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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 181

Chapter 181 - Real intentions revealed

“Does Patriarch Shen Hong know about the third chapter’s, sixth secret technique from the Book of Sacred Spirit, Soul Refining?” Nie Li laughed as he looked at Shen Hong.

Soul Refining? Soul Refining is one of the more forceful interrogation methods. It can pull out a person’s soul. When it’s pulled out, the soul won’t have a consciousness; therefore, anything it’s asked, will be the truth.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Shen Hong’s face slightly changed and he solemnly said, “I naturally know of the Soul Refining method. Those that master such a vicious technique are probably only a few. Could it be that mister Nie Li knows it?”

The Book of Sacred Spirit is one of the few most widely known secret books. Although many people have heard of the Soul Refining method before, those that are able to use it are extremely few in number. Nie Li naturally knows of such a low-ended technique. With his current Gold rank cultivation, it’s sufficient for him to pull Shen Ming’s soul out.

“I know a little about this Soul Refining technique, I can give mister Nie Li a hand.” Ye Shuo as he smiled.

Hearing Ye Shuo’s words, Shen Hong’s face changed. Ye Shuo has an extremely mysterious identity. Others may not know of Ye Shuo, but he definitely knows about him. Ye Shuo is a specialist in charge of intel gathering, assassinations and forced interrogations for the Snow Wind Family, he’s definitely someone hard to deal with.

“Patriarch, save me. I, Shen Ming, have been loyal to the Sacred Family for so long. I beg for Patriarch to save my life!” hearing Ye Shuo’s words, Shen Ming’s face turned ash pale. Once his soul’s pulled out, he’ll probably die.

Shen Hong looked at Ye Shuo and the others coldly and said, “Isn’t the Snow Wind Family being too cruel to take such action? Whatever the case may be, Shen Ming still worked for my Sacred Family for many years. Even if he’s expelled from my Sacred Family, I won’t allow anyone to insult him!”

“I can see why Patriarch Shen Hong would turn out to be so righteous! After all, Shen Ming is an old servant of the Sacred Family, so it’s not too good for us to commit such an action!” Nie Li then said in a solemn voice, “Bring the other one out.”

After a moment later, Deacon Yun Hua was brought up. Wearing grey clothes, looking very scared.

“Does Patriarch Shen Hong recognize him?” Nie Li lightly smiled as he looked at Shen Hong.

Shen Hong’s brows twitched and said in a cold voice, “Why would I recognize him?”

“His name is Yun Hua, he’s a Deacon in the Dark Guild, who is responsible for keeping in touch with the Sacred Family. How are you possibly not able to recognize him?” Nie Li said, lightly smiling as he calmly looked at Shen Hong. Nie Li is aware that no matter how he tries to expose Shen Hong, it’s absolutely useless. What he have to do now is to stall for time and wait for Ye Zong to return.

“Hmph, does young master Nie Li have any evidence to back your words?” Shen Hong coldly laughed.

“Since we can’t bear to use the Soul Refining method on elder Shen Ming, then we can use the Soul Refining method on Deacon Yun Hua of the Dark Guild. Of course, Patriarch Shen Hong doesn’t have an opinion about it, right?” Nie Li said, lightly smiling as he glanced at Shen Hong.

“I, naturally, don’t have an opinion about it.” Shen Hong said in a cold smile. He glanced at the tightly bound Deacon Yun Hua, and his right hand quickly formed a seal. If a person like Deacon Yun Hua is left alive, the only outcome would simply be disastrous!

When Deacon Yun Hua heard of Nie Li’s words, his face ashened in fear. Just when he was about to say something, both of his eyes suddenly turned black, and a trace of blood leaked out from the corner of his lips. A powerful energy impacted his heart, instantly rupturing it. He pointed his fingers at Shen Hong and said, “You......” Before he could say the next word, his body already collapsed to the ground. In a flash of an eye, his breath stopped.

Hmph, he deserves to be dead. Seeing Deacon Yun Hua dying, Shen Hong’s expression did not have the slightest change as he kept his cold eyes on Nie Li.

Deacon Yun Hua’s body laid quietly on the ground with fresh blood spreading over the entire floor.

“Young master Nie Li, what happened to him? Why did he suddenly die? Young master Nie Li couldn’t be trying to use a dead man to slander my Sacred Family, right?” Shen Hong said as he coldly laughed, appearing to show no fear.

Nie Li slightly knitted his brows, the Soul Shackles technique again. Once someone is branded with Soul Shackles, even Nie Li will be incapable of removing it. As a member of the Dark Guild, it’s normal for Deacon Yun Hua to be branded with Soul Shackles as well. Previously, Deacon Yun Hua did not die because the one that implemented the Soul Shackles was too far from him, making it impossible to activate the Soul Shackles. The moment Deacon Yun Hua appeared, Shen Hong was able to use the Soul Shackles technique and kill Deacon Yun Hua.

In this confrontation, the Sacred Family can be described with rigorous. Even Nie Li couldn’t gain an advantage.

However, all the Patriarchs here have sharp eyes, they have definitely noticed something. Before this Deacon Yun Hua died, Shen Hong made some seal actions with his hands. They already had a little fear rise within their hearts towards the Sacred Family. Could it be that the Sacred Family has indeed colluded with the Dark Guild? They weren’t too anxious, but they quietly watched what would happen next.

