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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 157

Chapter 157 - Return

Xiao Ning’er turned around and took one last look at this Abyss Prison realm. Although the Abyss Prison realm is filled with danger, she had an adventure together with Nie Li. When she nearly died, Nie Li saved her from the mouth of the demon beast without any regards for his own safety.

She won’t forget anything that happened here, it’ll become a precious memory stored in her heart.

Sometimes, she would even think how good it would be if they were to remain in the Abyss Prison realm forever. Even if the Abyss Prison realm is freezing cold, with Nie Li here, she would feel warm and have someone to rely on. She sighed in her heart because this is only her wonderful imagination.

Nie Li turned his head back and puzzledly asked, “Ning’er, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” said Xiao Ning’er, shaking her head as her cheeks flushed red. She lowered her head as she walked into the teleportation array.

Nie Li then stepped into the teleportation array as well.

Glory City

While they were gone, the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array was completed. Both Ye Xiu and Ye Zong felt excited in their hearts. The moment the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array is turned on, Glory City will have another protective barrier.

“That brat, Nie Li, could be considered to have done a major contribution to Glory City. All of his past debts are written off. As long as he is able to continue to make many contributions to Glory City, even if he wants these old bones to apologize to him, there’s no problem in it!” Ye Zong said, looking at the majestic Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array.

He has already seen the power of Tai Yi Killing Array and the Divine Thunder Killing Array. The eight killing arrays come together to form the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array, it’s power is simply unimaginable.

When the Abyss Demon invaded the City Lord’s Mansion, at the crucial moment, Nie Li passed the control of the Divine Thunder Killing Array and Tai Yi Killing Array over to Ye Zong. At that moment, Ye Zong’s ill feelings towards Nie Li have already vanished and he was even vaguely liking the kid.

Although Nie Li is a little laid-back, he is refined within his crude attitude. At the same time, he is also righteous. Both the elixirs and the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array are monumental contributions towards Glory City.

In Ye Zong’s view, guarding Glory City is a big deal. Anything else is nothing more than small matters. Of course, he still doesn’t easily miss anything in regards to his daughter.

“Where did that brat, Nie Li, go? Why can’t we find him, even after so long?” Ye Zong knitted his brows. Nie Li and his group has been missing for many days now.

Ye Xiu was also helpless regarding this matter. He has dispatched a lot of people to search many places, but couldn’t find any trace of Nie Li and his group’s trail. He vaguely felt unease. Could it be that they were captured by the Dark Guild?......Right now, they still don’t have any evidence to prove that fact.

At this moment, they realised Nie Li’s importance to Glory City. If they were to know of this earlier, they would have given Nie Li some guards.

A moment later, an underling hastily ran in.

“Report to City Lord, Lord Ye Xiu, Nie Li is back. He’s in the City Lord’s Mansion’s hall right now.”

Hearing this report, both Ye Xiu and Ye Zong had traces of joy flashing across their eyes.

That kid is finally back! They could finally dispel the doubts in their heart.

City Lord’s Mansion’s hall

Nie Li and his group were feeling a little bored. Ye Ziyun hurriedly walked in, the moment she saw Nie Li, the worry that was deeply within her eyes was finally dispersed. In this period of time, it was as though Nie Li had disappeared, causing her to be filled with unease, making her toss about restlessly.

Even if she doesn’t admit it, Nie Li has already become one of the important people in her life.

Sometimes, she would think of a question. If Nie Li were to suddenly disappear from her life, what would her life be like? Every time she thought of this question, she would feel panic in her heart. Although Nie Li is always so annoying and so hateful, he gave some colour to her pale white, simple life. He gave her his attention and the feeling of being protected.

When she saw Nie Li, she felt relief.

“Ziyun!” Nie Li called out, smiling. The reason for Ye Ziyun to rush in here couldn’t be because she’s worried for him and couldn’t wait any longer, right?

Seeing Xiao Ning’er standing beside Nie Li, without knowing why, Ye Ziyun felt a little depressed in her heart and turned around to leave. Nie Li suddenly went missing for dozens of days and when he came back, he was with Xiao Ning’er.

Seeing this scene, Nie Li was slightly stunned. He hurriedly block Ye Ziyun’s route and smilingly said, “Why are you leaving without saying anything!”

“I walked into the wrong place,” Ye Ziyun pouted. She doesn’t want to admit that she rushed over here because she was worried about Nie Li.

Nie Li, however, smiled as he looked at Ye Ziyun. To be able to see her again, how wonderful.

Ye Ziyun suddenly woke up, for what reason was she upset? Was it because Nie Li left without saying anything? Or was it because, when Nie Li came back, he was with Xiao Ning’er? Why was she feeling like this? This made her confused.

“Wrong place? Are you sure that you’re not here looking for me?” Nie Li said, chuckling. Suddenly, he extended his hand, held Ye Ziyun’s hand and shoved the Blizzard Spiritual Gem into them. “This gem is for you. My friends are all here, I’ll introduction them to you.”

He then walked to where Du Ze and the rest are, together with her.

Ye Ziyun’s face flushed red and hurriedly tried to break free from Nie Li’s grasp. Under the eyes of so many people, she felt very embarrassed.

Watching this scene, Xiao Ning’er’s eyes had a light of dejection. Although Nie Li has told her long ago that Ye Ziyun is the most important person in his life, and that even if he has to sacrifice his life, he will still guard her side, Xiao Ning’er was like a moth attracted to the flame, and chose to stay by Nie Li’s side. However, seeing Nie Li and Ye Ziyun being so close together, she couldn’t endure the throbbing pain in her heart.

