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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 188

Chapter 188 - Journey

In Ye Ziyun’s yard, Nie Li was sitting cross-legged as he quietly trained.

Scenes flashed across his mind, including all the events that happened with Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er and the rest after his return. Now that the Sacred Family has been destroyed, it can be considered that he accomplished his first wish. No matter how the future turns out, at least everything will be utterly changed.

After the Sacred Family, the Dark Guild is next. The mysteriously hidden Dark Guild and Demon Lord that has been threatening Glory City at every moment. Unless the Dark Guild are annihilated and the Demon Lord killed, Nie Li won’t be able to rest and eat in peace.

However, with the normal speed of his cultivation, he won’t be able to step into Legend rank in a short amount of time. He can only use other methods!

Nie Li had many ideas flashing in his mind; however, they would require him to leave Glory City for a period of time. Aside from raising his cultivation, Nie Li still wanted to search for the location of the Dark Guild’s nest.

Nie Li looked into the sky, saw a soul puppet slowly descending and land on his shoulders.

After pondering awhile, Nie Li said, “Ancestral Founder Ye Yan, I’m preparing to leave Glory City in order to train. I’ll write several letters and will have to leave it to you to have them sent to my friends and parents.”

“Brat, where are you preparing to go?” Ancestral Founder Ye Yan asked, “Do you want I, an Ancestral Founder, to follow you?”

“No need.” Nie Li shook his head and said, “The place that I’m going won’t be far. Furthermore, I want to go and have a look at the underground world that you spoke of and trace the location of the Dark Guild; otherwise, the enemies will be in the light, while we’re in the dark[1. Enemies know about them and they know nothing about their enemies ], we can forget about getting rid of the Dark Guild.”

Hearing what Nie Li said, Ancestral Founder Ye Yan was a little startled and said, “you’re preparing to investigate the Dark Guild alone? Won’t that be too dangerous?”

“No, I have some methods that can protect my life.” said Nie Li. As long as he doesn’t encounter the Demon Lord himself, Nie Li should be able to protect himself.

Nie Li pondered awhile. Is the Temporal Demon Spirit Book still in the desert palace? Because he has to make it back within three months, he might not be able to make the trip to the desert palace right now. However, other than the desert palace, there is still one other place that Nie Li has memories of.

There is still a high amount of difficulty for him to reach the Legend realm in such a short amount of time. Aside from him, there is no one else that is able to save Glory City. he has to bear this responsibility. Therefore, the only way for his cultivation to quickly rise, is to go out to train.

Nie Li wrote several letters and passed them to Ancestral Founder Ye Yan.

“Be careful.” Ye Yan reminded Nie Li. He then grabbed the letters and flew off.

After he watched Ye Yan fly into the distance, Nie Li looked towards Ye Ziyun’s room.

Ye Ziyun is in her room, feeling angry. She managed to train to Gold rank, after huge difficulty and thought that she had sufficient strength to help her father share the trouble and was able to help Nie Li. However, when the battle arrived, Nie Li and her father locked her up in the secret chamber.

Although she knows that Nie Li and her father did it out of care for her, she still felt a little grievance in her heart. At least for today, she doesn’t want to see Nie Li.

‘Who asked Nie Li to trick me? This is his punishment!’ Ye Ziyun pouted as she thought inwardly to herself in indignation.

She sat cross-legged on the bed and began cultivating her soul force. Behind her, the shadowy image of the Snow Queen slowly appeared, shrouding her body in a layer of frost. The moonlight was shining on her body, making her look as beautiful as a fairy.

Nie Li stared at the quiet night, feeling the soul force emitting from Ye Ziyun’s room. He knows that she is doing her utmost to train. He understands Ye Ziyun’s feelings, she’s trying to become stronger to guard Glory City.

Previously, when he locked Ye Ziyun in the secret chamber, it was because Nie Li didn’t wish to see her hurt. After his rebirth, Nie Li didn’t want to suffer anymore loss.

If he told Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er, Du Ze and the rest that he’s going out to train, they will certainly want to follow. It would be even more dangerous with more people; therefore, Nie Li is going to leave quietly. However, his heart, at this moment, felt reluctant to part with them.

Nie Li walked to Ye Ziyun’s door and stood there. He wanted to knock on the door several times, but was hesitant.

Ye Ziyun felt an aura outside her door and opened her eyes. The one standing outside should be Nie Li.

‘I’m not going to open the door for you, you locked me up in the secret chamber today!” Ye Ziyun thought inwardly to herself. It’s already so late, yet Nie Li still wanted to come into her room. Ye Ziyun felt her heart shake a little and her face turned red. Who knows what Nie Li will do? Therefore, she won’t open the door for him! After she recalled the time she dug into Nie Li’s bed, she wished she could dig a hole and jump into it.

After standing outside Ye Ziyun’s room for a long while, and after Nie Li thought about it, he did not knock her door in the end. It’s best to leave without saying anything; otherwise, he might not be willing to leave.

