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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 155

Chapter 155 - Your opponent

A huge firework!

Nie Li looked up into the sky and exclaimed in his heart. He first used Yin-Yang Burst to blast a crack into the protective inscription patterns and then used dozens of Flame Explosion inscription patterns to send the entire tower up into the sky.

Currently, the surrounding guards were dumbfounded. They turned around and only saw half of the post tower looking lonely as it stood in the darkness. They then raised their heads, the tower was like a cannon that blasted into the sky. At the tail of the tower, there was a trail of flames. Thereafter, it exploded within the sky, scattered and the pieces fell like rain.

What happened?

They weren’t able the react as the post tower flew.

Many of the guards in the Silver Winged Family had their faces replaced with panic, none of them knew what to do next.

The leader, Sikong Shou, was also dumbfounded.

The riled up workers were also slightly stunned for a moment and then burst into cheers while watching this scene.

The three Inscription Masters were killed, the marks on their body have been removed! These people who have been captured here to be slaves were mostly Silver or Gold rank cultivation. Adding on to the fact that they are mining the Blood Crystals, many of them used the crystals on themselves to train secretly, trying to break free of the mark.

The three Inscription Masters marks suppressed their cultivation, causing their hopes to be trampled on. But now that the mark has been removed, their cultivation made a suddenly recovery.

“Our seals have been removed!”


Furious roars bust out from these workers, like beasts that have just been let out of their cages.

They have been trampled on for too long with no freedom and pride, and were mining on a daily basis. The moment they take a small rest, Sikong Shou’s whip would wave down and ruthlessly lash their bodies. They have all been enduring, waiting for the day they can let everything out.

“Not good!” Sikong Shou and his underlings faces changed to fear. Without the suppression of the three Inscription Masters, these harmless lambs suddenly turned into fierce tigers and bite their handlers.

There are at least tens of thousands of miners here, many of them are Silver and Gold rank experts!

The miners came like a tidal wave, killing the closest guards of the Silver Winged Family.

Because these miners do not have any sharp weapons, they waved their pickaxes, and looked at the guards with anger and hatred.

Psh! Psh! Psh!

Even though the guards slashed a bunch of miners, there were more miners that came at them. They were ferocious and weren’t afraid of death as they madly charged towards the Silver Winged Family’s guards.

When a miner was about to be slashed by a huge sword, he quickly blocked the attack and, like a wild beast, charged up and bit the guard’s neck.

“Arghhh!” the guard issued a miserable shierk.

Although these guards of the Silver Winged Family would often fight against demon beasts, in general, they are afraid of death. They were sent to guard this mining ground, so they weren’t part of the elites. When they saw these miners become as savage as wolves and tigers, they felt fear and, one after another, they began to run away.


This cry covered the skies.

Sikong Shou was able to kill dozens of miners, however, the tidal wave of miners soon had him surrounded. Normally, he was the most brutal among the guards and even killed the most people. Many of these people were filled with hatred towards him. The miners charged as one, causing him to be a little scared.

He hurriedly looked around for someone to rescue him, but when he looked to the rear, the guards that were there have already abandoned their armours and were fleeing the scene as they blamed their parents for not to give them more limbs to escape even faster.

He never imagined that he would fall in this place, while being surrounded by slaves.

At this moment, he has fallen into great despair. However, he knows that he can only wield his sword and fight, because the moment he stops, these miners will tear him apart.

Many powerful miners headed towards Sikong Shou, wanting to kill him.

“Urghhh!” Sikong Shou was finally overwhelmed, knocked onto the ground by these miners, and drowned in the river of their anger.

As the cause of all of these issues, Nie Li quickly disappeared into the darkness. No one ever noticed Nie Li’s existence.

He searched the mining grounds for a long time, but wasn’t able to find any traces of that small kid. With so many miners revolting, the whole area became a huge mess. He probably won’t be able to find him anymore, so Nie Li can only hope that the kid is blessed by the heavens.

While the miners were attacking the guards, a group of silver armoured experts arrived. The one leading the group is Sikong Hongyue. She was also wearing silver armour, and was waving a huge sword in her hands, while her eyes were filled with a chilling killing intent.

“A group of cheapskate slaves dare to be so presumptuous in my Silver Winged Family’s territory?! You guys are simply seeking death!” Sikong Hongyue struck the sword in her hand towards the ground and fresh blood splattered in all directions. In that instant, dozens of people fell, dying the floor red with blood.

Sikong Hongyue’s cultivation is too strong. The two Gold rank experts among the miners were also quickly killed by Sikong Hongyue.

She’s a fierce, tiger-like woman!

Nie Li, who was about to leave, held his steps. Sikong Hongyue has already drenched her hands with too much blood, she deserves to die!

“Miss Hongyue, it’s been a while!” said Nie Li, sitting on a tree branch while looking at Sikong Hongyue. His mouth curled into a cold smile.

“It’s you!” Sikong Hongyue saw Nie Li from afar. Her gaze turned ice cold. She never thought that Nie Li would remain in the Silver Winged Family’s territory. It seems like the ruckus here was caused by Nie Li.

