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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 165

Chapter 165 - Used to it

‘The Snow Wind Great Ape is heavily injured and no longer has any strength to resist. As for the Legend rank forbidden scroll, I’ll add it to the account for now!’ Nie Li thought inwardly to himself after taking a glimpse of Ye Zong. Ye Zong has once again, owed him a favour.

Consider these the dowry.

Nie Li smiled and continued to where the other Black Gold rank demon beasts were. However, this time, he’s not going to use the Legend rank forbidden technique inscription scrolls. These Legend rank inscription scrolls are hard to come by and he only had seven of them. Every time he uses one, he loses it. Right now, he only has six of them left. Who knows if he’ll need them in the future?

Nie Li only has a flying knife that could wound a Black Gold rank. However, it’s troublesome to control.

Nie Li has been hiding along the areas that were still in battle, waiting for the right chance to take action. Although the flying knife can penetrate the defence of a Black Gold rank demon beast, Black Gold rank demon beasts are not easy to handle. It won’t be that easy for the attack from his flying knife to break through their defences.

Over at Ye Zong’s side, the Snow Wind Great Ape had suffered a heavy injury and barely had any strength to fight. Ice thorns formed around its surroundings as it furiously stared at Ye Zong.

“Beast, you violated my Glory City, killed my people. Even if I were to fight till the last of my strength, I would’ve killed you.” Ye Zong furiously barked. He formed a huge sword aura around the sword in his hand and slashed towards the Snow Wind Great Ape.

At this moment, Ye Zong seemed to have entered into a kind of mysterious realm. In this cut, he gathered the martial insight of his entire life.

The tyrannical aura slashed down.

*Bang!* *Bang!* *Bang!*

The spikes that were around the Snow Wind Great Ape easily broke apart.

The Snow Wind Great Ape furiously roared, wanting to charge at him.


The sword’s aura slashed the body of the Snow Wind Great Ape. The Snow Wind Great Ape whined as it fell onto the ground with blood splattering everywhere.

Even though the Snow Wind Great Ape was lying on the ground, Ye Zong still couldn’t be sure if this violent Snow Wind Great Ape was truly dead. He immediately leaped, added another strike to the Snow Wind Great Ape’s head, and caused blood to spill all over the place.

The Snow Wind Great Ape is truly dead.

Ye Zong let out a breath in relief.

Seeing the Snow Wind Great Ape on the ground and looking back at Ye Zong, Shen Hong had a complicated expression on his face. He could feel from the last attack that Ye Zong used, Ye Zong seemed to have improved even further in the martial path. His heart was filled with resentment and indignation. Such a good opportunity and he didn’t take it. It’ll be even more difficult now to find another chance. Especially when there seems to be a super expert in the area.

Without the Snow Wind Great Ape leading them, the other Black Gold rank demon beasts suddenly retreated in fear. Even their attacks weren’t like before. The Black Gold rank demon beasts only wanted to retreat from Glory City, but they were blocked by the experts of Glory City.

Just when Ye Zong was about to leave and help deal with other Black Gold rank demon beasts, he felt something. Ye Zong split the head of the Snow Wind Great Ape open and saw a glowing demon spirit slowly rising up.

The demon spirit of Snow Wind Great Ape!

Ye Zong extended his hand out and grabbed it with his hand and stored it in his interspatial ring.

Watching this scene, Shen Hong’s eyes turned red. His heart was filled with resentment and was unwilling to accept it. Not only was Ye Zong not dead, he even got such a precious demon spirit.

In this world, only one demon beast among several tens of thousands of demon beasts can have a demon spirit. High graded demon spirits are even harder to find. At the same time, the higher the demon beast’s wisdom, the more powerful the demon spirit is. Among the millions of demon beasts, there is probably only one demon beast that has unlocked its wisdom.

This is the demon spirit of a Black Gold rank demon beast that has unlocked its wisdom!

No matter if it’s Ye Zong or Shen Hong’s current demon spirits, they weren’t comparable to that Snow Wind Great Ape! Now that Ye Zong was only a step away from Legend rank, once he merges with Snow Wind Great Ape demon spirit, it might be possible for Ye Zong to cross that door and directly step into the realm of a Legend rank Demon Spiritualist.

