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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 192

Chapter 192 - 3-star Gold rank

After hearing Nie Li’s words, some of them showed ferocious expressions on their faces. However, since Xiao Kuang and Xiao Yang were on his side, they withstood taking action. They don’t care what happens to Heavenly Fate Plateau, they only want more food, more wealth.

Nie Li’s expression was calm as he said to Xiao Kuang and Xiao Kuang, “Since I have finished my acquisition, I’ll take my leave first!”

Nie Li isn’t willing to stay here for too long. Afterall, he has a tight schedule and has to quickly train.

After speaking, Nie Li left.

With his departure, the place went into a long silence.

“Xiao Yang, do you think that what this Nie Li said is true?” Xiao Kuang asked.

Xiao Yang glanced at Xiao Kuang with expectation. Xiao Kuang is normally domineering and arrogant, it’s rare for him to put his status down and ask him his opinion. Xiao Yang lightly smiled and said, “If it’s false, Young Master Xiao Kuang should’ve been able to differentiate. He has no reason to lie to us, with how poor our Heavenly Fate Plateau is, even if Nie Li used one bag of rice for a hundred Purple Smoke Rock, there would be people willing to continuously give him Purple Smoke Rock. Do you think he’s stupid to use one bag of rice to exchange for ten Purple Smoke Rocks? Obviously not, he only took pity on our plateau and wanted to give assistance to us!”

Xiao Kuang lowered his head to ponder and said, “It seems that this Glory City is a really rich land.”

“That could be right. However, Young Master Xiao Kuang, if we were to move the tribe, then you would no longer be the young master of the plateau. After all, we would be lodging under another person’s roof in that place!” said Xiao Yang. With Xiao Kuang’s arrogant character, he probably wouldn’t get used to being in another people’s territory.

Xiao Kuang’s brows twitched, “Am I that kind of garbage? I admit that I’ve acted very tyrannical, but do you think that I would be reluctant to give up my position as the Young Master of the tribe? Heavenly Fate Plateau is so poor and people are dying of hunger every day. If we can be moved to a fertile location, and I was to kneel in front of another person, so what? I will personally lead our people to follow this route to Glory City and have a look. If there is such a place, then I will use any possible method to convince the old man. At least, it’s better than dying from hunger in this kind of place!”

Hearing what Xiao Kuang said, Xiao Yang stunned for a while. For the first time, he actually had a faint amount of respect rise up for this arrogant young master.

“If you’re bringing some people to investigate the situation in Glory City, then bring me along!” Xiao Yang proudly said. Although the trip will be dangerous, he will not cower because of it.

“Okay, deal!”


At this moment, Nie Li was already proceeding towards the depths of the Heavenly Fate Plateau. This plateau has a circumference of a hundred miles, surrounded by sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces, making it extremely dangerous. Which is also the reason why the majority of demon beasts couldn’t come up; therefore, the Heavenly Fate Plateau was able to survive till now. But on the plateau, there are some monsters that would appear from time to time. However, those monsters aren’t exceptionally strong; therefore with Nie Li’s life protecting methods, he doesn’t have to worry about them.

Nie Li entered into the depths of the Heavenly Fate Plateau. In a place where the sun’s rays are the most concentrated, he stopped before a huge stone. Thereafter, he laid an array down using a few hundred Purple Caltrop Rocks and carved mysterious inscription patterns on the array. He sat on top of the the stone and began his training.

The reason why Nie Li acquired the Purple Caltrop Rocks was so that he can raise his cultivation and reach a higher world.

The blazing sun shined on the Purple Caltrop Rocks and was emitting a bright radiance; thereafter, strands of purple smoke slowly rose up and gathered together above the array, enveloping Nie Li. The purple smoke became thicker and thicker and Nie Li’s figured was gradually blurred.

Nie Li inhaled a deep breath and the purple smoke was suddenly emptied from the area as it was breathed in by Nie Li into his abdomen.

As Nie Li began refining the smoke, the soul force in his soul realm constantly expanded. The Shadow Devil and Fanged Panda in his soul realm were also absorbing the soul force, growing stronger and stronger.

This Heavenly Fate Plateau is located on top of the mountain. Although the temperature is rather low, it’s exposed to sunlight three-fourths of the time every day. This is also the reason why Nie Li can have a large amount of time to train.

This purple smoke does contain toxin.

Nie Li could feel that a countless amount of soul force was constantly piercing his soul realm, causing the veins on his body to pop out. This kind of feeling of being continuously pierced by needles is very painful, causing him to grind his teeth in silent pain. However, Nie Li continued to endure this pain and continued to expand his soul realm, making his soul realm have a larger capacity.

Nie Li could feel that the vine that is connected with his Fanged Panda and Shadow Devil is also growing stronger and larger, and actually grew a leaf on one side.

He has no idea how this vine was formed. He knows that the entire thing is formed by soul force, and is nurtured with soul force, making it grow larger. It’s extremely miraculous.

As time passed, Nie Li felt his soul realm explode. Under the terrifying pain, waves of soul force circulated throughout his limbs and veins, constantly exploding within his body. Nie Li could feel his own strength growing without restraint.

