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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 200

Chapter 200 - Backer

‘If I continue to use the power of law to refine my body, I might be able to reach a Legend rank physique within three months.’ Nie Li thought inwardly in his heart. Since physical body are stronger, that would mean he wouldn’t have to worry about protecting his life. Just like Duan Jian, with his dragon physique, even a sword would not be able to slash into his body.

Nie Li opened his eyes, after shutting out his senses so he could cultivate for a period of time.

Regarding Nie Li’s cultivating speed, Yu Yan had absolutely no comment to make. His comprehension towards the power of law seems to be even higher than her own.

Yu Yan couldn’t bear it anymore and asked, “Nie Li, what is the reconstruction method that you spoke of earlier?”

Since Yu Yan was finally willing to believe in him, he smiled and said, “The fundamental part of laws are inscription patterns. Comprehending the power of law is the same as gaining control on the inscription pattern within. Your Divine Spark shattering is the same as an inscription pattern breaking up. I just have to reconstruct the inscription pattern’s law and your divine body should slowly grow strong. The power of law between heaven and earth will also, once again, pour into your divine body.”

Yu Yan seems to understand what he’s saying; however, she couldn’t understand why the fundamentals of the power of law are the same as inscription patterns.

Nie Li wasn’t willing to explain any further and said,” You just have to know that I can help you reconstruct your divine body!”

After pondering for a moment, she said “If you were to reconstruct my body, you would have to put some inscription patterns in it?”

“Correct.” Nie Li nodded.

“Okay then, you can give it a try.” Yu Yan nodded in agreement.

“After I reconstructed your divine body, the laws between heaven and earth will naturally be attracted to you. However, the range is very limited. If you remain in this Black Spring, after the surrounding power of laws are absorbed by you, the speed of your reconstruction will gradually slow down. If you travel around and absorb the power of law, then it will greatly increase the speed of your divine body’s reconstruction.”

Upon hearing Nie Li’s words, Yu Yan’s brows slightly knitted together, “But if I were to leave this Black Spring, the Legend rank demon beasts below the pond will definitely sense it. With my current strength, I’m unable to confront them! Even if you helped me reconstruct my divine body, my strength would only be Legend rank at most.”

“Leaving here won’t be difficult.” Nie Li said as he lightly smiled. He already had the plans ready. Although Yu Yan has lived for tens of thousands of years, she have spent most of her time cultivating; therefore, her thoughts are rather simple. Although the reconstruction of her body can only make her strength reach Legend rank, it is still Legend rank afterall! If he can bring Yu Yan along, he would at least have a Legend rank helper with him.

If Yu Yan were to know Nie Li’s thoughts at this moment, she would probably vomit blood in anger. She’s a Spiritual God and Nie Li actually thought of her as a helper!

Naturally, the things that Nie Li is doing is beneficial to both sides. Yu Yan would be able to regain her strength at a faster speed, hence gaining benefit from this as well.

“Oh? You have an idea?” Yu Yan asked with her brows knitted together.

“I can use some inscription patterns and lay them down in an array to imitate your aura. Thereafter, I will use some inscription patterns to conceal your aura and get you out.” Nie Li lightly smiled and said, “However, this is a little troublesome and sister goddess will have to suffer a little grievance.”

Yu Yan pondered awhile, then nodded her head, “Okay then, help me reconstruct my divine body.”

Although she was depressed that her body was going to be seen by Nie Li, but compared to having her body reconstructed, that’s no longer important. As long as she can revive, she could help the human clan maintain a thread of living.

“Okay, then I’ll go down.” Nie Li nodded as he dived into the Black Spring.

He swam deep into the Black Spring and, once again, stopped beside the scarlet light ball. Looking at the front, he saw Yu Yan’s small body as it is quietly laid in the scarlet light ball. Although her physique is small, she has an hourglass figure. However, at this moment, Nie Li did not have any further thoughts and gathered some inscription patterns in his hand.

When he saw the inscription patterns in his palm, Nie Li slowly placed his right hand on Yu Yan’s body and felt the inscription pattern’s structure in her divine body. Although Yu Yan’s body is very small, both of Nie Li’s hands were able to cover half of her body. He couldn’t help feeling a little awkward upon feeling the smooth and exquisite skin through his palm, as well as those two small lumps.

After all, Yu Yan isn’t wearing any clothes on her body right now.

Calming his heart, Nie Li started making the inscription patterns.


The inscription patterns were being sent into Yu Yan’s divine body.

After the inscription patterns entered Yu Yan’s divine body, they quickly fused together as if they were naturally compatible with one another.

On top of the Black Spring, Yu Yan suddenly opened her eyes. Although she was still in a soul-state, she could feel the changes done to her divine body. A powerful energy entered her body through her chest, it was as though lightning was circulating within her body, which caused her to feel peculiar.

“Mm.” The aching pain and numbing feeling made it little difficult for her to bear.

