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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 17

Chapter 17 - Thrown Out

Seeing how his fist was opened by Nie Li, and Shen Yue’s face twisted in a pained expression. Shen Yue’s lackeys were all dumbfounded.

"What happened? What happened to Boss Shen Yue?"

They blankly stared at Shen Yue. In their opinion, Shen Yue was certainly more than enough to handle Nie Li, but then why would Shen Yue have such painful expression on his face? What was going on?

Du Ze, Lu Piao and the trio weren’t too surprised. Seeing that scene, they were very calm. Ever since practicing the cultivation techniques imparted to them by Nie Li, their cultivation advanced by leaps and bounds. Although their soul force had yet to reach 100, their strength had already undergone a large enhancement.

The cultivation technique that Nie Li practised must be stronger than theirs. They didn’t know how high Nie Li’s cultivation had reached but to suppress Shen Yue it was still more then enough!

What they didn’t know was that Nie Li’s current cultivation speed is slightly slower than theirs. Although his strength is still weak, with the vast, profound knowledge from his previous life, even if Nie Li was ordinary person with no cultivation, he was still more then enough to mess with Shen Yue.

Nie Li coldly said, "Ziyun’s name isn’t something you are worthy of saying. If I were to find out that you’re following Ziyun again, when I see you again I’ll hit you once!" After his rebirth, Nie Li wouldn’t allow anyone to have any evil intentions towards Ziyun! That kind of life and death they had as well as the feeling they shared isn’t Shen Yue, this garbage, can understand.

"This is impossible, how can I lose!" Shen Yue unwilling to accept the fact, never in his imagination that he would lose to Nie Li, his expressions became sinister, "You forced my hand!"

Shen Yue’s soul realm started surging, spirals of soul force came out of Shen Yue’s body, bombarding towards Nie Li.

Although he had no demon spirit combat abilities, Shen Yue could already use his soul force to bombard Nie Li’s soul realm directly.

Shen Yue’s soul force already reached 78, and as for Nie Li’s soul force, two days ago it was still 5, but now it had already reached over 30.

Nie Li’s soul force is still only half ofShen Yue’s!

"Not good, Nie Li just started cultivating his soul force for two days. His soul force won’t be able to fight against Shen Yue." Du Ze’s facial expression changed, but he was still quite far from Nie Li. Not only that, there was still also Shen Yue’s lackeys blocking the way Those 6 lackeys were already bronze rank, so Du Ze and the others couldn’t get near Nie Li.

Shen Yue rotated his soul realm, his soul force rushing towards Nie Li’s direction.

"Ha ha, such weak and small soul force and still dared be arrogant in front of me!" Shen Yue felt that Nie Li’s soul force was very weak and small, with his current strength of soul force, could easily crush Nie Li!

"Ridiculous!" Nie Li contemptuously sneered, he challenged numerous master demon spiritist with powerful peerless super demon spirits in his previous life. Those master demon spiritists, aside from having super powerful demon spirits and soul forces, their control over their soul forces had also been at a frightening level.

Although in this life, Nie Li’s soul force is still weak, Nie Li still had the accumulated experience of his countless deathmatches from his past life. His control over soul force is still present, even if the soul force is only at 30 level but even if a bronze rank demon spiritist were to face him, they wouldn’t have a single advantage when facing him!

Shen Yue’s usage of soul force was simply boorish and crude, only knowing how to bombard his enemy’s soul realm. In Nie Li’s view, this kind of control over soul force is simply no different from barbarians.

Soul force isn’t to be used in this way!

In Nie Li’s view, there are weak spots all over Shen Yue. If Nie Li desired, Shen Yue would already be a dead corpse on the floor in a breath’s time.

Nie Li did not bother to kill Shen Yue, because to Nie Li, Shen Yue could not threaten him even a little bit!

Would a tiger treat a chicken as a threat?

Laughable that some people aren’t self-aware of themselves. Shen Yue felt that his own soul force is an irresistible force. An expression of ecstasy appeared on his face, imagining Nie Li’s suffering expression.

Right when Shen Yue’s soul force was about to bombard Nie Li’s soul realm, Nie Li’s soul force condensed into a set of fine needles, attacking Shen Yue’s soul realm.

One point penetration!

Shen Yue’s soul force was spread flat, while Nie Li’s soul force condensed into fine needles. Although Nie Li only used a small portion of soul force, his soul force needles slammed onto Shen Yue’s soul force.

"Urghh!" Shen Yue suddenly let out a shrill, similar to when pig is being slaughtered. Wherever Nie Li’s soul force needles attacked, Shen Yue’s soul force punctured and unable to stop the advancing needles. Nie Li’s soul force needles bombarded onto Shen Yue’s soul realm.

With a ripping pain in his soul realm, Shen Yue’s sweat started rolling down all over, gasping to breath, as though he saw something horrifying.

His soul realm jolted, and his mind was in shock. Shen Yue’s vision gradually blurred, and Nie Li in front of him suddenly became as majestic as a mountain! This caused him to felt that he couldn’t resist! Nie Li’s cold gaze, caused him to feel chill deep in his heart.

