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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 172

Chapter 172 - Unable to repay favour

“What have you discovered?” asked Nie Li.

“I have indeed, made a huge discovery on this trip. It turns out that the hideout of the Dark Guild is an extremely deep crypt, the size of it is vast. I have only inspected a portion of it and noticed traces of Troglodytes and Dark Elves. I didn’t dare to go too deep and returned.” Ancestral Founder Ye Yan said, his eyes looking deep. He never thought that there would be such a underworld inside the St. Ancestral Mountains.

“A crypt? Troglodytes and Dark Elves?” Nie Li lightly frowned his brows. Troglodytes are humanoid creatures. Due to living underground for so long, they are totally blind and making their eyes useless. Similarly to humans, they have a unique language which they converse in, which Nie Li has knowledge about. As for the Dark Elves, they are humanoid creatures that specialize in a variety of dark magic and are always lurking in the darkness, they are natural assassins.

Nie Li originally thought that the Dark Guild would be hidden in some valley among the mountains. He never thought that they would be hidden in a vast underground world. Nie Li is filled with curiousity towards this underground world.

‘First, let’s settle with the Sacred Family and the Dark Guild’s branch before going to take a look!’ Nie Li thought inwardly to himself.

Nie Li was wondering what kind of person is the Demon Lord who has control of the Dark Guild. He understands that he will have to fight the mysterious Demon Lord one day. Only by finding the Demon Lord and killing him, will he be able to genuinely destroy the entire Dark Guild!

Returning back to Ye Ziyun’s yard, Nie Li and Ye Ziyun began to practice, quietly waiting for the arrival of the big battle that’ll happen three days later. They would occasionally pay Ye Zong a visit. After consuming several kinds of elixirs, Ye Zong’s body was able to quickly recover back to the pinnacle of his power; however, Ye Zong didn’t show himself to the public. They publically declared that Ye Zong has fallen sick and is not taking any visitors.

Sacred Family

Shen xiu raised her head and looked at Shen Hong. There’s a kind of unconcealable joy within her eyes.“Big brother, Ye Han has sent some news over, Ye Zong has been poisoned by the Draconic Tongue Herb and will definitely die!”

“Are you sure that Ye Han did not lie? Is he the spy that Ye Zong sent over?” Shen Hong walked back and forth several steps with his brows frowned. Ye Zong has been poisoned and will die, just like that? He somehow felt that Ye Zong wouldn’t die so easily!

“He shouldn’t be lying, we have lots of evidence in our hands, he wouldn’t dare to lie to us. That night, the City Lord’s Mansion had its lights on, Ye Xiu lead many experts to search for Ye Han for several hours. When Ye Han escaped, he killed many guards. He wouldn’t fake that!” Shen Xiu said, smiling.

“Okay, if he has killed some guards, then it’s probably be true.” Shen Hong nodded his head. Ye Zong is a hypocrite and a soft-hearted person, he wouldn’t joke around with the life of his guards. What Ye Han said should be the truth, “The City Lord’s Mansion has declared the news that Ye Zong has fallen sick. It’s probably to conceal the fact that Ye Zong has suddenly died, preventing people from falling into chaos. During the City Lord’s Mansion gathering of experts nine days later, they will no longer be able to conceal Ye Zong’s death!

“Ye Zong, you and I have fought for so many years. In the end, I’m the real winner!” Shen Hong laughed, it’s extremely savage.

“Congratulations, brother.” Shen Xiu couldn’t help leaking out a charming smile and asked, “The gathering nine days later, are we still participating?”

“Absolutely. We definitely have to participate. Such a beautiful moment, how can we be absent to it?” Shen Hong said, coldly laughing.

After pondering awhile, Shen Xiu asked, “What about Ye Han?”

After thinking about it for a moment, Shen Hong said, “Arrange a way out of the city for him and have the people from the Dark Guild receive him!”

Originally, Ye Han no longer had any need of existing, but his talent is still pretty good. Not to mention that he has become an enemy of the Snow Wind Family, there’s no harm in leaving him alive!

