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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 16

Chapter 16 - Demonic Magic?

Ye Ziyun took out two inscription scrolls from her interspatial ring.

Experts usually store their techniques in inscription patterns. Writing them onto inscription scrolls, then when in battle, they can activate the inscription scroll to release powerful battle techniques, much faster than if they were to perform the techniques themselves. But inscription scrolls are usually very expensive. Just a blank inscription scroll would cost up to hundreds of demon spirit coins, a bronze rank inscription scroll would cost thousands of demon spirit coins, and a silver rank inscription scroll would cost more than 10 thousand demon spirit coins. As for gold rank, the price of it is simply unimaginable.

They are extremely precious things which ordinary people can not afford.

"These two inscription scrolls are Snow Wind inscriptions." Ye Ziyun’s pale fingers slowly opened one of the bronze rank inscription scrolls, "These two inscription scrolls seem to had some error when it was drawn, and thus left them unable to be activated but I can’t find the root of the issue."

Nie Li’s gaze swept pass these two inscription patterns on the scroll, and found the problem with the two inscription patterns.

He spent so much time in his previous life inside the Temporal Demon Spirit Book, that Nie Li’s knowledge about inscription patterns had reached perfection, regardless of attribute. To him inscription patterns of all kinds were simple to grasp. Correcting two bronze rank inscription scrolls to him held no challenge.

"Even if the professors couldn’t tell the root of the problem with these two bronze inscription patterns, with your family background, couldn’t you ask your father for the answer?" Nie Li asked, looking at Ye Ziyun.

Within Ye Ziyun’s lavender coloured eyes, flashed a hint of sadness in it.

Nie Li suddenly understood. Ye Ziyun never had a mother since birth, and with her father being the City Lord, he was busy throughout the day. Her grandfather was a legend rank demon spiritist, so he had to lead his men to explore St. Ancestral Mountains, eliminating any potential crisis for Glory City. So naturally no one could help Ye Ziyun.

Thinking of this, Nie Li felt pity for Ye Ziyun, saying "In the future if there’s any problems, you can find me here around this time!"

Finish saying his words, Nie Li’s gaze fell onto the two bronze rank inscription scrolls, pointing to one of the two bronze rank inscription scrolls saying "This Bronze rank inscription scroll is the Snow Wind Attribute’s <> inscription, the inscription structure has no issue with it, but this is a faulty scroll."

"Faulty scroll?" Ye Ziyun asked surprised.

"Right, the person who made this faulty scroll is an expert fraud. if one’s eyesight is not sharp enough, being led into buying this scroll is understandable." Nie Li said laughing, "<> inscription is drawn using the blood of Snow Wind Spiritual Worm. The blood of Snow Wind Spiritual Worm is usually a silver-grey colour, not this bright silvery-red colour. My guess is that this is written with the blood of Snow Wind Spiritual Worm’s larva. The larva of Snow Wind Spiritual Worm isn’t strong enough, and therefore caused this <>inscription to be unable to activate."

An adult Snow Wind Spiritual Worm’s blood being silvery-grey colour while their blood’s colour being silvery-red when they are in their larval stage, Ye Ziyun never thought that the problem was actually something like this. She took this inscription scroll that was unable to activate and asked several professors in the school, and even the vice-principal, but none of them were able to find the problem with it because the bronze rank inscription scroll was correct drawn!

This mystery was hidden within her heart for a long time now. That was until today, when this mystery was finally resolved.

So her perspective was wrong, the inscription had no issues, thus her wanting to find a problem with the inscription was naturally impossible!

This kind of issue, Nie Li could actually tell with just a look, how profound must one’s knowledge be to accomplish this? Was the knowledge of those professors and the vice-principal below Nie Li’s?

A deep admiration emerged within Ye Ziyun for Nie Li, as she also gradually lowered her guard against Nie Li.‘A person with such vast knowledge, presumably their character wouldn’t be too bad right?’