Legend rank, a realm that countless people have yearned for!

Thoughts of snatching the Snow Wind Great Ape from Ye Zong’s hands appeared in Shen Hong’s mind; however, he still tossed that idea away. On one hand, his cultivation technique isn’t suitable for him to integrate with a Snow Wind attributed demon beast. On another hand, he’s still not Ye Zong’s opponent, not to mention the hidden supreme expert.

Once Ye Zong steps into Legend rank, it’ll give Shen Hong even more of a headache.

Although Shen Hong was depressed to death, he said, with respect, “Congratulations to the City Lord for obtaining a Black Gold rank demon spirit that has unlocked its wisdom.”

Ye Zong gave Shen Hong a light glance. The reason why he quickly grabbed the demon spirit is because he’s worried that Shen Hong might have some ideas for it. He said, “Thanks Brother Shen!”

Although it’s highly possible for him to step into Legend rank with the Snow Wind Great Ape, the Snow Wind Great Ape was not killed by him; therefore, he has no intention to use the Snow Wind Great Ape for himself.

If it were someone else, they’d definitely integrate with the Snow Wind Great Ape without any hesitation; however, Ye Zong is magnanimous. Since the supreme expert saved him, returning the demon spirit of the Snow Wind Great Ape is only natural.


The Scarlet Flame flying knife flew out from Nie Li’s hand, and penetrated a Black Gold rank demon beast’s chest. The surrounding Black Gold rank experts immediately took the chance and killed that Black Gold rank demon beast.

As more and more Black Gold rank experts became free, they immediately headed towards the other battlegrounds and entered the fray.

Very quickly, the Black Gold rank demon beasts were being killed one after another.

After dozens of hours, the battle within Glory City gradually settled down.

As for those demon beast outside of Glory City, due to having no one to lead them and from suffering a series of attacks, they scattered in all directions.

The million level demon beast horde has finally collapsed.

Seeing the devastated Glory City, everyone couldn’t help fear lingering in their hearts. The demon beast horde is simply frightening; however, the losses this round was the smallest yet. In the previous demon beast hordes, there would be several tens of thousands of people dead. In this round, the deaths only amounted in the thousands and the wounded were tens of thousands.

In everyone’s hearts, they felt lucky to have survived.

“It has finally ended!”

After the continuous battle that lasted for several days, their tightened hearts could finally relax.

Nie Li stood on top of the city wall and looked towards the battlefield outside the city. They only things captured in his view were the corpses of Snow Wind demon beasts lying around, stretching endlessly. After thinking about the terrifying demon beast horde from his previous life, he didn’t have any joy in his heart, but he did feel dignified.

A million level demon beast horde had already caused such a terrifying result. What would happen if a hundred million level demon beast horde showed up like it did in his previous life?

The urgency in Nie Li’s heart grew stronger. His rebirth has already caused the history of Glory City to change. However, he will probably have to face that hundred million level demon beast horde sooner or later.

“Nie Li, are you alright?”

After finding Nie Li, Lu Piao, Du Ze and the rest went up to him. Nie Li’s sudden absence caused them to feel unease.

“I’m fine!” Nie Li smiled. Looking at their concerned eyes, he couldn’t help feeling moved.

After roaming around for so many years in his previous life, if it wasn’t for Nie Li having something wrong with his nerves so that he’s always able to find something to keep himself entertained to get rid of his loneliness, he would have probably died with the endless emptiness. Now that he has so many people that care for him, this kind of feeling is great. Nie Li will not allow anyone to snatch those around him anymore.

“Let’s go back to bitter training!” Nie Li seriously said, looking at everyone.

“En.” Du Ze and the rest all nodded their heads, having serious expressions on their faces.

The demon beast horde this time gave everyone a wake-up call.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Lu Piao’s face turned bitter and said, “About that, can you not include me? Even if I don’t practise, my cultivation will still rise very quickly!”

“What do you think?” Xiao Xue crossed her arms and smilingly looked at Lu Piao.

