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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 176

Chapter 176 - Monster!

Xiao Yunfeng’s face was stunned for a little while, before he hurriedly said, “Nephew Nie Li, how can I......”

“In recent times, Ning’er has been helping me a lot. Consider this gift as thanks, Uncle doesn’t have to be polite with me.” Nie Li passed the items to Xiao Yunfeng and gave Ning’er a smile.

Xiao Ning’er’s face turned slightly red, but did not say anything.

Xiao Yunfeng looked at Xiao Ning’er. A father knows his daughter the best. He already understood something. He nodded and said, “Then, I’ll accept them.”

Although he has heard that Nie Li has a close relationship with Ye Ziyun, Xiao Yunfeng doesn’t mind it at all. After all, children of Aristocratic families tend to have three or four wives, it’s absolutely normal. Now that Nie Li is the number one genius in Glory City, Ning’er wouldn’t be considered suffering if she were to follow him.

Aside from that, Xiao Yunfeng knows that the talent that Xiao Ning’er has in her cultivation has been granted to her by Nie Li. As the direct descendent of the Winged Dragon Family, it’s normal to know how to repay the kindness of others.

Nie Li never thought that his casually given gift would let Xiao Yunfeng think so much.

Seeing Nie Li and Xiao Yunfeng talking together, Shen Hong’s brows slightly twitched. The Winged Dragon Family has always been the vassal of the Sacred Family. Even Xiao Ning’er is the fiancée of his son. But now, the Winged Dragon Family has separated themselves from the control of the Sacred Family. Leaving the broken promise of the marriage aside, they even gave Shen Fei a beating. Although Shen Hong is patiently bearing with it, the anger inside him was continuously accumulating.

Shen Hong looked at Duan Jian, who was beside Nie Li. Duan Jian’s firm step and sharp gaze gave him a vague feeling to fear.

“Shen Xiu.” Shen Hong said, with a deep voice.

“Right here, brother, what do you wish?” Shen Xiu asked Shen Hong.

“Bring Shen Yan over and test the strength of the youngster standing behind Nie Li. Furthermore, get someone else to investigate their relationship!” Shen Hong said. If this youngster has a decent amount of strength and doesn’t have a close relationship with Nie Li, then he can try recruiting him.

“Yes.” Shen Xiu gave Nie Li and bunch a cold stare. Her eyes flashed with a ray of chilling light.

She stood up and walked towards the direction of Nie Li with Shen Yan following behind her.

Noticing that the people of the Sacred Family were walking in their direction, Xiao Yunfeng’s brows slightly frowned. Xiao Yi and the rest all became nervous. Even though the Sacred Family is being oppressed by the Snow Wind Family, their tyrannical power is still there. Based on strength alone, the Winged Dragon Family is not the opponent of the Sacred Family.

Ye Xiu and Ye Shuo who were on the stage, also saw this scene.

Ye Shuo looked at Ye Xiu and asked, “Ye Xiu, Shen Hong has sent a Black Gold rank expert over. I’m afraid that Nie Li won’t be able to handle it. Should we give him some aid?”

Ye Xiu smiled, shook his head and said, “It’ll be weird if Nie Li can suffer a loss, we’ll just watch from the side. He will definitely handle this. Furthermore, we can take this chance to see what kind of strength the youth beside Nie Li has.”

Ye Shuo looked at Ye Xiu in astonishment. He never thought that Ye Xiu would have such confidence in Nie Li. In the end, he nodded his head.

Nie Li gave a glance at the approaching Shen Xiu. Shen Xiu wore a nightgown. Her alluring figure lured the attention of the surrounding experts from various families. All these experts began to discuss among themselves.

“Have you guys heard? Originally, the Winged Dragon Family had a marriage engagement with the Sacred Family, but now, they want to break it off. The Sacred Family’s eldest son, Shen Fei, was unhappy with it and went to the Winged Dragon Family to cause a scene. In the end, he was bashed up by Xiao Ning’er and was carried out.”

“Such a thing actually happened? I heard that Shen Fei has already cultivated to Gold rank, so how he’s still not Xiao Ning’er’s opponent? He was beaten up by Xiao Ning’er? Could it be that someone else in the Winged Dragon Family gave her help?”

“I bet you still don’t know about it. Xiao Ning’er has recently cultivated to Gold rank and has integrated with a Heavenly Lightning Sparrow demon spirit. How could that trash, Shen Fei, be Xiao Ning’er’s opponent?!”