“Okay, I’ll make the arrangements, immediately.” Shen Xiu nodded her head.

In Ye Ziyun’s yard, Nie Li sat on a stone in a tranquil state as he trained his soul force. He constantly recalled scenes of his previous life. In his previous life, he had been afraid of this and that, hiding all over the place. Although he had cultivated to the highest realm, his life was that much of a failure.

His relatives and friends were all killed. When he had great results from his training, his enemies were nowhere to be found. When he wanted to live a peaceful life, he realised that he was all alone, surrounded by emptiness. In the final battle with the Sage Emperor, Nie Li witnessed countless people being massacred and was powerless to stop it.

In the end, he died. Although he was not resigned to it, it’s also a relief.

Until his death, he couldn’t understand his purpose of living. When he woke up, he realised that he had been brought back to this world by the Temporal Demon Spirit Book.

Nie Li would not have this life be like his previous life, he’ll be cautious about everything. He practised the [Heavenly God] cultivation technique to charge forward, until he reaches the pinnacle of the martial way.

Nie Li was continuously absorbing the essence from the Blood Crystals, quickly reaching the pinnacle of 2-star Gold rank, steadily advancing towards 3-star Gold rank.

The Blood Crystal is something that’s even rare to Legend rank experts. An ordinary Gold rank expert wouldn’t dare to use so much of them at once, because they couldn’t refine so many so quickly. However, Nie Li doesn’t have to worry. The high volume of soul force rushed into his soul realm, constantly nurturing the vine within, making it thicker and more solid. At the same time, it was also nurturing the Shadow Devil and Fanged Panda demon spirits, causing both the Shadow Devil demon spirit and the Fanged Panda to undergo an intense transformation.

A current of tyrannical aura was flowing out of Nie Li’s body, forming a fierce vortex around him.

At the same time, at another side of the garden, Duan Jian, who is currently practising, suddenly opened his eyes. After obtaining many cultivating resources and a cultivation technique chant from Nie Li, his cultivation has been able to soar leaps and bounds for the past few days. He has already reached the pinnacle of 2-star Black Gold rank. With the strength of his physical body, even a Legend rank expert would have a headache when facing him.

However, he felt a faint oppressive aura coming from Nie Li’s body. In his eyes, Nie Li has always been an extremely mysterious person. Although Nie Li is younger than him, there doesn’t appear to be anything that Nie Li doesn’t know about. The dragon blood flowing in his body has given him a very strong perception ability. The circulating dragon blood tells him that Nie Li is far stronger than he could imagine. Aside from repaying Nie Li’s grace, he is delighted and is sincerely willing to follow him. To him, Nie Li is like a sun, lighting up and guiding him. Duan Jian never felt lost nor fear while he is there.

A big battle will breakout a few days later, and Nie Li has to make preparations beforehand. Although he had obtained many life protecting treasures, Nie Li doesn’t dare to underestimate the Sacred Family’s strength. Afterall, a family that has been passed down for thousands of years will definitely have many trump cards up their sleeves.

Nie Li has prepared all kinds of stuff that are ready to greet the big battle.

While Nie Li was concentrating on training, he suddenly felt a familiar aura. The corner of his mouth curled into a smile, it’s Ye Ziyun.

He opened his eyes and saw Ye Ziyun standing at few meters away from him, hesitating to approach.

Nie Li couldn’t help lightly smiling at her, “Do you have anything that needs my attention?”

Ye Ziyun looked at Nie Li with a guilt-ridden look and said, “Nie Li, earlier I said many hurtful words. You weren’t bothered by it and even saved my father, I......”

“It’s nothing.” Nie Li waved his hand and unconcernedly smiled, “Although I have no idea why you said those things, I understand that you are not that kind of person. That alone is fine.”

Ye Ziyun’s eyes flashed full with tears. She originally thought that Nie Li wouldn’t forgive her. She really was frightened earlier. Her father had almost left her and she had no idea what to do about it. Because Nie Li’s grace, she probably won’t be able to repay him in her lifetime.