Nie Li wasn’t expecting Deacon Yun Hua to do anything to the Sacred Family. Deacon Yun Hua’s death is meant to give a warning to all the Patriarchs here. Right now, they have to just stall for time. If they were to directly use the evidence against the Sacred Family, they would definitely have a life and death struggle in their hands. Once the battle starts, who knows how many people will die?

If they can stall long enough for Ye Zong to come back from finishing the Dark Guild’s branch and the nest of Sacred Family, that’d be the best scenario.

Shen Hong is confident that the Snow Wind Family wouldn’t be able to take out any evidence. As for Shen Ming and Deacon Yun Hua, he can kill them at anytime. with empty words and no evidence, they won’t be able to do anything to the Sacred Family. However, what caused Shen Hong to be a little depressed is that the other Patriarchs have their guards against him now. Even if the Snow Wind Family is not able to take out any evidence to testify the Sacred Family’s defection, as long as the Snow Wind Family points a finger at the Sacred Family, the majority of the other families will believe it to be true.

Although Ye Zong isn’t around and Shen Hong said that he died, the Snow Wind Family’s oppression of the Sacred Family started long ago. Furthermore, it’s by the orders of Ye Zong.

In comparison, the other Patriarchs obviously have more trust towards Ye Xiu, Ye Shuo and Huyan Xiong!

Sacred Family

Ye Zong broke open the huge array, lead the group of people in and charged into the main hall.

The three Black Gold rank Great Elders of the Sacred Family attacked simultaneously, charging towards Ye Zong.

One of the Black Gold rank Great Elders furiously said, “City Lord, what wrongs have my Sacred Family committed to lead you to take such great trouble to destroy us? We request for Lord Ye Mo to uphold justice for this!”

Ye Zong coldly barked, “The Sacred Family has colluded with the Dark Guild and betrayed Glory City. If you guys surrender, I might still be able to give you guys the choice of living. If you continue to resist, don’t blame me for being impolite!”

Hearing Ye Zong’s words, the three Great Elders looked at each other, remained silent and attacked Ye Zong.

After seeing the actions of the three Great Elders, how could Ye Zong not know that the three Great Elders of the Sacred Family were prepared to stick to their ways? Ye Zong furiously roared as he merged with his Snow Wind Great Ape and attacked. The three Black Gold rank fighters that were with Ye Zong went up and surrounded the three Great Elders.

A fierce fight broke out.

City Lord’s Mansion’s Main Hall

Nie Li’s dispute gave Shen Hong a sense of unease. He can sense that Nie Li and the rest were stalling for time on purpose.

Shen Hong suddenly thought of something. If Ye Zong didn’t die or Ye Han was one of Ye Zong’s men. Then Ye Zong already confirmed the betrayal of the Sacred Family. With Ye Zong’s swift and decisive character, he might have already started a calamity in the Sacred Family’s nest!

“Since the Snow Wind Family doesn’t trust my Sacred Family, then what’s the meaning of my Sacred Family still staying here? Let’s go!” Shen Hong coldly said as he smacked the table and stood up.

The few hundred people from the Sacred Family also stood up.

“Patriarch Shen Hong, our City Lord has already given us our orders. This gathering concerns the safety of Glory City. If anyone is not willing to participate or leaves in the middle of it, they will be regarded as a traitor!” Ye Xiu’s voice coldly sounded.

They never thought that Ye Xiu would be so firm. The experts from the other families had their eyes focused on Shen Hong and the other Sacred Family’s members.

Anyone could sense the hostile atmosphere. They were all very doubtful as to how this situation will develop. Could it be that they really will fight against one another? Could it be that the Snow Wind Family is going to deal with the Sacred Family?

Shen Hong looked at Ye Xiu and the rest with a cold look and said, “If City Lord Ye Zong himself wants us to stay, then we naturally have nothing to argue about. However, what are you considered? Can you represent the Snow Wind Family? Can you represent the City Lord? No one knows if the City Lord himself is still alive at this moment. You people definitely have some ulterior motive, and are trying to make a mess of Glory City!”

Although the Patriarchs of the various families still have more trust towards Ye Xiu and the rest, they were still hesitant about Ye Xiu and the rest. Are they really taking actions against the Sacred Family? What if Shen Hong speaks the truth?

“Since the Sacred Family doesn’t believe in our words, why are you rushing to leave, then? At most, we’ll all remain here and wait for City Lord to return, how about it?” Ye Xiu’s eyes narrowed. He is aware that this old fox, Shen Hong, definitely senses something. Right now, he can only intimidate Shen Hong.

“Who knows if you have some ulterior motive for gathering the experts from the various families here?” Shen Hong coldly snorted, “It might be a strategy to lure us away and send someone to clean up our families!”

Every single word from Shen Hong was poking into their hearts. Even the Patriarchs of the various families were all hesitant.

“Shen Hong, the gathering this time is personally notified by the City Lord himself. Could it be that you suspect the City Lord?” Nie Li stared at Shen Hong. He knows that this old fox will soon not be able to stay down, he just has to stall for as long as possible.

“Who knows what has happened to City Lord? Who knows what you guys are planning?” Shen Hong coldly snorted, “We’re leaving now! I want to see who will hinder us!”

The experts from the Sacred Family walked towards the exit of the main hall.

The other families’ experts got out of their way. After all, without any evidence, they have no idea who to believe. They can only remain on the sidelines and watch.

Ye Xiu and the rest all coldly snorted, “Stop them!”