“The Sacred Family’s recent luck has been rather bad and the Winged Dragon Family is throwing stones at them. At this time, it doesn’t seem too good.”

“Rubbish, are we still unsure of what that kid, Shen Fei is? That kid committed many outrageous acts. How many innocent girls do you think he has impregnated? That kid, Xiao Ning’er, is not bad, so why should she be wasted on Shen Fei?

The experts of various families all had their eyes in this direction. They are still very curious on what the Sacred Family is going to do and how the Winged Dragon Family will react. However, the majority of people still stand on the side of the Winged Dragon Family. After all, Shen Fei’s character isn’t that good.

Hearing those discussions, Shen Xiu’s face had a layer of frost on it. When she found out that Shen Fei was beaten up by Xiao Ning’er, she was furious. It was the same as slapping the face of the Sacred Family!

“Tsk tsk, Xiao Ning’er, when I was still at the Holy Orchid Institute, I saw you seducing another man behind Shen Fei’s back. Right now, you’re even doing it publicly. Have you know shame?!” Shen Xiu said, having both of her arms on her chest, despising Xiao Ning’er.

When Xiao Ning’er heard these words, she stood up, furiously looked at Shen Xiu and said, “Shen Xiu, you’re speaking pure rubbish. Your Sacred Family has no right to bother about my actions!”

Xiao Yunfeng’s brows lightly knitted together. He coldly looked at Shen Xiu and Shen Yan. The Sacred Family has obviously come here to look for trouble. He has to see what the Sacred Family is planning to do! After all, the Sacred Family can’t take any action against the Winged Dragon Family in front of the eyes of so many!

“You’ve been poked where it hurts? Hmph, if you don’t want others to know about it, you shouldn’t have done it to begin with!” Shen Xiu’s mouth had a trace of cold smile, “Under the eyes of so many experts from so many families here, I’ll expose the face of you wretch!”

“You......”Xiao Ning’er was simply angered to the point that she almost teared. She’s had her heart filled with misery. For all these years, she had suffered so many wrongs and all of them came from the the Sacred Family. Do these people want to force her to death before they are happy?

“What, you’re not convinced? Hmph, you have a marriage engagement with my nephew, Shen Fei. This is something that has been witnessed by the adults of two families, even the wedding contract is still present. You want to deny it? Since when is my Sacred Family so easily bullied? It doesn’t matter if you follow my Sacred Family or not, it’s not your choice!” Shen Xiu looked from the top as she stared at Xiao Ning’er.

This woman is vicious with her words. How is the tender Ning’er the opponent of Shen Xiu?

“Shen Xiu, you’re really hard to get rid of! Such a mean person like you should have her mouth sewed shut! Xiao Ning’er is not willing to uphold the wedding contract, so what? Or is your Sacred Family going to use force?” Nie Li coldly stared at Shen Xiu furiously, “Xiao Ning’er has a good temper, so she won’t do anything to you. However, you have made me angry. I’m too lazy to speak nonsense with you, so are you asking for a beating?”

A powerful aura burst forth from Nie Li’s body. When he took a step forward, his aura pressed towards Shen Xiu.

Seeing Nie Li’s ferocious look, Shen Xiu was scared to the point that she took several steps back. That chilling aura felt like a huge pressure on her. She recalled the previous banquet, when Nie Li was being arrogant. Nie Li is really daring to do such a thing!

When Shen Xiu did not put Nie Li in her eyes, she was Silver rank at that time and Nie Li was not even a Bronze rank. Now, Nie Li was a Gold rank, and she is still Silver rank. If they were to fight, she would definitely suffer. She couldn’t help saying in a trembling voice, “What are you trying to do? A man hitting a woman, you’re not a man!”

“A man that beats a good woman is indeed not a man. But a vicious woman like you, even if you’re beaten to death, you’d deserve it!” Nie Li furiously snorted, taking a step forward. Shen Xiu was scared to the point of having her heart trembling.

Nie Li is simply a rogue, he doesn’t even have an aura of an aristocrat!

Being able to talk big is still not comparable to being able to directly take action. Shen Xiu was trembling, looking a little scared.

Xiao Ning’er couldn’t help feeling moved. Every time she was in danger, it would be Nie Li helping her. If it wasn’t for Nie Li, she really doesn’t know what she would do. Looking at Nie Li’s back figure, she felt secure. As long as there is Nie Li, she will be able to feel secure and having someone to rely on.