Ye Ziyun clenched her teeth with her face red as she looked at Nie Li and said, “Nie Li, thank you.”

“En.” Nie Li nodded his head. He felt that the Ye Ziyun today is somewhat weird, but he couldn’t tell what was going on with her.

Ye Ziyun returned to her room with her head lowered.

Looking at Ye Ziyun’s back figure, Nie Li scratched his head. If he couldn’t understand, then he won’t think about it. Nie Li returned to his room and closed his door as he continued to practise the [Heavenly God] cultivation technique. He estimated that he’ll be able to step into 3-star Gold rank very quickly.

As the night darkened, the moonlight shined onto Nie Li’s bed as he is quietly trained while sitting cross-legged.

His door opened.

Nie Li opened his eyes and saw Ye Ziyun coming in, she was wearing a thin silk, drawing the outline of her wonderful figure. That white and delicate face of hers made her even more charming under the moonlight.

Seeing this scene, Nie Li’s eyes widened.

At this moment, Ye Ziyun’s face was covered in a layer of scarlet, looking rather shy. The silk fell, her flawless, naked body was like a beautiful gem, shining in the moonlight. Her purple hair was like a waterfall coming down. Those exquisite cheeks, her brows and eyes were picturesque. She looked holy and pure, like a fairy. Those slender long legs and her jade feet would definitely cause others to have their hearts madly flutter.

“Ziyun, you......” Even if it’s Nie Li, seeing this scene, he couldn’t help feeling his mouth dry up. After all, the one standing before him is the girl he likes the most. Although the current her isn’t as charming as the one from his previous life, there’s still a kind of graceful beauty to her.

“Nie Li, Ning’er is a good girl, you cannot let her down. Your grace towards me, I have no way to repay it, I can only give myself to you.” Ye Ziyun seriously said, nibbling her lips, “I heard from Aunt Xue that men always like what you can never obtain. If you’ve obtained it, you will not cherish it. From today onwards, let’s just be friends!”

Ye Ziyun lowered her head as she took a few steps forward, and dug into Nie Li’s bed. She appeared to be extremely nervous, her body was lightly trembling.

Seeing this scene and hearing what Ye Ziyun just said, Nie Li couldn’t help smiling as he shook his head. This silly girl, how can this kind of matter be pushed here and there? As for this view about not being able to cherish something after obtaining it, that’s all because her Aunt Xue fell in love with Ye Ziyun’s father, but wasn’t able to take a step forward.

Ye Ziyun curled up in the bed. She thought that Nie Li would come in as well, causing her heart to be like a little rabbit, wildly pounding against her ribs. Although she’s a child of a Noble family, having knowledge towards men and women matters, experiencing it with her body is still rather different. Originally, she had made up her mind, but since it’s actually going to happen, she couldn’t help being a little afraid.

Nie Li’s heart is filled with gentle feelings for Ye Ziyun. After pondering about it, he laid beside Ye Ziyun, both of his hands supporting his head as he smiled and said, “The one I like, is you, it’s something that’s impossible to change. Just like Ning’er, I’m also unable to change my thoughts! However, there’s a difference. For you, even if I have to fork out everything I have, I will not hesitate to do so.”

Nie Li recalled the moments in his previous life and was filled with heartache.

Ye Ziyun waited for a long time, but realised that she’s been separated by a layer of quilt. Lying down against it, she felt relieved.

After hearing Nie Li’s words, Ye Ziyun’s expression went from panic and nervous, to calm in the end. Droplets of tears fell from her delicate cheeks. She couldn’t understand why Nie Li has such deep feelings for her.

The two of them did not speak. In that moment, they could heard each other’s breathing. Nie Li’s aura gradually made her feel relieved and secure.

In the end, Ye Ziyun gradually fell into a deep sleep.

Nie Li turned his head and looked at Ye Ziyun’s beautiful, quiet and gentle face. If this could continue forever, quietly staring at her, growing up together with her, having children together, growing old together, how good would that be? However, the current Ye Ziyun is still too young.