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Tales Of Demons And Gods Novel Chapter 215

Chapter 215 - Soul Array

Suddenly, Nie Li saw a second figure appear, it was Xiao Ning’er.

Xiao Ning’er was also quietly sitting there. It was as though her soul realm had been connected to Nie Li’s.

Thereafter, Du Ze, Lu Piao and Duan Jian appeared. A moment later, Nie Li sensed that his soul realm became closely linked to all ten of them. Nie Li felt like he can utilize the soul force in their soul realms at anytime and that he can also distribute his soul force to any of them.

This mysterious and odd situation caused even Nie Li to be shocked. In his previous live, Nie Li never saw such a treasure before.

This Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword has such mysterious uses to it and is able to connect to other people’s soul realms?

While Nie Li was feeling the miraculous changes in his soul realm, the others also felt some changes.

Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er and the rest all realised that their soul realms were covered by nets of vessels. They could feel their soul realms channeling into an enormous soul realm and the amount of soul force they can utilizer instantly increased by dozens of folds, making them shocked with extreme disbelief.

They carefully stared at their soul realms and noticed that the vessels in their soul realms seemed to have formed some kind of mysterious inscription pattern.

Nie Li sensed everyone’s soul realms, the inscription pattern in everyone’s soul realms is different from each other, like a unknown array. After looking them over, he understood a little of it. This mysterious inscription pattern array connects all eleven of their soul realms together.

Resonance was happening in their soul realms, creating an extremely miraculous effect.

As long as they are not separated between dimensions, they will be able to sense each other’s existences, even if they are far away. If someone is in danger, they will all immediately sense it. If they are in the same realm and someone’s soul realm grows stronger, then through the resonance between the soul realms, everyone connected will also benefit from the growth and their soul force will also reach a higher level.

The eleven of them formed a network. As long as the eleven of them aren’t far from one another, once a battle breaks out, any of them will be able to utilize the power from their soul realms dozens of folds more compared to their original power. Of course, the exhaustion in their soul force will also be dozens of folds more compared to the original amount.

He never imagined that the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword would have such an ability.

Although the eleven of them for a network, the core is Nie Li. Since he is the core of this mysterious Soul Array, once he dies, the entire Soul Array will collapse. Also, Nie Li can remove the connection with anyone, can transfer anyone’s energy anywhere he wished and whenever anyone intends to utilize the energy, it has to be through him.

This is indeed a shockingly secret technique!

He was utterly astonished in his heart. The person that created this secret technique must be a very powerful existence and his comprehension towards soul realms much have reached the pinnacle level.

It’s a pity that once the Soul Array is formed, unless it is utterly destroyed, it’s impossible to add anyone else to it.

Suddenly, Nie Li felt the power of law that dwells in his body slowly change everyone else’s soul force. The power of law was like a seed, and was planted in everyone’s soul realms. As time passes by, the power of law in Nie Li’s body will slowly affect their soul realms and quickly carry them into the Black Gold rank realm.

The moment one of cultivation becomes strengthened, the others will have their strength greatly increased. This cultivation speed has probably reached an unimaginable degree.

Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er and the rest all opened their eyes.

“Nie Li, did you feel that? All of our soul realms have undergone a change,” Ye Ziyun asked Nie Li, being very puzzled in her heart.

Aside from Nie Li, the rest still weren’t clear on what was happening to their soul realms.

“It’s nothing.” Nie Li smiled, “Our soul realms have formed a Soul Array.”

He then explained the uses of the Soul Realm to the rest.

Everyone else was stunned. They never thought that such a mysterious situation would happen. They can utilize the soul force in another person’s soul realm? Isn’t this too magical?

“This is pretty good.” Du Ze said, after being silent for a moment, “At least when a battle occurs, our strength will be much stronger than before.”

“However, the exhaustion of soul force is also great. When a battle occurs, it’s best to refrain from executing soul force exhausting battle techniques.” said Nie Li after thinking awhile. It’s best to refrain from using techniques like the Yin-Yang Blast. As for Gravity Field and Thunder Strike, there isn’t any problem in using them.

“Haha, we don’t have to worry about being left too far behind from your cultivation.” The most excited one was Lu Piao. This lazy bump’s first thought is that he doesn’t have to invest too much hard work and his cultivation will still be able to grow strong.

“With your cultivation technique, even if you don’t train much, your cultivation will rise quickly. However, if you’re too lazy and pull everyone down, then I will have no choice but to remove you from the Soul Array.” Nie Li said as he sighed and shook his head.

“Don’t! Nie Li, you don’t have any brotherhood code.” Lu Piao said with a face full of bitterness.

“That will have to depend on yourself.” Nie Li shrugged.

Lu Piao became deflated like a balloon. Looking at him, everyone else couldn’t help laughing.

“While we were training, the Wugui Family launched their attack on our Glory City. Fortunately, the number of experts that they sent over wasn’t much. We have to cultivate quickly. It’s best if everyone could step into Black Gold rank and then charge against Legend rank!” Nie Li said, after pondering awhile. There are still many demon spirits that have yet to be absorbed, so they can continue to cultivate.

