him to speculate. Just what kind of existence is Emperor Kong Ming? Nie Li was carrying a heart of respect and was working hard to enhance his strength.

Time passed by, the people of the Abyss Prison realm continued to live normally as they struggled to continue to live.

After sitting and cultivating for so many days, Nie Li slowly opened his eyes. Tonight, is the promised time between him, Ning’er and the rest.

“It’s time to get them.” Nie Li lightly smiled as he stood up.

Nie Li and Duan Jian left the hotel together.

The streets are as crowded as usual, with many people walking everywhere. Nie Li and Duan Jian were walking among the crowd. They changed their appearance so that they won’t attract anyone’s attention.

Suddenly, a noise came from a far away distance, which attracted Nie Li and Duan Jian’s attention.

“Old thing, you dare to take my stuff? See if I don’t beat you to death!” a furious bark sounded. A well built man waved his palm and tried to grab the old man.

Nie Li glanced at that direction, and saw an old man wearing tattered clothes. His hair was messy and his steps staggered as he walked. Both of his eyes did not have the slightest expression in them and were filled with loss.

The well built man’s hand tried to grab the old man’s body; however, his hand missed. He tripped and flew, heavily falling onto the ground. The old man raised his leg and stepped on the well built man’s face.

“Urghhh!” The well built man painfully screamed, “Old man, I’ll kill you!”

However, after the old man stepped on the man, he staggered and continued moving forward.

When the well built man got up and was preparing to pounce the old man, several young men immediately stopped him.

“Boss, that old man isn’t simple. He might be a supreme expert!”

“Let’s not bother with him!”

The well built man pondered awhile, nodded his head, spat a mouthful of blood and fainted.

The old man stumbled as he walked passed Nie Li.

Nie Li can keenly sensed a terrifying aura. That killing intent seemed to be intending to penetrate into his entire body, causing Nie Li to shriver. Such frightening killing intent!

Nie Li felt a slight chill in his heart. Only those who have killed hundreds of thousands of lives could have such a frightening killing intent. This old man probably has the strength of a Legend rank or even higher. Even Sikong Yi might not be at the same level as this old man.

Sensing something, the old man threw a glance at Nie Li.

With only just a glance, All of the hair on Nie Li’s body stood up. He can only complain in his heart incessantly. With his current strength, if the old man were to take any action, he would be dead before he realised it. Nie Li can only try his best to retract his own aura to avoid grabbing the old man’s attention.

The old man only gave Nie Li a glance and retracted his gaze as he stumbled while moving forward. He was also mumbling something.

“Infinity has no beginning, no beginning can have no end. Wonderful, wonderful, hahaha......” finishing his mumbling, the old man madly laughed and moved further and further away in the crowd.

After hearing what the old man just said, Nie Li was frightened in his heart; however, he did not reveal any expression on his face as he calmly walked. This old man couldn’t be one of Emperor Kong Ming’s successors, right? If the opposite party were to know he is one of the successors, he’d be dead for sure.