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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 19

Chapter 19 - Childrens of Influential Family

Under the bright moonlight, the forest is filled with mottled shadows.

A romantic atmosphere.

After helping Xiao Ning’er massage her bruises, Nie Li watched as Xiao Ning’er slowly put her clothes on. Both of them did not speak a word.

Xiao Ning’er raised her head looking at Nie Li. That serious and calm expression on his face, feeling the warmth from her bruised area, Xiao Ning’er is filled with gratitude. If it wasn’t for Nie Li, she wouldn’t know how long she would be struggling in the pain. It was Nie Li that rescued her from the endless mire.

Nie Li felt somewhat awkward being stared by Xiao Ning’er. After all, some places that should not have been touched had already been touched, and they felt good.

"Nie Li, you’ve offended Sacred Family, you must be careful." Xiao Ning’er knows that the Sacred family is despicable and shameless. That year when her Winged Dragon Family declined was due to them falling into Sacred Family’s trap causing more than 80% of the family property to enter the Sacred Family’s control, leaving them no choice but to attach themselves to the Sacred Family.

Until now the Winged Dragon Family still has yet to recover from it, becoming the last of all the noble family and soon will fall to an aristocrat family.

"I’m well-aware. The Sacred Family is a fame seeking family, so they can’t go after me. I reckon they will need to wait for a few months until everything calms down before they can go after me." Nie Li said, faintly laughing. After those few months, he will already have a counter-measure.

Seeing Nie Li’s eyes were filled with self-confidence, Xiao Ning’er had a feeling that no matter what problems are in front of Nie Li, to him those are not issues. Her heart was filled with admiration for Nie Li.

"Get a piece of unused soul crystal after you go back, I’ll help you test your innate talent." Nie Li said towards Xiao Ning’er. With the deepening of their mutual understanding, Nie Li feels that Xiao Ning’er is a good girl. Who knows one day she might even become his powerful helper. Nie Li decided to teach her a powerful cultivation technique.

"Unused soul crystal? What for?" Xiao Ning’er asked while taking a piece of soul crystal out from her interspatial ring, "I have 3 piece here."

"So you have it with you, that’s great." Nie Li laughed, taking a piece among the three, "Inject your soul force into it and let me see."

"Okay," Xiao Ning’er nodded her head and injected her soul force into the crystal, the crystal released a dazzling light. Inside the light, slowly forming into a Winged Dragon shape, flying.

Nie Li looked at Xiao Ning’er astoundedly "Soul force of 83, Wind Lightning attribute, Winged Dragon soul form."

No wonder Xiao Ning’er trained so fast in the previous life. Eventhough she was bedridden for two years, her cultivation still increased quickly. She actually had Winged Dragon soul form, a peerless talent within ten thousand people. Having that kind of soul form, no matter which cultivation technique was practiced, the cultivation will increase very fast. If she were to practice Wind Lightning attribute’s cultivation technique then it will be even more incredible.

"Wind Lightning Attribute, Winged Dragon shaped soul form, what are they?" Xiao Ning’er couldn’t understand what Nie Li just said. Doubt filled her beautiful pupils.

"It means that you are suitable for Wind Lightning Attribute’s cultivation technique." Nie Li thought for awhile and said, "I have a cultivation technique here with me, I’ll give it to you."

This cultivation technique was found by Nie Li in a lost ancient city. It was the most suitable for people with Winged Dragon shaped soul form to practice. Once she start practising it, her cultivation will advance by leaps and bounds, much faster than Nie Li and the others..

Winged Dragon shaped soul form, this talent is so excellent that even Nie Li felt jealous!

"This cultivation technique is much stronger than the one you’re practising!" Nie Li said as he imparted the chant to the cultivation technique to Xiao Ning’er.

Xiao Ning’er memorized the cultivation technique, and upon chanting, the power she felt was really that of a wind lightning attributed cultivation method and it was simply too strong and unparalleled! All those cultivation techniques that she had seen before are all trash before this cultivation technique!

"This cultivation technique is called [Lightning Dragon] cultivation technique!" Nie Li laughed, "It’s the most suited cultivation technique for you!|

"Thank you." Xiao Ning’er raised her head gratefully looking at Nie Li. She doesn’t even know how to repay Nie Li’s kindness, first he freed her from the pain and suffering, then he gave her such a powerful cultivation technique. Nibbling on her lips as her complexion started to heat up, "I don’t know how to repay you. But no matter what you want me to do, I am willing."

Hearing Xiao Ning’er’s gentle words caused Nie Li’s heart to shake Looking at the charming Xiao Ning’er, he bitterly smiled and said, "We’re friends, it’s natural to help each other. When I have trouble in the future, you will also help me right?"

"En," Xiao Ning’er nodded, briefly disappointment flashed through her beautiful pupils. If Nie Li were to ask her to become his girlfriend at this moment, she will certainly agree without hesitation.

They both practised for a few hours. Xiao Ning’er practised the [Lightning Dragon Technique] for awhile. The surge in her cultivation was unimaginable. People with Winged Dragon shaped soul form were already peerless talents that appeared once in tens of thousands, combining with practising superior cultivation techniques suitable for their physique, their cultivation speed would simply advance explosively.

Although the [Heavenly God Technique] is way stronger than the [Lightning Dragon Technique] in the end, during the early phases of practice the speed of cultivation increased by practising the [Lightning Dragon Technique] is much faster than practising the [Heavenly God Technique]!

