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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 158

Chapter 158 - Demon Lord?

Ye Zong dryly coughed. These Blood Crystals in his hands are like hot potatoes as his daughter is still watching him! If he were to accept this stuff, doesn’t that mean that he has admitted Nie Li to be his son-in-law?

“Father-in-law, we’re one family, you’re welcome.” Nie Li old-fashionedly patted Ye Zong on his back.

Ye Ziyun furiously stared at Nie Li with her face blushing red. Nie Li is simply not showing any respect for her father. However, what made her unable to understand is that, when Ye Zong first saw Nie Li, he simply couldn’t wait to kill him. But now, since when did Nie Li and Ye Zong become so close to each other? Nie Li is even calling him father-in-law.

How did Nie Li do that?

Recalling Nie Li’s addressing, Ye Ziyun became a little angry. Since when did she accept Nie Li?

Ye Xiu unceremoniously accepted the Blood Crystals, looking satisfied. Ye Xiu’s position and power within the Snow Wind Family is only second to Ye Mo and Ye Zong. He has already accepted Nie Li in his heart, which also means that Nie Li has succeeded one-third of the way.

He actually did this? This silvery bullet attack is really fierce!

Du Ze, Lu Piao and the rest all looked at Nie Li dumbfoundedly. Since when did Nie Li get so familiar with the City Lord? This is simply beyond their imaginations. Could it be that Ye Zong has really agreed to let Ye Ziyun marry Nie Li? This doesn’t make any sense!

Chasing the girlfriend by settling the father first, this move is too extreme, Lu Piao’s eyes lit up.

Since Ye Zong was still looking very hesitant, Nie Li moved to Ye Zong’s ears and said, “Father-in-law, in our trip to the ancient array, we’ve found a huge secret!”

“What secret?” Ye Zong suddenly felt a little curious. That ancient array was passed down since ancient times, no one has been able to open the barrier inside it before. He never thought that Nie Li was actually able to opened it. Just what, exactly, is in there?

“About this...” Nie Li looked at the Blood Crystals in Ye Zong’s hands and said, “Father-in-law isn’t treating me as a family, not willing to accept my Blood Crystals?”

This is simply threatening. Ye Zong pondered for a while, for Glory City, he has to eat this trap. Gritting his teeth, he kept the Blood Crystals and asked, “What’s hiding inside the ancient array?”

“That ancient array is linked to an Abyss Prison realm. There are many demon beasts inside, as well as thirteen families and they have been there for several thousands of years. Furthermore, there are also three Legend rank experts there as well.” Nie Li softly said, telling everything he has seen to Ye Zong.

After Ye Zong accepted the Blood Crystals, Nie Li became more magnanimous, he did not keep much from Ye Zong.

“Abyss Prison realm? Three Legend rank experts?” Ye Zong was stunned for a while. Although he heard from Nie Li that the three Legend ranks were Fighters, making them not as powerful as a Legend rank Demon Spiritualists, it’s still shocking news. However, it doesn’t seem like the thirteen family inside the Abyss Prison Realm aren’t as firm as an iron plate.

Knowing this news, it’s equivalent to Glory City having a place that they can retreat to. For Glory City, this is simply too important.

Nie Li suddenly recalled the scene in front of the ancient monument and casually asked, “Oh right, father-in-law, do you know of someone that’s claimed to be the Demon Lord?”

Demon Lord? Both Ye Zong and Ye Xiu were shocked in their hearts.

Ye Zong asked, “Where did you see the Demon Lord?”

Nie Li shrugged, “I only heard someone talking about it.”

“I’m not sure if the Demon Lord that you’ve heard of is the same person as the one we know. It’s already been something of a few hundred years now. An anomaly appeared in Glory City. There’s a starving kid that was taken in by an old man who slowly grew to seventeen years old. At that time, there’s a family in Glory City known as the Red Jade Family. It’s a large family that was only second to the Snow Wind Family, that had many experts in their generation. They had dozens of Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualists, the strongest one was only a step away from Legend rank.”

