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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 156

Chapter 156 - Where is home

The moment Sikong Hongyue’s heavy sword was about to land on Duan Jian’s body, his eyes burst out with a chilling light.

After so many years, how much humiliation has he suffered and endured for, waiting for this moment of revenge. How can his mind be messed with by Sikong Hongyue? Although his cultivation is stronger than Sikong Hongyue’s, getting rid of her would probably require a drawn out battle.

Furthermore, this is the territory of the Silver Winged Family! Once the Silver Winged Family’s reinforcements arrives, they’ll be in trouble!

He has to settle this fast!

Therefore, Duan Jian purposely showed a flaw to Sikong Hongyue. Just when her huge sword was about to plunge into him, Duan Jian suddenly extended his left hand and grabbed onto the blade of the huge sword and then swung his sword towards Sikong Hongyue’s neck.

Sikong Hongyue’s pupils shrank. She never thought that Duan Jian wouldn’t suffer any damage from her attack and would even launch a fierce counterattack. In the nick of time, she abandoned her sword and bent her back backwards, avoiding Duan Jian’s attack. Duan Jian suddenly threw his leg out and kicked Sikong Hongyue’s abdomen, sending her flying and heavily hit a huge tree and with enough force, a boom was heard.

A trace of blood oozed out from the corner of her mouth. That kick inflicted heavy damage to her. If it wasn’t for the protection of her silver armour, that kick alone would’ve been more than enough to cripple her.

Nie Li watched the entire battle. Although Duan Jian’s combat skills weren’t very refined, he’s familiar with his own strength. He used his powerful physical body to deal Sikong Hongyue a heavy blow, ending the battle quickly.

“Sikong Hongyue, die!” Duan Jian coldly growled, raising the sharp sword in his hand, charging towards Sikong Hongyue.

Facing this foe, he did not have the slightest hesitation in his actions, wanting to kill Sikong Hongyue straightaway.

The moment when Duan Jian leaped, Nie Li suddenly felt three auras heading towards Duan Jian. A ray of chilling light flashed across his eyes, it’s the auras of three Black Gold rank experts!

“Woosh!” The Scarlet Flame flying knife flew out of Nie Li’s hands, and shot towards one of the shadows. With Nie Li’s current strength, he can only control one of the flying knives at the moment and the Scarlet Flame is the one that he has best control over.

Bang! Bang!

Two violent energies bombarded Duan Jian’s body, sending him flying and forcing him to stagger dozens of steps back before he was able to hold his position. Due to this powerful physical body, not even Black Gold rank experts could kill Duan Jian straightaway.

At almost the same time, a miserable shriek came from the shadows. A figure flew out and was suddenly nailed onto the trunk of a big tree.

It was one of the Black Gold rank experts.

When that Black Gold rank expert was heading towards Duan Jian, he was silently hit on the chest by Nie Li’s Scarlet Flame flying knife, and was nailed dead on the trunk of a tree. With Nie Li’s current strength, he’s still not the opponent of a Black Gold rank expert; however, by using the Scarlet Flame against an unprepared opponent, even if it’s a Black Gold rank expert, taking on an attack would mean death.

With a manipulation of his soul force, the Scarlet Flame flying knife flew back to Nie Li’s hand.

Turning back and seeing this scene, deep fear arose from the eyes of the two Black Gold rank experts as they looked at Nie Li, who is currently standing on a tree branch with the flying knife already in his hand. They immediately barked, “Retreat!”

The two Black Gold rank experts held onto Sikong Hongyue and leaped towards a different part of the forest.

Duan Jian held onto his chest and was about to chase after them; however, Nie Li’s calm voice came, “Come back, there’s no need to chase them any further, we won’t be able to catch up to them. We have to leave immediately. If that old rogue, Sikong Yi, comes over here, we won’t be able to escape anymore!”

Finishing his speech, Nie Li leaped.

He actually allowed that woman, Sikong Hongyue, to escape?! Duan Jian breathed out a resentful breath, then followed Nie Li.

Regarding the Silver Winged Family’s matters, Nie Li wasn’t prepared to intervene too much. Therefore, he let Duan Jian to make the decision. Duan Jian carried the blood feud within him, if he doesn’t take them on personally, there might be a shadow left in his heart which will be unfavourable to his future cultivation.

After everything he experienced in his previous life, Nie Li understood that there are some matters that has to be done personally. It cannot be done by the hands of others.

Today, the Silver Winged Family suffered quite miserably. He estimates that they won’t be able to recover from this blow in a short amount of time. Furthermore, Nie Li’s flying knife killed a Black Gold rank expert of the Silver Winged Family, so they probably won’t send any small fries after them.

Nie Li and Duan Jian met up with Xiao Ning’er, Du Ze and the rest, used the formulated cloud paste to change their appearances a little and quickly disappeared into the depths of the forest.

Sikong Yi was searching the wilderness for several hours, but wasn’t able to find Nie Li and the rest and could only helplessly return. Upon returning, he was made aware that during the time he spent searching for any traces of Nie Li and his friends, they had actually remained in the Silver Winged Family’s territory and caused even more of a ruckus, even killed a Black Gold rank expert. This caused Sikong Yi to fume with anger.

Seeing the corpse of the Black Gold rank expert, Sikong Yi angrily punched a nearby tree, shattering it.

“Lei Zhuo, this debt will be repaid! One day, I will find you and tear you apart!” roared Sikong Yi, furiously.

