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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 178

Chapter 178 - Revolt?

“Niece Ning’er is really beautiful and elegant. I wonder, what’s her current cultivation?” Nie Hai asked. He had previously heard of the news of Xiao Ning’er beating Shen Fei up, which is why he asked such a question.

The Patriarchs of various families are still present. Although they were exchanging greetings with Nie En and the rest, they were also listening to Nie Hai and Xiao Yunfeng’s conversation.

Xiao Yunfeng gave Xiao Ning’er a benevolent glance, lightly smiled and said,“My daughter is currently 2-star Gold rank, probably reaching 3-star Gold rank soon.”

Hearing Xiao Yunfeng’s words, the various Patriarchs were all shocked in their hearts. Although they have heard the rumours, to suddenly hearing it now made them extremely shocked. She has already cultivated to 2-star Gold rank at such a young age. She’s ranked at least in the top three among the younger generation!

Nie Hai’s brows twitched. This Xiao Ning’er does have potential, becoming Nie Li’s wife is also pretty good. If he couldn’t get the City Lord’s daughter, marrying Xiao Ning’er is also not bad. Furthermore, Xiao Ning’er has delicate features, there’s nothing to be fussy about in terms of looks.

Nie Hai was still planning on how to get a wife for Nie Li. He chuckled and said, “Nie Li has always been causing trouble. Since niece Ning’er is his friend, do look out for him. If you have time, you can visit my Heavenly Marks Family more often!”

Nie Hai will naturally not jump the gun; after all, Nie Li hasn’t made the decision himself.

How could Xiao Ning’er not understand the meaning in Nie Hai’s words? Her cheeks were slightly burning, but she still replied, “Thanks uncle, I will definitely visit.”

Xiao Yunfeng, Nie Hai and the various Patriarchs began chatting. Although the Heavenly Marks Family is only an Aristocratic Family, no one dares to regard the Heavenly Marks Family as an Aristocratic Family.

In the upper seats

Ye Xiu looked at Nie Li and smilingly said,“Nie Li, I would like for you to be the host in this banquet, what do you think?”

Due to the fact that the demon beast horde event has just ended, Nie Li’s prestige has reached a pinnacle in the eyes of all the Patriarchs. Adding to the re-evaluation from the Patriarchs right now, they made a new evaluation of Nie Li’s position.

Nie Li looked at Ye Xiu. He probably has some intention for doing this, he nodded his head and said, “No harm in letting me hosting it!”

Ye Xiu lightly smiled. Facing such a huge occasion, with nearly five to six thousands of experts from the various families present, Nie Li actually didn’t have the slightest bit stage fright. But thinking about it again, it’s not surprising. Nie Li cannot be seen as an ordinary youth.

The place was bustling with noise, experts from various families were greeting each other.

However, Nie Li, Ye Xiu and Ye Shuo don’t show any intention of starting the banquet. They were patiently waiting for the experts to finish their greetings.

After all, the longer they drag this on, the more time Ye Zong will have for his mission.

Ye Zong’s side has also been arranged. In half an hours time, he will lead the experts of the Snow Wind Family and set off. Most likely, from the moment the Sacred Family entered the City Lord’s Mansion, Ye Zong started as well. It’s just that, they have no idea what the situation is like.

At the location of the Sacred Family, aside from the people of the Sacred Family drinking wine alone, they looked a little lonely inside the hall.

Since the Sacred Family is being oppressed by the Snow Wind Family, the Patriarchs from the various families were all watching from the sidelines. How could they go up and talk to Shen Hong. If they were to go and initiate a chat with Shen Hong, wouldn’t that mean that they are working against the Snow Wind Family? In addition, the Sacred Family has been an overbearing bully in the past. It’s already very polite of the various families to not throw stones at them, so how could they go and stroke the bad luck at this time?

However, there was one person that did not care about this, and that is Huyan Xiong of the Huyan Family.

Huyan Xiong carried a cup of wine over and laughed, “Brother Shen, it’s been a long time since we drank. Let’s make use of this moment with big brother Ye Zong being the host. Come, cheers!”

“Brother Huyan is being too polite.” Shen Hong was smiling on the surface, but not inside his heart, as he bottled up the cup of wine.

“What good capacity for wine, how about we have another one? Men, fill brother Shen’s cup!” Huyan Xiong laughed.

With the Snow Wind Family oppressing the Sacred Family, the Patriarchs of the various families were frightened of them, fearing to be misunderstood by the Snow Wind Family into thinking that they have some relation with the Sacred Family. Only Huyan Xiong did not care about that. Who doesn’t know that the Huyan Family is one of the right hands of the Snow Wind Family, having absolute loyalty towards them? The Snow Wind Family would never suspect the Huyan Family having any relationship with the Sacred Family.

Dealing with Huyan Xiong’s toast, the noisy scene caused Shen Hong to feel ineffably jittery. Shen Hong suddenly felt that something was wrong with this banquet, but he couldn’t tell where it was going wrong.

