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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 175

Chapter 175 - Gift

City Lord’s Mansion’s secret chamber

The banquet will soon start. After Nie Li ran from Huyan Lanruo, he brought Ye Ziyun here.

The chamber is surrounded with towering stone walls. These stone walls are engraved with all kinds of inscription patterns to increase its sturdiness. It was prepared as a hiding spot for when the demon beast horde arrives. The successive generations of City Lords were constantly perfecting it,making this secret chamber the safest place in the City Lord’s Mansion.

“Nie Li, you said that my father wanted you to bring me here, but what are we doing here?” Ye Ziyun curiously asked.

Aside from rooms within the empty chamber and the piled up provisions, there is nothing else around here.

“The banquet will soon begin. Once we’ve taken action against the Sacred Family, they will definitely do whatever it takes to counterattack. At that time, I’m afraid that the situation will be hard to control.” Nie Li said, looking at Ye Ziyun in pity.

“But what has this got to do with us coming here?” Ye Ziyun’s brows slightly frowned. Suddenly thinking of something, she anxiously said, “Nie Li, you guys......”

As soon as Ye Ziyun reacted, Nie Li activated the mechanism on the stone wall. A faint barrier appeared between Nie Li and Ye Ziyun, trapping Ye Ziyun inside the stone chamber.

“This is what your father requested!” Nie Li said, smiling. In fact, in this matter, Ye Zong and Nie Li were unusually unanimous. Nie Li could finally find something in common between him and Ye Zong.

In order to ensure Ye Ziyun’s safety, even if Ye Ziyun were to be violently against it, Ye Zong and Nie Li will still make her remain in the City Lord’s Mansion’s secret chamber.

“Nie Li, let me out, quick! The fight will soon begin, how can you trap me in here?” Ye Ziyun stared at Nie Li in anger. She gathered her soul force to try to break through the barrier; however, her soul force was quickly bounced back.

“I’m afraid this is not possible. Once the Sacred Family launches their counterattack, you, as the direct descendant of the Snow Wind Family, will easily be the target. You’re our weak point; therefore, you have to remain here.” Nie Li lightly smiled and said to Ye Ziyun, “Rest assured, just the Sacred Family by itself won’t be able to cause that much of a problem. You remain here, I’ll be back soon!”

After speaking, Nie Li flew out.

“Nie Li, come back!” Ye Ziyun angrily yelled, “If you don’t let me out today, then don’t come and find me in the future......”

Her voice echoed in the empty secret chamber as Nie Li’s figure quickly disappeared at the entrance. Ye Ziyun furiously stomped her foot, how could she have fallen for Nie Li’s trick like that?! When Nie Li brought her here, she should have known better. She kept trying to break the barrier in this secret chamber, but no matter matter how much she tried, she couldn’t break it. She must either wait for someone else to come in to help her, or wait till the barrier automatically opens in three days time. However, by that time, the battle would have already come to an end!

If her father and Nie Li were to encounter any danger......

Rows of clear tears fell from her white delicate cheeks, there’s nothing she could do at this moment. She hated Nie Li to death in her heart now. Although Nie Li said that he’ll return very quickly, she still couldn’t help worrying.

Guests began to arrive at the banquet.

The City Lord’s Mansion’s Main Hall was very lively, experts from various families were exchanging greetings with one another.

The ones sitting in the seat on top are Ye Xiu and Ye Shuo.

Nie Li heard from Ye Xiu that Ye Shuo is an extremely mysterious person in the Snow Wind Family. He’s in charge of managing a secret force in the Snow Wind Family. He would occasionally get people from the Holy Orchid Institute to nurture them, and he wields a formidable power in his hands.

In Glory City, not many people would know of Ye Shuo. But in the City Lord’s Mansion, his position is only second to Ye Xiu, the number four in the Snow Wind Family.

This is a robust old man.

When Ye Shuo saw Nie Li, he lightly smiled.

Seeing Ye Shuo’s smiling expression, Nie Li curiously asked, “Senior, have we met before?”

In both his previous life and this life, Nie Li is very unfamiliar with Ye Shuo. Normally, once Nie Li sees a person, he’ll be able to remember them. After all, he’s a cultivator that has a soul from two lifetimes. Nie Li’s memory can be described as photographic. But Nie Li is absolutely sure that he has never seen this old man before.

“You have never seen me before, but I am aware of you. That day, when you were arguing with Shen Xiu, I was watching from outside. Even your library position later on was arranged by me. I never imagined that within such a short amount of time, we would meet again and to meet in this situation.” Ye Shuo said as he laughed.

On the day when Nie Li was arguing with Shen Xiu, he could sense that an expert was watching. Also, from the blizzard aura, Nie Li guessed that the expert should be from the Snow Wind Family, but he wasn’t aware that it was Ye Shuo.

If it wasn’t for the presence of the Snow Wind Family, Nie Li wouldn’t have argued so intensely with Shen Xiu.

“I never thought that, that senior was you. Thanks for watching out for me.” Nie Li cupped his hands and thanked him.

Ye Shuo laughed and said, “It can’t be considered me watching out for you. I’m afraid that everything was within your calculations, I was only going with the flow.”

Nie Li and Ye Shuo laughed, having a mutual understanding.

“I never thought that you would be able the breakthrough the barrier of red soul realm and have your cultivation soar leaps and bounds to such an extent, even I did not expect this. I’m really ashamed of speaking about it. Old men like us should probably retire. The future world is in the hands of you youngsters.” Ye Shuo laughed as he shook his head.