“Since Miss Hongyue is so busy, I won’t bother you. See you later!” Nie Li smiled as he leaped to the ground. He then, ran into the woods.

Sikong Hongyue glanced at Nie Li’s back figure and then looked back at the miners. Biting her teeth, she chased after Nie Li. She has to capture this culprit, Nie Li, before anything else! If she lets Nie Li escape this time, there won’t be another chance for her to capture Nie Li.

However, Sikong Hongyue is also aware that Nie Li purposely lured her here. Therefore, she was extremely careful.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh! Two figures flew within the woods, turning into blurs.

Very quickly, they arrived at the edge of Silver Winged Family’s territory. If they were to run any further, they would enter the territory of another family.

“Hold!” Sikong Hongyue furiously barked. The wings behind her flapped hard, increasing her speed several fold, and turned into a ray of light while slashing her heavy sword towards Nie Li. The heavy sword was bursting with flames.

Seeing Sikong Hongyue’s heavy sword was about to slash down, Nie Li suddenly turned around with the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword already in his hand.


Lightning and flames collided, a powerful shockwave was sent throughout the surrounding area.

Nie Li made use of the impact and flew several dozens of meters back and then landed on a tree branch.

As for Sikong Hongyue, her speed slowed down and, eventually, landed onto the ground.

“What happened?! How did this kid be so powerful?!” Sikong Hongyue was shocked. Based on the previous exchange of blows that Sikong Hongyue made with Nie Li, his strength was close to her own strength. She always thought that Nie Li was only a Silver rank, she never thought that he already reached Gold rank.

“Why is Miss Hongyue being so fierce? A lady that’s able to kill whenever she likes, aren’t you afraid of not being able to marry?” Nie Li leaned against the tree. He suddenly felt another surging aura moving towards this direction, and the corner of his mouth couldn’t help curling into a smile.

“You......runt, it seems that I have underestimated you. I never thought that your strength would already reach Gold rank. However, because you met me, you’re destined to die here!” Sikong Hongyue’s right hand was placed onto her sword, her fingers slowly stroking the sword blade. Her entire body was covered by a blazing flame, her cultivation also soared two, three-fold in an instant.

“Low graded Scarlet Body refining technique? Not bad. You’re able to train yourself to this stage.” Nie Li lightly smiled and said, “However, you’re still not my opponent!”

After hearing what Nie Li just said, Sikong Hongyue’s eyebrow twitched. With a boom, a figured landed in front of her. The person is similar to Sikong Hongyue, with a pair of wings growing out of his back; however, differ from Sikong Hongyue, the wings were much larger and were black gold in colour.

Staring at the person in front of her, Sikong Hongyue’s eyes narrowed and coldly said, “It’s you, Duan Jian!”

“Correct, it’s me!” Duan Jian’s voice was hoarse and carried a chilling killing intent. He would never forget this woman in front of him. This woman is one of the culprits that forced his parents to death!

Sikong Hongyue could feel a frightening aura coming from Duan Jian’s body. This aura seems to be completely suppressing her, causing her heart to involuntarily produce a hint of fear. She never felt like this before. She then understood that Duan Jian is probably not the same as he used to be.

Sikong Hongyue pointed her fingers at Nie Li, who is standing on the tree branch from far away, and cursed, “Back then, we shouldn’t have trusted an ungrateful brat like you! We, father and daughter, trusted you, is this how you treat us in return?”

Hearing Sikong Hongyue’s words, Nie Li coldly laughed, “Sikong Hongyue, let me ask, what gratitude have you and your father given to me? You and your father only wanted to get the method to cure your family’s illness from me. Trust? If you guys really trusted me, you wouldn’t have forced me to leave my friends behind! It’s true, I have no grudges with your Silver Winged Family; however, I don’t speak for this victim before you!”

Duan jian’s eyes shot out a blooming red ray of light, like a beast entering berserk mode.

“Sikong Hongyue, you and your father forced my parents to death and even imprisoned me, forcing me suffer an endless amount of humiliation. Today, I will seek vengeance and kill you and then, I will find that old rogue, Sikong Yi!” Duan Jian waved the Black Flame Sword in his hand, and slashed towards Sikong Hongyue.

“Hmph, Duan Jian, your mother didn’t know any shame. She was seducing people outside of our clan. Death was considered giving her the easy way out. Woman like her, should be stripped in front of all of the members of the Silver Winged Family!” Sikong Hongyue viciously said, jumping and dodging his attacks.

“You dare to insult my mother?! I want you dead!” Duan Jian became even more furious, the Black Flame Sword continued to slash at Sikong Hongyue, however, Duan Jian didn’t have any sword techniques. He was just randomly waving his sword around.

Sikong Hongyue smiled in her heart. You want to kill me with such pitiful endurance? The reason why she kept insulting Duan Jian was to mess with his mind!


A flaw appeared in Duan Jian’s sword swings, giving Sikong Hongyue a chance to strike his chest with her heavy sword.