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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 164

Chapter 164 - Raging Flames of Explosion

These Snow Wind demon beasts have extraordinary strength. They are able to throw boulders of a few kilograms from several meters away. If the sky becomes covered with falling stones, it’ll be troublesome.

Seeing this scene, Ye Zong and the rest were showing different facial expressions. Black Gold ranks like them will be alright. Even if the huge stones come flying, they can simply destroy them. However, the amount of experts in Glory City is quite small, they can’t cover the entire area. Furthermore, the walls of Glory City stretches for dozens of miles!

“What should we do?” All of the Patriarchs felt fretful and uneasy.

Shen Hong was also frightened within his heart. A demon beast that has its wisdom unlocked, what will happen now? Luckily, he’s smart and has already surrendered to the Dark Guild. Once Glory City is destroyed, the Sacred Family can secretly withdraw into the Abyss Prison realm with the Dark Guild. He couldn’t confirm whether the existence of the Abyss Prison realm that the Dark Guild told him about is true or not; however, he no longer has any other choice.

Ye Xiu quickly went to find Nie Li. when he found him, he asked, “Nie Li, what should we do? If they start attacking, we’ll be doomed!”

“It seems like we can only use that move!” Nie Li look at Ye Xiu and asked, “Lord Ye Xiu, how many giant crossbows do we have that have a range of five thousand meters?”

“Huge crossbows? We have a lot of those, but the huge crossbows can only deal with ordinary demon beasts. They can, at most, wound a few of them. There’s very little chance any of them will be to kill them. Once the range reaches two meters, the power behind the bolt will be very small!”

“We don’t need any powerful offensive ones. Tie these onto those that can reach a range of five thousand meters!” Nie Li said, taking out a Blood Burst Demonic Bottle. These last few days, the Alchemist Association has been able to make tens of thousands of these, they are ready to be used.

“Does this thing have a lot of power?” After experiencing the chain of explosions, Ye Xiu no longer dared to belittle anything that Nie Li takes out.


“The power is quite adequate. One bottle is able to kill a few Silver rank Snow Wind demon beasts!” said Nie Li.

“Few?” Ye Xiu’s brow twitched. This power is simply frightening. He immediately looked back at the experts of the Snow Wind Family and shouted, “Quick, bring the huge crossbows out!”

Very quickly, huge crossbows were being moved, one after another, up the walls. While the Snow Wind demon beast were still moving the huge stones, they quickly began to fill up the crossbows.

When a group of Snow Wind demon beasts entered a position of a thousand meters, and were preparing to toss those huge stones, Ye Xiu quickly pulled the trigger of one of the huge crossbows and a bolt shot out.


The bolt drew a long arc in the sky. As a Black Gold rank Demon Spiritualist, this kind of task is considered a trifle for him. The bolt fell among the group of Snow Wind demon beasts and the Blood Burst Demonic Bottle exploded. In that instant, a fountain of blood filled the skies.

The frightening part about the Blood Burst Demonic Bottle is that after killing a few demon beasts from explosion, it can cause the blood of those demon beasts to explode as well, launching a chain of explosions. Due to the demon beasts having such a large physical size, the effects became even more obvious.

In that instant, several Snow Wind demon beasts were turned into slag, not a single part of them was left. However, these Blood Burst Demonic Bottles are absolutely harmless to Gold rank demon beasts.

Seeing this scene, everyone was shocked. These bottles were even more frightening than the earlier explosions.

If those Snow Wind demon beasts want to toss the stones, they will have to get within a thousand meter distance. However, these huge crossbows have a range of five thousand meters or even more.

*Woosh!* *Woosh!* *Woosh!*

Bolts of arrows flew into the sky and fell towards the Snow Wind demon beast’s army. In that instant, there was a series of blood explosions.

These Snow Wind demon beasts were all enraged after being attacked. They furiously roared and charged the wall. Some Gold rank Snow Wind demon beasts that weren’t killed by the Blood Burst Demonic Bottle rushed up, lifted the stones and threw them towards Glory City.

As the stones flew towards Glory City, The Gold and Black Gold rank experts immediately waved their huge swords, smashing the stones and managed to destroy a lot of the huge stones in the air. However, some of them managed to fall and instantly killed many guards.

Luckily, only a small portion of the huge stones were tossed. If they didn’t have the Blood Burst Demonic Bottles, it wouldn’t be long before Glory City is engulfed by a sky filled with stones.

The intensity of the battle was filled with anxiety. Waves and waves of blood explosions would occur in the Snow Wind demon beast army, instantly killing tens of thousands of Snow Wind demon beasts.

After several rounds, the Snow Wind demon beasts couldn’t hold on any longer and, once again, retreated few thousand meters back.

This is the first time Glory City has been able to obtain the upper hand when facing the demon beast horde. In the past, the demon beast horde would often break through the city walls and cause havoc within the streets. Countless houses would be destroyed, tens of thousands of deaths would be considered little. But in this round, only a few thousand people died. The wounded have only amounted to nearly ten thousand, this is simply an unbelievable matter.

