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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 169

Chapter 169 - Draconic Tongue Herb

A dagger suddenly appeared in Ye Han’s right hand and fiercely pierced Ye Zong’s back. In that instant, fresh blood splattered out.

Ye Zong was suddenly assaulted by Ye Han, feeling a toxin heading straight for his heart. His heart was suddenly replaced with anger and gave Ye Han a palm strike, making him fly out. He staggered for a few steps to firm himself and his eyes were filled with rage as he stared at Ye Han, “You......you wretch!”

After Ye Han fell onto the ground, he wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. He stared at Ye Zong and said using a crazy tone, “Lord Father, this is what you’ve forced me to do. Right now, I have nothing else, no road to walk upon; therefore, I have no other choice but to do this!”

“Why?” Ye Zong tried to gather a trace of soul force, but realised that his soul force collapsed, it couldn’t be gathered. His face changed. He’s unable to refine the poison on the dagger at all!

Originally, with Ye Zong’s strength, even if he were to be assassinated, he wouldn’t be wounded by someone who’s only a Gold rank. However, Ye Han is one of the closest people to him, he wasn’t prepared at all. Who would have thought that Ye Han would take such a risk out of desperation.

“Why? Haha, laughable. Don’t you understand? By killing you, I will be able to get the seat of the City Lord!” Ye Han crazily laughed, the fresh blood at the corner of his mouth made him look even more ferocious.

“Even by killing me, you won’t be able to sit in the City Lord’s position!” Ye Zong said solemnly.

“That’s not your final say. A few days later, there wild be news of you being killed by people from the Dark Guild. And I, fought with the assassin and killed him. The real culprit that assassinated Lord Father is Nie Li! Not long after that, the Dark Guild will launch an attack against the Snow Wind Family. At that time, the Snow Wind Family will be scattered, no longer having any qualifications to control Glory City. And I, under the support of the Sacred Family, will attain the City Lord’s position!” Ye Han crazily laughed, “Lord Father, if you had just given me the City Lord’s position, all of this wouldn’t have happened!”

“Wretch, you actually collude with the Dark Guild?!” Ye Zong gasped for a mouthful of breath. The toxin had already quickly spread over his whole body. He fought off the poison until now with his soul realm, he never thought that the poison would be so tyrannical.

“So what? Following Dark Guild has more of a future than following you! You only wanted me to become a puppet City Lord!”

“Then the Dark Guild is not?”

“Haha, by becoming your puppet City Lord, I would have to think of ways to please you everyday, bend to a task and spare no effort unto my dying day. Ye Zong, don’t you feel that you’re tired of living? But becoming the puppet City Lord of the Dark Guild, I can do what I want, anything I want, how joyful would that be?!” Ye Han madly laughed.

Ye Zong was filled with regret. He never thought that after so many years of hard work in nurturing Ye Han, he was actually nurturing a tiger and invited calamity. Perhaps it can be considered a punishment for him.

“Ye Han, your treacherous scheme will never succeed!” Ye Zong coldly stared at Ye Han, gathering the last of his soul force.

“Whether it succeeds or not, Lord Father, you will not be able to see it. Thank you, Lord Father, for the years of bringing me up. Next, I’ll send Lord Father on your way!” Ye Han walked closer to Ye Zong step by step. The reason why he talked so much with Ye Zong was to wait for the poison to slowly take effect!

Seeing Ye Zong struggling to support himself, Ye Han smiled, “Don’t bother struggling. The poison that I’ve used is the Draconic Tongue Herb. This type of poison can can claim a person’s life in half an hour and will have an even stronger effect with those from the dragon tribe. Lord Father has integrated with the Black Scaled Earth Dragon demon spirit. At best, you only have a quarter of an hour of time left and you will die with your seven holes bleeding [1. Seven holes refers to both the eyes, ears, nose and mouth]. Right now, I’m afraid that Lord Father can’t even gather a trace of soul force anymore, right?”