Xiao Ning’er and Ye Ziyun’s eyes made contact with each other, and both of them were feeling a little awkward as they turned their gazes away.

Lu Piao gave Nie Li a small thumbs up in his heart. Nie Li really is the model of his generation. Even though Ning’er are Ye Ziyun are considered goddess level existences, they were easily taken by Nie Li.

At this moment, seeing Lu Piao’s small action, Xiao Xue gave Lu Piao a punch and gave him a fierce look.

Lu Piao winced. If Xiao Xue could be more like Xiao Ning’er or Ye Ziyun, who were very gentle, he’d already be very content. He couldn’t help exhaling a long sigh in his heart.

“We’re all classmates, we already know each other!” Du Ze gave Ye Ziyun a light smile, “This is Xiao Xue, Lu Piao’s fiancee!”

Although they were classmates, a few months earlier, they’re still very unfamiliar with Ye Ziyun. But because of Nie Li, they were able to get slightly familiar with each other.

Du Ze, Lu Piao, Wei Nan and the rest were laughing and chatting. They talked about their experiences in the Abyss Prison realm, which aroused Ye Ziyun’s curiosity. She never thought that in this period of time, Nie Li and his friends would actually go into that kind of place. Ever since she was young, aside from the Ancient Orchid City Ruins, she has never visited any other place outside of Glory City, giving her all kinds of expectations towards the outside world.

At this moment, Ye Zong and Ye Xiu entered the hall.

When Ye Zong entered, Ye Ziyun’s face slightly changed. If her father saw her together with Nie Li, he’d definitely be unhappy.

Ye Zong’s gaze fell onto Nie Li and then looked at Ye Ziyun, and his brows slightly came together. He originally thought of writing off all of Nie Li’s debts, but the moment he saw Ye Ziyun standing so close to Nie Li, he felt a little unhappy about it. He himself has been played around by Nie Li before, not to mention the simple Yun’er.

Ye Zong put on a face and coughed twice.

“City Lord!”

“Respects to the City Lord!” Du Ze, Lu Piao and the rest hurriedly gave a bow to Ye Zong. They have not seen Ye Zong before. Since this is their first time seeing the majesty of the City Lord, they couldn’t help feeling a little panic.

Nie Li slowly turned his back and greeted, while laughing, “Good day, father-in-law!”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Ye Zong almost felt suffocated. Nie Li did not give him any route to back off, and was trying to fixate everything into reality. Nie Li called him father-in-law in front of so many people, if this news were to spread out, then it’d be hard for the Snow Wind Family to decline it!

It this was someone else, Ye Zong would definitely give him a ruthless slap. However, whenever he faced Nie Li, he felt powerless. He still has many things that he needed Nie Li’s help with. He coughed and shifted his gaze.

When Nie Li addressed Ye Zong in this way, Ye Ziyun’s face blushed red as she anxiously pulled the corner of Nie Li’s clothes. She originally thought that Ye Zong would give Nie Li a tough lesson. She never thought that Ye Zong would only cough and turn his head away, pretending not to hear anything. This time, even Ye Ziyun was dumbfounded.

Ye Ziyun wasn’t the only one, the others were also dumbfounded. Nie Li actually addressed Ye Zong as father-in-law and Ye Zong actually did not reject this. This is absolutely explosive news. Could it be that the City Lord have really recruited Nie Li to be his son-in-law?

The moment Ye Zong entered, Duan Jian felt a powerful aura coming from Ye Zong’s body. So this supreme expert is master’s father-in-law. Duan Jian carved this into his heart.

Xiao Ning’er felt her nose turn slightly sour, and was enduring the tears from filling her eyes. She never thought that Nie Li and Ye Ziyun would have already progressed to such a degree, even the City Lord has agreed. Seeing Nie Li’s back figure, she felt a deep loss and throbbing pain in her heart. She obviously knows that it’s impossible, but she will still try her best. Perhaps she really has no fate to be with Nie Li. However, in Xiao Ning’er’s heart, she still has her stubborness. She still intends to remain by Nie Li’s side, even if she doesn’t get married. She’ll quietly wait until she grows old.

Seeing Ye Zong’s expression, Nie Li lightly smiled. Ye Zong has finally gone soft.

That being the case, Ye Zong can be considered an inside person!

Nie Li moved to Ye Zong’s side and smilingly said, “Father-in-law, when I entered, I noticed that the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array has been fully constructed. I’ll pass the control imprint over to you now!”

Hearing what Nie Li just said, Ye Zong felt his face heating up. The Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array is something he got by exchanging his daughter, this is simply filling him up with sad tears in his heart.

“Father-in-law, in this recent period of time, we opened the ancient array near the City Lord’s Mansion. It turns out that the ancient array that leads to an Abyss Prison realm. We’ve gotten several good items from there. These are Blood Crystals that have undergone refinement. It’s something I’m giving to honour you!” said Nie Li, grabbing a bunch of Blood Crystals from his interspatial ring and stuffing them into Ye Zong’s hands.

Blood Crystals!

Both Ye Xiu and Ye Zong were stunned. Blood Crystals are absolutely good stuff. With Blood Crystals, their cultivation can increase to new heights. It might be able to give a Black Gold rank a better chance to breakthrough into Legend rank!

“Lord Ye Xiu, these are for you!” Nie Li grabbed another batch of Blood Crystals and stuffed them into Ye Xiu’s hands.

Taking so many Blood Crystal in one go, this is simply filthy rich!