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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 180

Chapter 180 - To confuse right and wrong

Xiao Ning’er looked at Nie Li from far away, her eyes flashed with ripples of splendor. Even though he was facing such a huge occasion, Nie Li did not have the slightest bit of stage fright. If it was someone else of the same age, they’d probably be frightened to the point that their legs would go soft. She sighed in her heart. The more outstanding Nie Li becomes, the more inferior she feels. She’s tried to work hard to catch up to Nie Li, but only realised that she has only seen the back of his figure. Sometimes, she couldn’t help feeling a little dejected.

Nie Li stood on the stage, calmly looking at everyone below. Shen Fei, Shen Yue and the other younger generations of the Sacred Family didn’t dare to raise their heads to make eye contact with him. They had their heads lowered, with no one knowing what they are thinking about.

Since no one was backing Shen Hong’s words, Nie Li lightly smiled. Shen Hong’s attempt to sow dissension is simply impossible to realise. If it was the Sacred Family in the past, then they would indeed have the prestige to do so; however, after so many things have happened, the Sacred Family no longer has that much power to rally supporters.

Ye Xiu and Ye Shuo looked at each other and smiled.

Veins were popping out from Shen Hong’s hands. He, naturally, is not be willing to take this lying down. He continued to speak in a loud voice, “Since all the families are present, there’s something I have to say. My Sacred Family has absolute loyalty and been faithful to Glory City, protecting it for hundreds of years. Countless amounts of our warriors have died in battle; however, a recent issue has made us utterly disappointed. Not knowing where the City Lord heard the slanderous report from, the Snow Wind Family has been oppressing my Sacred Family in all areas recently, causing my Sacred Family to suffer an extremely large loss. I request the City Lord himself to come out. I want to ask, in front of him, what wrong has my sacred Family done to deserve such humiliation?”

Shen Hong looked at Nie Li, and paused for a moment before he said, choking with emotions, “Indeed, there are some matters that the younger generation from my Sacred Family has done wrong and offended young master Nie Li. But as a youngster, it’s unavoidable to have conflicts. I ask young master Nie Li to forgive them, I’ll apologize in their stead!”

Hearing Shen Hong’s words, Nie Li couldn’t help scolding inwardly. This old fox is purposely pushing all the grudges to the younger generation, attempting to mislead the public.

If the origin of all this was caused by the younger generation, it’d make the Snow Wind Family look too petty to vent anger in the stead of Nie Li by oppressing the Sacred Family. It’s normal for the younger generations to have a little conflict; after all, they are full of vim. If such a small matter required an entire family to move, then Glory City would have already fallen into a mess long ago.

Shen Hong’s cunningness made Ye Xiu and Ye Shuo let out cold smiles, but they did not say anything. They wanted to see how Nie Li would deal with this.

“Senior Shen Hong must be joking. Indeed, I have some conflicts with Shen Yue and Shen Fei, but if Lord Ye Zong were to hear a few of my words and oppress the Sacred Family because of that, then it’d be too outrageous. The Snow Wind Family has always been impartial in Glory City. So since when have they oppressed other families?” Nie Li brightly laughed. Although his voice wasn’t as deep as Shen Hong’s, it’s as clear as his expression. His grandeur wasn’t any lower than Shen Hong’s.

The experts of various families all started to discuss among themselves. For the Snow Wind Family to oppress the Sacred Family just because of a conflict between the younger generation is simply too far-fetched. The Snow Wind Family has always been straightforward and upright, they wouldn’t be so small-minded.

“Since it wasn’t because of young master Nie Li, then why would the Snow Wind Family oppress my Sacred Family?” Shen Hong wasn’t bothered by the discussions happening around him by the experts of the various families and snorted, “Furthermore, my other question is, why is the City Lord himself still not present?! Are you trying to cover something and gathered us on purpose? What is your intention?”

Shen Hong’s eyes narrowed as a flash passed with a trace of chill. He cupped his fist towards the other Patriarchs and said, “Previously, the people from my Sacred Family once came across young master Ye Han. At that time, young master Ye Han was gravely wounded, running for his life. He said that Lord Ye Zong had been assassinated by someone and already died. Even he was almost assassinated, nearly losing his life. And the main culprit is some treacherous and cunning person, trying to seize the City Lord’s position! I ask for the Patriarchs present to uphold justice!”

Shen Hong’s words were like stones, causing thousands of ripples. City Lord Ye Zong has been killed? How did this happened? This is absolutely impossible!

However, if the City Lord himself is still alive, wouldn’t Shen Hong’s words be easily exposed?

Everyone was utterly shocked. If it was at normal times, they would naturally not believe in Shen Hong’s words; however, the City Lord himself have yet to appear, which made this matter smell little fishy. It’s such a huge banquet, yet how can they let Nie Li to host it?

Sweeping his eyes at the attitude of the various experts, the corner of Shen Hong’s mouth rose into a smile. He looked at Nie Li again. ‘Brat, you want to play with me? You’re still not experienced enough!’

The experts all had the look hesitation on their faces. Could it be that such a thing actually happened?

The City Lord being assassinated, this isn’t some trifling matter. It’d shake all of Glory City!

Ye Xiu, Ye Shuo and the other people who knew truth felt extremely furious upon hearing what Shen Hong had said. The one that tried to assassinate Ye Zong was Ye Han. They never thought that Shen Hong would know no shame and actually use this matter to make a false counter-charge.