While Nie Li was sending inscription patterns in, Yu Yan’s divine body began to twist back and forth.

‘Good gracious.’ thought Nie Li. He couldn’t help thinking that if her body wasn’t the size of an infant, Yu Yan would definitely be a devastatingly beautiful lady.


Nie Li sent the second set of inscription patterns in. While sensing the changes in Yu Yan’s divine body, a tsunami of thoughts suddenly rushed into his head. He could see scenes flashing before his eyes.

This is......the memories hidden deep within Yu Yan?

When the scenes started, he saw a meteor streaking across the sky as it drew two rays of flames behind it, like a pair of wings. Yu Yan was curled up in the meteor. It was dazzling to the eyes as it fell and smashed into the ground, forming a huge crater.

A young couple walked over and took Yu Yan from the crater, into their arms.

“What should we call her?” the young lady asked.

The husband pondered for a moment and said, “Soaring wings, falling flame. Let’s call her Yu Yan[1. Yu = wings/feather Yan = flame]!”

“Okay, we’ll call her Yu Yan.”

“Little Yu Yan, you have to grow up quickly!”

Under the care of the couple, Yu Yan began to grow up.

These memories entered Nie Li’s brain and he frowned while feeling a little curious. So Yu Yan came to this world from within a meteor. What caused Nie Li to be curious was just what, exactly, is her identity and where did she come from?

Nie Li noticed that aside from the reconstructing inscription patterns, there are also five extraordinary golden lights within her body. The five golden lights were faintly discernible as they floated between the inscription patterns. Nie Li tried to use his thoughts to get closer, but the five golden lights suddenly emitted an extremely dazzling light.

He felt a series of sharp pains in his soul realm and quickly retracted his thoughts.

Nie Li understood a little, these five golden lights are Yu Yan’s life origin. As long as the five golden lights still exist, even if her Divine Spark was shattered and the laws were seized from her, she also wouldn’t die as these five golden lights are much more profound than the Law of Fire.

He vaguely felt that there’s a huge secret being concealed within Yu Yan.

‘First, I’ll help you recover your divine body.” Nie Li pondered. these secrets aren’t something he can get himself involved in or find an explanation for it at this moment.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The Law of Fire’s inscription patterns were sent into Yu Yan’s divine body and the inscription patterns’ structure in her body was also becoming more and more complete. In the end, they reached a perfect state and started to rotate like an array, attracting the surrounding Law of Fire energy and frantically rushed the energy into her divine body.

Nie Li breathed a breath. Helping Yu Yan to reconstruct the inscription pattern caused the power of law in his soul realm to be nearly exhausted, making him panting from the weariness.

However, it can be said it’s completed. Nie Li lowered his head to look and saw that Yu Yan’s divine body was becoming bright and translucent. That bright skin of hers looked to be made from the purest jade in the world, emitting luster off it. Those shocking curves, tight slender long legs and that proudly standing butt were emitting an endless temptation.

Up on the Black Spring, Yu Yan suddenly opened her eyes and had disbelief on her face as she muttered, “I never thought that he was actually be able to do it!”

Reconstructing the divine body is the kind of thing that even the strongest few Spiritual Gods in the past wouldn’t be able to achieve, and yet, Nie Li actually accomplished it.

Yu Yan was simply speechless, unable to know how to describe her thoughts.

In the Black Spring, her divine body, which was still in the scarlet sphere, slowly floated up. At this moment, her divine body looked as clear as ice and was as clean as a jade. That elegant and sacred look of hers would make anyone unable to have any profane thoughts. Her eyes were closed as she slowly floated up. That elegant figure was like a swan dancing on water. Wherever it passed, everything would light up.

Yu Yan’s body floated all the way up, till it was above the Black Spring and merged together with her soul form and finally opened her eyes.

Her physique didn’t have any changes. Her height was only roughly around two feet[2. 0.66m], appearing to be exquisite and yet, small. After opening her eyes, silk clothes were quickly formed, covering her body; however, those silk clothes were faintly discernible, giving others fatal alluring feeling.

Nie Li emerged from the water and jumped up.

“Nie Li, thank you for helping me restore my divine body. The restoration speed is even better than I imagined.” said Yu Yan, looking at Nie Li. Her voice was soft and gentle.

“You’re welcome.” Nie Li smiled as he stretched his waist. He has to say that continuously sending to many inscription patterns into Yu Yan’s body made him quite exhausted and the feeling of wanting to sleep was slowly appearing.

Yu Yan was silent for a moment. She just had her divine body restored and doesn’t have anything to give Nie Li to express her thankfulness. She pondered for a moment and said, “I owe you a favour. If you need any help from me in the future, feel free to speak!”

Hearing Yu Yan’s words, Nie Li smiled and said, “Since sister goddess is so courteous, then I’ll say my thanks. Having a goddess as a backer, mortals like me would be able to walk with our backs straight!”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Yu Yan couldn’t help smiling.