A huge question mark rose in Shen Hong’s heart. Is Ye Zong dead? If Ye Zong is dead, then this banquet would be used to elect a new Patriarch. The Snow Wind Family probably wouldn’t be able to find a suitable candidate in such a short amount of time. If Ye Zong did not die, then this banquet might be used to deal with the Sacred Family.

With the experts of Sacred Family here, if the Snow Wind Family was really going to deal with the Sacred Family, Ye Zong will definitely appear! Since Ye Zong did not appear, it should be like what Ye Han said, he was poisoned by the Draconic Tongue Herb and has already died.

However, why doesn’t Huyan Xiong show any sadness on his face? By right, Huyan Xiong should’ve been notified of the news about Ye Zong’s death!

‘I’ll take a look to see what you guys are planning!’ Shen Hong inwardly thought to himself. He coldly snorted and made a stern expression as he continued to bottle up the wine.

The sky gradually darkened, the darkness was shrouding the entire land.

Other areas of Glory City have quieted down; however, the City Lord’s Mansion was still lit up.

Right now, in the City Lord’s Mansion, aside from the main hall, all the other areas are being heavily guarded. All the guards are fully armed, with chilling intent bursting from the armour on their bodies. There were crossbows, spears and huge shields on the walls of the City Lord’s Mansion, leaking freezing cold killing intent.

At the City Lord’s Mansion’s gate, a man wearing a grey robe hastily ran in. His face had an anxious expression on it when he was being blocked by the guards.

“I want to look for someone inside!”

“This is the City Lord’s Mansion, people with no status are not allowed to enter!” a guard coldly barked, his expression was solemn.

“I want to look for my Patriarch!” said the man.

“Which family are you from?”

The man rolled his eyes and anxiously said, “Huyan Family!”

The group of guards looked at each other, exchanged gazes with one another and one of the guards said, “Follow us, we’ll bring you to see your Patriarch!”

“Thank you, this is a small token of appreciation.” the man said, flattering them as he passed some demon spirit coins to the two of them.

The two guards accepted the coins without batting an eye and calmly said, “Follow us.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” the man laughed, following behind the two guards.

The two guards lead the grey robed man forward, detouring through a long corridor and into a small black yard.

“Where are you taking me? This doesn’t look to be the path to the banquet main hall.” the moment that man finished speaking, one of the guards covered his mouth and the other guard stabbed his sword the the man’s stomach. The man struggled, trying to issue a sound but his eyes gradually went dark and he soon stopped breathing.

“Hmph, rebellions from the Sacred Family deserve to die! You think that by claiming to be one of the Huyan Family, we wouldn’t be able to recognize you? Ridiculous. The appearance of every member of the Sacred Family have been clearly remembered by us!”

The two guards searched the man’s corpse, but did not manage to find anything. This guy probably only brought news. Previously, the City Lord gave them the order to not let anyone at the City Lord’s Mansion to enter or exit. If any of the Sacred Family’s members are found to enter or leave, kill without hesitation!

The night was as dark as ink, the dusky fog in the night seems to carry a dense killing intent.

The main hall of the City Lord’s Mansion was still bustling with so much noise, all kinds of voices were going up and down everywhere.

After Huyan Xiong and Shen Hong drank dozens of cups together, Huyan Xiong suddenly laughed. In his laughter, with the penetrating power of his soul force, he suddenly dropped the cup on the ground. The cup instantly shattered, into fragments.

This sudden noise caused the originally silent Sacred Family’s expert to be shocked. They all stood up and retrieved their weapons from their interspatial rings. In that instant, flashes of light reflected off their swords, the atmosphere suddenly became nervous. Before coming here, Shen Hong told them to be extremely careful after entering the City Lord’s Mansion, the Snow Wind Family might take action against them. Therefore, their mental states have always been tense. Since they were caught off guard by Huyan Xiong’s action, they originally thought that Huyan Xiong was giving signals to Snow Wind Family. They thought that that was the signal to take action.

People from various families had their gazes on the Sacred Family’s people. Every single one of them were shocked, not knowing what happened. Why did the people of the Sacred Family suddenly taking out their weapons? A smile froze on the face of the experts of various families.

The atmosphere in the main hall suddenly become tense.

Huyan Xiong was totally unaware and laughed, “Good wine capacity you have there, brother Shen. Admire, admire!” Huyan Xiong looked as though he had no idea what had just happened. His eyes swept over the experts of the Sacred Family and said, while staring blankly, “Oh? Brother Shen, what is the meaning of your Sacred Family......why are you taking out your weapons?”

Huyan Xiong is cheating them. Shen Hong felt furious. His gaze coldly stared at the experts of Sacred Family and snorted, “What are you guys doing?! Why did you bring out your weapons?! This is the City Lord’s Mansion, the City Lord’s banquet, why are you guys causing a ruckus?!”

Those experts stored their weapons and sat down.

Huyan Xiong laughed and said, “I was frightened by the brothers of the Sacred Family. Why draw weapons at a banquet? Those who don’t know the reason might think that the Sacred Family is revolting! However, how can the Sacred Family revolt? This is simply the greatest joke in the world! What benefits does the Sacred Family get by revolting?”