Ye Zong said in a small sad tone, “Speaking of this matter, it’s really a pity. At that point of time, Glory City was in quite a mess. Members of the Red Jade Family at that time were arrogant and tyrannical. The old man worked in the Red Jade Family. Because he was unable to complete a certain task appropriately, he was whipped to death. The youth suddenly disappeared after that and no one was able to find him. Everyone thought that he had been uprooted by the Red Jade Family. No one thought that after dozens of years have passed, the youth would reappear. He was wearing a demon mask and claimed to be the Demon Lord. He walked straight into the Red Jade Family’s territory and started a massacre!”

One man fought with an entire family? This person sure is powerful. Du Ze, Lu Piao and the rest were straightening their ears to listen to the story.

“What were the results?” asked Nie Li.

“The entire Red Jade Family was slaughtered, not one was left alive. Dozens of Black Gold rank experts and one whose existence was only second to a Legend rank.” Ye Zong sighed and said, “This Demon Lord probably had the strength of a Legend rank; however, when he slaughtered the entire Red Jade Family, he had suffered a great injury. His terrifying deeds caused the other families to be in a panic and made them furious. They began to send many experts to chase after him. The result was an earth shaking battle, but the Demon Lord still manage to escape into the St. Ancestral Mountains.”

“What happened after that?” Nie Li asked. In his previous life, when he was forced out of Glory City, he’s only sixteen. Therefore, it’s natural that there were some things he was unsure of.

Ye Zong and Ye Xiu looked at each other.

“The Demon Lord founded the Dark Guild.” Ye Zong said, “Many say that not long after the Dark Guild was founded, the Demon Lord died. There are also some that say that he’s still alive, trying the build the Dark Guild up these last few hundred years. Furthermore, the leader of the Dark Guild has always been called Demon Lord.”

The leader of the Dark Guild has always been called Demon Lord? In his previous life, there were many secrets which Nie Li was unaware of. He recalled the scene at the stone monument. That youth is the leader of the Dark Guild? He doesn’t look like one. Although that youth is definitely an expert, he doesn’t have any kind of leadership aura coming off from him. Could it be that, that scene was left behind when the Demon Lord was still young? The time when he went missing, was he in the Abyss Prison realm?

Hearing about this matter, everyone couldn’t help sighing. The creation of the Dark Guild was actually caused by one of the families in the Glory City? If there wasn’t any Dark Guild, then at least when Glory City is facing against the demon beasts, they could be as united as a piece of iron plate. The current Dark Guild is already powerful to the extent of threatening the safety of Glory City.

‘Wait till I reach Legend rank, maybe I can have a meeting with this Demon Lord!’ Nie Li inwardly thought to himself.

After he thought of something, Ye Zong’s gaze fell onto Duan Jian and he curiously asked, “This is?”

He can vaguely feel a powerful aura coming from Duan Jian’s body, even he couldn’t see through Duan Jian.

“His name is Duan Jian.” Nie Li introduced.

Duan Jian respectfully said to Ye Zong, “I’m the servant of Master Nie Li!”

Nie Li’s servant? Ye Zong and Ye Xiu were shocked in their hearts. The moment they saw Duan Jian, they could feel a powerful aura coming from him, they were thinking that he was some expert with some mysterious identity. They never thought that he would be Nie Li’s servant. For Nie Li to actually keep such a powerful servant. They have a feeling that Duan Jian’s strength is at least Black Gold rank.

It took them a long time to calm their hearts. Anything that happens around Nie Li doesn’t seem that surprising anymore.

“Nie Li, since he’s your man, you’ll be in charge with arranging his staying.” said Ye Zong, looking at Nie Li.

“Okay.” Nie Li nodded his head, then he looked and Duan Jian and said, “Duan Jian, act freely in this City Lord’s Mansion. Treat this like your home.”

“Yes, Master.” said Duan Jian, respectfully.

What do you mean by treating this place like your home? Ye Zong couldn’t help feeling helpless.

