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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 187

Chapter 187 - Confrontation

Nie Li’s eyes slightly narrowed. In this palm, he is using the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array at full power, without preserving any strength.


The heavens and earth shook as this terrifying sound turned into wave and swept throughout the surrounding area. In an instant, everyone underneath this power were in a complete mess from the shockwave, and the surrounding buildings were cracking and falling apart.

Such terrifying energy!

This isn’t a power that a human can reach!

Ye Zong and the other Black Gold rank experts expressions changed. Any one of them would instantly turn into dust when facing such power alone.

When Long Sha came into contact with this power, his face instantly turned ghastly pale, the skin on his arm had split open, exposing torn muscles. This power is capable of thoroughly destroying his dragon physique. Since he was about to be engulfed by these raging waves of energy, Long Sha immediately activated the few treasures he has on hand.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Each treasure he used turned into ashes. These treasures were given to him by the Demon Lord when he had reached Legend rank, including the Divine Guardian Armour, Darkness Shield and many others.

However, when these items cancelled a portion of the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array’s power, they instantly turned into ashes.

Long Sha never imagined that the power of the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array would reach such a pinnacle degree, even the few Legend rank treasures were unable to protect him.


Long Sha was sent flying several hundred meters before he was able to stop. His chest heavily moved up and down to catch his breath, his clothes were torn to pieces by the explosion and his body was full of wounds. He was in a very sorry state. If he didn’t sacrifice the few pieces of Legend rank treasures, Long Sha would have probably died.

Even though his strength is at Legend rank, he was unable to withstand a single blow from the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array without assistance!

A trace of fear flashed across Long Sha’s eyes, he overestimated his own strength.

Ye Zong and the rest did not expect Long Sha to be so powerful. If he’s the number two in the Dark Guild and is already wielding such strength, then just what kind of existence is the Dark Guild’s strongest Demon Lord?

Long Sha held onto his chest, that ghastly pale face had a trace of respect as he said, “This Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array is indeed something. If it wasn’t for the treasures that I used to protect myself, I would have probably been turned into ashes. Since I have withstood a strike from you, I will wait with the Demon Lord for your visit at the Dark Guild! In three months time, if you still have not visited us by then, then we can only come personally to invite you!”

Finish speaking, Long Sha grabbed ahold of Gui Sha and flew away, disappearing into the sky in just a blink of an eye.

Looking at Long Sha and Gui Sha’s escaping figures, Nie Li narrowed his eyes. If he continued to utilize the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array, he can still force Long Sha and Gui Sha to remain. However, if he were to kill Long Sha and Gui Sha, then Nie Li would be worried that the Demon Lord of the Dark Guild would come personally. If Long Sha is already strong to this extent, then the Demon Lord must be even more formidable. Furthermore, he’s most likely a supreme expert that has undergone several Spiritual Constellations, his strength might even be above Ye Mo’s. If he found out that Long Sha and Gui Sha were killed, he might go crazy and that could put Glory City in an even more dangerous crisis.

Right now, Long Sha became a little afraid of his strength and has appointed the timeframe of three months, he will then deal with it three months later. Although three months is a little short, it’s sufficient for Nie Li to raise his strength by several levels. Furthermore, Lord Ye Mo should also return by that time.

Long Sha mistook him for an expert that has undergone Spiritual Constellation reincarnation several times, which is why he has a little fear towards Nie Li. Since he has already appointed the time of three months, then he, naturally, won’t go against it.

Nie Li’s brows twitched as he inwardly thought to himself, ‘Then let’s meet three months later.’

Ye Zong, Ye Xiu and the others landed beside Nie Li.

Ye Zong sighed, “That Long Sha is at least a 3-star Legend rank expert, above him, there’s still the Demon Lord with unpredictable strength. If these people attack Glory City, I fear that we’ll have a very hard time stopping them!”

Fear still lingered in the hearts of Ye Xiu and the rest. That one strike that Nie Li launched was strong to an astonishing degree. However, it’s still not able to kill Long Sha, Long Sha’s strength is truly too shocking. As for that mysterious Demon Lord, he is even more unimaginable.

“We’re afraid of the Dark Guild, so are they. Over on our side, we have Lord Ye Zong and Ye Mo who have reached Legend rank. If we were to really engage in a life and death struggle, they would suffer heavy losses as well.” said Nie Li.

“Nie Li, are you really not a Spiritual Constellation expert?” Ye Zong’s gaze fell onto Nie Li. Previously in Nie Li and Long Sha’s conversation, Ye Zong more or less understood what was being said.

“A person that utilizes the Spiritual Constellation technique would have to suffer the eternal torture of having their souls burnt every night. Who would use this kind of demonic technique? I’m only more intelligent than others, and unlocked the legendary divine knowledge.” Nie Li hurriedly found an excuse.

Divine knowledge? Ye Zong and the rest were a little blank. However, thinking about it again, Nie Li doesn’t look like someone that has undergone Spiritual Constellation reincarnation before.

