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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 202

Chapter 202 - Master of the Nether Realm

After Nie Li left the place, Xiao Kuang and his men hurried over.

“Didn’t you say that the young master appeared? Where is he?” Xiao Kuang looked around, unable to see Nie Li’s figure anywhere.

“Young master Xiao Kuang, why would we lie to you? He really did appear here, if you don’t believe us, you can ask the people from the other stores here!”

Very quickly, the guards got the exact answer. Nie Li did indeed appear here, but quickly left. Many people in the surrounding area all saw him.

They never thought that Nie Li would actually return from the Black Spring. Isn’t the Black Spring a place of death? Anyhow, they wouldn’t dare enter it nor do they know what methods Nie Li used to stay in there for such a long time and come out alive. Since Nie Li is still alive, the huge stone in their hearts was also lifted. The next step that they will take will be to move the tribe to Glory City.

Nie Li quickly skimmed across the forest.

Although he is only at 5-star Gold rank, having a goddess as a guard has given Nie Li assurance in his heart.

He wasn’t preparing to return to Glory City, and the Desert Palace is too far, the time it would take for him to return would be too long. If anything were to happen to Glory City in that period of time, he wouldn’t even have the time to return back. Should he take a look at the Dark Guild’s location next?

He has to confirm the Dark Guild’s location before having any confrontation with them. Now that the Demon Lord is said to be in seclusive training, and both Long Sha and Gui Sha are injured, with Yu Yan’s strength, he wouldn’t have to be afraid of them anymore.

He heard that the Dark Guild lives in a vast underground world! Just wanting to know the situation there caused Nie Li to be filled with curiosity.

Nie Li followed the route that Ye Yan told him and headed towards the Dark Guild’s location.

“Where are you going now?” asked goddess Yu Yan.

“I want to go to an underground world!” Nie Li then told her about the situation between the Dark Guild and Glory City.

After hearing Nie Li’s words, Yu Yan’s face turned frost and said, “You could be facing the threat of demon beasts at anytime and yet you still take actions against your own tribe, and kill your kind, this is simply absurd! If I see them, I’ll definitely kill them myself!”

Nie Li only casually talked about it and never thought that Yu Yan would have such resentment towards them. What Nie Li doesn’t know is that back when Yu Yan was still a goddess, she had once suffered a similar experience, and was betrayed by the human clan. Therefore, what Yu Yan couldn’t bear the most, is betrayal!

The Demon Lord is the biggest threat to Glory City.

When Nie Li used all the strength of the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array to launch an attack, it only wounded the subordinate of the Demon Lord, Long Sha. If the Demon Lord himself came out from his seclusion, then Glory City may have a high chance of annihilation.

After encountering Yu Yan, Nie Li became aware that in order for a pinnacle Legend rank expert to make any breakthrough in this world, they would have to cultivate the power of law and not the power of heaven. In this world, those that are able to cultivate and comprehend the power of heaven is only a few. In his previous life, Nie Li unintentionally entered the Temporal Demon Spirit Book and set on a different cultivation path.

The Temporal Demon Spirit Book is not an item from this world!

The Demon Lord might be aiming for the Spiritual God realm! Once he reaches that realm, then Glory City will definitely be in his pocket.

After heading deep into the mountains and following the route on the map that was drawn by Ye Yan, he entered a cave.

He followed the long and narrow tunnel, moving deep into the mountain. The cold and damp walls were definitely man made. The floor had bones of human and demon beasts scattered about. From looks of it, one can deduce that the demon beasts and humans once fought here and the humans retreated deep into this mountain.

When the Age of Darkness arrived, the humans were being chased by the demon beasts. At that time, the some of the guardian Spiritual Gods of the human clan were dead since long ago, some of them were wounded and no one had the strength to stop the demon beasts.

Nie Li originally thought that the Legend rank experts from the human tribe suddenly ganged up against a Legend rank demon beast and attracted the endless massacre. It turns out that there’s a deeper truth than that.

After following the long tunnel several thousands of meters deep underground, Nie Li felt a faint barrier stopping him from continuing. It is actually a barrier that was laid out by someone.

Just when Nie Li was preparing to think of some way to break the barrier, Yu Yan sat on his shoulders and waved her right hand, disintegrating the barrier.

“This kind of low-level barrier is totally useless against the power of law.” said Yu Yan, shaking her head.

This barrier can only block a Black Gold rank expert at most. How can it block goddess Yu Yan who has control over the Law of Fire?

Nie Li shrugged his shoulders. With the help of Yu Yan, he was saved a lot of labour. He continued his trip downwards. Suddenly, the scene in front of him widened. In front of him, an incomparably vast world appeared.

“This is is......Nether Realm?” said Yu Yan, her heart shaking.

“Nether Realm?” Nie Li became a little curious. For something to make Yu Yan so curious, this Nether Realm is definitely not something small. In his previous life, he did not stay in this place for too long; therefore, he knows nothing about it.

“In this world, aside from the human clan and the demon beast clan, there are many other clans with many experts among their ranks. Some of the experts also wield the power of law. Both the demon beast clan’s and we human clan’s Spiritual Gods are a little afraid of them.”