"What about this bronze rank Inscription?" Ye Ziyun pointed towards the other bronze rank inscription scroll. While she pointing towards the scroll, she looked at him again. Nie Li was slightly taller than her by a little bit, with a chiselled face, sharp brows, and bright eyes, he was quite handsome.

In the past, Nie Li’s presence in the class was very low. Until today when Ye Ziyun began to have some understanding towards Nie Li did her heart begin to feel deep admiration for Nie Li.

"This inscription pattern is Snow Wind attribute’s <> inscription. <> is originally a silver rank inscription pattern, but the <> left behind by the Age of Darkness was incomplete. Afterwards people tried to patch it and in the process caused it to drop a level becoming a bronze rank inscription pattern." Nie Li said.

Ye Ziyun had her doubts, she never thought that there is still such history behind it. Which book was it recorded in, and how come she have never seen it before?

She heard Nie Li continue his speech, "In addition to dropping to bronze rank inscription pattern, their patches for <> caused it to gain a problem with it’s structure, and thus often it should have problems when activating causing it to be unusable. It just needs to be adjusted a little."

"Structural changes? How would you change it?" Ye Ziyun’s eyes were filled with doubts, even if it’s her grandfather, he dared not tamper with the structure of a inscription pattern because inscription patterns passed down from ancient eras were already in a perfect form. Although her grandfather is a legend rank demon spiritist and can create inscription patterns, it’s still very hard to adjust a inscription pattern.

"Do you have pen?" Nie Li asked, looking at Ye Ziyun.

Ye Ziyun’s right hand moved, retrieving a silver horn pen from her interspatial ring made from the horns of a horned sheep.

As Nie Li took the silver horn pen from Ye Ziyun’s hand, his finger accidentally touched Ye Ziyun’s palm. That soft skin contact made his heart flutter.

She immediately drew her hand back, suddenly raising her head. Her alert eyes looking at Nie Li. She thought that Nie Li intentionally tried to take advantage of the situation, but was surprised to find Nie Li holding onto the silver horn pen with dignified look on his face.

Perhaps she thought too much, the contact earlier made her feel a strange feeling.

Nie Li drew a few simple strokes on the white paper, and an inscription pattern more complete than <> appeared on the paper. The shape of the strokes were exactly well-proportioned, as though they were printed.

Nie Li ended up drawing such complex inscription patterns with just a few random looking strokes, such frightening ability made her gasp in amazement. This adjusted <> inscription became even more complex and difficult to understand, even Ye Ziyun couldn’t understand it.

"This is the completed <> inscription." Nie Li said looking towards Ye Ziyun, "It’s a silver rank inscription pattern."

Ye Ziyun’s gaze fell onto this <> inscription pattern, her brows furrowed, this adjusted <> turned out to be twice as complex compared to before. The current her couldn’t verify how effective is the inscription pattern, unless someone were to make it into a scroll.

She had not seen this kind of inscription pattern before!

"This Inscription Pattern is made with 36 foundation patterns in it’s structure" Nie Li explained, "This is a stable structure, the previous structure wasn’t stable!"

Ye Ziyun let out an ’en’ full of doubts. She didn’t ask any further, only keeping the inscription pattern altered by Nie Li, preparing to get people to make this into a scroll to test it out to see if it was as Nie Li said, a silver rank inscription pattern.

She then sought further guidance about some problems she had with Snow Wind inscription patterns as well as cultivation techniques. Nie Li’s answers were calm and smooth. Under Nie Li’s tutoring, Ye Ziyun eased her doubts about Nie Li, admiring him even more. How much time would a person need to spend in order to have profound knowledge like Nie Li?

"Classmate Nie Li, thanks a lot for your answers. Don’t forget our deal about meeting here tomorrow; rain or shine" Before leaving, Ye Ziyun smiled graceful as pearl, beautiful and refined.

