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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 183

Chapter 183 - Snow Wind Spiritual God

Bolts of terrifying lightning energy were forming into snakes in the air above the inscription scroll. The frightening lightning snakes extended to the surrounding area, and a millstone sized lightning sphere appeared in the sky, followed by several hundreds of others.

The terrifying lightning aura made everyone feel a suffocating pressure.

The two Black Gold rank experts had fear on their faces, they can sense how powerful this Setting Sun’s Thunderstorm technique is.

Before they were able to react, the lightning spheres fell from the sky.

The two Black Gold rank experts were engulfed by the falling lightning spheres.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The dense amount of lightning explosions caused countless craters to appear in the surrounding hundred meter area in that instant.

The two Black Gold rank experts were caught off guard. They never expected Nie Li to have such a move and be unable to dodge in time.

Things like the Legend rank inscription scrolls were created by a Legend rank expert after exhausting a large amount of soul force with countless precious materials. It’s the life saving equipment for a Legend rank Demon Spiritualist. How can an ordinary Black Gold rank expert withstand something like that?

Countless amounts of lightning exploded on them, instantly tearing their defenses into pieces. The explosion sent them flying, their bodies were charred black, their clothes were pathetically torn and they eventually fell back to the ground, no longer able to get up. As for Shen Hong, who was following close behind Nie Li, sensed something was wrong, and immediately escaped from the lightning explosions range. However, he was hit by some of the stray lightning, tearing the clothes on his body and leaving numerous wounds on his skin.

Seeing the two Black Gold rank experts on the floor, Shen Hong’s face slightly changed. Luckily, he escaped in time; otherwise, he’d probably be as miserable as the two Black Gold rank experts!

Setting Sun’s Thunderstorm technique, this is a Legend rank forbidden spell!

Right now, the only Demon Spiritualist that can unleash a Legend rank forbidden spell is Ye Mo. As for the inscription scrolls that were passed down from ancient times, they should have already lost their effects. Just where did Nie Li’s Legend rank Inscription Scroll come from?

Shen Hong felt very depressed, the opponent is obviously only Gold rank, but he’s as slippery as a mudfish. He can’t get close to him at all; furthermore, Nie Li has so many methods up his sleeve, that he’s unable to guard against completely.

Nie Li glanced at the two Black Gold rank experts lying on the floor and the battered Shen Hong, he stood his ground and smiled, “Patriarch Shen Hong, you’re not going to continue chasing after me?”

“Brat, don’t run if you’ve got guts! Don’t think that just because you have some methods up your sleeve, I’ll be helpless against you!” Shen Hong was raging with towering anger. He let out a furious roar, and his body quickly transformed into a huge condor that soared into the sky and headed towards Nie Li.

Sacred Flaming Condor?

Nie Li lightly smiled. This Sacred Flaming Condor is much weaker than Ye Zong’s previous Black Scaled Earth Dragon, no wonder why Shen Hong was always unable to reach Legend rank and his cultivation was so much weaker than Ye Zong’s.

In terms of talent, Shen Hong is not inferior to Ye Zong; however, his integrated demon spirit lost a level to Ye Zong’s. This is probably also the reason why Shen Hong was unresigned in his heart.

Even though Shen Hong is a Black Gold rank pinnacle expert, Nie Li still doesn’t put him in his eyes. He has sufficient methods to retreat when Shen Hong is closing in on him!

However, there’s no need to continue playing with Shen Hong anymore.

“Duan Jian, I’ll go start the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array, I leave him to you!” Nie Li said in a loud voice. Thereafter, he rushed out without even turning his head back. With Duan Jian’s strength, even if he’s not Shen Hong’s opponent, Shen Hong won’t be able to do anything to Duan Jian in such a short amount of time.

Once the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array starts, every single one of the Sacred Family can only dream of escaping!

Just when the Sacred Flaming Condor came flying down, a figure quickly flew over. Duan Jian was always near Nie Li, but only appeared after Nie Li’s order.

Duan Jian stretched his pair of black wings, wielded the Black Flame Sword and charged towards the Sacred Flaming Condor like a demon.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A terrifying explosion was made in the air.

Duan Jian was hit again and again by the frightening power of the Sacred Flaming Condor, but he did not seem to be even slightly wounded. Instead, he continued to charge at it with bravery and fearlessness. Large balls of fire exploded in the sky, this intense fight lured the attention of many.

“He suffered such a concentrated attack, yet he came out unscathed, the strength of this young man’s physique is too frightening!”

“Is this young man even human? That physique is simply comparable to the dragon tribes!”

Duan Jian did not merge with his demon spirit, he’s only using his physique strength. It’s frightening that the strength of his physique can actually reach such a level.

Shock flashed across the eyes of Ye Xiu and the rest. They are clear of Shen Hong’s strength, he’s an existence only second to Ye Mo and Ye Zong. Even if Ye Xiu and Ye Shuo were to join hands, they can only make an effort to block Shen Hong when he merges with his Sacred Flaming Condor. They never thought that this young man would actually be able to stand off against Shen Hong with his physical strength alone and not look like he’s in a disadvantageous position.

