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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 168

Chapter 168 - Beauty is fragile

Nie Li nodded his head. That is the hundred million level demon beast horde that they’re talking about; therefore, they have to start making preparations.

Yang Xin’s face turned stern and said, “Understood, I’ll make arrangement to this matter.”

“Then I’ll take my leave first.” Nie Li said, after thinking awhile, it’s enough now that Yang Xin understood.

“Little brother Nie Li, you’re leaving so soon? Do you still have some urgent matters?” Yang Xin said, smiling charmingly while looking at Nie Li.

“I don’t have any urgent matters, at the moment.” said Nie Li, shaking his head.

“Then, why don’t you stay and accompany sister to have a drink?” Yang Xin pursed her lips and smiled. Seeing Nie Li’s hesitant look, “Could it be that little brother Nie Li is worried that sister will eat you up?”

Coming from Ye Ziyun’s place, Nie Li’s mood hasn’t been that good the whole trip here. He wasn’t worried that Yang Xin would eat him up at all. Although Yang Xin has showed such an appearance, but within her heart, she just wanted to tease Nie Li. The reason why Yang Xin was able to sit at the position of the Alchemist Association’s Director position wasn’t because of her looks, but because of her methods of handling stuff. She’s able to manage the entire Alchemist Association so well. In the future, there will be many things that he will need help from Yang Xin with.

“Okay then, I’ll accompany big sister Yang to have a drink.” Nie Li replied, after pondering awhile.

The sky darkened, Nie Li and Yang Xin were sitting on the stone table in the courtyard.

“What kind of world is beyond Glory City? Ever since birth, I, Yang Xin, have grown up within Glory City. The furthest I’ve gone, is to some ruins tens of miles away. Like a caged bird, this life is so boring!” Yang Xin lamented, slightly drunk.

Taking a look at Yang Xin, Nie Li’s gaze shifted to the distant sky and said, “Outside Glory City, there’s the St. Ancestral Mountains. The St. Ancestral Mountains stretches for thousands of miles, with two tribes still luckily surviving. Further out of the St. Ancestral Mountains, to the east, would be the Endless Desert, in the west there are barren lands, plains, Toxic Forest and a lot other places. All of those places still have people surviving. There are demon beasts everywhere in the Divine Continent. There are even dozens of continents beyond the Divine Continent. These continents are the main worlds, within the main world, there are many other subsidiary realms. Outside these worlds, there’s another domain......”

Hearing the latter part, Yang Xin couldn’t understand anything that Nie Li is talking about. What Main World? What subsidiary realm? What other domain? She can only guess that the world that Nie Li spoke of should be extremely huge, to the extent that she’ll never be able to gaze her eyes upon in her entire life.

Yang Xin sighed at the insignificance of humans. In this vast world, they’re trapped in this small Glory City and are struggling to survive.

“To the vast world, cheers......” Yang Xin rose her head and gulped the entire cup in one go. “I, Yang Xin, am an orphan. I suffered all kinds of ridicule when I was a child and slowly climbed my way up to my current position. What did I rely on? Appearance? Wrong, I relied on strength! Until now, those men who competed with me, which one of them are not convinced?”

Yang Xin is drunk. When Nie Li thought about Ye Ziyun, he couldn’t help feeling dejected and then gulped the wine in his hand as well.

“For big sister Yang’s strength, cheers!”

“This Director of the Alchemist Association position that I have sat on, there have been many people eyeing it, but I still sat on it firmly. But so what? I have acquaintances all over the world, but no one understands my heart!” Yang Xin bitterly smiled and drank another cup, “I have fought for my entire life, but found out that everything is so meaningless.”

“Big sister Yang Xin, don’t you still have me?” Nie Li laughed. He suddenly understood the loneliness of Yang Xin, in his previous life, had he not felt the same? Although he has roamed the world, the amount of people he acquainted with was simply countless; however, the closest to him, his friends, his love ones, all died.

“Haha, little brother Nie Li, having those words of yours, big sister Yang is satisfied......” Yang Xin charmingly smiled, “Big sister Yang only has one request. If the Snow Wind demon beasts do penetrate into Glory City, I want little brother Nie Li to make big sister Yang a happy and then burn my corpse. Don’t let those demon beast feast on it.”

“No, as long as I’m here, I won’t let Glory City be destroyed by the demon beast horde!” Nie Li said, his expression turned solemn.

“Okay, sister believes in you!” Yang Xin said, nodding her head.

The two of them drank till late into the night. Nie Li told her all of his goals. He wants to become an extreme expert among the endless domains, having no one to threaten his family, friends and love ones.

In Yang Xin’s room, Yang Xin placed the slightly drunk Nie Li on the bed. Watching Nie Li’s sweet sleeping smile, she was lost in a daze for some time. She had indeed drank a lot, but she noticed that Nie Li had drank even more than her. She had a gifted physique and very quickly sobered up. Within the darkness, her eyes were so clear.

Yang Xin moved her body down a close distance against Nie Li’s face. The ravine in her collar could be vaguely seen, extremely tempting.

While staring at Nie Li’s face for a long time, Yang Xin’s cheeks turned red, she actually has feelings for a teenager. She let out a sigh.

“When I was born, my king wasn’t born, by the time my king was born, I was old. If big sister was ten years younger, perhaps I would be like Xiao Ning’er, chasing after you without any regards. Little brother Nie Li treats others with sincerity, you’re definitely a good man. Pity that we’re never meant to be together. Little brother Nie Li is destined to be the dragon that roams the nine heavens, and sister is fated to stay here till I’m old, with my appearance fading. However, to be able to get to know little brother Nie Li, I already have no regrets.” Yang Xin looked at Nie Li’s face, slowly leaned over and kissed his forehead. She bitterly smiled, slowly stood up and walked out.