“Senior, you must be joking. You’re old, but not obsolete, we in the younger generation batch still need to be under the shade of you seniors. This is nothing much, but consider it my respects for you. Please, accept these.” Nie Li took out several Blood Crystals and passed them to Ye Shuo.

He has to get a good connection with the several Black Gold rank elders of the Snow Wind Family.

Seeing the Blood Crystals in his hand, Ye Shuo was slightly stunned. Blood Crystals are absolutely good stuff, even Legend rank experts would be in need them. He wondered where Nie Li got them from.

Ye Xiu already understood what Nie Li was planning and said, while laughing, “Accept them, I have already accepted them a while back. If you don’t accept them, Nie Li probably won’t be able to be at ease.”

Ye Shuo looked at Nie Li and then at Ye Xiu, he understood what’s going on. The reason why Nie Li is gifting such precious items is probably because of Yun’er. He is already aware of the matters between Nie Li and Ye Ziyun. He laughed and said, “Then I will accept them.”

Nie Li chuckled. Ye Xiu gave him a close feeling, so does Ye Shuo. It seems that the Black Gold rank elders of the Snow Wind Family are rather easy to talk with. Settling authority figures of the Snow Wind Family, and with Ye Zong’s approval, it won’t be too long before everything comes to fruition.

The amount of people that gathered from the various families was growing in number. Soon, the entire hall was filled with people. They were all sitting at their arranged locations. Every family occupied a corner; however, the amount of people from the Snow Wind Family was rather few in numbers.

“Why haven’t the people from the Snow Wind Family arrived, yet?” Shen Hong felt ineffably uneasy. All the experts from the other families have arrived, only one to two out of ten from the Snow Wind Family came. The important figures are only Ye Xiu and Ye Shuo.

The Sacred Family was positioned in the middle, surrounded by all the other families. At this moment, if they were to take any action, they will most likely be exposed by the other families.

Nie Li swept his gaze across the main hall, and saw Ning’er, Lu Piao and the rest. Even people from the Heavenly Marks Family and Duan Jian have come. In this banquet, even if Nie Li doesn’t allow them to participate, they will also join in; however, he has to give them a little warning.

Nie Li walked towards the location where the Heavenly Marks Family was at.

Seeing Nie Li, Nie Hai, Nie En and the rest became excited. When Nie Li was at the front of the main hall, they saw that even the two major people from the Snow Wind Family were polite to him. Based on that alone, is there anything that can question his position? It’s also been crazily spread around that Nie Li is the best choice to be the City Lord’s son-in-law. The moment they spoke about this matter, they all felt excited and proud. Some of the Patriarchs that had bad history with them lowered their heads and walked around them the moment they saw them.

Nie Li walked to Nie Hai and Nie En’s side and spoke into their ears, “Tonight, some things might happen. Take care of the clansmen!”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Nie Hai and Nie En’s hearts trembled a little as they nodded their heads. Although they have no idea what was about to come, they will definitely be very careful.

Luckily, Nie Li sent someone to notify them earlier, which is why Nie Hai and Nie En only brought a small amount of experts over. However, Nie Li did not leak any information on what was about to happen to them. After all, secrets like this are best if less people know about it.

Nie Li glanced at Duan Jian and said, “Duan Jian, follow me.”

“Yes.” Duan Jian stood up and followed behind Nie Li.

While Nie Li was walking, he used a soft voice that only the two of them can hear and said, “Tonight, the moment the battle starts, you need to keep a close eye on that fellow, Shen Hong. Even if you can’t beat him, you have to hinder him!”

Right now, Duan Jian just reached Black Gold rank, so he isn’t an opponent for Shen Hong; however with Duan Jian’s physical strength, even if he versus a Legend rank expert, he will have a chance to drag the battle.

“Okay, I understand.” Duan Jian seriously nodded his head.

Nie Li and Duan Jian moved towards the direction of the Winged Dragon Family.

When Xiao Yunfeng and bunch from the Winged Dragon Family saw Nie Li approaching, they all stood up. Right now, Nie Li is someone that has overpowering influence and authority!

“Nie Li.” Xiao Ning’er stood up and looked at Nie Li. Her eyes flashed with an extraordinary splendor.

Nie Li lightly smiled and said towards Xiao Yunfeng, “Nice to meet you, Uncle.”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Xiao Yunfeng felt a little overwhelmed by favour and hurriedly said, “Nephew Nie Li, I have to thank you for taking care of Ning’er for so long.”

Xiao Yunfeng and bunch sized Nie Li up and then looked at Duan Jian, who was standing behind him. The both of them gave a feeling of fathomable depths.

“Uncle, you’re being too kind. Ning’er is my good friend, so Uncle can be more at ease. Since this is our first meeting, this gift is a show of respect to you. Please accept them.” Nie Li took out several bottles and passed them over to Xiao Yunfeng.

When Nie Li gave Xiao Yunfeng his gift, Xiao Yi and the rest’s eyes had reddened. Nie Li is really rich. These jade bottles obviously have Scarlet Body Enhancing Pills, Soul Tempering Pills and Nine Transformation Pills names on it. Every single one of these are extremely precious and Nie Li gave away quite a few bottles of them. Not to mention the few Scarlet Body Enhancing Pills, which are even more valuable.

However, all of these are gifts for Xiao Yunfeng. Xiao Yi and the rest felt depressed, why didn’t they bear such a good daughter, as well?