That bright smile caused Nie Li to be a little absent-minded. Ye Ziyun left waving her hand. The tender view of her back leaving was graceful and attractive.

Nie Li’s mood suddenly became even more cheerful, very satisfied with his first chat with Ye Ziyun.

Just when Nie Li was preparing to leave, a hand emerge from the side, grabbing onto Nie Li’s collar.

"You," Nie Li’s eyes landed on the person and his expression darkened. This person was Shen Yue.

Shen Yue’s right hand grabbed onto Nie Li’s collar as he stared fiercely at Nie Li "What did Ye Ziyun talk to you about?"

"Release your hand, otherwise I won’t be polite." Nie Li coldly replied.

"Heh, heh, won’t be polite to me? Nie Li, you think too highly of yourself, who do you think you are? Thinking you’re so great just because you know a few inscription pattern? You’re still far too lowly! Stay away from Ye Ziyun, otherwise, I’ll show you a good time!" Shen Yue said fiercely.

Du Ze, Li Piao, and the trio upon seeing that, immediately rushed over. At this moment there were about six or seven lackeys by Shen Yue’s side, glaring at Du Ze, Lu Piao and the trio, both sides’ fighting spirit ignited.

The other students in the library upon seeing this, started to distance themselves, fearing that they would become involved in this.

"What happened?"

"I heard that Shen Yue and Nie Li had a conflict regarding Ye Goddess, looks like they’ll be soon fighting."

"Who is this Nie Li? To actually dare offend Shen Yue, he’s a member of the Sacred family!"

"Nie Li is crazy, he doesn’t know his place! Shen Yue will soon reach 1-star bronze rank. How can Nie Li be able to do anything to him."

In Shen Yue’s view, with his strength, handling Nie Li is very easy. He only needed to use 1/10th of his strength to be able to suppress Nie Li!

Nie Li looked at the arrogant Shen Yue with contempt. In his view, Shen Yue is just a kid, he never thought of Shen Yue as a threat since the start! ‘Even if your whole Sacred family could only barely play with me, who do you think you are Shen Yue?’

No matter if it’s strength or soul force level, the current Nie Li is inferior compared to Shen Yue. After all Nie Li only started practicing Heavenly God Cultivation Technique 2 days ago. But in Nie Li’s view, Shen Yue’s ability of using his strength and soul force is no different from a primitive human.

‘Although my current physical strength is only 38 and my soul force is 32, to force you to faint I am more then enough.’

"You think that by relying on having Sacred family as a background, you can be arrogant and despotic? Having green soul realm is a genius? You’re still far from it!" Nie Li holding onto Shen Yue’s fist, pressed his middle finger onto the joint of the wrist. His strength passed from his middle finger onto the joint, slowly breaking open Shen Yue’s hold.

Shen Yue was surprised to find that when Nie Li gripped his hand, his whole arm went numb. Numb and weak, no matter how he tried to use his strength, his hand couldn’t resist being forced open.

In just a moment, Nie Li’s hand was like a steel clamp, clamping onto Shen Yue’s hand, a sharp terrible pain was felt which cause Shen Yue’s face to be distorted.

‘How did Nie Li do that? My strength is obviously stronger than Nie Li’s, but I couldn’t even resist?’

In Shen Yue’s mind, his impression of Nie Li has always been that of someone with a bottom rank, poor innate soul realm talent, and weak physique. While in his mind, he was the genius in the class, blessed with green soul realm, and had been taking all sorts of elixir from a young age, causing his physique to be stronger than his peers.

But, in this short battle of strength, he’s totally unable to beat Nie Li!

What kind of demonic magic did Nie Li use?!

Nie Li faintly sneered. Although his strength at this moment has not been enhanced, Nie Li’s ability to control his strength isn’t something that Shen Yue can match. Nie Li penetrated into Shen Yue’s acupuncture point on his wrist with the power in his fingertip to instantly cause Shen Yue’s arm to lose its’ strength.