“They claim land and become the king of it, forming several forbidden places. This Nether Realm is one of the three forbidden places. The master of the Nether Realm is an expert that has comprehended the Law of Nether. Up till today, we still have no idea which clan he belongs to. In any case, he doesn’t belong to the demon beast clan nor the human clan. Even the Primal Chaos Spiritual God wouldn’t be able to do anything to the expert that comprehended the Law of Nether.” Yu Yan shook her head and said, “Fortunately, these clan stand in the neutral side. As long as you don’t poke their interests, they will not take any action. However, this is still his territory, so I have to be careful.”

Nie Li wondered what kind of existence this master of the Nether Realm is to make even Yu Yan feel fear.

However, what he can be certain of is that this underground world is a very vast place.

Looking far away, he saw that the ground is filled with cracks. In every crack, the flow of blazing magma with white smoke was coming out from time to time. The whole world was filled with the smell of sulfur.

After looking around again, in a vague light, one imposing city stood, majestically.

This Demon Lord actually built the Dark Guild in this Nether Realm.

Suddenly, when Nie Li walked forward, a chirping sound was heard coming from the surrounding area. Black figures appeared in Nie Li’s sight. Their bodies are black in colour, with sharp ears and were peeking at Nie Li from far away, looking at him eagerly.

It’s the Dark Elves!

Suddenly, three Dark Elves of Gold rank strength pounced towards Nie Li. They probably felt that their strength was stronger than Nie Li’s, which is why they took action.

Nie Li’s body underwent a transformation and turned into the Fanged Panda. He opened his mouth and spat out a Yin Yang Blast.

The Yin Yang Blast flew towards the three Dark Elves.

Just when the three Dark Elves were about to dodge, the black light ball and white light ball collided against each other and exploded. That terrifying force of impact instantly sent the three Dark Elves flying.

Boom! Boom! boom!

The three Dark Elves fell onto the ground with white smoke coming from their bodies.

Witnessing this scene, these Dark Elves issued another chirping sound and ran in all directions, no longer daring to have any more ideas to use on Nie Li.

These Dark Elves were actually intending to take action against him. With only a few Gold ranks, it’s simply impossible to deal with him.

Nie Li transformed back to his original self and continued to walk towards the city in front. The city gate was already in sight.

Blackrock City

The city wall is vast and grand, stretching to a few dozen miles. It’s made from huge black rocks stacked together, issuing a chilling aura.

Nie Li entered the Blackrock City and inquired around. This city is one of the Nether World’s fifteen cities that have all kinds of races gathered together and are under the Master of the Nether Realm’s protection. Among them, there are many tribes that escaped to here from the Age of Darkness, and are living here as they multiply their descendents. The human clan is one of the twelve main tribes.

Back in the years when the human clan was being chased after by the demon beast clan, there was a demon beast Spiritual God that wielded the power of law that came in here and wanted to continue to kill the humans. However, he was repelled with a palm from the Master of the Nether Realm. From there on, the experts from the demon beast clan no longer dared to come in here.

If it wasn’t because they are being chased by the demon beast clan, the human clan’s experts wouldn’t live in such a nasty place. However, there is no longer a place available for the human clan to live in the outside world; therefore, they can only remain here.

There are many forces here. Between the forces they would oppress one another in order to gain more resources, which the Master of the Nether Realm doesn’t care about. The Master of the Nether Realm has not shown himself in hundreds of years; therefore, no one knows where he is.

The Dark Guild is one of the human forces in Blackrock City that was abruptly rising in these last few hundred years. However, compared to other human families with several Demigod rank experts, the Dark Guild couldn’t be considered a powerful force.

The headquarters of the Dark Guild is at Blackrock City.

In a tattered bar, Ye Han was wearing a black cloak as he drank some wine, and coldly sweeping his eyes at the experts from the various clans walking in. When he came here with the Dark Guild, he suddenly realised that the world he knew of had been completely turned upside down when he found out that there was a vast world underground.

When he received the news of the Sacred Family being destroyed and Ye Zong still being alive, to him, Glory City was already not a place he can return to and the Dark Guild would probably not have him. He had become a stray dog. Therefore, he quickly disguised himself and ran out from the Dark Guild. He joined a force in Blackrock City called the Wugui Family. This family is formed with experts from various clans. Even the Dark Guild is helpless before them. He used many possessions to exchange with in order the gain the trust of Wugui Family, including some news about Glory City.

The Patriarch of the Wugui Family is already preparing to organize a batch of experts to head out for Glory City.

“Ye Zong, Nie Li, I will get what belongs to me sooner or later, all of it!” Ye Han’s eyes showed a trace of chilling light, the veins on his arms were already popping out as he shattered the cup in his hand into fragments.

In the hundreds of years, the Dark Guild actually wanted to eliminate Glory City and did not tell this secret to anyone else in the Nether Realm. This was because they already thought of Glory City being in their pocket. However, this secret that has been kept for hundreds of years was now sold to the Wugui Family by Ye Han.

Ye Han’s face was still hidden in a cloak, since the Dark Guild are still sending people after him. Although he has the protection of the Wugui Family, he can’t be careless. After he ate something, he stood up and disappeared into the crowd.