“After undergoing the Spiritual Constellation reincarnation, one will become closer and closer to the pinnacle of Legend rank. As long as they are able to step through that stage, they will be able to reach an even higher realm. I believe that the Demon Lord should have already been infinitely closer to that realm.” Nie Li’s gaze became deep. This mysterious Demon Lord made Nie Li feel a huge amount of pressure. If he wished to protect Glory City, then he has to defeat the Demon Lord!

He has to quickly think of a way to raise his cultivation!

Ye Zong, Ye Xiu and the rest looked into the distance. The crisis that Glory City is facing is even larger than they had imagined. Ye Zong now understands why Ye Mo would have his brows knitted together and filled with anxiety every time he comes back. Although Ye Zong has no idea where he goes, he knows that he is monitoring the Dark Guild’s actions, while exploring some secret realm, and was letting Glory City have more capital to fight against the Dark Guild.

The Sacred Family was annihilated and the Dark Guild had retreated, for Glory City, it’s still more or less a good thing.

Looking around, after going through a major battle, this place was now a total mess. The losses of the experts from the other families is still very large. However, Ye Zong can handle these aftermath matters.

The time limit is three months, Nie Li’s heart is still filled with urgency. Between him and the Dark Guild, there will definitely be a battle! This Demon Lord is an existence at the pinnacle of Legend rank!

A few thousand miles away, deep in the mountains, Long Sha landed with Gui Sha, leaving footprints in the snow.

“Long Sha, how are your wounds?” asked Gui Sha. Long Sha is someone that has the physique from the dragon bloodline, however, after the strike from the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array, he was suffering from heavy injuries. When he recalled the power of the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array, Gui Sha felt the fear lingering in his heart.

“I never thought that the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array would be so powerful, it almost shattered my soul realm.” Long Sha said as he bitterly smiled, “Although I have used three Legend rank treasures to protect my life, the damage to my body is too big. I estimate that with such injuries, I won’t be able to recover even after two years. It will also have huge impact to my future cultivation.”

Long Sha held onto his chest as he coughed, spitting out a mouthful of blood, dying the pure white snow to a more attention grabbing red.

“It’s this serious?” Gui Sha said in shock.

“From the start of my cultivation till today, aside from the Demon Lord, not many people were able to cause harm to me for the past dozen years. I never thought that I would suffer today. I underestimated the might of that Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array!” Long Sha said, “In my mind, that Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array can kill an ordinary Legend rank expert at most. With my methods and physical strength, I was more than enough to handle it. I never imagined that my soul realm would be damaged by it!”

“The person controlling that Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array is extremely dangerous, we have to be very careful to guard against it in the future!” Long Sha said, fear holding in his heart. He was glad that he was able to escape from Glory City. Luckily his physical strength was strong enough; otherwise, he’d have been consigned to eternal damnation at that moment.

“Okay!” Gui Sha nodded his head. After he recalled everything that happened earlier, he felt the chill run down his spine. Since even Long Sha almost died from the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array, he’s already lucky enough to have survived through it.

“We’ll return to the Dark Guild and notify the subordinate to not step out without our orders for the next three months! We’ll make a further decision after the Demon Lord comes out from his secluded training!” said Long Sha. He has a deep fear for Nie Li, since the opponent could be a powerful Spiritual Constellation expert. If the other party had pursue after them before the Demon Lord returned, then he’d certainly be dead. Furthermore, his cultivation has been weakened to a tenth of his original, and fears that he might not even be Ye Zong’s opponent.

After the two of them rested awhile in that location, they hurried back to Dark Guild’s headquarters. The longer they remained outside, the more dangerous it was.

Because the City Lord’s Mansion experienced that huge battle, it was in ruins. When the people of Glory City found out that the Sacred Family betrayed Glory City and joined the Dark Guild, they all spurned the Sacred Family, and felt fortunate that the Sacred Family had been annihilated. The Dark Guild members that came to violate Glory City had also retreated. They even heard that two experts from the Dark Guild escaped with heavy injuries.

Regarding this battle, the topic that most people were on was Nie Li, who had control of the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array at the time. It was Nie Li’s credit that the Dark Guild was repelled. After experiencing the demon beast horde and the huge battle with the Dark Guild, Nie Li’s prestige in Glory City was only second to Ye Mo and Ye Zong.

Many people believed that Nie Li is going to be the next City Lord that Ye Mo and Ye Zong have been nurturing. Even if he’s not the next City Lord, he’ll at least be Ye Zong’s son-in-law. As for Ye Han, he became the traitor of Glory City and is disdained by everyone.

Although the strength of the Dark Guild is still a haze that shrouds everyone’s hearts, they still firmly believe that when Lord Ye Mo returns, he will naturally have a method to deal with the Demon Lord. The future of Glory City is bright, they will not give up on that hope.

Ye Zong, Ye Xiu and others were dealing with the aftermath, whereas Xiao Ning’er and the rest returned to their families.

The first glimmer of dawn shot into Glory City though the mountain range. After experiencing a night of battling, everything returned to peace. The collapsed buildings are currently being rebuilt, and seemed to be shining with new life.