To gain the strength to fight the Demon Lord and the Dark Guild, Nie Li has to use the fastest method to raise his own cultivation. In order to raise his cultivation, secluded training won’t be enough, he has to use some stuff to act as the catalyst.

After seeing Nie Li’s shadow standing in front of her door for a long time, Ye Ziyun hesitated. Should she go and open the door for him?

‘After locking me up in the secret chamber during such a dangerous fight, wanting me to forgive you won’t be so easy!’ Ye Ziyun pouted thought in her heart. Nie Li is too annoying. Knowing that her father, clansmen and Nie Li were fighting in a matter of life and death, while she was locked up, one can imagine what she is feeling right now. She doesn’t want to talk to Nie Li for the entire day.

There were several times that Ye Ziyun wanted to open the door for Nie Li; however, she stopped herself from doing so.

“I’m not going to open the door for you, in case you bully me again.” Ye Ziyun snorted.

Under the moonlight, the cheeks of this lady had a layer of blush on them, causing her to look even more charming.

After Nie Li hesitated for a long while, he placed a letter on the step. He then turned around and quickly left, disappearing into the darkness.

When Nie Li left, Ye Ziyun felt a little panicked. She stomped her feet, “Idiot, why didn’t you knock?”

She walked to the door and opened it. Looking around, she couldn’t see the figure of Nie Li at all, and only saw a letter lying on the floor. She suddenly had a bad premonition, bent down and picked up the letter and started reading it.

Soon after, columns of tears fell from Ye Ziyun’s attractive and elegant face. It turns out that Nie Li came here to bid his farewells.

When leaving for the distant world of cultivation, who can expect the kind of danger one will face?

She wanted to tell Nie Li that she doesn’t wish for him to leave; however, when she looked in the surrounding area, she couldn’t see Nie Li’s figure. Ye Ziyun understood that Nie Li left to train so that he can give Glory City more protection. He saw everything as his responsibility. However, doesn’t Glory City still have her grandfather and father?

However, Nie Li already left.

Ye Ziyun tightly grasped the letter, feeling her heart throbbing with pain. If she knew that Nie Li came to bid farewell, she wouldn’t have purposely not opened the door.

Where did Nie Li go to? Will he encounter danger?

Winged Dragon Family

When Xiao Ning’er received the letter, Nie Li was already nowhere to be seen. She held the letter against her chest, she still has lots of things to say to him, but they all turned into thoughts, accompanying Nie Li’s empty presence.

“I will definitely wait for your return!” Xiao Ning’er looked into the distance, “Glory City is not something you alone have to protect, we can also do it!”

Her hair fluttered in the wind, the load on her mind was hidden deep in her heart. Her expression became firm, the thoughts of becoming strong was ignited even more fiercely.

Holy Orchid Institute

“Nie Li is too much, he left without taking us!” Lu Piao angrily clenched his fists. If Nie Li was here, he would definitely charge up and give him a beating, “When he returns, I’ll definitely give him a beating!”

“If we were to go, we would only be a burden!” Du Ze said as he shook his head. He understood why Nie Li did this.

“We at least have the same level of cultivation!” Lu Piao said with resentment.

“Indeed, we have the same level of cultivation; however, what about strength?” Du Ze bitterly smiled and said, “Even if all of us were to go at him at once, we wouldn’t be able to beat him. Furthermore, he has the Shadow Devil demon spirit. If he faces any danger, he can come and go as he wishes, but we would only burden him.”

“Then, what should we do now?” Lu Piao also said, bitterly smiling in disappointment.

“Focus hard in our training.” Du Ze firmly said, “At least when Nie Li returns, we will still have the cultivation of the same level. Every time Nie Li raise his cultivation, his difficulty becomes ten fold our own. If we can’t maintain the speed of our cultivation, then we can just bang our heads against the wall and commit suicide!”

Lu Piao looked over at Duan Jian and asked, “Duan Jian, what about you? Didn’t Nie Li leave you a letter?”

Duan Jian is someone that has the abilities of a Black Gold rank and a body with the strength of a Legend rank, so why didn’t Nie Li bring Duan Jian along?

“Master said that the place that he’s going, even if I were to follow, would only lead me to my death. Therefore, he wanted me to stay behind or stay near Glory City and train.” Duan Jian said, looking in the distance. He has no idea where Nie Li is going; however, since Nie Li said so, he has absolute faith that Nie Li will return safely.

After hearing what Duan Jian said, everyone’s faces changed. Duan Jian is someone that has a Legend rank physical body! Ordinary creatures wouldn’t be able to kill him. Even if Duan Jian was to go to that place, it’ll only lead to his death? Where is Nie Li going? Everyone couldn’t help worrying about him.

However, thinking it over again, since Nie Li said so, then he should have a certain amount of confidence. After all, Nie Li would never do something that he has no confidence in.

Before Leaving, Nie Li gave Duan Jian a cultivation technique. He looked into the distance. While Nie Li is gone, he will constantly raise his strength and become Nie Li’s right-hand man.