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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 205

Chapter 205 - Senior Inscription Master?

“Brother Nie Li, I’ll test the might of this sword!” Luo Jian excitedly walk over. He did not think that much about it, since he has not seen other inscriptionists when they were carving inscriptions before. Therefore, he doesn’t know if Nie Li’s speed was fast or slow.

“Sure.” Nie Li passed the carved Sword of Flame over to Luo Jian.

Luo Jian gripped the Sword of Flame and gave it a swing. A wave of berserking flame energy rushed out. With a boom, he made countless horrifying cracks on the floor. The terrifying might gave Luo Jian a scare to the point that his body shivered as he said in a trembling voice, “This......the might of this......it’s so much stronger than a Sword of Flame with a primary inscription pattern carved on it!”

Such powerful might, how is that a primary inscription pattern? Luckily Luo Jian only swung it without anyone around; otherwise, he would’ve easily killed someone!

Seeing the might of the Sword of Flame, as the Patriarch of Jade Seal Family, Luo Xiao was also utterly shocked. With that power, how is that a primary inscription pattern? This might is at least a senior inscription pattern!

A thirteen-fourteen year old Senior Inscriptionist?

Luo Xiao felt that his brain wasn’t enough to process everything that just happened.

There is only one Senior Inscriptionist in the Nether Realm and he has a majestic position, an absolute superior existence. Even the few most powerful forces have to be respectful in front of that Senior Inscriptionist. Weapons and the armour made by an Senior Inscriptionist is priceless. Only pinnacle level experts are fit to wield them. The influence of the Senior Inscriptionist is also very wide, simply to the point that he could get a swamp of people with just a call.

Furthermore, Nie Li already reach the standard of Senior Inscriptionist at such a young age. If Luo xiao were to give him a push, Nie Li’s influence would simply be unparalleled. This is simply the greatest fortune of the human race!

The other Senior Inscriptionist belongs to the Dark Elf race.

Luo Xiao felt that, from this moment on, the Jade Seal Family will probably have to rely on this youth. If he establishes a good connection with this youth, he would be able to bring endless benefits to the Jade Seal Family. As for controlling Nie Li, Luo Xiao doesn’t dare to think about that. Not mentioning that every Inscriptionist is smart, if he tried to control Nie Li, one day he could revolt, and most likely push the Jade Seal Family into the dangerous abyss.

Furthermore, since he’s such a powerful young Inscriptionist, how can his teacher and family be simple?

“Little brother Nie Li, you have already reached the level of Senior Inscription Master, at the very least. Such exquisite skills, I wonder, where have you learnt it from?” Luo Xiao said, deeply moved. Nie Li’s ability has already surpassed his imagination.

Senior Inscription Master?

Luo Jian still didn’t manage to react. Suddenly, after thinking of something, he opened both of his eyes wide, “What? Senior Inscription Master? Father, you’re saying that little brother Nie Li is a Senior Inscription Master?”

Luo Xiao nodded in response.

Luo Jian turned his head to Nie Li in disbelief. This is simply too shocking, a thirteen-fourteen year old Senior Inscription Master? Good heavens!

Hearing Luo Xiao’s words, Nie Li felt that the results were not unexpected, and only quietly looked at Luo Xiao. If Luo Xiao is a smart person, he should know what he means.

Seeing Nie Li’s deep gaze, in that instant, Luo Xiao totally forgot Nie Li’s age. At this moment, he probably can’t treat him as an ordinary kid anymore. Luo Xiao can’t imagine who exactly managed to nurture such a monster like Nie Li. He pondered for a moment and said, “Little brother, since you’re willing display your shocking skills, you probably have some intentions. No harm saying them and letting me listen to them.”

Nie Li came here through Luo Jian and displayed the strength of a Senior Inscription Master. It’s impossible for him to not have any intentions!

“I heard that a Senior Inscription Master can have extremely high influential powers. I want to work with the Jade Seal Family. I’ll claim seventy percent of the profit, while the Jade Seal Family takes thirty. Furthermore, the Jade Seal Family has to help me settle any problems, if I were to face any.” Nie Li pondered and smiled, “As for how to get the biggest benefits, I’ll have to ask uncle Luo to show me the right path.”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Luo Xiao was in a frantic ecstasy in his heart. Even if it’s only thirty percent, it already has extraordinary meaning to the Jade Seal Family. Fortune is only secondary, the main point is the influence that Nie Li will bring in! By using Nie Li’s influence, the Jade Seal Family can recruit many experts from the human race as their subordinates!

“Our Jade Seal Family has the motive of expanding the living space of the human race in this Nether Realm. If nephew is able to lend us a helping hand, Luo Xiao will be endlessly grateful! If you can trust us, you can make your request to us and we will do our best to fulfill it! The entire Jade Seal Family will also support you fully!”

“Uncle Luo can just do as you planned. I will tell you if there is anything I need help from the Jade Seal Family!” Nie Li said as he lightly smiled. As long as he can get the Jade Seal Family to stand on his side, he might even be able to get them to deal with the Dark Guild. As for the benefits, that’s secondary.

Receiving Nie Li’s reply, Luo Xiao was endless excited and discussed all the details with Nie Li.