Luckily, Ye Zong was saved by Nie Li; otherwise, Shen Hong’s attempt to frame someone might actually succeed. At that time, all of Glory City would probably be flipped upside down! Shen Hong truly is as cunning as a poisonous snake!

“Hahaha.” Huyan Xiong laughed loudly, “Brother Shen must be joking. I’m not sure when brother Shen’s men encountered Ye Han, but I just met up with brother Ye Zong earlier. Brother Ye Zong has the consciousness of a tiger and will soon step into Legend rank. You actually cursed him dead, I wonder what ulterior motive you have. Brother Ye Zong will soon arrive, and I’ll see how you explain yourself then!”

After listening to Huyan Xiong, although the experts still felt a little doubt and unease, their emotions calmed down a lot. Huyan Xiong is one of Ye Zong’s most trusted men, there is no reason for Huyan Xiong to lie at all.

Shen Hong coldly snorted, “The City Lord has extraordinary cultivation. In Glory City, aside from Lord Ye Mo, he has no opponents. I also don’t believe that he would be killed so easily. If it’s not someone close to him, then how could an assassin succeed?”

Shen Hong’s meaning is that Huyan Xiong is one of the culprit’s accomplices!

Huyan Xiong’s face ashened as he furiously stared at Shen Hong. However, he understands that he has to endure this anger. He has to find his footing in front of this old fox, Shen Hong. After calculating the time, Ye Zong should have already brought the experts of the Snow Wind Family to the Dark Guild’s branch and the Sacred Family and surrounded them. As long as they are able to stall Shen Hong and stabilize the other experts, then it’s all good.

“Brother Shen, you’re simple slandering. If anything did happen to brother Ye Zong, anything white can be black through your words. Luckily, nothing has happened to him; otherwise, wouldn’t that mean that we’ll be the scapegoats?” Huyan Xiong said, coldly laughing.

Shen Hong’s heart trembled. Is Huyan Xiong trying to bluff or is Ye Zong really fine? He coldly smiled and said, “Since that’s the case, why don’t you tell the City Lord to come out?”

If Ye Zong was really poisoned by the Draconic Tongue Herb, then only death awaits him. Even if the Snow Wind Family does have a life maintaining method, they also won’t be able to save Ye Zong.

“When the time comes, he will naturally appear.” Nie Li looked at Shen Hong and said, “Why is Patriarch Shen Hong being so anxious?”

“Then, what is the explanation for Ye Han? Why is it that in such a big gathering, Ye Han is not present? If Ye Han is here, wouldn’t we be able to know by asking him?” Shen Hong pushed.

Nie Li also couldn’t let the truth come out. Once the Patriarchs from the various families know that Ye Zong was poisoned by the Draconic Tongue Herb, Nie Li’s afraid that all it needs in an instant and the entire situation could be thrown into a mess and they will want to see Ye Zong. This is a trap from Shen Hong! Even if Nie Li were to tell them that he has already cured Ye Zong of his poison, it will be useless.

Nie Li lightly smiled and said, “The City Lord is the pillar of Glory City. The people around him want to assassinate him? Ridiculous! What good is there in assassinating the City Lord? If anything were to happen to the City Lord, once Lord Ye Mo returns, the culprit would definitely die a horrible death.”

The experts of the various families all looked at each other and nodded their heads. After all, there is still Lord Ye Mo. Even if Ye Xiu, Ye Shuo and the others were to assassinate Ye Zong, they wouldn’t be able to seize the City Lord’s position. They have no reason for doing that!

“Hmph, who knows, maybe you all have colluded with the Dark Guild?” Shen Hong still doesn’t spare a chance, since he can only give it a gamble.

If this question were to be continuously discussed, the Patriarchs of the various families will probably get to the bottom of this and seek the location of Ye Zong. Nie Li lightly smiled, “Does the Sacred Family want to see someone?”

“Don’t try to change the topic!” Shen Hong coldly smiled, “You think that you can hide the truth like this? As long as Lord Ye Zong himself doesn’t come out, you guys won’t be able to break free from suspicions!”

“Is the Sacred Family afraid of seeing him? Bring him up!” Nie Li coldly snorted.

After a moment, Shen Ming was escorted up, his face was filled with franticness and helplessness.

“Shen Ming!” Shen Hong’s eyes went narrow and was leaking a trace of killing intent.

“Correct, this is Elder Shen Ming of the Sacred Family.” Nie Li calmly looked at Shen Hong.

Shen Hong coldly smiled and said, “In recent days, Shen Ming had made a grave mistake. He actually took money from the Sacred Family to gamble and lost several hundreds of thousands of demon spirit coins. He has already been expelled from the Sacred Family. I never thought that young master Nie Li would capture Shen Ming. young master Nie Li couldn’t be trying to use Shen Ming’s mouth to attack my Sacred Family, right?! My Sacred Family has stood in Glory City for hundreds of years, how can it be tarnished by a brat like you?!” Shen Hong pointed Nie Li, directly gave Shen Ming the position of family traitor. Since he’s the family’s traitor, no matter what he says, no one will believe him.

“Haha, Patriarch Shen Hong is indeed eloquent with your words. You’re able to turn black into white through your words, and don’t let others find a way to refute them.” said Nie Li, looking at Shen Hong coldly as though he had predicted he would say such words.

Shen Hong knitted his brows, could it be that Nie Li still has other methods?