And all of this is Nie Li’s contribution. Without all those items from Nie Li, it would be hard for Glory City to hold its place.


The Black Gold rank demon beasts among the Snow Wind demon beast horde couldn’t hold themselves back anymore and madly charged towards the city walls. Their huge size caused the earth to tremble with every step.

Ordinary demon beasts couldn’t get close to the city walls; therefore, they have to do it themselves.

With the height of roughly around ten to twenty meters in height, the demon beasts were like moving fortresses. A few of the Blood Burst Demonic Bottles landed onto their bodies and exploded; however, there was no damage. The speed of these Black Gold rank demon beasts, when they are madly running, is extremely fast. They reached the bottom of the city walls in an instant.

Seeing this scene, Ye Zong, Ye Xiu, Huyan Xiong and the other higher ups pulled out their large swords and entered into the battle.


A Black Gold rank demon beast leaped into the sky, falling towards the city walls.


It ripped off a huge portion of the city walls. Several city guards miserably screamed as they were thrown around. Five Black Gold rank experts quickly waved their sharp blades and charged towards the Black Gold rank demon beast.

*Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*

An intense battle broke out on the city walls.

The Black Gold rank demon beasts continued to fall from the sky and land onto the city walls. Some of them even directly entered the city.

The Black Gold rank experts of Glory City charged up. With five of them to one Black Gold rank demon beast, they instantly entered into an intense battle.

“Quick, dodge!”

Some with lower cultivation were blown away by the aura that came from the Black Gold rank demon beast, and were vomiting blood.

A few pieces of the city wall collapsed, houses within the walls were also being destroyed by the huge size of the Black Gold rank demon beasts.

These Black Gold rank Snow Wind demon beasts have extremely sturdy bodies. It’s as though their bodies were as crafted from metal. Even the attacks from Black Gold rank experts could only do a small amount of damage to their bodies.

“Lure them towards the City Lord’s Mansion!” Ye Zong ordered, “Ye Xiu, you’ll be in charge here!” afterwards, he flew away.

Shen Hong hesitated for a moment, then also flew with his sword. Although the Sacred Family is being suppressed, it has not completely gone down with the Snow Wind Family, yet. The Snow Wind Family has been unable to find an excuse to get rid of the Sacred Family after all this time; therefore, Shen Hong still has to act on the surface.

Several of the Black Gold rank demon beasts were like movable fortresses that destroyed everything in their path.

Nie Li could vaguely see that the attacks of these Black Gold rank Snow Wind demon beasts were not clueless. With the Snow Wind Great Ape as the head, it was the key to all the other Snow Wind demon beasts!

Nie Li said to Lu Piao and the rest, “You guys remain here and guard the city walls!”

After speaking, Nie Li headed towards the direction of the Snow Wind Great Ape.

The Snow Wind Great Ape is extremely powerful, its strength is probably a step away from Legend rank. It continuously sent the Black Gold rank experts over on the Glory City’s side flying.

Ye Zong also saw that the strength of the Snow Wind Great Ape is the strongest around. He let out a roar, merged with the Black Scaled Earth Dragon and charged at the Snow Wind Great Ape.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Two powerful forces collided together, sending leaked energy in all directions, destroyed the surrounding houses.

The Snow Wind Great Ape furiously roared as it charged towards Ye Zong. That frightening aura released from the Snow Wind Great Ape simply wanted to shred Ye Zong to pieces.

Ye Zong suddenly fell into a bitter battle.

Shen Hong also waved his sword and attacked the Snow Wind Great Ape; however, he did not use his full strength to fight it. Instead, he had a gaze filled with ill intentions to Ye Zong. If Ye Zong is killed by the Snow Wind Great Ape, it’d be perfect.

Nie Li hid in a corner and saw this scene. Immediately, his eyes shot out rays of chilling light. Shen Hong is planning to assault Ye Zong!

The huge palm of the Snow Wind Great Ape smashed into Ye Zong. Ye Zong can only go shoulder to shoulder with the Snow Wind Great Ape with his physical body’s strength. Under the terrifying storm of attacks from the Snow Wind Great Ape, a trace of blood leaked out from the corner of Ye Zong’s mouth. The strength of this Snow Wind Great Ape is too great!

Shen Hong leaked out a cold smile. Although Ye Zong is powerful, he is obviously not a match for the Snow Wind Great Ape. This wave of attack alone would probably be enough to make Ye Zong suffer.

If the Snow Wind Great Ape was left alone, who knows how many residents of Glory City would suffer from its hands; therefore, Ye Zong could not retreat. Shen Hong was watching this like a tiger staring at its prey, causing Ye Zong to not be cautious.

Killing the Snow Wind Great Ape is simply too difficult! Ye Zong retreated as he fought, slowly luring the Snow Wind Great Ape towards the City Lord’s Mansion.