A woman like Shen Xiu, arguing with her will only make her become more and more vigorous. She can only be dealt with by playing rogue!

“This... the City Lord’s banquet will soon begin, why don’t you two stop fighting at this time?” Xiao Yi stood up, trying to become to peacemaker.

“Get lost!” Shen Xiu coldly snorted at Xiao Yi. She took several steps back. After gaining some distance from Nie Li, and standing beside Shen Yan, she felt a little at ease. She coldly smiled, stared at Xiao Ning’er, who was behind Nie Li, and said, “You’re indeed shameless. Since you’ve done it, why are you afraid of being talked about by others? You even got you adulterer to speak up for you. Hmph, it’s really an eye opener!”

Shen Xiu’s vicious words made Nie Li simply unable to stand listening. Nie Li coldly snorted and said, “This woman’s mouth is too foul. Duan Jian, give her beating for me and throw her out of this place!”

“Yes!” Duan Jian took a step forward and moved towards Shen Xiu.

Shen Xiu instantly felt a terrifying pressure from Duan Jian’s body. An intense fear rose up within her, causing her to immediately take even more steps back.

Shen Yan, who was standing beside Shen Xiu, smiled as his right hand reached for Duan Jian.

“Black Gold rank expert!” Nie Li’s brows slightly twitched. However, even if it’s a Black Gold rank expert, they’re completely useless when facing Duan Jian. No one in the entire Sacred Family ould be able to control Duan Jian, not even Shen Hong!

Shen Yan felt a Black Gold rank aura bursting forth from Duan Jian’s body, his heart was slightly shocked. He never thought that this ordinary looking young man would have such strength! He no longer dared to underestimate the opposite party and directly utilized his entire strength.


Shen Yan used his personal unique combat ability. The strength of his palm increased several fold as he grabbed Duan Jian’s arm.

An ordinary Black Gold rank expert would have his arm broken by Shen Yan’s grip if they were careless; however, when he grabbed Duan Jian’s arm and squeezed as tight as he could, Duan Jian did not move. He did not even frown a little. Duan Jian was just using his cold gaze as he stared at Shen Yan. A ray of frightening chilling light was seen within his eyes.

Since Duan Jian did not move the slightest, the corner of Shen Yan’s mouth curled into a smile. This kid is indeed still young, he’s too self opinionated. Shen Yan instantly gathered the soul force within his body and his palm ignited with a scarlet flame, as though it’s trying to melt everything it touches.

Seeing this scene, even Ye Xiu, Ye Shuo and the rest were stunned. This is the Flaming Palm combat ability of the Sacred Family. This combat ability can instantly melt steel. With Duan Jian’s arm being grabbed by Shen Yan and Shen Yan was using the Flaming Palm at such a distance, even if the arm is made of steel, they would instantly be wasted!

“Shen Yan, stop!” Ye Xiu barked; however, he was too far of away to lend a hand.

Feeling the flowing heatwave, the surrounding experts of various families facial expressions changed. They couldn’t help sighing in regret for Duan Jian. They’re afraid that Duan Jian’s arm will be wasted.

Using such a vicious method in this banquet hall, the experts of various families felt that the Sacred Family is going a little too far. This young expert should be exerting a hand to help Glory City. If he’s wasted by this kind of internal contradiction, wouldn’t it be too much of a pity?

Shen Yan was complacent for several seconds, however, his facial expression suddenly became stunned. Duan Jian is still using his cold gaze as he stared at him. His Flaming Palm did not even leave a trace on Duan Jian’s arm.

How is that possible? My Flaming Palm is something that can even melt steel! Just what, exactly, is this kid’s arm made of?

The corner of Nie Li’s mouth curled into a smile. Among the dragon tribe, the majority of them are fire attributed. The physique of a dragon tribe wouldn’t even need to fear a dragon’s flames, how can he be afraid of a small Flaming Palm? How can the Flaming Palm be compared to a dragon’s flames?

Shen Yan felt as though he had a plug in his throat, he simply felt like he was going to suffocate. He never expected that his Flaming Palm wouldn’t have the slightest effect. Not only was Shen Yan dumbfounded, even the surrounding people were looking at Duan Jian, and his undamaged arm, dumbfoundedly.

Just that kind of physique is that? Is this kid a monster?