After pondering for a while, Ye Zong said, “Nie Li, remain behind. The rest of you, go back and train.”

“Yes, City Lord!”

Du Ze and the rest all heed the orders with respect, bid Nie Li farewell and then left. Xiao Ning’er and Ye Ziyun both looked at Nie Li and then look at Ye Zong again before leaving the hall.

After the rest left the hall, only Nie Li, Ye Zong and Ye Xiu remained.

“Father-in-law, what do you wish to speak with me about?” Nie Li said, smilingly while looking at Ye Zong.

Ye Zong’s face went dark as he said, “Nie Li, don’t think that I don’t know what you’re planning. Don’t call me father-in-law in front of so many people in the future; otherwise, I will definitely not spare you!”

“Oh, father-in-law, you’re too immoral. I already gave you the control over the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array, you even accepted such a precious thing like the Blood Crystals and I even tell you the matters about the ancient array being connected with the Abyss Prison realm! In the end, you swallowed everything and don’t want to admit it. Aren’t you too unrighteous to be a City Lord?” said Nie Li, looking at Ye Zong contemptuously.

Ye Zong was simply speechless. This brat is simply being too shameless! He wants him to exchange his daughter with only this stuff?! She’s the direct descendant female of his family!

Ye Xiu, however, dryly coughed and smilingly said, “Let’s not argue about this. Nie Li, Lord Ye Zong is still the City Lord, you still have to give him some face. Regarding the matters with you and Ziyun, rest assured, as long as Ziyun agrees to it, me and the City Lord will not obstruct you. As for this father-in-law business, shouldn’t you get your dowry before calling him that?”

“Hell, such a precious item like the Blood Crystal is still not considered a dowry? However, I’ll not argue with either of you about this. What do you want, as long as you can say it, I’ll be able to deliver it with both of my hands!” Since Ye Zong did not object, Nie Li’s mood is good. After he settles everything with Ye Zong, he can only slowly wait for Ye Ziyun’s side to bear fruit.

Although Ye Ziyun did not show anything at this moment, she is still very concerned about him. With Nie Li’s understanding towards Ye Ziyun, he will definitely, slowly, win over her heart. As long as there’s no rival, there won’t be any big problems. After all, the only rival, Shen Yue, already has no show to give. The other one is Ye Han. Ye Ziyun and Ye Han have grudges ever since they were young, so Ye Han’s side is absolutely impossible.

Matters concerning with feelings has to be nurtured slowly. Since there isn’t any rival now, Nie Li isn’t in any rush. Right now, he has to focus on the urgent matters. One side, there’s the Sacred Family and the Dark Guild; the other side, there’s the rising demon beast horde.

Regarding Nie Li, Ye Zong felt very helpless. In his entire life, everyone else would listen to him, except for this Nie Li. He can’t seem to keep him under control.

Ye Zong doesn’t want to dwell on this matter anymore. As long as Nie Li has enough contributions towards Glory City, is able to get the Snow Wind Family’s elders to accept him, and he is true to Yun’er, then he can only let it progress naturally.

“Nie Li, we have found the evidence of the Sacred Family colluding with the Dark Guild and even located a division of the Dark Guild in Glory City. The next step is how to deal with the Sacred Family, do you have any ideas?” said Ye Zong. He couldn’t help sighing in his heart. There will be a huge battle inside Glory City. This is the kind of scene that he is unwilling to see; however, if they don’t get rid of this cancer known as the Sacred Family, they will certainly create huge harm in the future.

Unknowingly, Ye Zong actually began to consult Nie Li. After all, in recent times, Nie Li has become one of the important figures in Glory City.

After pondering for a moment, Ye Xiu said, “The Sacred Family and a division of the Dark Guild. No matter which we eradicate first, the other one will be disturbed. Unfortunately, if we want to get rid of both, our Snow Wind Family won’t have enough experts. If we seek help from other families, the news might leak. We’re still unsure if there are other spies from the Dark Guild and the Sacred Family in the other families.”

This is a difficult problem placed in front of them.