When the Snow Wind Great Ape saw the pillars at the City Lord’s Mansion, it seemed to have sensed something and let out a loud roar. The Black Gold rank demon beasts that were nearing the City Lord’s Mansion suddenly retreated.

Could it be that the Snow Wind Great Ape saw something?

Demon beasts with wisdom is simply too frightening!

Ye Zong let out a furious roar, and waved his sword around as he continued to try to drive the Snow Wind Great Ape towards the direction of the City Lord’s Mansion. The Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array is, after all, immobile. Therefore, Ye Zong is also helpless.

The Snow Wind Great Ape was hit hard by Ye Zong’s sword attack. Disregarding the wounds on its body, the Snow Wind Great Ape let out a furious roar and charged.


The huge body of the Snow Wind Great Ape impacted Ye Zong’s body, sending him flying back dozens of meters and spurting out a mouthful of blood.

“City Lord, are you alright?” Shen Hong tried to get close to Ye Zong.

Ye Zong’s eyes flashed with a ray of fierce cold, clasping onto the sharp sword in his hand and stared at Shen Hong. Shen Hong no longer dared to approach. Although Ye Zong is wounded, he is still very powerful. Therefore, Shen Hong doesn’t dare to be rash.

After the Snow Wind Great Ape banged onto Ye Zong, it went ravage, knocking down buildings as it charged at Ye Zong.

“That fella, Shen Hong, has ill intentions. If this goes on, the situation will be extremely dangerous. I have to think of a way to kill that Snow Wind Great Ape before anything else!” Nie Li, who is hidden in the darkness took out a Legend rank inscription scroll. He bit his finger and several drops of blood landed onto the Legend rank inscription scroll. A ray of fiery red light emerged from the scroll.

The red light quickly changed, turning into a huge fire ball.

Waves of heat swept throughout the city, looking as though it wanted to melt everything in its way.

“Legend rank forbidden technique, Raging Flames of Explosion!”

Nie Li lets out a low bark, with his eyes focused. The Raging Flames of Explosion drew a long arc in the air and shot towards the Snow Wind Great Ape.

The Snow Wind Great Ape was still dealing with Ye Zong. It was caught off guard by the huge fire ball coming towards its back. It immediately wanted to roll to dodge it; however, this fireball seemed to have tracking capabilities as it changed its course in midair.


The Snow Wind Great Ape let out a furious roar, and a thick ice wall immediately formed around its body.


A terrifying explosion. The might from the fireball’s explosion caused even Black Gold ranks like Ye Zong and Shen Hong to fly several dozens of meters away.

The shockwave was already so frightening, not to mention the center of the explosion. The instant the fireball made contact, the ice wall created by the Snow Wind Great Ape was destroyed. It then hit the Snow Wind Great Ape’s body without any resistance. The Snow Wind Great Ape wailed as its body flew through the air, smashing countless houses till it heavily smashed into a one story building down the street and fell down. Its entire body was charred black.

The Snow Wind Great Ape wailed incessantly. Suffering a Legend rank forbidden technique caused it to be seriously injured.

Such frightening might!

Could it be that Lord Ye Mo has returned? Shen Hong was immediately scared to the point that his entire body shivered.

Such a frightening Legend rank forbidden technique would at least require a Legend rank expert to unleash it. Luckily, he did not take any action against Ye Zong earlier; otherwise, this hidden Legend rank expert would have claimed his life!

Ye Zong held onto his chest as he slowly got up. The Legend rank forbidden technique earlier on was so terrifying that it even caused him to be scared. Looking into the darkness, he did not see anything. Only a Legend rank expert could unleash such a frightening Legend rank forbidden spell!

Could it be Lord Father? No, Lord Father has been practising Snow Wind attributed cultivation techniques. It’s impossible to release such a frightening Fire Legend rank forbidden technique.

In Glory City, who else could unleash such a frightening Legend rank forbidden spell?

Ye Zong suddenly thought of a person. Could it be him? That mysterious expert?

Thinking about it here, Ye Zong felt relieved. It’s highly possible that that expert lent a hand and saved him. If it is indeed that expert, then it’s definitely something worth celebrating about. Because now there is another Legend rank guardian in Glory City! With Nie Li and Yun’er’s relationship, if Glory City is in trouble in the future, the expert would most likely lend a hand to them as well.

Truth is, after unleashing the Legend rank forbidden spell and sending the Snow Wind Great Ape flying, Nie Li left. As long as Ye Zong is fine, Shen Hong will definitely be afraid to take any action against Ye Zong, so long as he doesn’t show himself. In that way, Ye Zong will definately be safe.

Shen Hong looked at Ye Zong. His gaze wandered around, embarrassedly smiled and said, “City Lord, are you alright?”

Ye Zong gave Shen Hong a glance, smiled and said, “Thanks for the concern, Brother Shen. I’m fine.”