Lu Piao instantly deflated.

Walking through the wreckage, the group headed towards the direction of the City Lord’s Mansion. At this moment, the City Guards were all busy. Some of them were hugging a corpse, crying; some carried a corpse and quietly left. This sad scene caused Xiao Xue and the rest to have traces of tears flash across their eyes.

The walls were scattered all over the place, causing Nie Li to sigh.

In his previous life, he had returned to Glory City. At that time, Glory City was in ruins, no corpses could be found. The majority of the corpses had already been eaten by demon beasts. The once crowded place changed into that kind of state, causing even Nie Li to cry out his heart out. However, only sounds of his cries were heard in that empty Glory City.

A kind of endless loneliness and fear engulfed him.

All of this feels like a dream.

Nie Li never had imagined that he could use the Temporal Demon Spirit Book to return, giving everything a new start. Many times, Nie Li would think that everything right now is still a dream, he even had countless nightmares deep in the night; however, these surrounding friends of his gave Nie Li a sense of reality.

Seeing Nie Li’s somewhat dazed expression, Du Ze concernedly asked, “Nie Li, what’s wrong with you?”

Nie Li retracted his gaze, shook his head, smiled and said, “I was just thinking of a lot of things! Let’s go!”

The group of people were walking in this twilight.

City Lord’s Mansion.

As everyone else was bitterly training, Nie Li was called over by Ye Zong.

Ye Zong looked seriously at Nie Li and said, “Nie Li, in this battle, your contributions were the largest. As representative of our Glory City, I thank you.”

Ye Zong’s serious attitude caused Nie Li to feel a little embarrassed. In his previous life, he had only known about Ye Zong from the mouth of Ye Ziyun. Nie Li’s understanding towards Ye Zong had always stopped at the image of Ye Zong being a strict father. After having so much contact with him in this lifetime, Nie Li felt that beneath Ye Zong’s cold surface, there’s a sincere and selfless heart.

Nie Li’s view of Ye Zong had already been changed greatly. Of course, in some matters regarding principles, Nie Li will absolutely not take a step back. Because after his rebirth, Nie Li understood what he is chasing after.

“Father-in-law, we’re all the same family, you don’t have to be so polite. It’s something that I should be doing.” Nie Li said, smiling.

Nie Li is still so infuriating. However, after being with him for so long, they seem to be getting along. Although Nie Li is a little too much with his mouth, Ye Zong gradually began to like this kid. He was already treating Nie Li like one of his own.

Ye Zong subconsciously compared Nie Li with Ye Han. Ye Han’s character was not sociable, his thoughts were also deep. He could never understand what Ye Han was thinking in his heart. He would always give others a faint sense of alertness. As for Nie Li, although he does some unreliable actions, after thinking about it, everything was well planned with knowing his limits. Although Nie Li also has some deep thoughts, his character is casual. At least Ye Zong could feel that everything that Nie Li has done has been well-intentioned.

Ye Zong is the same as Ye Han, belonging to the first kind of people. Due to the similarity in their characters, Ye Zong admired Ye Han from the start. However, after the appearance of Nie Li, Ye Zong realised that he admired Nie Li’s character more than Ye Han’s.

Since when did that change start? Ye Zong himself has no idea when.

Ever since Nie Li first called him father-in-law, he felt furious about it. He couldn’t help feeling like he wanted to beat Nie Li up. But as time passed, Ye Zong got used to being call that. Without knowing when, he accepted this title and did not feel any disgust about it anymore.

Perhaps Nie Li had this planned from the beginning, to get him used to hearing it.

“No matter what, regarding this matter, you’re still the greatest contributor. This will be remembered in all our hearts.” said Ye Zong. Aside from him, right now, all the other Patriarchs of the other families are well aware of Nie Li’s contributions. Such a big matter cannot be done with only a few praises. He’s the City Lord, and has to be impartial with his actions. However, he has no idea what to give to Nie Li as a reward.

“Right, father-in-law, those few prescriptions of the potions can not be known to the public. If it spreads to the ears of Dark Guild......”