Originally, Nie Li’s cultivation had reached the pinnacle of a 2-star Gold rank, but after catalysing the Purple Caltrop Rock, it had finally undergone a transformation.

From head to toe, there would be the constant sound of exploding. His soul force already entered 3-star Gold rank, his physical body also received a huge increase.

Right now, he had only used a few hundred of Purple Caltrop Rocks. With so much Purple Caltrop Rocks in his hand, it’s already sufficient for Nie Li to continue his breakthrough into 4-star Gold rank. The effect of these Purple Caltrop Rocks is still quite obvious.

Nie Li continued to swallow the smoke from the Purple Caltrop Rocks and trained his cultivation.

While Nie Li was focused with his training, a group of people, a few miles away, were walking towards his direction. The leading man had loosely shattered hair and a well built physique that’s even more robust than Xiao Kuang’s. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, only pants, and carried two huge hammers with both of his hands. His entire body is full of powerful robust muscle.

Seven people with different heights and physiques, but looking very vigorous, were following behind him.

“Boss Xiao Lang, we’ve confirmed that the kid had gone in that direction. As long as he doesn’t go down the mountain, he will surely be on the Heavenly Fate Plateau!” a skinny monkey-like man said beside the well built man. Although his physique is slim, he is very lean.

“Rubbish, you think I don’t know that?” Xiao Lang scolded.

“Yes, Boss Xiao Lang is right in scolding me.” the skinny monkey chuckled.

The few people on the side also said, “That kid had so many interspatial rings, there is definitely quite a number of good stuff in them. Although he is a Gold Obsidian ranked, we have three Gold Obsidian rank and five Silver Obsidian rank men. Are we scared that we can’t deal with that kid? After we kill him and snatch his stuff, we won’t have to worry about food anymore for the rest of our lives!”

“Yeah, that kid actually used one bag of rice to exchange ten Purple Smoke Rocks. Even if he were to use one bag to exchange for a hundred or a thousand, there would be lots of people willing to exchange with him. If he were to offer five bags of rice, he might even be able to exchange that Wang Family’s beautiful doll!”

“Boss Xiao Lang is a 5-star Gold Obsidian rank pinnacle expert. We’ll snatch his stuff and exchange them for a few beautiful wives to play with, haha!” the few people savagely laughed.

Nie Li is in midst of his training, currently in the selfless state. The vine was slowly growing and Nie Li felt as though his soul perception was expanding outside his body and continued to expand to the surrounding area. He can sense the surrounding trees and even a little bug.

Flowers, birds, trees all have a soul. Nie Li could see the souls within them. When they came in contact with his soul force, these soul bodies couldn’t help feeling overjoyed.

At this moment, Nie Li understood. He has already stepped on a different cultivation Dao[1. path] from his previous life. If he were to continue down this Dao, he might be able to see a different heaven and earth.

Roughly a few minutes later, Nie Li sensed something and slowly opened his eyes.

He was aware that there would be some people in the Heavenly Fate Plateau that were unable to restrain themselves from taking action against him. The Heavenly fate Plateau is too poor, there are too many vicious people. They will definitely not sit quietly and let him leave; however, Nie Li was prepared for them a long time ago.

“Three Gold rank and five Silver rank.” When Nie Li used his soul force to perceive the leading Xiao Lang, his eyes shot out a ray of chilling radiance. This Xiao Lang had been drenched by quite a lot of blood, he had once killing many refugees from Glory City.

In this life, one revenge for another! Nie Li was already prepared to not let Xiao Lang leave alive.

“Boss, that kid is over there!” the skinny monkey cried out, he already discovered Nie Li’s location with his sharp eyes.

“Surround him!” the corner of Xiao Lang’s mouth leaked a cold smile, filled with endless killing intent.

*Woosh!* *Woosh!* *Woosh!*

Eight people took a corner and enveloped Nie Li, surrounding him. After confirming that Nie Li could no longer escape, they stood their ground.

Seeing the eight people coming, Nie Li calmly stood up.

“Hmph, kid, hand over everything you have and I will spare your life. Otherwise, don’t even think about leaving this Heavenly Fate Plateau!” Xiao Lang coldly said as he lifted his two hammers. His voice caused the surrounding trees to rustle.

As a 5-star Gold rank expert, he is ranked three in the entire Heavenly Fate Plateau. Even the chief couldn’t do anything to him.

“If you want me to hand everything over, then we’ll have to see if you have the capability to do so.” Nie Li’s tone was very calm.

Xiao Lang felt his eyelid twitching. Even though he was facing the encirclement of eight people, Nie Li was still so calm, his cultivation must be exceptional. However, Xiao Lang won’t be scared to flee with just that. He is someone that has been living by the blade. He’s had to fight with all kinds of demon beasts on a daily basis, he is already use to life and death situations. Wealth is only obtainable through risk, he obviously understands this point.

“Brat, since you refused the toast[2. offer] and have to be forced, taste this hammer of mine!” Xiao Lang furiously leaped towards Nie Li like a fierce tiger.