Ye Han moved closer to Ye Zong, raising the dagger and then mercilessly leaped towards him.

Ye Zong let out a furious roar, his body hastily undergo a transformation and turned into a Snow Wind Great Ape, throwing a palm towards Ye Han.

Ye Han never expected Ye Zong to still have the energy to fight, he was shocked in his heart and quickly merged with his Golden Horned Land Dragon.


Both fists collided, a majestic aura blew out to the surrounding area. Ye Han’s body couldn’t help fly out and heavily smashed into the wall of the study room. The entire wall was smashed through, Ye Han flew dozens of meters out before stopping.

Ye Han’s eyes showed traces of deep fear. After an exchange of fists, he has suffered heavily injuries, however, he did not care about his current heavy injuries. He was fixedly staring at Ye Zong, who was at the center of the study room.

“Why is it the Snow Wind Great Ape and not the Black Scaled Earth Dragon?!” Ye Han furiously roared, unresigned to believe what he’s seeing. He never thought that Ye Zong would integrate with the Snow Wind Great Ape so quickly and abandon his original Black Scaled Earth Dragon. If it was the Black Scaled Earth Dragon, the toxins of the Draconic Tongue Herb would have already caused him to lose his strength. However, Ye Zong had integrated with the Snow Wind Great Ape, which caused the toxins to slow down a little and caused such a scene.

The plan was flawless, but the results were totally unexpected. Who would have thought that Ye Zong would abandon the Black Scaled Earth Dragon that he has been using for so long and integrate with a Snow Wind Great Ape?

The huge commotion from the study room caused the City Lord’s Mansion to light up and become riled.


“Capture the assassin!” Experts of the City Lord’s Mansion rushed to the study room.

Ye Han’s face went dull. It’s impossible to find another chance to kill Ye Zong. He turned around and quickly ran, frantically running towards the darkness.

The guards that rushed over asked, “Young master, where are you going?”

“Go and protect my father quick, I’ll go chase after the assassin!” Ye Han shouted and quickly ran.

In the study room

Ye Xiu quickly rushed over, after seeing Ye Zong, he immediately went anxious. He held onto the shaking Ye Zong and urgently asked, “City Lord, how are you?”

“It’s Ye Han, that wretch. He colluded with the Dark Guild. I’ve been struck with the poison of the Draconic Tongue Herb, my time isn’t much. Quick, get Ziyun and Nie Li over here!” Ye Zong breathed, coughing a few mouthfuls of blood.

Draconic Tongue Herb? After listening to Ye Zong’s words, Ye Xiu immediately became anxious. There’s no cure to the poison of the Draconic Tongue Herb. He’s afraid that Ye Zong won’t be able to hold out for an hour, or even half an hour before it claims his life.

“Quick, get little miss and Nie Li!” Ye Xiu said towards the rushing guards. His heart was in a haze. He never thought that it would be Ye Han, that wretch. It’s all his fault for being unable to expose Ye Han’s vicious heart. Ye Xiu felt extreme remorse.

Very quickly, Ye Ziyun rushed in. After seeing the scene before her, she was slightly stunned.

Ye Ziyun rushed to Ye Zong’s side, held onto Ye Zong and cried, “Father!”

Ye Zong patted Ye Ziyun’s shoulders. He never thought that he would be assassinated by Ye Han. If he were to die, Ye Ziyun would be left alone. Thinking about it, Ye Zong couldn’t help feeling pain in his heart. Remorse filled him for not keeping his daughter company more often in the past.

Ye Zong look at Ye Xiu and feebly asked, “Where’s Nie Li?”

“Nie Li seems to have gone to the Alchemist Association, I’ve already sent some people to get him.” Ye Xiu said.

After nearly half an hour, Nie Li hastily rushed in.

Making eye contact with Ye Ziyun, both of their expression were stunned for a while but did not say anything.

“What’s wrong with father-in-law?” Nie Li asked, looking at Ye Xiu.