When the experts of the Sacred Family saw this scene, their faces changed. If Shen Hong is being held up, then they can only dream of escaping.


Shen Xiu was sent flying by Ye Xiu with a palm, spitting blood from her mouth and looking very miserable.

Shen Yue and the rest were even worse off. After being beaten up by the experts from Huyan Family and the Divine Family, they were captured.

As for the Black Gold rank experts of the Sacred Family, they were absolutely unable to resist the Black Gold rank experts from the Snow Wind Family, Divine Family and the Huyan Family. After all, the gap is too wide.

Several Black Gold rank elders of the Sacred Family looked at each other. They unleashed a low roar and some inscription scrolls were taken out, hovering around them and turning into lumps of flames.

Instantaneously, a dark aura blew out from them.

“It’s the Dark Guild’s Shadow Devil technique! Everyone, be careful!” Ye Xiu and the rest barked, gathering their groups to dodge what came next.

Red flashes of light shot out from the Sacred Family’s Black Gold rank elder’s eyes, expressing killing intents.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The fire surrounding them exploded, as a mysterious and powerful existence awakened from the darkness.

A few people from the Snow Wind Family and the Divine Family’s exploded and turned into a bloody mist when they got close to the Sacred Family’s Black Gold rank elders.

A huge shadow appeared in the sky, covering it like a curtain. A pair of blood thirsty pupils overlooked the entire area. A black shadow looked like a sharp blade swept past them.

*Woosh!* *Psh!*

Fresh blood splashed around. In that instant, hundreds of experts were killed.

“Hmph, I want all of you to die!” The leading elder, Shen Yuan, furiously roared, looking very insane.

Ye Xiu, Ye Shuo and the others managed to dodge the attack, but couldn’t help the fear lingering in their hearts. This Shadow Devil technique is simply too frightening, even they were almost killed by it. However, the shadow devil’s claws still followed behind them, making them have no other choice but to dodge.

“Damn it! They were actually forced to use the Shadow Devil technique!” cursed Shen Hong, as he battled Duan Jian. He was beyond furious now. By being forced to use the Shadow Devil technique given to them by the Dark Guild, is simply announcing that they betrayed Glory City! This will definitely attract the hostility and attacks from the other families. He is being held up by Duan Jian and couldn’t leave his position, making him unable to support the Sacred Family or chasing after Nie Li. His cultivation is obviously much stronger than Duan Jian’s, but Duan Jian’s physical strength is simply too powerful. No matter what kind of attack he uses, he can’t kill Duan Jian, only cause superficial wounds.

“Your opponent is me, yet you still have the time to concern about others?!” Duan Jian coldly growled, pressing his Black Flame Sword towards Shen Hong.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

It was another fierce battle.

The Black Gold rank elders of the Sacred Family were forced to use the Shadow Devil technique, which allowed them feel a little more at ease from the surrounded attacks for the time being. However, there were terrible consequences. Originally, only the Snow Wind Family, Divine Family, Huyan Family and few other families attacked the Sacred Family, the other experts were just standing by the sidelines. The moment they saw the Black Gold rank elders of the Sacred Family using the Shadow Devil technique, they made their decision that instant. The Sacred Family really did betray Glory City and joined the Dark Guild.

“The Sacred Family betrayed Glory City! Surround them!”

“Don’t let them escape!”

Knowing that the Sacred Family betrayed them, everyone’s eyes turned red, and were filled with killing intent. Betrayal is not tolerated! The Dark Guild has done many evils, creating irreconcilable vengeances with all the other families. The other families all have members that died from the hands of the Dark Guild.

Seeing the people surround them, the Black Gold rank elders of the Sacred Family revealed cold smiles. If these people still dare to charge at them after they summoned the Shadow Devil, they’re basically seeking death.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Black shadows streaked across the sky like sharp claws, instantly killing hundreds of people from the other families.

The few Black Gold rank elders slowly floated into the air. Their bodies are shrouded in dreadful darkness and lumps of fire that lingered around them.

“Hmph! With just a Shadow Devil technique, you dare to be so arrogant in my City Lord’s Mansion?!” Ye Xiu coldly snorted as he flew to one of the walls in the main hall. The wall is engraved with strange inscription patterns. Both of Ye Xiu’s hands quickly formed a seal, then slammed his palms onto the main hall’s wall, “Since we dared to gather you to the City Lord’s Mansion itself, do you think we don’t have any preparations?”

The main hall started to release a dazzling light. A white armoured giant god slowly stood in the main hall. It’s shrouded in a blizzard and was wielding a giant ice axe with both of it’s hands. As it stood in the endless sky, it looked like some type of superior might was being emitted from him.

The eyes of the giant god looked like they were made from bronze. The eyes stared at the Shadow Devil in the sky. The terrifying might instantly made everyone tighten their necks, causing them to feel a little suffocated.

“This is...the Snow Wind Spiritual God?!”

Witnessing this scene, the faces of the few elders from the Sacred Family were scared to a ghostly pale color. They heard of the name Snow Wind Spiritual God before. A few hundred years back, when the demon beast horde came to violate Glory City, it was the Snow Wind Spiritual God that fought off the three Legend rank demon spirit’s attacks, turning Glory City’s peril into safety.