Even if she’s a strong woman, so what? She still doesn’t have any man to rely on, who can understand this kind of loneliness?

Under the moonlight, her graceful posture was like a snow lotus, pure and moving.

Although Yang Xin left, the room still lingers with her fragrance.

Although Nie Li did drink a lot, he was still able to barely maintain his consciousness. Otherwise, if Yang Xin were to do anything, then it’d be too late for him to regret it. If Yang Xin was to do anything, Nie Li would absolutely reject. Seeing Yang Xin leaving, Nie Li let out a breath of relief. Although Yang Xin is charming and tempting and always teases Nie Li, she still knows her limits. Nie Li seemed to be able to understand the sadness within Yang Xin’s heart. Yang Xin appears to be a strong woman from the surface, but in fact, she’s a pitiful person.

Nie Li sat up, cross-legged, and dissolved the alcohol within his body before he continued to train his soul force.

The night is dark, pitch dark. Only a few places in the City Lord’s Mansion was still lit up with light, there’s a faint candlelight in Ye Zong’s study room.

Ye Zong was reading various papers. Everyday, he has to handle reports coming in from all kinds of sources, including the surrounding demon beast’s behaviour and the movements of the Dark Guild.

Feeling slightly tired, Ye Zong stood up. He slightly condensed his soul force and instantly, the physical fatigue in his body became alleviated by a lot. He looked at the direction of Ye Ziyun’s courtyard, recalling of the situation where he spanked Nie Li previously at the Tai Yi Killing Array, he couldn’t help leaking a smile on his face.

Once upon a time, the moment Ye Zong think about Nie Li, he would clench his teeth in anger. But now, after his impression of Nie Li changed, whenever he thinks of Nie Li, it changed to a different mood.

Just when Ye Zong was preparing to continue reading the reports, a man walked to the door and knocked.

“Come in.” Ye Zong took a glance at the door, he could already feel Ye Han’s aura.

“Lord Father!” Ye Han walked into the room and cupped his hands towards Ye Zong.

“Han’er, why have you come?” Ye Zong said, smiling.

“I want to have a chat with Lord Father.” said Ye Han, after pondering awhile.

“Okay.” Ye Zong nodded his head.

“These last few days, I’ve noticed that there are lots of strangers living at Ye Ziyun’s courtyard and felt a little puzzled about it, so I was wondering if I should talk about it,” Ye Han lowered his head, his gaze was uncertain and did not face Ye Zong.

“It should be Nie Li and his friends. They are classmates of Ziyun and are just living at Ziyun’s yard at the moment.” said Ye Zong. How could he not see that Ye Han still has intentions for Ye Ziyun. Except, the two of them have too large of an age gap between them, not to mention their relation is that of brother and sister. They’re absolutely not a match for each other.

Observing now, if Ye Han is compared with Nie Li, Ye Zong would be more willing to marry Yun’er to Nie Li. Because Ye Han’s motives are too deep, letting Ye Zong to feel a trace of unease.

“Lord Father, I understand. All along, Lord Father has been nurturing and teaching me, wanting to pass the City Lord’s position to me. And I am lacking in talent, unable to meet Lord Father’s expectations. In the past, when I was living in the streets, it was Lord Father that brought me to City Lord’s Mansion. I only wanted to repay Lord Father’s grace, I never had any expectations for the City Lord’s position......” Ye Han suddenly knelt down with tears all over his face.

Ye Zong, seeing this situation, immediately said to Ye Han, “Han’er, I understand you. Your talent is extraordinary, you’ll definitely surpass me in your lifetime. However, there are many things that won’t go as you or me had wished. I only hope that you’re able to let it go......”

“I understand. Recently, Ziyun’s cultivation has soared leaps and bounds, exhibiting extraordinary talent and has already far surpassed me.” Ye Han interrupted, his hoarse voice was trembling, “Having Ziyun in the position of City Lord, it’s natural. Except, you have always been telling me to bitterly train to become a good City Lord, and I have always heeded your words and worked hard, not slacking in the slightest. And now, you tell me that everything isn’t your decision. Have you considered my feelings? That kind of spirit with all hope lost?”

“Han’er, I’m sorry!” Ye Zong said, apologetically.

“From the moment I saw Ziyun, I told myself that I must marry her as my wife. However, you have never recognized me in your heart, you have been looking down on me in your heart, right? You feel that I’m only a homeless child, I’m not worthy of your Snow Wind Family! I have been looking forward to one day being up in the City Lord’s position, able to marry Ziyun. And now, you tell me that I’m not suitable to become the City Lord!”

“It was you who deprived me of my dreams, and now, I have become an empty shell. I have nothing!” Ye Han said in daze.

“Han’er!” Ye Zong felt extremely guilty. Ever since he came in contact with Nie Li, he has understood that the belief that he has was wrong. He should give more concern for Yun’er and Ye Han, and not constantly force them to reach his expectations. He took a step forward and hugged Ye Han, “Han’er, I understand all the grievances in your heart, it’s my mistake. I shouldn’t have put such a heavy responsibility onto your shoulders, forcing you to meet my expectations. You should have a better life, and not what I’ve forced upon you.”

Just when Ye Zong was holding onto Ye Han, Ye Han’s eyes flashed with a ray of chill, his expression suddenly turned ferocious.