“Lord Father, aside from Lei Zhuo, there’s still Duan Jian. Duan Jian now has a physical body that isn’t any weaker than a Black Gold rank’s. Even I wasn’t his opponent.” Sikong Hongyue held onto her chest and said, voice lingering with fear. If it wasn’t for the elders of the family extending their hands out to save her, she’d probably already be dead by Duan Jian’s hands.

“Duan Jian!” Sikong Yi’s rage shot to the limit. If he knew of this earlier, he would have killed Duan Jian long ago. Now that Duan Jian has become a thorn in his side, he became unease.

Nie Li and rest remained in the mountain for dozens of days, spectating the situation of the various families of the Abyss Prison realm. It was just as Nie Li expected, several families launched an attack against the Silver Winged Family, which was why the Silver Winged Family did not dispatch anyone to chase after them.

Time to leave.

After leaving Glory City for so long, it’s about time they returned.

However, Nie Li gathered a lot of information while he was in this Abyss Prison realm. Nie Li suddenly thought of something. In his previous life, when the Dark Guild initiated the Demon Beast horde to destroy Glory City, that kind of attack was something that consumed a lot of effort and doesn’t do anyone much good. The Dark Guild has been hiding in the St. Ancestral Mountain range, isolated from everyone else. Their living conditions are definitely much worse compared to Glory City. Until later, when Lord Ye Mo opened the ancient array. The Dark Guild couldn’t wait anymore and launched an offensive strike, and plotted with the Sacred Family to kill Lord Ye Mo.

Previously, Nie Li couldn’t figure out what the Dark Guild would obtain by destroying Glory City. Weren’t they worried about being destroyed by the demon beasts as well? But now, he suddenly understood. After Glory City was destroyed in his previous life, there’s a high possibility that the Dark Guild entered into the Abyss Prison realm. After all, the people in the Abyss Prison realm can attack and defend, they can still make use of the strength of the people living here.

But when the demon beast horde arrived, why didn’t Lord Ye Mo let the people retreat into the Abyss Prison realm? This was a mystery. Perhaps, in Lord Ye Mo’s view, the demon beast horde wasn’t too frightening and he probably never thought that he would be plotted against by the Sacred Family.

In the wilderness, Nie Li and his friends arrived at the ancient array. They then moved towards the direction of the teleportation array.

Suddenly, a figure attracted Nie Li’s attention. A wave of dangerous aura blew over him.

“Infinity has no beginning, no beginning can have no end.” an old man mumbled. His clothes were tattered, and he was staggering as he walked in the wilderness.

“What is this old man saying? Why can’t I understand what is he talking about?” Lu Piao asked, curiously.

“I don’t know either.” Nie Li shook his head, his palms were drenched in a cold sweat. His intuition sensed danger. This old man actually appeared again. The other party is obviously one of Emperor Kong Ming’s successors. If the opposing side knew his identity, he’d be in danger.

However, what Nie Li doesn’t understand is that, if the opposing side is one of Emperor Kong Ming’s successors, why is he revealing his identity so easily? Isn’t he afraid of being chased after by the other successors?

Could it be......?

This old man intends to kill their group directly?

The old man walked passed Nie Li and his group, crazily laughing. His voice sounded tearful, “Infinity has no beginning, no beginning can have no end. Ridiculous, ridiculous!”

The old man’s mudded eyes swept over Nie Li’s body, causing Nie Li to be drenched in a cold sweat. Could it be that this old man realised something?

Just when Nie Li was secretly alert and prepared to fight, the old man suddenly went crazy, laughing and crying as he soullessly walked further and further away.

After watching the old man disappear into the darkness, Nie Li sighed a breath of relief. That old man couldn’t have gone mad, right? Nie Li could feel the old man’s spiritual energy wasn’t normal. However, what is the meaning of this old man appearing two times before him and repeating the same sentences?

As long as he doesn’t tell anyone that he understood the profound meaning of “Infinity has no beginning, no beginning can have no end.”, he should be safe for the time being. Even so, Nie Li has to raise his strength as fast as possible. Otherwise, if he were to encounter the other four successors, he’ll only have death awaiting him.

Along the way, Nie Li got Du Ze and Lu Piao to capture a lot of Scarlet Ghosts, made a lot of Blood Burst Demonic Bottles and stored them into his interspatial ring. Who knows when these Blood Burst Demonic Bottles will be needed.

Teleportation array.

Nie Li placed the Stones of Light into one of the stone pillars, one by one. The stone pillars lit up, and a surge of spatial energy was constantly twisting the surrounding space.

“We can finally return, I don’t feel comfortable here!” said Lu Piao, stretching his body a little. He then took the first step into the teleportation array.

The rest also entered the teleportation array respectively.

Nie Li, Xiao Ning’er and Duan Jian were the only ones left. Duan Jian looked at the dark sky with a complicated look on his face. In this Abyss Prison realm, he has spent his happy childhood here, and his most bitter memories of his foe, which he still can’t kill with his current strength.

The kind Xiao Ning’er also felt the grief in Duan Jian’s heart and sadly sighed.

“Duan Jian, if you want to stay, we won’t stop you from doing so. After all, this is your homeland.” Nie Li said, looking at Duan Jian.

Duan Jian firmly shook his head and said, “From the moment my parents died, my homeland was already gone. I only have the blood feud left. Master gave me a new life, gave me the hope for vengeance. I’m willing to follow master!”

After speaking, Duan Jian stepped into the teleportation array.

Nie Li sighed, blood feud. In his previous life, hasn’t Nie Li, too, been burdened with a blood feud as he roamed around? He understands Duan Jian’s current feelings and said to Xiao Ning’er “Ning’er, we should get going as well.”