“Nephew still can’t reveal your identity for the moment, you might invite unnecessary trouble. However, nephew can carve some weapons and armour, we’ll sell them. This way, the Jade Seal Family will be able to increase our influential powers. Naturally, we will also do our best to fulfill nephew’s request and keep a close watch on the Dark Guild!” said Luo Xiao. Helping Nie Li to destroy the Dark Guild is still not possible for the moment. Although the Dark Guild only has one Demigod rank existence, they have deep connections to quite a few other forces in Blackrock City.

As for why Luo Xiao is not willing to expose Nie Li’s identity, he still has a certain amount of selfish motives and luring trouble is just secondary. Afterall, Senior Inscriptionists are too rare. If Nie Li got a better cooperative partner and left the Jade Seal Family, there would be nothing that Luo Xiao could do.

“Can’t be better with hiding my identity.” Nie Li said as he lightly smile. How could he not understand Luo Xiao’s thoughts? He was also preparing to deal with matters with a low-profile.

“Since nephew Nie Li trusts me, I will help you handle some matters.” Luo Xiao excitedly said. As long as Nie Li is willing to cooperate, the Jade Seal Family will be able to obtain enormous benefits, “Luo Jian, arrange a location for nephew Nie Li to stay.”

“Yes.” Luo Jian nodded his head as he brought Nie Li to arrange a place for him to stay.

Very quickly, news of the Jade Seal Family having a Senior Inscription Master spread throughout the Nether Realm.

Everyone on the streets and the alleys were all discussing about this matter.

It’s not easy to achieve the level of Senior Inscription Master. Aside from Master You Ye, there wasn’t anyone who was able to reach the standards of Senior Inscription Master. Furthermore, even if there is a Senior Inscription Master, why would he stand with a family like the Jade Seal Family?

The Jade Seal Family is ranked third in Blackrock City; however, if one moves to ranking of the fifteen cities in the Nether Realm, who knows how far they really are.

Even so, this news still attracted the attention of many.

“Have you heard? The Jade Seal Family is preparing to put a few items with senior inscription patterns carved on them to the market. Because of this, even the Divine Seal Auction has taken action and organized a specialized auction! Experts of various families are also preparing to make a trip to the Divine Seal Auction!”

“What Senior Inscriptionist, it’s probably just a joke. Can his ability even reach Master You Ye’s standards?”

“The weapons and armour made by Master You Ye isn’t something an ordinary person can ask for. However, if a Senior Inscription Master really appears, even if he is inferior to Master You Ye’s works, the news will still make others madly rush for them.”

The experts in the Nether Realm were all filled with anticipation for this nearly achieved Senior Inscription Master. The news slowly spread out and formed into a storm. The moment the Divine Seal Auction starts their auction, they will surely reach the pinnacle.

Nie Li never imagined that Senior Inscription Master’s would be so popular in the Nether Realm. Aside from cooperating with the Divine Seal Auction, Luo Xiao had already made a trip to all the families that he can make negotiations with. With Luo Xiao’s ability, he will certainly get the largest amount of benefits.

The few families in Blackrock City were all asking about Nie Li’s origins, since it appears as though he had appeared from mid-air without anyone noticing him at all.

At this moment, Nie Li kept his identity concealed, not caring about the ruckus being made outside, as he secluded himself to train for a few days.

Powers being lent from an external force is still just a method. Raising his own strength is the fundamental way of cultivation.

Nie Li quietly trained and gradually felt as though something had changed within his soul realm. Ever since he comprehended the Law of Darkness and Light, his soul realm seems to have generated two completely different energies. These two energies were constantly colliding against each other, drawing obvious an boundary between the two.

He originally thought that the Law Energy was like a firefly in front of the Heavenly Energy. However, he gradually realised that the Law Energy is more complicated than he imagined. The Law of Darkness and Light constantly collided against each other, bursting forth a boundless energy within his soul realm.

Nie Li quickly entered into is cultivation state, trying to calm the two powers of law. However, what caused him to be puzzled is that the two powers of law stood independently in his soul realm, forming into a power that is hard to tame and control.

The person that laid the powers of law in this world is definitely a supreme expert. In a certain aspect, he should have surpassed Nie Li’s past self.

Indeed, the world is too vast and nothing is too bizarre. Even after experiencing two lifetimes, Nie Li only uncovered a small portion of this world.

Feeling the two powers of law fighting within his body, Nie Li coldly snorted. If he can’t even tame this power, how can he speak about returning to pinnacle level? Nie Li operated his soul realm, containing the two powers of law within. The Law of Darkness and Light constantly collided against one another, causing Nie Li’s soul realm to suffer intense impacts that gave him stinging pain throughout his body as sweat fell like rain.

When he comprehended the Law of Darkness and Light, they were just two small energies. However, they were like seeds that continued to grow inside Nie Li’s body. As time went on, they were getting stronger and stronger, almost to the point that it was almost uncontrollable.

Nie Li felt as though his body was about to be stuffed until it exploded.

He quickly used the Acupuncture Sealing Technique to seal a few important acupuncture points and then used his soul realm to refine the two powers of law bit by bit.