Nie Li’s gaze was as a sword released from it’s scabbard. After experiencing countless life and death battles in his previous life, and with countless experts who died by Nie Li’s hand,, Nie Li’s soul contained a bone-penetrating chill. With such a frightening aura, it wasn’t odd that a child like Shen Yue couldn’t resist.

Too frightened, Shen Yue felt his pants warming He’d been so scared that he urinated.

"What happened? What actually happened?" Shen Yue’s few 1-star bronze rank lackeys revealed puzzled expression.

They clearly felt that Shen Yue’s soul force is way stronger then Nie Li’s. Shen Yue had the obvious advantage, so how would he have his soul realm defeated? What actually happened just now?

Nie Li’s actions were too quick, leaving ShenYue without any chance to react!

"So scared you peed yourself. You smell, just a trash like you actually dared to threaten me. I’m lazy to waste any more time on you, get lost, and stay away from me!" Nie Li picked Shen Yue up with one hand. With a thrust Nie Li flung his hand towards outside.


Shen Yue was thrown out of the window, heavily landing onto the ground, raising thick dust.



Shen Yue’s lackeys immediately rushed out, and hurriedly helped Shen Yue up. They saw that Shen Yue’s pants were actually wet.

"Quickly bring me away!" Shen Yue’s eyes furrowed. He still felt extreme fear and the flow of heat on his crotch.

Shen Yue’s lackeys immediately brought him away.

The few that know Nie Li and Shen Yue were all dumbfounded. Nie Li actually lifted Shen Yue in one hand and threw him out of the window! Was this a dream?

In the fighter apprentice class, Nie Li’s innate talent was completely unable to compete against Shen Yue. Everyone thought that Nie Li would be taught a lesson, but didn’t expect that the one being taught a lesson wasn’t Nie Li, but Shen Yue!

Although a lot people didn’t see the process of the fight, Shen Yue was defeated, this was an indisputable fact.

"Ha ha, Shen Yue was actually scared to the point he peed. It is obviously his soul realm was penetrated, could Nie Li’s soul force is already stronger than Shen Yue’s?”

"It’s said that Nie Li had a bet with teacher Shen Xiu! If he managed to reach 1-star bronze rank in two months, teacher Shen Xiu would automatically resign. So Nie Li had a card up his sleeves!"

"Nie Li only has a red soul realm, how did he get enhanced so fast?"

Everyone in the Library were talking about the matter.

Nie Li, Du Ze, Lu Piao, and the trio exchanged looks. Du Ze and the others had red faces from the sense of extreme excitement and ecstasy. Today Shen Yue was taught a lesson, that was simply too satisfying. Up until today, Shen Yue had been too arrogant, they all longed see him unhappy!

The incident in the Library created ripples among the students, but in the huge Holy Orchid Institute, it did not have too big of an impact and eventually it soon calmed down. Nie Li and the others continued to practice diligently.

In Shen Xiu’s office.

"What did you say? You were thrown out of Library by Nie Li?" Shen Xiu put on a calm face, "Your strength has already reached 63 and your soul force has also reached 78, could Nie Li be stronger than you?"

Fear lingered as Shen Yue thought of what happened earlier. That kind of murderous chill had left a deep shadow within his heart. Whenever he thought about it would get frightened by it, that jolt to his soul realm. It would take him at least a month to be able to heal as the fear that would make his cultivation speed very slow.

"Aunt, Nie Li that guy knows demonic magic. His strength is clearly weaker than mine, but when he gripped my hand, my whole arm felt strengthless. My soul force is also clearly much stronger than his, but, I have no idea why, when his soul force came in contact with mine, mine was instantly defeated." Shen Yue recalled. He still puzzled over it, and still couldn’t figure out how he lost to Nie Li!

Shen Xiu’s face ashened, twitching from the anger. Shen Yue got scared to the point of pissing his pants, this thing was too embarrassing!

Nie Li, I’ll get you! Shen Yue’s fist clenched to the point it released some cracking sounds. This enmity is absolutely irreconcilable!

"How much is his strength and soul force?" Shen Xiu’s brows furrowed, she naturally didn’t forget her bet with Nie Li. If Nie Li managed to advance to the 1-star bronze rank in two months then she will need to resign!

"His strength is only 30 at most and his soul force I estimate it is at maximum of 10!" Shen Yue said what he felt.

"Useless, you still lost to him?" Shen Xiu reprimanded.

Shen Yue opened his mouth trying to refute, but could only shut his mouth in grievance. He never imagined that he’d lose. Nie Li’s soul force is so weak but he still was able to beat him so easily, and broke through his soul force!

"Maybe this brat excels in the control of strength and soul force!" Shen Xiu was someone that had seen some sights. She guessed, "Some people although they have weak soul force, they have very strong control and are able to defeat the strong with the weak. But, him wanting to reach 1-star bronze rank in two months won’t be that easy!" Shen Xiu crooned.

"Right" Shen Yue nodded his head. Nie Li coming into contact with Ye Ziyun made him feel a strong sense of threat. He wanted Nie Li to leave the school and scram far away!