When dawn arrives, Xiao Ning’er’s body emitted faint cyan light.

"Lightning Dragon Technique’s cultivating speed is too fearsome. In just a little while, she actually touched the edge of 1-star bronze." Nie Li couldn’t help but sigh in sorrow, Him, Du Ze, Lu Piao, and the trio are a lot more mediocre compared to her.

When Xiao Ning’er opened her eyes, Nie Li had already left. Xiao Ning’er’s eyes flashed with a hint of disappointment. Since she was young, she rarely associated with boys. Nie Li is the only boy which caused her to view him in a new light. Thinking about Nie Li, Xiao Ning’er’s heart felt warmth.

If she never met Nie Li, how dark will her life be? Without him how could it be like this, full of hope?

She had already decided. It doesn’t matter if Nie Li likes her or not, she will always be by Nie Li’s side, until the day when Nie Li takes note of her existence.

If at this moment, those boys who have crushes on Ning’er knew of her decision, how heartbroken would they be.

"Soul force of 92, I’ll soon reach the 1-star bronze rank!" Xiao Ning’er is covered with sweat, that stickiness caused a little uncomfort, but her skin seemed to have become even more tender and crystal clear.

After taking a look at the direction which Nie Li left in, Xiao Ning’er packed her stuff and walked towards the exit of the training ground.

After dawn.

Every single herbal store in Glory -City had mysterious people, dressed as they were servants from a large family, frantically buying Purple Haze Grass in the shops. With the volume they were buying the Purple Haze Grass in the stores and their inventories going back for several years had all been cleared out.

"Why are they buying so much Purple Haze Grass?"

"I think I know those guys, it’s the Winged Dragon Family’s Miss Ning’er’s servants!"

"Why would Miss Xiao Ning’er need so much Purple Haze Grass for? Really, I can’t figure it out!"

Purple Haze Grass, other than using for it’s insect repellant smoke by burning it, there was no other use for it. Base on the size of the Winged Dragon Family’s house ten pound of Purple Haze Grass would be more than enough, but these servant brought hundreds of thousands pound of Purple Haze Grass, this amount caused people to be stupefied.

All of the Purple Haze Grass was acquired by the servants sent by Xiao Ning’er. Some shops even picked out Purple Haze Grass in their herb garden in order to sell it all. Probably in the next 3 years, Glory City will have a shortage of Purple Haze Grass. But no one cares about if Purple Haze Grass is available or not.

When Nie Li received the interspatial ring filled with Purple Haze Grass, he was simply stupefied. Several hundreds of thousands of pounds of Purple Haze Grass, he feared that it would have totaled several hundreds of thousands of demon spirit coins. Such large amount of money, was not a small sum!

But Xiao Ning’er didn’t care about it, if Nie Li was happy, she’s willing to do anything. Further more it was only several hundreds of thousands of demon spirit coins. On value, several hundreds of thousands of demon spirit coins wasn’t even the worth 1% of the [Lightning Dragon Technique].

Knowing that Xiao Ning’er’s cultivation advanced by leaps and bounds, reaching over 90 in just a few days and soon reaching 1-star bronze rank, the whole Winged Dragon Family grew excited. They gave Xiao Ning’er hundreds of thousands of demon spirit coins and a variety of valuable training materials, so Xiao Ning’er is not lack a bit of money.

Although in decline, a skinny camel is bigger than a horse. The Winged Dragon Family’s finances are still quite amazing, and they are not a bit stingy when it comes to training of the younger generation.

With so much Purple Haze Grass, Nie Li is very satisfied. Although he had no way to return the money to Xiao Ning’er now, it shouldn’t be long before he can repay her.

Whether it’s Du Ze or Lu Piao, they were very puzzled. They couldn’t understand what Nie Li intended to do with so much Purple Haze Grass. Nie Li found a seat in the library and started writing.

That afternoon, lots of people were going in and out of the library. Du Ze and Lu Piao were reading some books related to inscription patterns and combat skills under Nie Li’s guidance. Wanting to cultivate to a high level, first one would need to become a knowledgeable master.

After practising their cultivation techniques, their brain underwent a certain level of development. They would not forget general knowledge and their learning ability also became very fast.

A distance away from Nie Li and the others, a group of students gatheredtogether, extremely lively.

"This piece of armour in my hand is called Flaming dark armour. It’s bronze ranked and unless one had hundred thousand demon spirit coins, they wouldn’t be able to get it!" One student proudly showing off his red armour. With his tall build wearing that armour, he had some martial aura around him.

He is Chen Linjian, belonging to one of the major families. He is one of the Divine Family’s direct descendent, 15 years old and already at the 5-star bronze rank, soon reaching 1-star silver rank. Among the major family, Divine Family is the wealthiest. Chen Linjian is quite prestigious among the students, with a bunch of brothers.

"Putting on this Flaming dark armour, invincible under silver rank!"

"Cool armour!"

Upon seeing it, several girls beside revealed envious expression. Among them quite a few of them threw flirtatious glance towards Chen Jian Lin from time to time.

"I gift you this!" Chen Linjian waved his hand, throwing that Flaming dark armour to one of his men.

Battle armour that was worth 100 thousand demon spirit coins, gifted just like this? Everyone was a little dumbfounded.

It was just that 100 thousand demon spirit coins wasn’t much to Chen Linjian. Faintly laughing, he said, "There is six 5-year old Holy Dark Grass here. They were taken from my home, as long as you follow me and work hard, there won’t be any lack of benefits for you guys!"