“It’s that traitor, Ye Han. He poisoned Lord Ye Zong with the Draconic Tongue Herb.” Ye Xiu’s face showed indescribable grief. After being poisoned by the Draconic Tongue Herb, it’s basically a death sentence.

“Oh, the Draconic Tongue Herb.” Nie Li was rather calm. He never thought that it would be Ye Han. That brat really is a revolting fella. No wonder Ye Ziyun refused to mention him in his previous life, it turns out that there’s something wrong with Ye Han. As long as they are a revolting person, no matter what the reason may be, they will always end up being a traitor.

Ye Ziyun’s tears fell from her white and delicate cheeks. Although Ye Zong has always been strict with her, in her heart, he is still the person she respects the most. She could only see her father once after a long, long time. She never thought that the next time they meet, it would be their final farewell. She recalled the moment when her mother died. Is her father going to be like her mother? Leaving her for eternity?

“Yun’er!” Ye Zong coughed a few mouthfuls of blood and feebly said, “In my lifetime, the two people that I owed the most to, is your mother and you. I’m sorry, for not being able to do my duty as a father, for not taking good care of you.” He then raised his head, looking at Nie Li and spoke in a pleading voice, “Nie Li, I, Ye Zong, have never begged anyone in my entire life. I only beg you that from now on, you are able to take good care of Yun’er!”

Hearing these words, Nie Li felt a little sour in his heart, he sighed and said, “Father-in-law, only when you are facing death, are you able to realise what is truly important. As to your request, I can promise you that I will take good care of Yun’er. You have to be good to her in the future as well, and accompany her more in the future!”

Looking at Ye Ziyun’s crying face, Ye Zong sighed, shaking his head and dejectedly said, “Since I have been poisoned by the Draconic Tongue Herb, I can only live for half an hour at most. I’m afraid that I no longer have the chance to do so.”

His vision was gradually getting worse, already turning a little blurry. He would very much like to have a close look at his daughter’s face.

He grabbed onto Ye Ziyun’s hand as though he was dearly grabbing onto his life, his voice trembling a little, “Yun’er, I wish I could see your wedding, your child and your blessed life. But, I’m afraid that I will no longer able to see it anymore!”

A guy like Ye Zong, even when facing death, he wouldn’t be afraid. But today, he felt afraid. The way to death, is an eternal darkness.

“Father, no! Please, don’t die! Yun’er still doesn’t want to be separated from you, yet.” Ye Ziyun cried out, grabbing Ye Zong’s clothes and shaking with all her strength.

Looking at Ye Zong and Ye Ziyun, Nie Li recalled something from his previous life. He was once in the same situation, grabbing his father’s hand as his father slowly closed his eyes, tears uncontrollably flowing down his face. He wiped the tears on his face and grinned, “What death? How unauspicious. Being poisoned by the Draconic Tongue Herb only makes it look like death!”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Ye Xiu and Ye Ziyun were stunned.

“You can save the City Lord?” Ye Xiu’s eyes flashed with a ray of hope.

“Nie Li, you can save my father? I beg you, please, save him! I’ll agree to whatever you ask of me, as long as you can save my father!” Ye Ziyun said, crying.

Ye Ziyun’s saddened look caused Nie Li’s heart to be filled with pity. The unpleasant incident that happened earlier in the afternoon was gone. He wiped the tears on Ye Ziyun’s face and calmly smiled, “Rest assured, it’s just the poison from a Draconic Tongue Herb, he won’t die. He’s my father-in-law, he has to witness our marriage. Even if he wants to die early, I will not allow it!”

After speaking, Nie Li gathered a small amount of soul force to his finger and place it on Ye Zong’s chest, slowly pressing in, “Although the toxicity of Draconic Tongue Herb is strong, it will not result in death. It will only make the person’s entire body paralyzed and head into cardiac arrest, giving others a state of living death. As a Black Gold rank expert, as long as it does not exceed ten days, he will be saved!”