After reaching Black Gold rank, the Demon Spirit Devouring Technique won’t be as effective as it used to be, unless they are able to get themselves some Legend rank demon spirits! However, are Legend rank demon spirits that easy to find?

For now, they will have to stop at Black Gold rank and think of another way to raise their cultivation in the future.

After hearing Nie Li’s words, everyone couldn’t help being excited in their hearts. Before knowing Nie Li, they never thought that the speed of their cultivation would be so quickly to that point that they are actually going to start charging at Legend rank. One must know that it’s only been how long since they started their cultivation?

Just what kind of domain will Nie Li bring them into? They couldn’t even imagine that!

In the mountain forest thousands of miles away from Glory City, Ye Han stood quietly in the dried up forest.

He remained behind and did not participate in the battle. Afterall, his cultivation is only Gold rank; furthermore, he has an important identity as an inscriptionist. Naturally, he doesn’t have to participate in the battle. In his view, with so many experts from the Wugui Family making this trip, they would be more than sufficient to destroy Glory City.

He only made one request of the Wugui Family and that was to leave Ye Ziyun to him.

“Foster father, this is what you’ve force me to do.” A trace of sinister light flashed across Ye Han’s eyes, “I originally just wanted to be the City Lord of Glory City. Since you forced me to this point, I will have Ziyun, even if it means the destruction of Glory City.”

Ye Han imagined the scene of Glory City’s destruction in his head and a trace of frantic joy flashed across his face. Since his dream to become the City Lord was utterly destroyed, and his betrayal to Glory City, Ye Han gained the urge to destroy everything.

At this moment, someone was unexpectedly coming to his direction.

It was the Wugui Family. What made Ye Han feel a little unexpected was that the army was in a mess. Even the Legend rank experts were supporting one another, appearing to be in a miserable state.

Ye Han immediately went up and asked, “What’s wrong? Why have you guys returned? What of Glory City?”

Wu Yue, who was heavily injured, glanced at Ye Han ferociously as he lifted his collar and said in fury, “We lost. Brat, have you lied to us? Didn’t you say that there was nothing much about that damned array and its only able of trapping one or two Legend ranks at best? Damned, all of us were trapped in it and we almost couldn’t escape it!”

“That array trapped all of you? How is that possible?” Ye Han’s eyes widened. Even he didn’t know the true strength of the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array. He only knows that there are ten thousand Black Gold rank demon spirits in the array. Since it’s only ten thousand Black Gold rank demon spirits, wouldn’t two or three Legend rank experts be more than enough to kill them?

He never imagined that this Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array would be so powerful!

“Wu Yue, let him go. If this kid had plotted something against us, he wouldn’t have given us the location of Glory City.” Wu Ming said as he pulled Wu Yue. Afterall, Ye Han is still a Primary Inscriptionist, he still has some use to them.

“Hmph.” Wu Yue coldly snorted as he shook Ye Han off.

“Although that Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array is powerful, it is not able to withstand the power of law from a Demigod rank expert. It seems that we have to invite a Demigod rank ancestor [1. The higher one’s rank is, the longer his lifespan. So you can imagine how long that dude must have lived for to be called an ancestor.] to take action.” Wu Ming said as a ray of chilling light flashed across his eyes. They didn’t leave empty-handed this time, they saw how much Glory City was flourishing and how wealthy it was. No matter what, they have to claim this place. Once they claim it, their forces will definitely expand to several times larger!

Ye Han took a glance at the direction of Glory City and a viciousness was revealed in his eyes. He never thought that the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array would be so powerful that it’s able to trap so many Legend rank experts.

He remembered Ye Zong had once said that this array was laid down by Nie Li.

“So the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array is actually so powerful!” Ye Han clenched his fists so tightly that the veins on his arms popped out. With Ye Zong’s impartial character and the powerful array Nie Li laid down, even if Ye Zong was forced to let go of his City Lord’s seat, he would probably agree to it. No wonder why on that day at the banquet, Nie Li wasn’t even a little frightened.

If it wasn’t for Nie Li, everything would have gone smoothly! Everything he had was snatched away by Nie Li.

The Wugui Family’s army quickly entered into the mountains.

City Lord’s Mansion, Main Hall.

“All of you have reached 5-star Gold rank and are only a step away from Black Gold rank? Nie Li has already reached Black Gold rank?” When Ye Zong got the news from Ye Ziyun, he was utterly shocked. He never thought that Nie Li and his bunch’s cultivation would rise so quickly.

Gold rank is already considered a super genius with extraordinary talent. In ordinary cases, they would at least have to remain in it for three years or more.

However, how long has it been for Nie Li and the rest?

Nie Li and the rest’s cultivation speed can be rated as monstrous. Just how long has it been before Nie Li reached Black Gold rank? The others are also not far behind? He thought of how tough his cultivation path was, about the decades he spent before he reached Black Gold rank. When he looked at Nie Li and his bunch’s progress, Ye Zong couldn’t help smiling bitterly.

He was once called the number one genius of Glory City. After comparing himself to Nie Li and the rest, he can’t be considered anything much.

However, Nie Li wasn’t concerned with that. In the previous life, Nie Li had also spent decades and with the aid of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book to reach Black Gold rank. In this life, walking the Dao of cultivation again and having powerful cultivation technique, this speed isn’t much.